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this is bbc news. i'm vicki young. the headlines at 11pm: as egypt buries victims of friday's mosque attack, investigators say the attackers were carrying the flag of so called islamic state. emma thompson leads a demonstration in london in support of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british—iranian woman jailed in iran, who gave her thanks via telephone. a woman is bailed and two men in their 20s are arrested in northern ireland after three people were stabbed in belfast earlier today. the democratic unionists‘ arlene foster, tells sinn fein to "get serious," about restoring power sharing, in northern ireland. former television presenter john leslie is charged with sexually assaulting a woman at an edinburgh nightclub in june. and england survive a late scare to reach their first rugby league world cup
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finalfor 22 years. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the authorities in egypt say gunmen who attacked a mosque during friday prayers killing more than 300 people, were carrying the flag of the so called islamic state group. up to 30 men surrounded the building, opening fire on worshippers including children, in the town of bir al—abed in northern sinai. in response, egyptian forces have been carrying out air strikes on some militant targets. 0ur middle east correspondent 0rla guerin‘s report contains some distressing images. warplanes take to the skies to target militants bound
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for northern sinai. the president says this is a mission to avenge the martyrs. it still stands, but is now a monument to sorrow. inside, a trail of destruction, most of it too graphic to show. but this exclusive footage, obtained by the bbc, is testa m e nt to footage, obtained by the bbc, is testament to the horror that unfolded here. in the general hospital, one of the young survivors. solomon is 13. he was shot twice in the hand and the leg. and he is not the only casualty in this family. in the bed nearby is 17—year—old cousin eid, shot twice, once in the back. this mother is
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looking to god to punish those who brought such torment. translation: i hope their hearts will be burned just like ours. the women have all become widowed. there are no men left. they are all gone. they are all gone. then she leaned in to whisper... "this, —— this father, brother, and uncle, all gone. a local leader of the coptic church says it is notjust the christians who are now being sorted. it is painful to see this happen. something very painful. we have a crop breeding with them. we have come to ask them about their health
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and we will stand together until the end. egypt will cross this bridge and will be fine. —— co—operating. here, doctors can sell this man who made it out alive without two of his brothers and children. there was shooting, he said. people do started running. some jumped out shooting, he said. people do started running. somejumped out of shooting, he said. people do started running. some jumped out of the window. it is like a fell into a coma. god saved some of us, but others lost their lives. the death toll is continuing to climb, here. more than a0 survivors from the attack were brought to swap is all. five have already lost their lives. well—wishers and relatives have been coming and going, trying to offer support as egypt struggles to come to terms with this attack. loss on this scale has brought shock, uncertainty, and fear. this town has
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been robbed of a quarter of its men. the now, at least, egyptian ‘s seeming united in grief. —— egyptians seem united. the actress, emma thompson, has led a march in north london, to support the british—iranian woman nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, who's beenjailed in iran, accused of trying to overthrow the state. those taking part have signed a letter urging iran's supreme leader to release her. alice hutton reports. # if you're happy and you know it clap your hands.# nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe's favourite song, imprisoned in iran and unable to sing it with her own young daughter, 200 members of her community in west hampstead in london came out today to form a mum's protest. they were joined by local mum and oscar—winning actor emma thompson, who braved pneumonia to lend her voice to the protests. this is our community and one
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of her community has been imprisoned without trial, has been separated from her child more or less for 19 months. the situation is desperate. i'm not supposed to be out at all, but i said to my doctor, "well, i can't not come to speak, because i am free." together, they marched to the nearby islamic centre of england to deliver a letter addressed to the supreme leader of iran, calling for nazanin's release. they have kindly taken the letters for us. really pleased with that, thank you to our muslim friends in the islamic centre of england. one person who did hear the voices was nazanin herself. she rang from prison in iran to thank them for their support, especially her husband, richard. i am so grateful for everyone. thank you so much. i am so grateful.
