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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 26, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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ina in a series of this is the latest in a series of controversies to effect police scotland, a quite new force. how difficult has this been? this force has had to chief co nsta bles. this force has had to chief constables. the burst chief co nsta ble constables. the burst chief constable is being investigated over allegations of bullying and he is on leave. the body to oversee the force has also had its problems. the cherub that has resigned over questions about his combat. michael matheson told the bbc he is not convinced there is a problem with the culture within police scotland asa the culture within police scotland as a whole, but he is willing to investigate if there are lessons to be learned at the end of these investigations. when you have senior police figures within police scotland under investigation for a
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range of issues. do you think there isa range of issues. do you think there is a cultural problem? i'm not sure of that is the case. having said that, what is important... wouldn't you like to find out? i'm not sure thatis you like to find out? i'm not sure that is the case, they are different types of complaints, but having said that what i think is important we make sure that the command team that we have within police scotland, three in livingston, is given the support required. once we have had the outcome of these investigations into the complaint against the chief constable of the complaints we have relating to bernie higgins and the other officers, we will be in a better place to understand what the things were related to those complaints. has there been any reaction from opposition parties? opposition parties are expected to keep the press to rub on the scottish government over what they will do about this allegations up to
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scotland. the scottish conservatives have already responded. they said that they have called for a strong and positive reaction from the scottish government. the scottish liberal democrats have said that there needs to be a statement to parliament to set out how the leadership of police scotland will be secured while the months of investigations take place in the senior officers. those investigations by the police investigations by the police investigation and review commissioner continues. now, the weather. after a pretty chilly weekend, there is something changing already, in the north—western corner of the british isles. really quite wet for a time, 30 or a0 millimetres of rain across the western hills and is a pretty gusty winds, we could see 50
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mile an hour gusts. the rain will not clear from the south and that is where we will see the mildest error trap for awhile on monday. monday not a particularly cold day, even though i am showing you the possibility of snow in the higher ground, particularly in the northern half of the british isles. a day of sunshine and showers once that clears away. the temperatures in the side then one or two spots hold on to double figures and there could be the last time be said that for the coming week. the mild there will be sought by something increasingly cold, brought to us on a rather noticeable northerly wind. this is bbc news with shaun ley. the headlines: international trade secretary liam fox has said the future of the irish border cannot be resolved until the united kingdom and the eu have reached a trade agreement. two of the five people killed when a stolen car hit a tree in leeds have been named on social
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media as brothers ellis and elliot. police are holding two teenage boys in custody. drone users will have register and sit safety awareness tests as part of plans to regulate their use. the police will also gain new powers to crack down on illegal and irresponsible drone flying. now on bbc news, sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, katherine downes. the headlines this evening: heartbreak for huddersfield — an 8ath minute goal means they are beaten by manchester city, who are once again eight points clear at the top. no surprise in the scottish league cup — celtic beat motherwell for their fourth successive domestic season. trouble brewing for england's cricketers — defeat looms in the first ashes test, while there
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may have been more bad behaviour off the pitch. for a while it looked like manchester city would slip up for only the second time this season, but a raheem stirling goal in the 8ath minute meant they took all three points against huddersfield and are once again eight points clear at the top of the premier league. alex gulrajani reports. yorkshire versus lancashire is a lwa ys yorkshire versus lancashire is always a battle worth watching, especially in huddersfield this season. especially in huddersfield this season. david wagner has already masterminded one win over manchester side. the league leaders had no intention of falling here. from the
