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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 11, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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and they said we can't take any more trolleys and then the ambulance said we would have to wait outside. plastic—free supermarket aisles and a 5p bag charge extended to small shops — theresa may lays out her 25 year plan to improve the environment. rescuers are desperately searching for eight people still missing in the california mudslides. 17 people are know to have died. dozens of homes have been destroyed after heavy rains hit the area. and which shops sparkled and who had a takings turkey? the winners and losers on the high street this christmas. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday — but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... in beyond 100 days — as the deadline approaches for donald trump to commit to the iran nuclear deal or not, uk and eu foreign ministers urge the president the deal is working. huge perhaps ties with the star
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bloggers, logan paul, after he a controversial video —— youtube. and later on we'll be talking to the butcher who escaped from a freezer using only his cunning and a thoroughly frozen black pudding. that's all ahead on bbc news. now, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm sarah mulkerrins. these are the headlines tonight... from insult to injury for michael o'neill's northern ireland — the referee at the heart of their world cup play—off defeat now says he got it wrong. can the fed express get on track for yet another grand slam title? we'll have all the news from the draw for the australian open... and it's liam livingstone ipresume the lancashire batsman is the new face in england's latest test squad... coming up in the programme, i'm holly hamilton live from the nba in
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london where the boston celtics are due to take on the philadelphia 76ers in what is set to be the most exciting uk nba match today... —— to date. hello and welcome along. the referee who awarded a controversial penalty which eventually cost northern ireland their world cup play—off against switzerland last year — well, he has now admitted he made a mistake. ovidiu hategan ruled that corry evans blocked a shot, with his arm during the first leg, despite replays showing the ball struck the player's shoulder. nial foster reports. perhaps it will come as little comfort to northern ireland supporters but the referee ovidiu hategan has admitted that he got it wrong back in november. translation:
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it was a sad and unpleasant moment for me. it was sad because i made that mistake and painful because with my team of officials we had been performing well. in our world, the referees are the same as the goalkeepers. everybody sees the mistake. the introduction of var technology was too late for the play—offs that used in the fa cup only this week and includes reviews of such decisions. from the referee's point of view is the opportunity to correct an error during the match, and more importantly for purple it brings a higher degree of fairness and integrity. —— for football. higher degree of fairness and integrity. —— forfootball. it affects how the players paid because they know they cannot get away with things in the match. translation: var will bring improvements. you see results elsewhere, there will always be discussions but i'm convinced those big mistakes will be eliminated. his error appears to have cost him a place as a referee at the world cup finals in russia
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this summer but he still hopes to go. ironically, as a video assistant official. nial foster, bbc news. the former watford manager — quique sanchez flores — has met representatives from stoke city, who are looking for a replacement for mark hughes. after leaving vicarage road, sanchez flores moved to espanyol in spain's la liga — but he has a release clause tied into his deal there. you stoke sacked hughes after last saturday's fa cup defeat — by league two side coventry city. republic of ireland manager, martin o'neill, is also believed to be in the running for thejob. now, if life begins at 40, nobody told the yokohama striker — kazuyoshi miura. because — he hasjust signed a new contract, a month short of his 51st birthday. miura began his career in brazil, way back in 1986 and his new contract means he will enter the 33rd year of his career. miura won 89 caps forjapan and said today that he hopes to continue
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to grow as a player! miyura is way ahead of the premier league's top five oldest out—field players. that list, is headed by former england striker teddy sheringham — who was a0 when he played for west ham — a few months older than ryan giggs, former sunderland and southampton striker kevin phillips is the third oldest. gordon strachan and bryan robson complete the list. all five though are older than gareth mcauley. the west brom and northern ireland defender is the oldest out—field player currently still in action, he celebrated his 38th birthday a month ago — still 13 years to go to reach miura... the draw for the australian open was made earlier today in melbourne — we'll hear about the prospects for some of the british players, in a moment — but the defending men's champion roger federer was at the draw — he saw himself pitted against the former british number two aljaz bedene, who is now back representing his native slovenia. organisers were forced to defend their choice of former champion maria sharapova attending the women's draw. the russian, was banned last year because of a failed drugs test.
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she was here replacing the 2017 winner serena williams, who is not in melbourne after becoming a mum. is world number one rafa nadal and last year's runner—up — he starts against victor estrella burgos of the dominican republic. six—times champion novak djokovic is in a tough part of the draw and has american donald young up first. the only british male in melbourne, kyle edmund, faces a tough test against us open finalist kevin anderson of south africa. the new women's world number one simona halep will play destanee aiava of australia. wimbledon champion, garbine muguruza, takes on france'sjessika ponchet. maria sharapova will face tatiana maria of germany. the british players might feel their draws could have been worse — jo konta against american madison brengle, while heather watson has a first round match against kazakhstan‘s yulia putintseva. — so with all the details — here's our tennis correspondent russell fuller from melbourne.