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i don't think i deserve him, to be honest. he has been amazing. thank you for all your support. thank you everyone from the bottom and top of my heart, i really feel the love. nazanin can feel the love, that is the most important thing, that's what keeps us going. with fresh charges and a new court date next month, this is a time of great anxiety for the ratcliffe family. today was all about local support and showing that nazanin might have dual british—iranian citizenship, but it is this community that she calls home. police have arrested two men in their 20s in connection with the stabbing of three people in belfast early this morning. a woman arrested earlier has been released on bail. the victims, all men in their 20s, were found within half a mile of each other in the north of the city. they're in a stable condition in hospital. the leader of the democratic unionist party has warned sinn fein that it needs to "get serious," if devolution is to be restored
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in northern ireland. the power sharing executive at stormont collapsed injanuary, and now the dup‘s arlene foster has told her party conference, that unless a deal is agreed soon, westminster would have to take over the running of the government. here's our ireland correspondent chris buckler. the democratic unionist are making the most of the influence they have a downing street. without a government at stormont, arlene foster is now no longer northern ireland's first minister, but her ten mps make a formidable team, because the conservatives need their crucial votes in westminster.m because the conservatives need their crucial votes in westminster. it is this party that stands in the heart of government, not in northern ireland, but across the united kingdom. but the dup desperately wa nts to kingdom. but the dup desperately wants to be in power at stormont. and that is not possible because of the ongoing divisions between unionists and irish republicans.
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this was the party conference the year ago. arlene foster was riding high, but the last 12 months have been difficult. a scandal of the botched energy scheme, and deep differences with sinn fein over culture, identity, and brexit, have left stormont in months of limbo. they complain about brexit. all the while refusing to form an executive oi’ while refusing to form an executive or take their seats in parliament. and they go to conference and glory in the murder of the ira. yet, when you listen to sinn fein, they blame eve ryo ne you listen to sinn fein, they blame everyone else. it is time sinn fein got serious. despite the flags cheers, and shouts, this is felt a more muted party conference. perhaps that reflects a deal with sinn fein looking unlikely, and the entire
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future of devolution in northern ireland is uncertain. australia has criticised a proposal for trade after brexit, warning that it could limit their access to the uk markets. it's been suggested that britain and the eu should split existing quotas on the amount of goods from around the world that can be imported without incurring full tariffs. australia is one of several countries that britain is hoping to make deals with, when it leaves the eu, as our political correspondent, jonathan blake explains. briefly how things work, at the moment, is that there are tariffs on imports coming in from countries like the us, india, canada, china, which are outside of the eu. those charges stop countries importing too many goods cheaply and harming other manufacturing industries in the countries within the eu. certain goods from certain countries, for example, lamb from new zealand, gets a reduced rate, tarity rate quotas that allows a certain amount of goods to be imported at a reduced rate. the plan is for when we leave the eu for that to continue but the quotas
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to be divided. so with the example of lamb, 60% to go to other eu countries, a0% to come to the uk and we carry on at normal and everyone is happy. but not so, the countries importing the goods are hoping to import more to the uk should the market in the rest of the europe fall away or be affected but they are not getting the flexibility to do that, so they should not have the take it or leave it system. pakistan's government has called on the military to restore order in the capital, islamabad, after running battles between police and islamist protesters. the police reportedly retreated after hundreds more demonstrators turned up unexpectedly. activists have been blocking a major road for weeks, demanding the sacking of a government minister they accuse of blasphemy. the former television presenter john leslie has been charged
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with sexually assaulting a woman in an edinburgh nightclub. the 26—year—old woman was on a hen night when the alleged incident took place in the tollcross area of the city. police scotland say they've charged a 52—year—old man following an incident at the atik nightclub injune. two men have been interviewed by detectives after an altercation at oxford circus tube station in central london yesterday created mass panic. 16 people were hurt in a rush to leave the area, after reports of gunshots. investigators now say there's no evidence weapons had been fired. a conservative mp and former army officer has said he's leading a campaign on the tory back benches to "hold the government's feet to the fire" on defence spending. johnny mercer, the mp for plymouth moor view, told the bbc that a "cohort" of mps was determined to fulfil its duty to maintain britain's defence capability. 0ur political correspondent chris mason gave me more details. there was a frustration among some
