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stockpiling the drink ahead of the changes and some of the shelves in this in have already being cleared. irn bru, is ita this in have already being cleared. irn bru, is it a popular drink here? number one seller in my shop. the last couple of days there has been a rush on it. i didn't realise until the baby yesterday what the reason behind it was. and we are short on supplies after christmas anyway. what do his customers then?” supplies after christmas anyway. what do his customers then? i like it as it is. what do his customers then? i like rahal what do his customers then? i like it as it is. i went by it changed. i think it is a great idea. that amount of sugar is bad for your teeth. arles probably stop drinking it. this punter led push back has raised irn bru's profile again. whether customers stay loyal will remain clear when the new version goes on sale later this month. lorna gordon, bbc news, glasgow. time for a look at the weather.
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i hope it's not going to be as cold as in new no, thankfully not. that isa as in new no, thankfully not. that is a tremendous temperature, isn't it? it is going to turn colder, drier, with quite a frost on saturday night. increasing amount of sunshine of the weekend goes on. this picture was taken today on the somerset levels in between the showers across this part of the uk. further north and higher up, we have seen snow falling in the peak district and then the staffordshire hills for a while. that weather is moving away, heading towards lincolnshire and the wash and should be mostly rain. a bit of sunshine now with a brighter day for northern ireland. colder across the board. damp weather in scotland, a mixture of rain, sleet and some hill snow. it will sink its way southwards overnight, mostly ending up in northern england. colder air beginning to arrive across scotland
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later in the night. a chilly night. temperatures went to be far of freezing. fog patches, which will lift in the morning. this is how we start the weekend, sunshine between the showers in parts of the south west and wales. then we have that wintry zone, really. a bit of snow over the hills heading into wales and northern england. rain elsewhere, mind you. much brighter further north, northern ireland with a lovely day and plenty of sunshine in scotland. but there will be icy patches for eastern scotland and the england. more sheltered areas, western scotland, north—east england and enjoying much more sunshine, but cloud failing to clear away across the midlands and dreary across south—west england as well. it will feel colder in the wind. lower temperatures in the north but at least we have some sunshine. as we head into the evening and overnight,
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it stays quite rare indeed. this cloud slowly pushes its way into the english channel and further north we will have clear as skies for longer, where we see very low temperatures. not as cold further south. the cold est not as cold further south. the coldest weather is underneath those clear skies and in the centre of that high pressure. it is that high pressure that is dragging with it colder air but increasing amounts of sunshine. still some wind across southern parts, cloud at times, otherwise a dry day, sunny spots but it will be cold. starting cold next week, with increasing amounts of cloud. that's all from the bbc news at one so it's goodbye from me welcome to the bbc sports centre, i'm jessica creighton.
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it's been another frustrating day for england in the final ashes test in sydney. they were all out for 346 in their first innings and took two early wickets but australia then seized control, with captain steve smith and usman khawaja scoring freely. they closed on 193—2, so they're 153 runs behind england but with eight wickets in hand. although it wasn't a great day for england, it was a momentous one for 20—year—old mason crane, who enjoyed his first bowling stint in test cricket. naturally, a little bit nervous but i was also really excited and i had great fun out there. i can't wait for tomorrow. there were a period where we couldn't get edges, or a couple of legs that didn't get to slip. but that's the way of the game. keep plugging away for tomorrow. chelsea look set to sign everton midfielder ross barkley. he's expected to have a medical today, ahead
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of a £15 million move. he's yet to play this season after having hamstring surgery but he's now approaching match fitness and everton manager sam allardyce said yesterday he was resigned to losing him when his contract expires in the summer. hejoined everton as an 11—year—old in 2005. the fa cup continues this weekend. it's at the third round stage, where the premier league teams enter the fray. the merseyside derby between liverpool and everton kicks off the bbc‘s coverage tonight. it's been suggested that liverpool managerjurgen klopp doesn't take the fa cup seriously — something he's keen to disprove. the line up will be a line up which... shows all the respect we have for the fa cup. i know that a few people said that i don't respect cup competition or stuff like that, enough. that's no the truth. so, we maybe have to make it a little more obvious. it is not a league game. it is win
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or bust. simple as that. it's a cup game. it's different to the premier league. it's less pressure. it's a glory game, you go out and seek the glory game, you go out and seek the glory and try to win it. if we are to get through we have to beat liverpool. and there's a special friday sportsday tonight — it comes live from anfield, at 6.30 — and the match is on bbc 0ne — kick—off at 7.55. there's another injury worry for a british tennis player... kyle edmund may not be fully fit going into the australian 0pen later this month. he was playing some great tennis in his quarter—final against grigor dimitrov in the brisbane international, taking the match into a deciding set. but he cried out in pain and collapsed to the floor after catching his right ankle. he carried on with heavy strapping, but couldn't find a way past defending champion dimitrov. serena williams won't be defending her title in melbourne — she says she can compete — but she wants to do far better than that, and needs a bit more time before returning to the circuit. when she won the title last year she was eight weeks pregnant
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and she gave birth to her daughter four months ago. with the six nations less than a month away, there's some encouraging news for england. billy vunipola and maro itoje will both start for saracens against wasps in the premiership on sunday. powerful number eight vunipola has been out since his knee surgery in september, having already missed the lions tour with a shoulder injury. itoje broke his jaw last month. sochi gold medallist kelly gallagher has been left out of the great britain squad for this year's winter paralympics in pyongchang. she and her guide charlotte evans made history when they won the super—g, to take britain's first winter paralympic title. the two spots for visually—impaired skiers have gone to world champion mille knight and rising star menna fitzpatrick. gallagher could yet go to south korea though — spare places will be reallocated at the end of the month. the games begin on 9th february.
