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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  December 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm GMT

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one of the prime minister's closest political allies, damian green, strongly denies fresh allegations he looked at pornography on his office computer. a retired detective, who says he analysed the computer in a separate investigation nine years ago, claims there were thousands of pornographic images on it. there was a lot of them. i was surprised to see that on a parliamentary computer. i've maintained all along, i still maintain, it is the truth, that i didn't download or look at pornography on my computer. but obviously while the investigation is going on i can't say any more at the moment. we'll be asking what it could all mean for the prime minister's deputy. also tonight: the investigation in to alleged russian meddling. president trump's former national security advisor michael flynn pleads guilty to lying to the fbi. posted on facebook, how this photo taken 50 years ago has just landed this man in prison for murdering his baby stepson. gearing up for a summer of world cup football as maradona hands england
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a comfortable draw for russia 2018. and hundreds turn out in nottingham to see prince harry and meghan markle on the first public engagement together. coming up later on fa cup sportsday, we will be coming from here at afc fylde for the second round of the fa cup. good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six. theresa may's deputy, damian green, the first secretary of state, is under renewed pressure tonight, after claims that he accessed pornography on his commons computer. a retired detective says he found thousands of pornographic images on a computer in mr green's office nine years ago, and that it was "ridiculous" to suggest that anyone else could be responsible.
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mr green has again insisted that the allegations are false. danny shaw has this exclusive report. he's theresa may's oldest and most trusted political ally, now battling for cabinet survival over claims he watched pornography on his work computer. can i ask you to leave? the allegations, which he denies, centre on computers seized in this police raid over leaked documents from the home office. now, a detective involved in the enquiry has given his account of what he discovered. neil lewis spent 25 years in the metropolitan police before retiring due to ill health. he has multiple sclerosis. in 2008, was given the task of examining damian green's work computer. the shocking thing was that as i was viewing, i noticed a lot of pornography thumbnails, which indicated web browsing.
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but a lot. there was a lot of them. how many images did you see on that? thousands. thousands of pornographic images? thumbnail images. this is the one note that you kept. neil lewis still has his notebook from the time, detailing what he saw on the computer. there is a reference to briefing officers about pornography. he claims two other detectives also saw the material. it was legal and not extreme, he said. similar images were also seen on a laptop, he claimed. how can you be sure that it was damian green who was accessing that pornography? there's a sort of phrase, "you can't put fingers on the keyboard". so i can't say that. but the computer was in mr green's office, on his desk, logged in, his account, his name. in between browsing pornography,
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he was sending e—mails from his account, his personal account. reading documents, writing documents. and it was just impossible. it was sort of exclusive and extensive, that it was ridiculous to suggest that anybody else could have done it. 0utside his home in kent today, damian green protested his innocence. a cabinet office enquiry has been examining his conduct. mr green... i've said that i'm not commenting any further while the investigation is going on. i've maintained all along, i still maintain, it is the truth, that i didn't download or look at pornography on my computer. but obviously while the investigation is going on i can't say any more at the moment.
