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good afternoon. president mugabe has been dismissed at the leader of zimbabwe's ruling zanu—pf party — a day after tens of thousands marched on the streets calling for him to go. he's been replaced by the former vice president, emmerson mnangagwa, who's sacking by mr mugabe sparked this political crisis. robert mugabe remains, for now, president of the country, but this latest move means his control has been further weakened. from harare, our correspondent shingai nyoka reports. senior military commanders have met president robert mugabe to further pressure him to step down from government, as his own party held a historic meeting to dismiss him. it's a humiliating end of the decorated war hero and the party's longest serving leader. our people, colleagues, are demanding from us government here to show leadership, and give effect to their demands for
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remove robert mugabe from his position in the party. bruising in fighting for power has taken its toll. an empty top table, no robert mugabe and no first lady. this is the beginning of the end of an era. president robert mugabe will no longer head the party he has led for more than a0 years. the question now is who will take his place? the central committee has sacked not only the president but also the first lady as leader the women's wing but steep she still remained head of government. parliament are expected to impeach him if he refuses to resign. war veterans who fought alongside him in the war of liberation have warned of an undignified exit if he digs in. we are working to that. we hope you
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give saint to tender his resignation, if not we take off on whether people left yesterday. the vice president he set for —— sacked for disloyalty, emmerson mnangagwa, has been recalled to lead the party. a dramatic day for zimbabwe. a humiliating moment for the man once seen as humiliating moment for the man once seen as a humiliating moment for the man once seen as a symbol for liberation. what happens next? it is a very significant event, as we have seen over the last couple of days. president mugabe fired from his position, reduced to an ordinary card—carrying member, the lowest ranking within the party, so essentially they've stripped him... inaudible to influence proceedings inside zanu—pf. this process has been relatively swift and now if he
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refuses to resign, and as we understand, about a mile from here he is meeting with army generals and they will try to apply further pressure on him to step down, so he can at least have a dignified exit. if he does refuse to do that, tomorrow government will begin the process of trying to impeach him through a parliamentary process. according to the constitution, a vice president would take over and the grounds for dismissal or impeachment are ill health or wilful misconduct, so really the options are open to him. we understand also that what happens next now for grace mugabe, who has borne the brunt of the hatred in this whole process, is reuters is reporting that the central committee which metjust now has recommended that she be prosecuted for corruption, along with other people that have surrounded robert mugabe. so events are moving very quickly, and it appears more and more as president
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mugabe and his wife will have an undignified exit from power. thank you very much indeed. the chancellor, philip hammond, says there's no silver bullet to solve britain's housing crisis. but he told the bbc that a range of measures — to be set out in this week's budget — will help to get 300 thousand homes built a year. mr hammond also dismissed suggestions the government should borrow tens of billions of pounds to fund a massive house building programme. here's our political correspondent, emma va rdy. this is what philip hammond wants to see, and he's calling time on so—called land—holders, saying it's no longer acceptable to have so many sites with planning permission that aren't being built on. today he told the bbc this state would intervene. there are, in london alone, 270,000 residential planning permissions that have not today been built. we need to understand why these planning permissions, that are going
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up planning permissions, that are going up all over the country, that will continue to increase across the country, why they are not being built on. on wednesday philip hammond will announce £5 billion of new investment for housing and reveal a range of measures not only designed to encourage the big construction firms, but also schemes such as government backed loans for smaller developers as well. it could also be help forfirst—time buyers on things like stamp duty. the drive for more housing has cross—party support, but labour said today the government isn't doing enough for public services. shadow chancellor john mcdonnell argued this could be funded by ending tax cuts for the wealthy, not through borrowing. stop giving the tax cuts to the corporations on the rich and recognise you have an emergency out there in terms of public services, invest in those public services. and will be our roads by 2021? philip hammond said driverless cars are the future and is setting out plans for
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new investment in technology and artificial intelligence. but will robots eventually put millions of us out of work? mr hammond said that won't happen, but had to clarify his comment that suggested there is zero unemployment. but where are all these unemployed people? there are no unemployed people... we have created 3.5 million newjobs since 2010. this economy has become a jobs factory. this budget, says philip hammond, is also about building a country that is fit for a post—brexit world. but don't expect anything too controversial, that slim majority means the government just doesn't have strong enough foundations to take many risks. police in dorset say they're treating the death of the teenager — gaia pope — as unexplained. the 19—year—old's body was found yesterday afternoon close to a coastal path near swanage. she was last seen alive on the seventh of november. 0ur correspondent