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that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's i'll have more for you in the next hour. thank you very much, jessica. before we take a look at the rest of today's main stories, there is news coming through from the royal household. in the last few minutes. news of another royal bane. we are hearing that zara tindall and mike tindall are expecting a second child. so that is news for zara and her husband. so that is news for zara and her husband.
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a controversial book documenting president trump's first year in office has gone on sale — earlier than it's planned release date. the move is in response to attempts by the president's lawyers to block it. michael wolff, the author of the book at the centre of the controversy, has been talking exclusively on nbc‘s today show. he described what he heard about donald trump. the one description that everyone has in common — they all say he's like a child. what they mean by that is he has the need for instant gratification. it's all about him. i mean this cease and desist letter — i know sources in the white house who go, "we should not be doing this, this is not smart" — hejust has to be satisfied in the moment.
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michael wolff, the author of the bookin michael wolff, the author of the book in question, who has been talking on american television today. a huge amount of discussion and publicity is around the book. what happened as a result? it meant that people queued in the middle of the night to be able to get their hands on the first few coppice. we sent our reports out to talk to some of them. queuing in a book shop at washington dc. because this is like the thing to do. i found out about it on twitter less than an hour ago. i walked over. for the past two days this book has been like all—consuming. so, why not? and what do you expect to read from it? i am expecting a dumpsterfire. i'm expecting the white house to be as absolutely dysfunctional as the
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leaks make it seem. apparently there is much behind it. in the last two days there has been a lot of talk about it. in this day and age it's been a really long time since anyone spoke like this about a book. it will be great to have a piece of work that everyone is excited about. so you have to go dive into it! the nature of the stories coming out were just unreal, to the reaction from the white house, that all that confirmed the authenticity of it, and the fact that our neighbourhood book store was one of the first in the country to start selling it. i have not come out for a book at midnight for a book since harry potter. so let's do it. just some of those who had queued in the very cold temperatures in the states to get a copy of that book at
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midnight in washington dc. the trump administration, of course, president trump says that the book is full of lies. and the other main stories... north korea has accepted south korea's offer of holding talks next week. it will be the first time since 2015 that officials from the two sides have met. the news broke just hours after south korea and the united states agreed to postpone joint military exercises — which north korea sees as rehearsals for invasion — during next month's winter olympics. they will be postponed for the duration of the winter olympics. they will be postponed for the duration of the winter olympics. 0ur correspondent sophie long in seoul says that some believe that the north korean leader's openness to talks is an attempt to drive a wedge between south korea and its allies. hours ago, a statement said that it was agreed that the joint military exercises would be suspended for the duration of the winter olympics, and
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the paralympics. duration of the winter olympics, and the pa ralympics. that duration of the winter olympics, and the paralympics. that is important as it is something that both the united states and south korea are saying is central and defensive, something that the think—tankian leader ceases as rehearsals for provocation. but some sceptical a nalysts provocation. but some sceptical analysts and voices in the united states say that kim jong un‘s offer of being open to dialogue may be his attempt to drive a wedge between washington and seoul. so it is interesting after the statement from donald trump, donald trump claiming ina donald trump, donald trump claiming in a tweet he was to credit for the that youing in the relations that is happening on the peninsula, saying it would never happen, he said, u nless it would never happen, he said, unless he put his full might into action against north korea. the united nations security council is to meet to discuss the wave of antigovernment protests in iran. 0n the streets of istanbul, the
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opinions are divided. ican opinions are divided. i can say happy... excited... hopeful... sad... positive... freedom. mark lowen there, our correspondent in istanbul. first the head lines. the chairman of the parole board says he is "very concerned" that victims of the serial rapist, john warboys, were not told that he was about to be released. a serious case review finds that the brutal murder of two—year—old boy jeremiah regis—ngaujah by his stepfather could not have been predicted. the author of a book about the trump administration has accused the president of being like a child and having no credibility. hello there, i'm alice baxter.