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one of mr green's colleagues in parliament rallied to his defence, saying the detective‘s account didn't add up. the pattern of behaviour he describes seems to me entirely inconsistent with the normal pattern of behaviour of an mp in parliament. we simply do not have hours to sit in front of our computers and browse leisure websites, of whatever variety. did you look at pornography at all? there are now questions about how apparently confidential information about damian green's computers was made public. scotland yard is looking into it. danny shaw, bbc news. john pienaar is at westminster for us tonight. what's your assessment of where this goes next? there is an enormous amount riding on the outcome of this drama, not simply the future of damian green. tonight, he is adding nothing to the
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denial of not viewing pornography. but his political friends are rallying round, some of them accusing neil lewis of breaching operational confidentiality. david davis, brexit secretary, i am told has warned the prime minister not to sack damian green on the say—so of former officers who he believes are out to get damian green. why? because, mr green's friends say, the police raid backfired on the police, they were criticised and this is about revenge. 0ne they were criticised and this is about revenge. one of david davis‘ friends said he might contemplate resigning in support of damian green if he has to. we await the outcome of that report. for theresa may it isa of that report. for theresa may it is a difficult time indeed. she may have to choose soon whether she needs to lose a very close ally at a difficult political time, difficult because of a host of issues including brexit. when do we learn? iam including brexit. when do we learn? i am told we could have the answers to those questions in a few days,
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perhaps early next week. one of president trump‘s closest confidants, his former national security advisor michael flynn, has pleaded guilty to lying to fbi agents as part of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. mr flynn is the most senior former official to be charged in the investigation so far. but the white house says the guilty plea doesn‘t implicate anyone else except him. from washington, here‘s our correspondent aleem maqbool. it has sent political shock waves through washington. general michael flynn, donald trump‘s former national security adviser turned himself into the fbi, and to a judge admitted lying about his contacts with russian officials. general michael flynn! michael flynn
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developed a close relationship with donald trump during the election campaign, at one point talked of as a potential vice president. campaign, at one point talked of as a potentialvice president. a campaign, at one point talked of as a potential vice president. a truly great general. i thank you. at the republican national convention, he famously led chancing for hillary clinton to be imprisoned. lock her i clinton to be imprisoned. lock her ll clinton to be imprisoned. lock her up! all the focus is on the mistake michael flynn made up —— after donald trump‘s win at the polls, when barack 0bama was still in office and had imposed sanctions on russia for interfering with the us election. 0n the 29th of december, michael flynn spoke to the russian ambassador on the phone in the first ofa ambassador on the phone in the first of a series of calls. 0n the 15th of january, vice president mike pence said sanctions were not discussed by michael flynn in those calls. 0nly after the 9th of february when a newspaper revealed general flynn did
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discuss sanctions when he was not organised to do so did pressure increase and michael flynn lost his job. michael flynn then became one of those investigated by the special counsel into russia‘s attempts to influence the election and the potential collusion with the trump campaign. this is unquestionably the biggest moment of the russia investigation. michael flynn is the most senior member of donald trump‘s tea m most senior member of donald trump‘s team to be indicted, and is accused of lying to fbi agents while still serving the white house. most importantly, we now believe michael flynn will testify that he was directed to talk to the russian ambassador when he was not supposed to bya ambassador when he was not supposed to by a senior official in donald trump‘s transition team, bringing this investigation ever closer to the president himself. aleem maqbool, washington. a 71—year—old man has beenjailed for murdering his toddler stepson almost 50 years ago. david dearlove swung the one—year—old child by his ankles and hit his head on a fireplace in 1968. for decades dearlove lied about what had happened. but then a photo posted on facebook
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led to the investigation being reopened, as danny savage explains. this picture triggered a murder trial. it shows a man called david dearlove with his stepson, paul booth. when this image was posted on facebook, paul‘s now adult brother went to police, telling them dearlove had murdered the toddler and he had witnessed it. the 21—year—old dearlove in the photo is now 71. almost 50 years later, he was today convicted of murder. back in the late 1960s, he lived with the boys‘ mother in this house in stockton. 0n the night he killed his stepson in the living room, he claimed the boy‘s injuries were accidental, but his three—year—old brother, peter, saw what really happened. he‘d crept downstairs for a drink, and through a gap in the living room door saw dearlove swinging paul violently by the ankles and cracking his head against the fireplace, causing fatal injuries.
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nearly half a century later, what peter booth sawjust before his fourth birthday has convicted his stepfather of murder. dearlove said paul had received the injuries by falling out of bed. had he fallen out of bed and fractured his skull, that would have resulted in a straight line fracture. in this case we had a fracture that was a z shape and crossed two places in the skull, and that wasn‘t consistent with him having simply fallen and hit his head against an object such as a hard floor. a lot of the lines of enquiry we are used to in this day and age, digital enquiries, phone works, forensics, stuff like that didn't exist. we didn't have a body in this case, we didn't have a scene, a lot of the witnesses were dead, so it was quite challenging. paul booth‘s brother and sister had to relive childhood ordeals and trauma to getjustice for him. thejudge said dearlove made the children‘s lives a misery, and jailed him for a minimum of 13 years. danny savage, bbc news, teesside. a review of radiology services
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in the nhs in england has been ordered, after inspectors found that some patients suffered "significant harm" because of problems processing x—rays at a hospital in portsmouth. the care quality commission discovered that 20,000 x—rays at queen alexandra hospital hadn‘t been reviewed properly, and that meant in some cases that abnormalities weren‘t picked up. hugh pym has the story. it was a member of the public who first raised concerns, and inspectors discovered a backlog of 23,000 chest x—rays which hadn‘t been reviewed by a radiologist. in some cases, junior doctors without the right training had done thejob. three lung cancer patients had suffered significant harm. sincere and unreserved apology. and that apology is to the patients themselves, to their family and their carers. i want to give an absolute assurance that we are doing everything we can to address the scale of the backlog that we have.
