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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 19, 2017 9:30am-10:00am GMT

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‘ across many parts of the british isles. the cloud will start to fill in across western areas of wales, england and the western side of scotland, northern ireland. there will be bits and pieces of rain. despite the dry weather, sunshine in the east. not overly warm. five, six or 7 degrees. we push mild air overnight, which causes snow to form and lie above 200 metres initially on high ground to the north of the central belt in scotland. as we get into the first pa rt scotland. as we get into the first part of monday, we are going to find an awful lot of rain across a good pa rt an awful lot of rain across a good part of northern and eastern britain. that gradually pushes off into the north sea, leaving behind leaden skies, the odd bit of rain on the breeze. at least the breezes coming from the south—west. relatively mild across england, wales, northern ireland. a cooler feel, one of those days, i'm afraid, for the greater part of scotland. on into tuesday, we keep it mild but it stays fairly wet and very windy. hello. this is bbc news with sophie long.
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the headlines: zimbabwe's ruling zanu—pf party is expected to remove president robert mugabe as its leader today, as well as expel his wife, grace, from the party. police say they're confident that the remains of a body found near swanage is that of the missing teenager, gaia pope. tests of driverless cars on uk roads are set to be given the go—ahead in this week's budget. gerry adams, sinn fein's leader for the past 3a years, will step down from the role next year. coming up in a few minutes, our sunday morning edition of the papers — this morning's reviewers are katy balls, political correspondent of the the spectator, and the journalist and broadcaster, james rampton. before the papers, sport.
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and for a full round—up, let's go to the bbc sport centre. good morning. england have made it through to the semifinals of the rugby league world cup. they beat papua new guinea by 36 76 in melbourne. tim hague has the details. england have strolled their way through the world cup so far, but with sam burgess back, could they march through their quarterfinal against the colourful and physical papua new guinea? we got an indication after 90 seconds. david mead flattened. he would not return. it summed up the first half. england ahead through a familiarfinisher. it is yet another try forjermaine mcgillvary! the watkins—mcgillvary double act did the damage again a while later. same corner, same result. there was the odd bump on the road. it didn't bother kevin brown or his team—mates.
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alex walmsley going over before half—time. ben currie after that. papua new guinea got some reward for their efforts. watkins no longer the provider as he scored twice himself. is he going to be caught? no! another leeds rhino got the seventh and final try. ryan hall making it 36—6. tonga next in the semifinals. england are picking up speed in this world cup. they have been good all tournament. there are some big boys, they tackle hard and run hard. it was a big test. we came up well. we're still building. we are into the semis and that is where we wanted to be. in rugby union, england continued their dominance against australia under head coach eddiejones. they got their fifth straight win
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over the wallabies at twickenham, scoring three tries in the final ten minutes of the game. danny care going over for the final score to seal a record win by 30—6. england face samoa next weekend. well, yeah, i thought early on probably we were just a little bit sloppy in our attack. we created some opportunities, picked some wrong options. defensively we were good most of the game, dropped our line speed. but having so many players coming in and out of the side, i was really pleased. the game of the day though was in scotland — they came within one converted try of a first ever win over new zealand, but they were beaten 22—17 in a thriller at murrayfield. fly—half beauden barret scored this breath—taking try for the all blacks to put them into what looked like a commanding lead, but scotland pushed the world champions all the way. in the final minute of the match stuart hogg thought he might‘ve
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broken through to win the game, but he was just forced out of play as the clocked hit full—time. we spoke in the week. you don't get too many chances, just because of scheduling, injury and non—selection. this is one of the best teams in world sport, notjust rugby. let's not forget that. what we do is pretty good, but we are gutted, to be honest, gutted that we lost the game. i'm very proud of the effort, but that's one that got away. an experimental welsh side hung on to beat georgia i3—6 at the principality stadium. wales made 14 changes to the side that lost to australia last time out. young winger hallam amos got the only try of the game. and a below strength ireland beat fiji in dublin — but onlyjust. they started well and were 14 points ahead at one stage, but needed a late ian kearney penalty to finish the match off, 23—20. manchester city still look unbeatable as they preserved