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an update on the business news. new car sales fell for the first time in six years last year, with demand for diesel cars plunging by almost a fifth. in total, there were about 2.5 million cars registered, according to industry body the society of motor manufacturers and traders. the figure was down 5.7% from 2016, while diesel sales fell 17.1% as higher taxes and pollution fears hit demand. apple has said that all iphones, ipads and mac computers are affected by two major flaws in computer chips — which emerged this week. tech companies have been racing to fix the meltdown and spectre bugs, that could allow hackers to steal data. but apple says there is no evidence that the vulnerability had been exploited. and shop prices slid deeper into deflationary territory in december, falling 0.6% on last year compared to the 0.1% decline in november. non food prices have fallen at the steepest rate fuelled by climbing global prices.
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more on that view in just a moment. today we find out that shop prices we re today we find out that shop prices were down in december, falling some 0.6% on last year. good news for shoppers. retailers offered lower prices at the beginning of the month compared to december of last year on many nonfood ranges but what does it mean for the shops themselves? joining us now is kate hardcastle, retail analyst, at insight with passion. really good to talk with you, kate, the christmas period being the busiest time for shops is a confusing time in which to get a clear picture as to how the shops have been performing. but today for
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the first time, it is when that cold, hard truth is shone on them, isn't it? i think so, cold, hard truth is shone on them, isn't it? ithink so, absolutely alice. this is a clear indication that our nonfood retailers in the whole are using discount tactics to get us in. this is driven because of black friday, creating a discounting phenomena from november onwards and we know that food is on the increase. we are creating a different budget for our families, which is feud and fuel first. which means that more of the luxury purchases, some of the gifting we would buy at this time of year, we have pulled back on. so the retailers are pulling us in on the discount on food. and it is that middle tranche of shops that suffered the most in this? you are right. discounters are very strong. there are signs that
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there is a great uplift in the calms figures, however we know if you are in the middle market, the big brands like the debenhams results we heard yesterday it is difficult to get a niche in a standout. so they are relying on the discount but it hurts the model. it hurts the bottom line when they do that. we are a huge retail—led country as we have service as our main employment within the uk, so this is very important to our employers and employees, when the traditional high street has suffer sod much with foot fall and using discount measures. the way that many are combatting it, i know that debenhams said that they wa nted i know that debenhams said that they wanted to move towards this, to move towards experience shopping, as it is called? we have good figures from shopping that retail theatre, retail entertainment, what you and i call events and information and great places to be, as put of our social
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retail. that is how we want to shop so we retail. that is how we want to shop so we don't have to go into the stores anymore. that creates an increase in profits, however the retailers, they are beasts of organisations, it is a big turn around, it takes a long time. there are smaller, quicker—moving, faster—moving brands nipping at the heels, doing it better and gaining traction. kate very good to talk with you. sales of new cars have fallen for the first time in six years according to new data from the society of motor manufacturers and traders, car sales fell by 5.6% last year to 2.54m vehicles, while diesel sales fell i7.i%. earlier we asked mike hawes from the smmt, whether this is down to people switching to electric vehicles — or holding off from buying altogether. there's a small amount switching.