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the care quality commission has told the portsmouth hospitals trust to take urgent action to check all the x—rays. it‘s also started a national review of radiology at hospitals in other trusts in england, and called for details of backlogs and any delays reporting results of x—rays and scans. every hospital is having to manage that risk effectively, and what we are trying to do is find out which hospitals are doing really well, so that everyone can learn from hospitals that are doing it really well. medical scanning technology is developing rapidly. it‘s more complex and precise. in many cases it‘s central to patient diagnosis and care. understandably, patients want access to the best there is available, but that‘s increased the workload for the radiologists, who helped to interpret the scans. the pressures are illustrated by figures showing that demand for complex scans in england is rising at 10% per year, whereas the number of radiologists is growing byjust 3% a year. we know there‘s an awful lot
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of stress on departments and on the individuals working in those departments, and they are all working over and above their contracted rates in order to try and clear some of this workload. some people contacted us today to report concerns about x—rays and scans. the department of health said it welcomed the new investigation in england to ensure people got high quality assessments and timely care. hugh pym, bbc news. 0ur our top story: damian green denies looking at or downloading pornography after a retired detective claims he found thousands of images on a work computer. and still to come, did meghan markle sparkle on her first public engagement in nottingham? she seems full of life and
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down—to—earth. she seems full of life and down-to-earth. i think she is wonderful. i watched down-to-earth. i think she is wonderful. iwatched interviews down-to-earth. i think she is wonderful. i watched interviews and i she is great. in sportsday, less than 12 hours from the first test in ashes history, and what most think is the best opportunity for victory against australia. in just over six months‘ time, 32 national teams will be battling it out in 11 russian cities, all competing for one trophy — the 2018 football world cup. today, the all important draw was made at the kremlin in moscow. so did england manage to avoid the likes of brazil and germany? let‘s cross live to our sports editor dan roan. there were real dangers lurking here inside the kremlin for england this evening. in the past, these occasions have been very cruel, and
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the likes of germany, argentina, brazil and france were all lying in wait. but in a favourable draw, all we re wait. but in a favourable draw, all were avoided and england can look forward to the summer with a degree of confidence. this report contains some flash photography. it was the day russia invited the great and good football inside its seat of power. the kremlin playing host to some of the legends who have graced the sport‘s showpiece event. a first world cup in russia has become a matter of personal pride and political importance to vladimir putin. the president himself taking the opportunity to kick off proceedings. a colourful celebration of russian culture providing the now traditional pre—draw entertainment. as england‘s manager, gareth southgate prepared to learn his team‘s fate, there were plenty of familiar faces from which to gain confidence. world cup winner gordan banks leading out a stellar cast list of draw assistants before gary lineker, golden boot winner in 1986, and more recently an outspoken critic of tournament organisers fifa, was introduced
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in his role as master of ceremonies. i think i‘d prefer to take a penalty in the world cup final than actually organise this draw, but i will do my best. with the draw finally underway, it fell to diego maradona, no stranger to breaking england‘s hearts, to reveal that they would be in group g. england. that meant that from the top—ranked seeds, belgium lie in wait — a squad packed with premier league talent. the manager giving little away. as the draw progressed, the rest of the group emerged, along perhaps with a sense of relief. tunisia, beaten by england in their opening match of france 98. and panama, playing in their first world cup. both opponents england would have taken before the draw. so what did the manager think of the hand his team had been dealt? we have been good at writing teams off and then getting beaten by them, haven‘t we? so we have to make sure that we are prepared for all those games. it‘s fantastically exciting now to be here for the draw with every other coach.