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their big lead at the top of the premier league. they beat leicester 2—0 with a couple of special goals in the process. manchester united, chelsea, liverpool and arsenal all won as well. ben croucher has the pick of saturday's action. sitting comfortably? it is as close as you get to manchester city at the top of the table, playing the kind of football few could live with. leicester city were the latest to come up against a side having their own goal the season competition. jesus finished off a flowing move. kevin de bruyne providing the brilliance. he help us to win another one, to give more distance for the three contenders. we will keep going. still eight points clear of manchester united, who rediscovered their swagger against newcastle. paul pogba back from injury and on the scoresheet in a 4—1 win. still daylight between
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the manchester clubs. just a point between those in north london. arsenal beat tottenham 2—0 in the derby. chelsea have jumped over spurs. they beat west brom 4—0. they are now without a win in ten games. their fans made an early exit. could their manager follow? the important thing is doing the right thing for the football club. whether that is me staying and keeping going, whether it is a change, they will have to make that decision. the decision should be made for the benefit of the football club, not the benefit of any individual. what west brom wouldn't give for a win. liverpool have three in a row. mo salah scored twice against southampton. it is equally sweet for burnley. three straight wins as well. their 2—0 win at home to swansea keeps them seventh and swansea city in the bottom three.
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celtic look unbeatable too. 64 games it's now been since their last league defeat but they had to wait until 12 minutes from time to beat ross county — leigh griffiths‘ free kick the difference between the sides. hamilton, stjohnstone and motherwell also won england's women have lost the ashes — but they've won their penultimate t20 of the series in australia to save a bit of face. england set the aussies a total of 153 to win in canberra, and then bowled the aussies out for 112 to win by a0 runs, withjenny gunn taking four wickets justin rose leads in the final round of the race to dubai. he is four under parfor of the race to dubai. he is four under par for today's around. 19 okoro. leeds following this man tommy fleetwood five shots. who would have predicted this final
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of the atp world tour finals at the start of the week? grigor dimitrov against david goffin dimitrov saw off american jack sock, but belgian goffin sprung the biggest surprise of the finals by beating roger federer in three sets. he said the win gave him so much happiness whilst federer suffered only a fifth defeat this year maybe never really reached my best level. the first set was all right. but he didn't play very well in that set. i don't believe. yeah, so it is pretty disappointing. but at the end he did play extremely well and he was the better player on the court. i feel like it's ok like this. dimitrov beat jack sock in three sets for a shot at the biggest title of his career. he plays david goffin later this evening. that matches
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live on bbc two. carl frampton's homecoming fight in belfast was a successful one after a points victory over his mexican opponent, garcia. front and went to the canvas in the seventh round. but his solid work gave him the edge on the judges‘ scorecard. he is targeting another attempt to win back a world title. and british speed skater elise christie has won the first world cup short track event of the season, taking gold in the 500 metres in seoul after making a false start. earlier this year she became the first british woman to win a world championship gold. that makes one of britain‘s best medal hopes at the winter olympics. that is all the sport. now it is time for the papers. welcome to our look at what the
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papers are bringing us today. with me are katy balls, the political correspondent at the spectator, and the journalist, james rampton. the observer leads on the situation in zimbabwe, with a picture of one of the thousands of anti—mugabe demonstrators that lines the streets of harare yesterday. the mail on sunday reports on an apparent altercation between two labour mps in the commons chamber. the sunday express claims that in wednesday‘s budget, the chancellor will announce support for britain‘s tech industry, which could mean we‘ll have d riverless ca rs on our roads by 2021. the sunday telegraph also leads on a pre—budget announcement, reporting that nurses are in line for a pay rise. and the sunday times says that the chancellor will use wednesday‘s budget to announce plans to build 300,000 homes every year so let‘s begin... katie, do you want to kick off? yes,