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johanna konta has won only four of their —— one of theirfour johanna konta has won only four of their —— one of their four matches. she's an awkward opponent, she is 83 places below johanna konta but ifjohanna konta makes progress to the second week, she will have some very challenging matches. but given how she finished last season, losing five matches in a row, she would relish that opportunity. she has a very good record. she could play karolina pliskova in the next round and current world number one simona halep in the quarterfinals. that's a conversation for another day. heather watson starts against the world number 50, a player ranked slightly higher than she is. cameron norrie was defeated earlier today.
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it willjust be kyle edmund for great britain. it is tough against kevin anderson. they ultimately lost in five sets, but the advantage is if he is one of these people who believes that the glass is half full rather than half empty, he could beat anderson in the opening round that he is playing well, it assuming his ankle scare from last week's events in brisbane is not a major concern. he could find himself in reasonably favourable sections of the draw afterwards. also coming up in the programme... slam dunks and celtics — the bright lights of the nba hits london again this evening, we'll be live at the o2. and... find out how wounded veterans are taking on the best in british motorsport. bruce tasker, the british bobsleigher, will miss next month's winter olympics in pyeongchang, after suffering a minor stroke last week. the 30—year—old welshman, was due to be part of team gb, in the four—man crew.
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he helped the team to finish fifth at three successive world championships and the last winter olympics in sochi. tasker was admitted to hospital suffering from dizziness and nausea — and it was discovered he had suffered a minor stroke. he is expected to make a full recovery and hopes to return to the sport. england's selectors have resisted the chance to make wholesale changes to their squad, for the forthcoming tour of new zealand. batsmen mark stoneman and james vince have been retained, but there is a new face with lancashire batsman liam livingstone called up. more on him in a moment. there's also a recall for the durham pace bowler, mark wood. iama bit i am a bit surprised to be honest. i'm pleased to be back in. with tom curran and jake ball being part of the ashes squad and they did pretty well, i was surprised they did not
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get the call but it is nice to be involved. it is something i've wa nted involved. it is something i've wanted to get back into. hopefully i can wanted to get back into. hopefully i ca n prove wanted to get back into. hopefully i can prove that i can do well. so the only new face in the squad is liam livingstone of lancashire — primarily known, up until now, as a one—day batsman. i caught up with him in our studio a short time ago. idid not i did not expect it, no. i was in the gym yesterday with the lancashire boys doing our normal gym session. our coach wasn't too happy but when i came back in and i told them the news, it was obviously quickly forgotten legs it was nice to get the call yesterday. i'm very excited to get going. people will know you as a one—day player. is it difficult to transition from the format, what you will be heading into? it is, but a lot of people see me as into? it is, but a lot of people see measa into? it is, but a lot of people see me as a white ball cricketer whereas i see myself as the other way
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around. my stats would show that my actual strength is in red bull cricket. —— read all cricket. i've already had that experience this year and it would be nice to go into that environment with a lot more confidence in my game so hopefully that will stand me in good stead going into the new zealand tour. what can you give to the squad now after the ashes, what did you make of that? it was a tough series for the england boys, the result doesn't really reflect how close the series was. there are the odd key moments where england lost them and they we re where england lost them and they were the differences in the series. but the group of players that england have at the moment, there is a lot of talented cricketers in there and i do think it is an
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exciting squad to be going into. hopefully i can add something going into the squad, when we get to new zealand. it's showtime at london's 02 arena tonight, as the nba rolls into town for the eighth time — and this game brings two of basketball‘s big names to the uk with boston celtics, the most successful franchise in nba history — taking on the philadelphia 76ers. this is what to expect... perfect! let's go! brown! he blocked it! this is fun to watch! so it should be a lively evening at the 02 — let's cross over to there now and join our reporter holly hamilton... a very good evening to you. there is
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some last—minute practice going on, i will try not to get hit by any balls! it's interesting, considering the growing popularity of the sport in the uk. this is the eighth series game of the nba in london and this year they have brought their a—game. these two teams are flying this season, two incredible sides, think back to the start of the season. the philadelphia 76ers and the boston celtics would fixture in the london fixture but nobody could see how far they would come. celtic are the top seedin they would come. celtic are the top seed in the european conference. he has had an incredible series so far, but it's fair to say he was in the shadow of lebronjames. inaudible i'm sorry, we are having some