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it‘s been a great experience, and i‘m really looking forward to getting on with it now. england are out of the european championship. england‘s humiliating defeat to iceland in last year‘s euros serves as a warning that no one should be taken for granted. however, as they look ahead to next summer‘s campaign, deep down they and their fans know today‘s russian roulette could have been far tougher. for england fans, the draw means some pretty long journeys to some places they may not have heard of before. 0ur correspondents sarah rainsford and steve rosenberg have been to check out the host cities. this is mother russia. determined, defiant, urging her people to rise up and crush the enemy. volgograd used to be called stalingrad, and the battle of stalingrad, in which nearly 2 million people were killed, still haunts this place. but today, the focus is on football.
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and from up here there is a wonderful view of the stadium they are building for the world cup. and here‘s a closer look at it. i‘ve already mentioned how the war still casts a shadow over this city. when they started building this stadium, they found 300 unexploded bombs here, and the remains of two soldiers. in communist times, i wouldn‘t have been allowed into nizhny novgorod — this city was closed to foreigners. not any more, of course. for football fans coming here, there‘s plenty to see. this place has even got its own kremlin. well, they‘re not quite ready for kick—off here. the nizhny novgorod football stadium is still under construction. the whole thing has been designed to look a little bit like the volga river, just across the way. they assure me hear that everything will be ready on time. and there will be entertainment off the pitch, too. here at the nizhny novgorod circus
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they are putting together a special series of shows for the world cup, and for visiting fans. russia may not be the favourites in the football, but they certainly look like champions in the big top. in some spots like this, kaliningrad looks distinctly european. but this is russian territory. it‘s a sliver of the former soviet union that is now surrounded by the eu. and this is the westernmost point for the world cup. if england fans do have a ticket to a match here, then the good news is, it‘s going to be pretty easy to get to. because kaliningrad isjust a short drive across the border from poland orfrom lithuania. and the ground itself is pretty close to the city centre. and it seems there will be a warm welcome for fans, too, because the mayor here recently instructed all locals to be nice to the visitors and not to hit them.
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if there‘s one thing the kaliningrad coast is known for, it‘s amber. there are vast reserves of the precious stone here by the baltic sea. 0ccasionally, after a storm, the waves will throw chunks of amber right onto the beaches. it‘s worth a small fortune, so maybe an extra bonus for some of the football fans, or perhaps a consolation prize. sarah raynsford reporting there. such has been england‘s disappointing performances at major tournaments in recent years, in truth they can take limited comfort from the draw. it‘s important to remember they are not even favourites. that tag belongs to belgium. nevertheless, if they win the group, their possible route would be colombia in the next round, then brazil, france, and the final in moscow. but let‘s not get carried away! almost 700 jobs are to go at natwest and royal bank of scotland after it was announced that 259 banches are to close. rbs — which owns both banks —
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says they‘re closing the branches because nowadays so many more of us are banking on our computers and mobile phones. 0ur personal finance correspondent simon gompertz is in south london at one branch which is expected to be shut. simon. this is the biggest programme of branch closures that rbs has ever undertaken. it‘s already been closing hundreds this year. so at the end of this process the number of branches will have halved to around 750/3 years. it‘s a big bank, it is mostly owned by the tax payer after it was rescued in a financial crisis. it‘s made up of both natwest and rbs. to give you a breakdown, 197 of the closures are natwests in england and wales, including this one in stockwell in london. 62 royal bank of scotlands. in some scottish
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villages local people are complaining that they don‘t know where they will do their banking. it ta kes where they will do their banking. it takes the total number of uk prank branches —— bank branches to less than 8000. it still dropping. rbs will tell you it‘s because of the mobile phone, thousands of people every minute logging on that way. the typical customer goes into a branch every three months. plenty of people still like to go into a branch. they will be the ones particularly worried by today‘s announcement. prince harry and his fiancee meghan markle have carried out their first official public engagement since they announced they were getting married earlier this week. the couple were greeted by crowds of wellwishers in nottingham as they visited a world aids day charity fair and then met local teachers and children at a school nearby. from nottingham, here‘s our royal correspondent nicholas witchell. as an actress, she‘s been used to a public stage. she‘s accustomed to meeting crowds
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and dealing with fans. little surprise, then, that meghan markle handled her first official public appearance in her new role with considerable confidence. husband—to—be was on hand, solicitous and supportive, with a lot of eye contact between them and supportive arms going around each other‘s backs. at times they met the crowds together, but then meghan branched off on her own, stopping and taking time with people. while harry did the same thing on his side of the street. moments later they were reunited, the queue for more back—rubbing. this clearly is a team effort and the new recruit seems a natural. she will do hundreds and hundreds of events like this in the years to come, but she will remember this one, her first official encounter with the british public. and the verdict on her performance? i think she‘s great. a good addition to the royal family.