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it is the budget on wednesday. we are all terribly excited. the tories are all terribly excited. the tories are more worried about. they try to trail it with the weekend papers. there appears to be good news. nurses will finally get a pay rise. the article does not say how big that pay rise will be. presumably it will be a real terms pay rise. they wa nt will be a real terms pay rise. they want 3.9%? yes. if it is less, there would be a big backlash. a change of june for philip hammond, who, a few grow months ago, said public sector workers were overpaid. he appears to be adopting a softer approach in a bid to win back voters from labour. he has got a trickyjob? bid to win back voters from labour. he has got a tricky job? he has. he has got 20 different ministers coming to him saying, my department is most important. i have got three children and they all want money and theirclaims are
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children and they all want money and their claims are most important. not billions? l! no. he has an impossible job. he cannot meet all their needs. defence and housing on their needs. defence and housing on the agenda. the thing that is concentrating his mind is the threat of winter strikes. the winter is always a grim period for the nhs. we get stories about terrible pictures of people on trolleys in a&e. it becomes a real political hot potato. if he can mitigate against that of it by announcing an actual pay rise for nurses, he will avoid a difficult winter for the nhs. the health secretary would have been asking for that. sajid javid was asking for that. sajid javid was asking for that. sajid javid was asking for deeds, not action, when it comes to housing. there is a story about housing? yes, sajid javid putting a lot of pressure on thejohn torode to do something about housing. he has come up with
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something. they pledge for 300,000 homes a year. i think the question really is, is this radical enough? a lot of people even in the party, never mind the country, probably wa nt never mind the country, probably want a higher number. the government are trying to be realistic. we see government after government saying they will do something about housing but never quite meet their targets. to do this they will try to different things. easing planning laws. and also finding more money for it. but again, sajid javid has wa nted for it. but again, sajid javid has wanted them to borrow to the hilt. every government wants to stand up and say, we solve the housing crisis. easier said than done, isn‘t it? absolutely. the vast majority of young people voted for corbyn in the summer. young people voted for corbyn in the summer. young people are struggling
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in the housing crisis. one interesting stat is there are 200 zombie thousand and build residential planning permissions in london alone. if you can find a legal mechanism for activating those planning permissions, it would make a huge addition to the housing crisis in london. he has some legal mechanisms he wants to install as well as injecting money. it is vital. the next generation is struggling. it is a real problem. inevitably if you give to young people you are annoying older voters ? people you are annoying older voters? yes. it is difficult. i still around but i think that is one of the things you can do. we saw sajid javid with the younger voters, trying to appeal to them this week. he said, despite your thoughts in the papers, the fact you cannot get on the housing ladder is not because you eat too much avocado on toast. there is a perception that us
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millennials data go on holiday now and then and we drink too much per second. and actually, if you are saving for the deposit, it does seem near impossible. i don‘t see how you‘re supposed to get there. anything they can do will help them with younger voters, and help them to stay in power. the younger voters will become the main voters. the tories do well when you have property owners. they don‘t do well when you don‘t. property owners. they don‘t do well when you don't. they have to be decent properties as well? they have. there has been quite a bit in the press about problems with new—build housing. you need to build the houses but they have to be fit for purpose? uc garages in some parts of london going further insane money. —— you see. you can't alienate the older voter. the older voter traditionally votes heavily for the tories. if there is an element of so—called nimby is here,