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technical issues with the line to holly hamilton however she has been catching up with the nba commissioner adam silver, let's hear from him now. if you said to me 15 yea rs from him now. if you said to me 15 years ago that by 2018 we could have a team in europe, i would have said that it was fairly likely but i think we've learned more about the impact of travel and changing time zones, fatigue, and our players, especially in correlation with injuries. we've gone the other way. it isn't something we are ruling out. as popularity grows outside of the us. is london the way to get into europe now? it is interesting, ido into europe now? it is interesting, i do think it is a gateway from the cultural standpoint. the convenience of being in london and at a great facility like the o2 arena, i don't know the exact statistics but around again, when! know the exact statistics but around again, when i walk around the arena, there are people from around europe
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coming to these games. it enables us to make it true showcase, notjust a game for the people. it's interesting, for you, how do you feel that brexit and the brexit vote impacts the nba in london in future? are not sure, i've spoken to other business leaders in the us who have their headquarters based in london andi their headquarters based in london and i think they are trying to figure out the same thing. london is where our european headquarters also happen to be located so it is something that we will monitor closely. apologies for some of those technical difficulties, the nba game in london tonight, the boston celtics against the philadelphia 76ers, we will bring you the updates later. well, the nba stars have been soaking up english sporting life on their short visit here. some were at stamford bridge to watch chelsea arsenal last night. but i wonder if they've tried any british food —
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or even to fit in a little afternoon tea — or even dunked a biscuit? so let's go hobnobbing with some former nba stars... we have been tasked as former nba players, we are going to do a different kind of dunking competition... the rules are simple, each legend will dog five famous biscuits that we have here and whoever dares to dunk the longest wins but be warned, we have to get the biscuit from mark to mouth intact. if the biscuit falls to bits, said your chances —— marg. this is hard! it's best to avoid the fingers... you didn't tell me that! how do you know? it is the jeopardy! ooh! ooh he went the longest, he is the winner! aah! what is the deal!
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you almost lost it! 2-2. we are out. we are done. it all comes down to the custard cream... i'm not going to make it... ooh... he defiled his tea... when a winner, chicken dinner! congratulations to the first and last ever winner of the tea dunk off! ginger nuts are always the best one for dunking! now, we're staying with american sports being played in the british capital, because tottenham's hopes of having their new stadium ready for the start of the next premier league season look to have been boosted as the nfl announced their 2018 london series will begin with a match at the new white hart lane in october. spurs are playing at wembley this season as the ground is redeveloped. the stadium developers say technology will allow them to put on a separate playing surface for american football games.
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seattle seahawks will play oakland raiders at white hart lane on sunday october 14th. so these are three matches scheduled for london in 2018 — in addition to that game at white hart lane, philadelphia eagles will play jacksonville jaguars at wembley, along with tennesee titans against los angeles chargers, both matches in october. a new motor racing team was launched this afternoon with a little bit of a difference. invictus games racing will be competing in the british gt championship this season, with many of their team and drivers made up of military veterans. jj chalmers has been to birmingham to meet them... we all know the invictus games support injured and sick servicemen, and now they are going into the world of motorsport. they will be racing alongside two pro drivers and it's already having a transformative
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effect on their painstaking rehabilitation. i had unfinished business with the invictus games, i wa nted business with the invictus games, i wanted to go out to 2017 as my swansong, to wanted to go out to 2017 as my swa nsong, to complete wanted to go out to 2017 as my swansong, to complete my recovery but when i wasn't selected for the team, i had a mental breakdown and i was really struggling. the stars aligned and i had this opportunity to come up so i grabbed it. i thought i need that competition. i'm a bit older and rounder, so the athletic side was going to die out anyway! you want to slow down in life but now i'm going faster and i cannot wait. and the car is the firstjaguar supercar to cannot wait. and the car is the first jaguar supercar to come out the factory in 50 years. insiders like any other racing car but it can be adapted to suit any driver and their impairment. the display to say that the invictus movement has come a long way since its inception. that the invictus movement has come a long way since its inceptionm has taken a long way since its inceptionm has ta ken off a long way since its inceptionm has taken off in ways we cannot imagine. we have lit a beacon that has attracted a number of people to it which is fantastic. this is a particularly bright and shining
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beacon. it is the pinnacle of what is achievable for a lot of people. a lot of people do it and it allows us to demonstrate what is possible. the series starts at the end of march at oulton park where they will compete against hardened racers. they are not one to shirk a challenge. a reminder of the top story, the referee involved with the rewarding ofa referee involved with the rewarding of a controversial penalty against northern ireland in their world cup play—off against switzerland admitted he got it wrong. more on that story on the website, that's all from sportsday and we have more throughout the evening. goodbye! you are watching bbc


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