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definitely. yeah. an american. go, mixed kids! yeah, mixed kids in the royal family now. it was just fabulous and we're just so excited that they've come to nottingham for their first public appearance and we're very excited about the wedding in may. the couple heard about the work of the terrence higgins trust, the charity which has worked for years to help people suffering from hiv—aids. it‘s a cause harry, now with meghan, wants to take forward in tribute to his late mother. at a local college, they heard about the effort to help young people keep out of trouble, serious issues to which harry, through a charitable trust, is devoting serious attention. but for all that, there was no doubt who sparkled the most today — the woman with the diamond. i saw her ring and the diamond is massive! it‘s absolutely gorgeous. just knowing that you‘re sitting near meghan and prince harry, it‘s jaw—dropping, it‘s really nice. a glittering future, then?
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it certainly seems to augur well. nicholas witchell, bbc news, nottingham. time for a look at the weather. here‘s tomasz schafernaker. it's it‘s very cold today, will it last? no, the current cold snap is coming to an end, temperatures will rise but the cold weather could be back next week. 0ver but the cold weather could be back next week. over the next few days we start with some lovely weather watcher pictures, sunshine in yorkshire, a beautiful sunset in cumbria. and one more from liverpool. beautiful skies. alto cumulus clouds being illuminated by the setting sun. it will turn milder, a slow process and it will be sunday before we feel milder air coming in. in the short term, for the rest of today and into tonight, a northerly jet stream the rest of today and into tonight, a northerlyjet stream and pretty cold air sitting on top of us. but
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all this milder air, relatively speaking, heading our direction. there will be a change in the wind direction, from the northerly we have had the last few days to more ofa have had the last few days to more of a westerly, coming straight from the ocean. and when that wind comes straight of the ocean, it brings more moisture and cloud so things turn more damp and cloudy over the next few days. two or three degrees in the morning, so still cold. the cold air washing away to the east. the relatively milder air, yellow and blue is relative temperatures, not absolute one. it will not be that warm at all. after a chilly morning on saturday, temperatures in still areas will be struggling. we are only talking a high of 6 degrees across yorkshire. cloud around with spots of rain across western and northern areas. 0n spots of rain across western and northern areas. on sunday, the milderair northern areas. on sunday, the milder air has reached us and temperatures will get up to double figures in the south, maybe even
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double figures across northern parts of england. monday and tuesday, eight or 9 degrees. partly cloudy skies and by the end of the week it looks like it will turn colder. that‘s all from the bbc news at six — so it‘s goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. this is bbc news. the headlines... president trump‘s former national security adviser michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his contacts with russia during last year ‘s election campaign. theresa may‘s deputy the first secretary of state damian greene has denied downloading or viewing pornography on his parliamentary computer. the uk‘s offer on brexit has to satisfy ireland before the negotiations can move on, the president of the european council donald tusk has said. a 71—year—old man has been jailed for life with the murder nearly 50 years ago of his 19—month—old stepson paul booth. in
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a moment it will be time for sports ten macro but first a look at what else is coming up this evening. we will be speaking to nina burleigh the national politics correspondence at newsweek about the ex—security adviser michael flynn. he has pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about lying about contacts with russia. more on the official royal visit by prince harry and meghan markle. they have been in nottingham. and at 10:a0pm we will bring you the paper review. joining us bring you the paper review. joining us is the writer and broadcaster lynn faulds wood and rachel cunliffe from city am. that is all the head. —— ball ahead. naval vessels from new zealand begin patrolling what is the largest february seat. it is there result of agreement to help
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preserve the natural ecosystem in antarctica. it lies off the southern edge of antarctica. the protected zone will also help scientists


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