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start they flooded forward, as chances came and went. the finishing touch was just lacking. and they did find it came at the wrong end. nicolas 0tamendi casually gifted huddersfield believed. pep guardiola's mood with drastically improve after the break. raheem sterling bundled over in the box, penalty to manchester city. sergio aguero the casual goal—scoring theme up. from there, they did not stop in their search for all three points, eventually finding their way through again. sterling in the right place just about the right time to seal yet another win for manchester city. there has been another heavy defeat for everton under caretaker manager david unsworth — they lost a—i to southampton this afternoon. saints striker charlie austin scored two second—half headers on his first league start of the season, before steven davis beat jordan pickford from the edge of the box to wrap up the victory. everton have won just once in seven games under unsworth. we are not performing and confidence
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is, you know, probably lower than it ever has been. this is a team that has been underperforming for the majority of the season and we have had a lot of tough games, a lot of away games, and i think we need to get back tojust away games, and i think we need to get back to just some basics. we need to stop conceding goals. the goals we are conceding are killing us. we need a few home comforts. we need to get back to goodison park and we have that this week. we need to put some points on the board and fairly quickly because this performance was not acceptable. one more result to bring you from the premier league this afternoon and arsenal are up to fourth, above tottenham now, after they beat burnely, thanks to a controversial injury—time penalty. i—0 finished, with respective managers understandably split on the penalty decision. there is a lot of me inside that is
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raging, a lot. but it's ok, i will still look like this. my view is that it still look like this. my view is thatitis still look like this. my view is that it is highly unlikely that anything other than a penalty was going to get given. in scotland, celtic have won the scottish league cup, the first major trophy of the season. they beat motherwell 2—0 at hampden park. 0ur scottish football reporter chris mclaughlin was there. the first piece of silverware of the season goes to decide sweeping aside all end their path. motherwell were hopeful, they are aside in fine form at the moment. they wanted a battle and the first half was more intriguing than entertaining. richard tait the best chance. shortly after the interval, the breakthrough, and what a finish from james forrest. the scotland international‘s eight of the season. motherwell were looking immediately to level, but what about this from great gordon? incredible reaction
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stop. then a controversial penalty. the referee said penalty and sent the frenchman off. then barely converted and it was 2—0 to celtic. leigh griffiths rattled the post latest —— later on. celtic are celebrating their fourth trophy. invincible and unstoppable. it was a mercedes one—two at the abu dhabi grand prix, where valterri bottas led from pole and held off his team mate lewis hamilton. a fitting end to a season in which mercedes have dominated. tom clarkson was there for us. the abu dhabi grand prix marked the final race of the 2070 world championships and for many observers the end could not come soon enough because this race was far from a classic. there was very little overtaking up and down the order and once again it was dominated by mercedes. the greatest spectacle at
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the circuit came after the chequered flag. unfortunately, what went before was leicester matic. valterri bottas, lewis hamilton and sebastien fettle started and ended the reason that order. for drama you have to look down the order. to no i's's. baulk buddhism, kevin magnussen dropped last on the final lap. roman growjeane one and enthralling battle with land struggle, but they could not finish in the points, neither could daniel ricciardo has at hydraulic problem ended his wrist and costigan fourth in the drivers championship. felipe massa bowed out of formula i but the point and his former priory team—mate fernando alonso going faster than him. collar says buzz ‘s they ended prematurely, but nico hulkenberg rescued the renault team getting them sit in the constructors championship. valterri bottas held off hamilton the game is third win of the season, but third place was enough for sebastian
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vettel to finish runner—up in the driver standings. i could not be happier to end the season like this, obviously. congratulations to lewis hamilton for the title and sebastian prodl secondaries the championship. hopefully we will be better next year. i give it everything every single lap. it is very hard to ove rta ke single lap. it is very hard to overtake it so once you get to the la st overtake it so once you get to the last sector you struggle a bit but they give it everything. congratulations to valterri bottas, congratulations to him and congratulations to him and congratulations to him and congratulations to lewis on his season, he deserves to win the championship. i hear the season, he deserves to win the championship. i hearthe set season, he deserves to win the championship. i hear the set but he was the better man. we will do our bit over the winter and hopefully come back stronger. so, valterri understandably delighted with this day's work. there are nowjust 166 day's work. there are nowjust i66 days until the season—opening grand prix of 2018 in melbourne, australia. camper ryrie do to close the gap to mercedes to ensure that we have a good battle next season?