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conservative mps that in their view, defence did not get enough of a mention in the budget. their argument is that they don't want to see any further cuts. you can look at cuts in terms of the mod in many examples. for example, the number of soldiers having fallen from about 10,000 from 80,000 down to about 70 7000. -- 87000 down 10,000 from 80,000 down to about 70 7000. —— 87000 down to 10,000 from 80,000 down to about 70 7000. -- 87000 down to 70 7000. ships have been removed which would reduce the ability to use amphibious vehicles. there is concern about that and about delays to improvements of existing equipment. johnny mercer's argument is that he has a group of conservative mps, about 30, that are willing to stand
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up about 30, that are willing to stand up to the government on this. that is if any of these things get turned the way it. here he is. i hope they see some of we have done this week. it isa see some of we have done this week. it is a serious position for a government mp to gather a cohort of his colleagues and, you know, hold the government's lead to the fire, and make sure they commit to defence capability and spending. i know what people expect from me and i will deliver on that. he sounds pretty determined on all of us. we know this is an issue that conservative mps feel strongly about. what is the ministry of defence at this a? is interesting listening to him. he is ina marginal interesting listening to him. he is in a marginal seat, plymouth, which isa in a marginal seat, plymouth, which is a defence city. it has to be said to be standing at a local interest. if critically passionate about it due to his previous career in the armed forces. this is in the context of the front page of the times this morning, where a ministerfor defence was willing to contemplate
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resignation if numbers fell below 70,000. people say it is unlikely that numbers will fall that low, but gives you an idea of the tension within government, as was without that. as far as the ministry of commands is a concern, said they —— they say that they are one of the few members of nato that spend their quota on defence, and that budget is rising. but the charter faces that they have plenty of demands. so for insta nce they have plenty of demands. so for instance cybersecurity is something they have to look out while maintaining more conventional forces. we expect in the spring a big review to be published that was commission last summer. that will provide some answers as to what the armed forces will look like in the coming years. the interesting thing is, are they the answer is that people let mr mercer will want to hear? chris mason, they are. stay with us for the papers at 1130. now,
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let's ta ke with us for the papers at 1130. now, let's take a quick look at some of the front pages. the sunday telegraph claims that the prime minister has been warned by mp‘s not to retreat from a pledge to take back control of british laws from brussels post brexit. the sunday times meanwhile says that a member of the labour party has died after apparently taking his own life amid allegations of sexual misconduct. the mail on sunday alleges that there are links between boris johnson and michael gove's bid to persuade theresa may to take a tougher stance on brexit and a russian tycoon. and finally, the sunday express reports that meghan markle is being guarded by royal protection officers as the palace prepares to announce her engagement to prince harry. the headlines on bbc news: as egypt buries victims of friday's mosque attack, investigators say the attackers were carrying the flag of so—called islamic state. the actress emma thompson joins a demonstration in london in support of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british—iranian woman
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jailed in iran. police arrest two men in their 20s and release a woman on bail after three men are stabbed in north belfast. it has been a busy day and evening in sport. let's get a full round up now with catherine. the latest round of rugby union's autumn internationals have seen victories for england and ireland. scotland won too, convincingly over australia, while wales played host to world champions new zealand, patrick gearey reports. no wonder they are buying souvenirs, something is staring in scottish by something is staring in scottish rugby and who better than test a new confidence against in australia? there is heartbreaking history here. there is heartbreaking history here. the wallabies have a habit of snatching victory from the scott and there were ominous signs, 12— ten
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there were ominous signs, 12— ten the australian sled. it all changed with the charge, this is the last act of the match. it is a red card from me. redmond go for scotland, from me. redmond go for scotland, from the moment sean charged over, they took control. irene mcguigan was a vivid you to be playing the match but scored twice with the extra man scotland found several extra man scotland found several extra gears. h tries in all, they had never previously beaten australia by more than nine points but this time, they won by 29. they had hopes of defying history in cardiff also, there only fading flickering memories the last time well spent new zealand back in 1953. 0na well spent new zealand back in 1953. on a different ground and in what seems to be a different game to the to the one the current all blacks play, a modern combination of the bombastic and the gymnastic. wales hadn't deserved that, but still instead of getting mad they very nearly got even, scott williams brought them to within a point of new zealand at half—time. they trailed by more than 53. but the man