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undoubtedly in terms of electric vehicles, highbury brits, growing at 35% per annum. but it is is a small base. last year we sold 2.5 million vehicles, only 13500 thousand were battery vehicles. it is growing but must grow faster. there are deals owners sitting on their hands waiting to see what the chancellor would do, what the changes would be in terms of taxation, or access to cities, there is more clrity, the new cars are exempt from those, so we hope that gives confidence into the diesel consumer. saudi arabia has taken a major step towards selling off a chunk of its state owned oil company. saudi aramco is now a joint—stock company something that is required of saudi companies before lisiting their shares. there has been speculation the plan may be abandoned. trillion when 5% is sold
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in the biggest share listing in history. music streaming service spotify says it now has 70 million paying subscribers. the announcement comes a day after reports emerged that the company has submitted documents to list on the new york stock exchange. the firm says it has another 70 million people using its its free advertising—backed service. and manchester city captain vincent kompany has urged premier league football clubs to cut ticket prices for fans. his advice stems from his recent dissertation on the topic for his masters in business administration, which he graduated from last month. he told the bbc radio 5 live's wake up to money programme that he wants to see the cost of a ticket reduced as part of the premier league's long term strategy. and on the markets, it is still
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exciting with the rallying continuing on the global equities. trading a record high, the ftse 100. trading a record high, the ftse100. the rise follows gains we saw in europe and asia. the tokyo nikkei hit its highest level in 26 years. wall street on a winning streak. ftse 100 wall street on a winning streak. ftse100 and admiral is the biggest loser. and thought to be the insurer most exposed to the uk car market, with almost 100% of profits concentrated domestically. so the sharp fall in car sales, affecting that stock. centrica a are the biggest risers on the stock market at the moment. that's all the business news giant waves and flooding have added to the serious disruption in the eastern united states caused by a huge winter storm. up to 17 people are believed
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to have died as a result of the severe weather. nearly 5,000 flights have been cancelled. a rapid plunge in pressure has resulted in blizzard—like conditions combined with hurricane—force winds. jericka duncan from cbs news reports from maine. snow injanuary is expected in maine, but it is not every day they see and feel this. bone chilling wind gusts of up to 50 mph, making it almost impossible to get around by foot and car. with snow falling at a rate of two inches per hour, emergency management officials are bracing for a very long night. it has been cold, so none of that has melted away, and our biggest fear is we're going to lose power. 20 miles south of portland on this speech, we watched the storm beach, we watched the storm swallow up foundations. the wind and the waves are so strong that while we were out here filming just moments ago, the ground underneath us collapsed. 32—year—old shaun walker has lived
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in this beach town his whole life. every year, he says the neighbourhood gets smaller. my childhood memories are being washed away. literally. it is something he now expects to happen with each impending storm. crikey. let's take a look at our own weather prospects. darren bett has those for us. not as grim, i hope, darren? certainly not. that weather is not heading our way. 0ur weather is tame by comparison. but we will see changes this weekend. the wet and windy weather is coming to an end, turning colder and drier. more frost on saturday night. increasing amounts of sunshine as the weekend goes on. this picture was taken today in the somerset levels, welcome sunshine between the
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showers. it's not been rain that has been falling today, just, we have had snow in derbyshire. and wetter weather is heading its way to lincolnshire. and it is a colder day. we have the wintry mix in scotland with rain, sleet and hill snow. that is drifting southwards. affecting northern ireland for a while and later northern england. south, a few brea ks later northern england. south, a few breaks in the cloud. turning chilly. the showers following on the north of scotla nd the showers following on the north of scotland will be wintry. here with the first signs of the cold weather to arrive. in the south, maybe sunshine around but a fair bit of cloud in the south of england and wales. showers along the coasts and a wintry mix here in north england and wales. north of that, into the colder air,
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increasing amounts of sunshine for northern ireland and #1k4r57bd for many western areas of scotland, a dry and a sunny day, as it is in northern ireland. where there is shelter from the winds from the north sea, a risk of icy patches and wintry showers blowing in here. it is struggling to break up the cloud in wales and midlands, still some damp and dreary weather in the south. temperatures six and sevens. colder in the north but at least they have some sunshine. winds still blowing. cloud for a while in the south. it does sink into the english channel. with clearer skies in the north for longer, this is where it gets colder. a widespread frost and temperatures may be down to minus 10 celsius. a headline figure. clearer skies close to the high pressure. it is moving from the north. pushing away the wet and the windy weather,
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bringing the cold and the sunshine. for many, sunday will be a bright and is sunny day. cloud sometimes with a cold wind in the south. a chilly start for next week. probably more and more cloud. hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy. today at 2: the head of the parole board apologises to victims of black cab rapistjohn warboys — who weren't told he's to be released. when we released the information about the decision it was my understanding to date we believed all victims had been told about that decision. we are checking today exactly what happened because clearly something went wrong. new car sales fall for the first time in six years — with demand for diesel cars plunging by almost a fifth. after all the hype — that book about trump is out. the author says he stands by his claims that the president has no credibility.
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they all say he is like a child. and what they mean by that, is that he has a need for immediate gratification. it is all
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