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england are on the verge of losing the first ashes' test. australia dominated the fourth day in brisbane and need just 56 runs to win. meanwhile, the ecb says it's spoken to england wicketkeeper jonny bairstow over an alleged incident during a night out earlier in the tour. andy swiss has more. with bat, and earlier with ball, it was australia's day, as england's hopes soon faded. joe root went before lunch and the rest and ball. moeen ali, was he stand? rest and ball. moeen ali, was he stand ? anything rest and ball. moeen ali, was he stand? anything behind the line and he was ok. it was agonisingly close but after a near cheapside. lincoln's tail did not hang around once again. australia left with a target of just 170 once again. australia left with a target ofjust170 and led by david warner they breathlessly set about the run chase. by the close, england tomorrow lies and all but defeated. very disappointed. i thought the first three days we played well and
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we re first three days we played well and were in the game, but today we let ourselves down. with the bad and especially we got in and never really got on to get the big score that we needed. but hours later there was another problem, claims johnny bairstow was involved in an incident in perth for weeks ago while in the same bar as australia's opener cameron bancroft, also playing in this match. it is understood that their heads met at one point, although they both left amicably. ina one point, although they both left amicably. in a statement the england and wales cricket board said. with the ongoing controversy surrounding ben stokes, it may raise more questions about the teen culture. the ecb said in no understand the context of the incident and will follow up with management after this test, but both on and off the pitch, this is hardly the start to the ashes they had hoped for. rugby union premiership champions exeter are back at the top of the table after snatching
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a win against saracens. they fought back to claim victory byjust two points. 18—20 the final score. patrick gearey has the details. two of the best teams in the country, one of the biggest games, not all the top players. with many of their stars on international duty, this was test of strength in depth, david saracens to be thankful england are not calling for the talents of alex goode. it is not the saracens way to focus on individuals, they say the strength of the wolf is the back and the strength of the pack is the will. this was apparently scalped brit's trite, but exeter chiefs are one of the few teams in england to know how to beat saracens. they did it on bush to the title last season and ian whitten lead them back into this. yet minutes remaining as saracens tried to hold them up somewhere in there marie lowe went lower. wait for the whistle. tried.
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and the conversion was simple. this to win it, and almost effortless enter our relentless match. in the other premiership match today, wasps came from behind to beat london irish 17—13. in the three games in the pro 1a today there were wins for glasgow, scarlets and munster. france have won their tenth davis cup by beating belgium. it was an electric ride in the deal. it is france's first title since 2001. in netball, england have won the second match of the vitality netball international series against malawi. the roses led 31—25 after half—time and continued that dominance to win 61—53 at the copper box arena in london. they go 2—0 up in the three match series. british olympic pilot lamin deen secured the first major medal of his career with silver in the four—man event
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at the bobsleigh world cup. britain led the standings after setting a track record in their opening run in whistler, but russia's final run was enough to take gold, with gb‘s combined time 0.28secs slower. the winter olympics of course just a few months away, so all looking good for them. 20 years ago, dubai set out to become one of the most talked about towns in the world. since then, this young city state, one of seven emirates in the uae, has largely succeeded. it's become one of the fastest
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growing tourist destinations on the planet. synonymous with spectacular skyscrapers, gigantic shopping malls and high—end hospitality and also the occasional stories of tourists who fall foul of local customs. but scratch deeper and there's much more to this place. no longer the brash new kid on the block, dubai is now an established hub and one of the world's few truly global cities. and although the impulse to impress is still here, there's now a complex identity taking shape and i'm here to see how that's changing the look and feel of dubai, its people and its future. this is the creek, the real heart of old dubai, and gorgeous in this light. now, this used to be a real trading hub for the city and the kinds of boats you can see behind me bring in spices and other goods
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from countries like india, iran and much further afield. this is my personalfavourite part of dubai, the old town. you get a real sense of the past. as a contrast to the skyscrapers and shopping mall downtown. what is this? this is cinnamon. cinnamon, i recognised that. very good. this is turmeric. turmeric, very good for cooking. this one is for cooking, and this one is for the face massage. for the face massage, 0k. this is a long piece of wood, what is it? this is more cinnamon! very good, you're testing me, aren't you. tell me the difference, that is bigger. this is bigger and this is smaller. is that it! laughs. frankly, if i hadn't stopped him i think he would've taken me through every single spice in the shop. this is for smoking and for soup. of course if you are into bling you have to go too far to find that here too. but to find authentic arts and crafts 21st century style, you'll need to venture even furtyher from the glitz and skyscrapers, and head to be gritty al quoz
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industrial area, where a flourishing warehouse—based community arts scene has sprung up. this is "calligraffiti", a mixture of traditional arabic calligraphy and graffiti, and it's the signaature style of a french—born artist of tunisian origin, who goes by the name el seed. he has taken his unique approach to street art around the world with astonishing results, including this monumental project he created in a working—class district of cairo. so what is he doing in dubai? for me, dubai is like, a new city. i look at it, i try to get a different view to it, a lot of people coming from outside say, "oh, it is fake, you as an artist, how could you be here?" and for me there is this kind of growing art scene,
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there is a growing art community. and as an artist it is good to say that i am part of this, i am part of making a change and making this movement. if i can question you on that a little bit more — it is also a place that is glamorous and wealthy, you have a big expat


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