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in black are elusive, they score when they think usa. i only went over twice. that is why the all blacks are the world ‘s best and white wales must keep waiting. england made it three wins out of three with a8—1a over samoa at twickenham. the samoans have lost every game this autumn but england only pulled away in the second half, elliott daly scored two of england's seven tries in a record victory over samoa. meanwhile, ireland beat argentina in theirfinal test. david stockdale was named man of the match for scoring two tries. cj stander got the other, withjohnny sexton's kicking adding to the final score of 28—19 in dublin. on a busy day of football in the english premier league, chelsea came from a goal down to take a point in the late kick—off at anfield. it was a former chelsea player who opened the scoring for liverpool — mohamed salah with his 15th goal for the reds injust 20 games. but the champions didn't let up — willian came off the bench after scoring twice in midweek, and equalised with just over five minutes to go. manchester united are within five points of neighbours city, who didn't play on saturday
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but still lead the table. jose mourinho's side have won every home game this season. it was a routine 1—0 victory today — city have a sunday fixture at huddersfield. elsewhere, tottenham were held to a 1—1 draw by managerless west bromwich albion at wembley. newcastle were beaten 3—0 at home by watford. there was a stoppage—time winner for crystal palace against stoke. no goals between swansea and bournemouth. there were just two games in the scottish premiership today. hibernian missed the chance to go second in the table after drawing 1—1 at hamilton academical. they took the lead through simon murray but antonio rojano equalised with just over a quarter of an hour to go at new douglas park. hearts have now gone five games without a win after they played out a goal—less draw with ross county. now to the ashes. england will resume in around a0 minutes from now on 33/2 in their second innings going into day a of the first test in brisbane — a lead ofjust seven runs over australia. despite england's apparently precarious position,
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their fast bowler stuart broad thinks it's still fairly even. the previous three days have been nothing if we don't get to write tomorrow but as i say it is sort of in our hands, someone goes and play safe steve smith type not, gets the bowlers into their third orfourth speu bowlers into their third orfourth spell tomorrow, we are in the driving seat. and you can follow what promises to be a really tense and crucial day on test match special tonight 11:30. play resumes at 11:58 and you can follow all the action on bbc radio 5 live sports extra, the bbc sport website and the bbc sport app. and finally, formula 1 world champion lewis hamilton will start second on the grid behind mercedes team—mate valteri bottas at tomorrow's abu dhabi grand prix. that's all the sport for now. thank you, catherine. it's been revealed that a child sex offender evaded the authorities
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for seven years by hiding at a monastery on an island off the coast of pembrokeshire. paul ashton used a fake name while he lived at the abbey on caldey island. last year, the abbey paid compensation to several women who alleged they'd been abused by a monk in the ‘70s and ‘80s. caldey island, a peaceful haven. separate from the world and its pressures. a sanctuary and a place to hide. in 200a, paul ashton came to caldey, calling himself robertjudd. the monks gave him a home and he lived in the clocktower of the abbey. they fed him and he worked there. a source said he put himself in an ideal position and operated the island's phone system, the computers, he even did the accounts and worked in the post room. but in 2011, he was brought to justice after a visitor recognised him from the crime stoppers' most wanted list. his cover was blown and he was arrested by sussex police who found more indecent images
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on his computer at the abbey. seven years after he fled from police, ashton, who was 59 at the time, pleaded guilty to possessing over 5,000 indecent images of children. he was jailed for 30 months. caldey abbey haven't responded to our request for a comment. it emerged last week that six women had been paid compensation after being abused by thaddeus kotik on the island. since then, a further five women had said kotik abused them. i would urge everyone to come forward if they've had any experiences or if they have heard of things happening on caldey. so that we can have an understanding of whether this is confined to one or two individuals, or if this was a pattern going on on the island at the time. dyfed—powys police weren't made aware of the allegations against kotik until 201a, 22 years after his death. the current abbot, brother daniel, has apologised