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james ingham is there. james what's the latest. the police are trying to establish the circumstances around gaia pope's dad. when she went missing she was said to be in a distressed state when she was last seen and didn't have a medication for epilepsy which are needed but detectives believe she may have been killed. they have questioned three people on suspicion of her murder but all have subsequently been released. so, in fields behind me here, close to the coastal footpath in swa nage, forensic teams are at work, near to where gaia's body was found. they are hoping they may be able to on earth close, that together with results from a postmortem investigation, will be able to guide their future investigation, will be able to guide theirfuture enquiries. the discovery of this body has really shocked the town here. hundreds of volu nteers shocked the town here. hundreds of volunteers turned out to help. tonight, prayers will be said at the local church service as this small coastal quiet town comes to terms
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with her death. james, thank you very much. there's hope today that an argentine submarine that's been missing since wednesday with aa crew onboard, might have been located. the sanjuan was returning from a routine mission near the southern—most tip of south america, when contact was lost with navy command. now signals have been detected after an international search, in which the uk has been taking part. dan johnson reports. this is a vessel designed to play hide and seek in the deepest depths, so hide and seek in the deepest depths, so finding the sanjuan, its crew and the 22 torpedoes it carries is a real challenge. fresh satellite signals, albeit weak ones, have revived hopes of rescue. so help is on its way. the us navy is loading deep sea rescue equipment and flying into argentina. the submarine left the southern port on monday, after a routine mission. it was making the 2000 milejourney back routine mission. it was making the 2000 mile journey back to routine mission. it was making the 2000 milejourney back to its base,
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not far from 2000 milejourney back to its base, not farfrom argentina's 2000 milejourney back to its base, not far from argentina's capital. the search is focused around halfway, where the submarine last made contact, but it's a huge area and poor weather has made a difficult search even harder. translation: we have to consider it might be on the surface of the water, as protocol said it should, because it would be easier for the submarine to get help that way. one of the aa crew members is argentina's first woman sub mariner. the best hope for finding her argentina's first woman sub mariner. the best hope forfinding her and her crew notes alive is that a power failure knocked out the submarine's communications. britain is one of the five countries helping to find the five countries helping to find the san juan. that is it for now. the next news on bbc one is at 5:50pm. you are watching the bbc news
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channel with me, sophie long. let's get more now on the sacking of president mugabe by zimbabwe's ruling party, zanu—pf. he has been replaced as party leader by former vice—president emmerson mnangagwa, who mr mugabe attempted to oust nearly two weeks ago to position his wife, grace for succession. it was this move that prompted the military takeover last wednesday. southern african leaders have announced they will hold a crisis summit about the situation in zimbabwe in angola on tuesday. there are also reports that grace mugabe could be prosecuted, according to a zanu—pf delegate. earlier my colleague ben brown spoke to martin plaut from the institute of commonwealth, who's co—written a book on mugabe. he said mr mugabe is unlikely to go easily, despite the pressure. it isa
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it is a humiliation for robert mugabe. i was in zimbabwe for the bbc in 1980 when he first took over power, at independence. i remember the joy power, at independence. i remember thejoy and power, at independence. i remember the joy and jubilation when he took that position. but he is now, as you say, hanging on and it is going to be extremely difficult to get him out, unless he resigned voluntarily. there has to be a joint sitting in both houses of parliament, they have to have a two thirds majority and now after those vast demonstrations we saw yesterday? this has never
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jim? saw vesterdavfl tested, we don't know how long been tested, we don't know how long it could take or how many obstacles could be put ing i'm ; grog it could take or how many obstacles could be put ing i'm sure g in harare is desperate for everyone in harare is desperate for a lot to happen but what can robert mugabe extract in return? that is the question. let's not forget, it was only more or less when he was told by the president of mozambique that he had to sign the lancaster house agreement in 1979—80, that he accepted house agreement in 1979—80, that he a cce pted to house agreement in 1979—80, that he accepted to do that. he is someone who has held out time and again against all sorts of challenges. he is not someone who will be rushed easily. i wouldn't write him off just yet, though he may go, he may wish to get to preserve the position of his family and his wife, and in those circumstances he may go, but it won't be an easy matter. of course, the military, with their ta keover of course, the military, with their takeover here, they could just lock
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him intoa takeover here, they could just lock him into a cell and throw away the key or whatever, but they want to make this look is constitutional. is that you're reading of it? absolutely. in essence, that is precisely the point that the african union has made to its constitution. they said they will not accept any unconstitutional changes of power. in essence, as soon as unconstitutional changes of power. in essence, as soon as they forced him out of office, it is an unconstitutional act. they have come out against it, and let's not forget that the 2013 election was endorsed by the leaders affan ii”, they .., "fl affa to:: t they w "77 affa to:: t they w ~ this a ‘ the can. 3".le use leaitimate means ef es". eels! ese leaitireete reeens sf him out of
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eee eels! ese leailieeele eeeees ef him out of :77.:;* unless eee eels! ese leailieeele eeeees ef him out of 1; unless you getting him out of power, unless you stage a coup. the generals and southern african leaders are absolutely desperate not to go down that road. that a little earlier. there is a press conference taking place in at the take as soon as will take you there as soon as possible. in the meantime we can talk to the former labour cabinet minister, lord peter you
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