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house honours, house honours worried about theirgreen house honours, house honours worried about their green belt land, he is in dangerof about their green belt land, he is in danger of alienating the very people who are is core voters. that isa people who are is core voters. that is a real difficulty. and he is prime minister potentially? yes. if they were speaking, maybe they could sort it out! theresa may would not wa nt to sort it out! theresa may would not want to upset her constituents by doing too much. that is the opposition hammond will have to face. maidenhead hasn't changed forever those years and it won't because it is sort of set in stone. that is true. that will focus mr hammond's mind. he is looking towards younger voters. that in terms of tech, there will be investment in technology that will probably appeal to your people?! yeah. the avocado generation. i
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don't trust them. they look suspicious to me. that defines me as an old person! we haven't got to the point ofan an old person! we haven't got to the point of an avocado tax yet, so that is ok. he is announcing in the express the money they are going to put into technology to make sure that britain is ahead in those industries. the thing that is kind of catching everybody‘s attention is the hope to have driverless cars by 2021. -- is the hope to have driverless cars by 2021. —— is the pledge. making sure britain leads the way. it is quite hard. electric cars, we have been hearing for so long they were going to be the main car. it takes a little bit more to get my head around driverless cars. even electricals, it has taken so long to get there. driverless cars is like a big step forward. if we are now getting to the point where electric ca i’s getting to the point where electric cars might reach our target, it is
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ha rd to cars might reach our target, it is hard to see how driverless cars will be ready. i believe in 2050 will be like, we‘re nearly there. be ready. i believe in 2050 will be like, we're nearly there. jeremy clarkson has questioned them and i absolutely agree with him. i agree withjeremy clarkson! absolutely agree with him. i agree with jeremy clarkson! my name absolutely agree with him. i agree withjeremy clarkson! my name is james rampton and i must confess that i agree withjeremy james rampton and i must confess that i agree with jeremy clarkson! he says that he has twice test driven, or sat there on the m4 in a driverless car, and he claims both times the car made a huge mistake which he had to rest —— rectify. times the car made a huge mistake which he had to rest —— rectifym could have been fatal. did he programme it? if it was programmed by clarkson himself, it would've been like dejim by clarkson himself, it would've been like de jim carr! by clarkson himself, it would've been like dejim carr! he is to by clarkson himself, it would've been like de jim carr! he is to the head of oldie, if you can drive this car over a death road in bolivia,
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will buy one. sit there with your hands folded and let it drive you there with half the tyrant hanging over 1000 foot drop... it sounds like a good feature for his programme? he has written quite a good piece about it in the magazine. potentially exciting along that cliff road. they trailed this in las vegas and within two hours it had been involved in a crash. they blamed a human being. but you do have to wonder. i always say to people who are raving about the joys of technology, have you seen the terminator? it is a very prescient fable about the cia and the pentagon investing all the money in a computer which eventually takes over the world. it destroys the human race. i think there is a real...
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stephen hawking has said it is the biggest threat to humanity, artificial intelligence. there is a real danger we become so seduced by this that we forget about the human element and we forget that ultimately it must be human beings in charge or we are abrogating responsibility to human beings. let‘s look at the observer. is that right? yes. robert maghaberry. -- robert maghaberry. things moving on swiftly in zimbabwe? we have the beginnings of a soft coup in the week. it was very calm. on the streets when we worked out that mcga rvey streets when we worked out that mcgarvey was to be overthrown, there was no panic. now it is stepping up a gear. it now seems like the crowds are ready for him to go. they are beginning to celebrate. if he doesn‘t chose to go, police believe, it could take a turn for the worst
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this is an extraordinary picture on the front of the observer. this woman on the grounds where mugabe... she is now standing there in a hat, hash tag, stepped down. this idea that it has united all generations of society. there is a woman quoted in the sunday times whose husband was a farmer who was beaten up by war veterans. she has been quoted as saying, welcome to the happiest day of our lives. i am 67 and my kids say i am acting like i am 17. she is so say i am acting like i am 17. she is so delighted. the war veterans are behind this overthrow, and the military, and the tiny proportion of white farmers still there. it shows the way in which for the first time in his life he has united people with his departure. we will move on because we will have more on zimbabwe through the morning. page