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that the allegations weren't referred to police sooner. today's revelations that a sex offender evaded justice here for seven years raised more questions about this secretive island. car vandalism in england and wales has jumped by 10% in three years. 210,000 vehicles suffered criminal damage such as smashed windows and slashed tyres in 2016, according to data obtained by rac insurance. it's believed the number of incidents of vandalism could be even higher, with many motorists not claiming for damage because they fear insurance premiums will rise. richard lister reports. it's an infuriating problem for motorists, and it's on the rise. around 60 cars were vandalised on this colchester industrial estate in august, costing thousands of pounds to fix. new police figures show that across the country, more than 210,000 cars suffered criminal damage last year — that's up 10% since 2013 —
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but the increase in hertfordshire and in west yorkshire was 25%, while greater manchester saw a 37% rise. and none of us are immune. in 2009, the former cabinet minister, hazel blears, found her car had been attacked by vandals. slashed tyres and broken windows mean a vehicle can be off the road for days. very frustrating for a motorist because of the inconvenience, the cost and the time it takes to get an effective repair. but we feel it is probablyjust the tip of an iceberg as many people won't report a small incident of vandalism and certainly won't make an insurance claim. in this area near luton airport, holiday—makers who had parked in residential streets to avoid airport car parks had an unwelcome surprise when they returned. paying for secure parking would have been cheaper, and if that's not available, the advice is to find
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well—lit, unobtrusive spaces to avoid the vandals. richard lister, bbc news. they were called the dreadnoughts of the trenches, and changed —— now it's time for the weather with phil getting? it was in my neck of the woods. apart from one fly in the ointment, it is the regime you will have to put up with the next few days. sports recording theirfirst of the season. i have put on the snow and range radarjust to show you where, over the past few hours 01’ you where, over the past few hours orso, you where, over the past few hours or so, the showers have continued to run in over the north—westerly wind and the north—west of scotland, northern ireland, through the northwest of england to the north and west midland, through wales, of the south—west to generally speaking if you were sheltered from the north—westerly, eastern, southern parts, you are in for a quieter time but there will be quite widespread frost away from the north—eastern
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quarter of scotland. if you can show overnight the north—eastern quarter of scotland. if it had showers overnight there is a distinct possibility that come dawn, you will be looking at some ice on untreated surfaces. 9am, still the combination of cloud and shallows and breeze eating into the north—east of scotland. elsewhere, a crisp start. still the line show was running out of the irish sea down through the north—west of england. into the heart of the north and west midlands. further east and south, dry, bright, out west, right from the word go, northern ireland, no sunshine. you are just underneath a veil of cloud from a centre front which will manifest themselves just a little bit later in the day. widely across the western part, you are again going to see more clout. notjust as are again going to see more clout. not just as cold are again going to see more clout. notjust as cold feeling perhaps despite the absence of the fun trying out west, because these isobars are cranking away from the supply of north—westerly wind, back towards westerleigh. plenty of isobars overnight. towards westerleigh. plenty of isoba rs overnight. ricky towards westerleigh. plenty of isobars overnight. ricky went conditions. 30— a0 millimetres of
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rain of the high ground in the west. i'm just could be a0 miles an hour 01’ so. i'm just could be a0 miles an hour orso. in i'm just could be a0 miles an hour or so. in the circulation of the low pressure, relatively mild air which gives us the prospect, well, for a while, the mild start next week. then it gets cold, pretty much from tuesday onwards. there will be a biting wind. monday is the day of transition, all in this circulation, the rain takes a while to get away from the south, at best ten or 11 degrees, it is from the latter part of monday, monday night into tuesday into wednesday, into thursday, when we start — never mind the north—westerly — north to south, cold their top to bottom. as we get into the middle part of the week. a lot of isobars their too, particularly on the eastern side, so it isa particularly on the eastern side, so it is a rural feel with a supplier of thumb injury showers. —— the supply of some wintry showers. hello. this is bbc news with vicki young.
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we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings in a moment — first the headlines. as the country mourns, egyptian officials say the islamic state flag was carried by gunman who attacked a mosque in sinai which left more than 300 people dead. the actress emma thompson leads a demonstration in london in support of nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe, the british—iranian woman jailed in iran. former television presenter john leslie is charged with sexually
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