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13 of the sunday telegraph, my personal favourite story. on 13 of the sunday telegraph, my personalfavourite story. on news at ten we used to end with a skateboarding dog. now we have a scooter in monk. henry wadsworth, 83—year—olds. scooter in monk. henry wadsworth, 83-year-olds. the poor monks of ampleforth have lived in relative misery. they have leaky rooms. their windows don't shut properly. the pipes make a dreadful noise. they have to queue for the bathroom. for the first time in more than a century they're having a refurbishment. 58 months will be treated to modern facilities. but being monks and very serious, they are worried. they are saying, is an ensuite bathroom too much? are we baking our vows of simplicity? —— brett king. i do sympathise with them. if you have had to queue for
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them. if you have had to queue for the bathroom in the morning, i live with three daughters, sol the bathroom in the morning, i live with three daughters, so i have to queue for the bathroom all the time, but they have to do it as part of their monkey 's existence. not only do they have to consider ensuite bathrooms, but molton brown products. they have gone very ritzy! they have overstepped the mark. they are talking about how they are paying for this. they are looking for ways to fund raise the money for the refurbishment. they have done their bit by saying some things they don‘t need. monks have clutter, too. brilliant story. almost out of time. tell us about the last thing we are going to look at. a royal story. there must be armies ofjournalists out there employed on meghan markle stories. you might possibly say this
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isa stories. you might possibly say this is a bit tenuous. i am going to add to the eu mountain of meghan markle stories. this is an australian genealogist who has discovered that a very distant relative of the girlfriend of prince harry was a close confidant of henry viii but he was locked in the tower and beheaded. that family's relationship with the royal family has not always been great but it is wonderful now. they will all live happily ever after. maybe not something to bring up after. maybe not something to bring up at the christmas lights. thank you very much indeed. that is it for this hour. you are coming back in an hour. whether next. —— the weather hello. there was a cold, bright start to be had across many parts of the british isles. frost, missed and fog. —— mist. an area of
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high—pressure drifting its way across the british isles. it cleared the skies overnight. the fell away. it will bring dry weather. it is not the only weather story in town. we have a weather front close to the western pa rt of have a weather front close to the western part of the british isles. increasingly through the afternoon we will find the cloud filling in across parts of the south—west, the channel islands, into the isles of scilly. some rain, not amounting to much. in western wales, increasing cloud. further east, many of you will lose the clear blue skies with which you started the day. certainly that ploughed fields into the isle of man, northern ireland, western scotland. the greater chance of seeing some rain here. further north and east, still that —— still showers. overnight we will push mild airfrom the showers. overnight we will push mild air from the atlantic into the cold
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air from the atlantic into the cold air reservoirs across the british isles. that will generate snow to about 200 metres. the snow level gradually rising as the milder air percolates from the atlantic. further south this is where the really mild air pilots in. ten, 11, 12. we wake to a lead on day. watch out for the hill fog. the heavy rain moves away during the morning. the first part of the afternoon. leaving behind a dank and drizzly afternoon. it is on the mild side across much of the british isles. except for scotland. one of those days were the cold gets into you. that is because the mild air doesn‘t quite went out across all part of the british isles. it is cooler towards the north. as i take you out of monday into the middle part of the week, not just tuesday, we into the middle part of the week, notjust tuesday, we keep this run of mild south—westerly airs across all parts of the british isles. temperatures beginning to pick up.
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the wind quite noticeable. the rain quite intense. wet and windy through the week. mild or until later in the week. bye— bye. this is bbc news. these are the top stories at ten o‘clock: zimbabwean president robert mugabe‘s closest allies in zanu—pf call on him to step down as military leaders gather to meet him to determine his fate. iam ben i am ben brown reporting live from harare where there is intense pressure on robert mugabe to resign, but for the moment he is staying put. missing teenager gaia pope‘s family thank those who searched for her for their compassion, humanity and community
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