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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 25, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm GMT

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this is bbc news. our latest headlines: a rise in recorded crime in england and wales with even bigger increases in knife crime, robbery and six offences. theresa may and donald trump hold talks at the world economic forum with the president insisting that traders at the top of their agenda. the prime minister has condemned the men only presidents club dinner. she said that it object to fight the women who were there. the number of people sleeping rough on the streets in england reaches the highest level since current records began. now, in a moment it will be time for sports day, but first a look at what else is coming up on bbc news. beyond 100 days at seven o'clock with christian fraser in london and catty. ——
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katty. we will be speaking to a criminologist about the spike of crime in england and wales. that is all ahead on bbc news, but now it is time for sports day. —— sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. coming up: cilic ends edmund's remarkable run in melbourne. not on the shortist and forced to apologise for sexists tweets — why phil neville was the fa's leading candidate for the england women's job. he fitted to 80 what i had been looking for, and the moment that i spoke to him, i was really sure from that first moment that he was the right man for the job. why curling will be a family affair for the scotland team at the winter olympics. yes it was unchartered territory
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for kyle edmund at this years australian open the farthest he's been at a grand slam, but the semi finals is where that journey ended for the british number two following a straight sets win by the world number six marin cilic this morning. hywell griffiths is in melbourne. what 82—mac weeks it has been for kyle edmund. he arrived here, unseeded, and unheralded. those people focusing on andy murray's injury. but in the last two weeks he has really made a name for himself, impressing many people with his impressive game and his mental strength, particularly in that quarterfinal, but today was about sticking to another level. a
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semifinal against the world's number six. it proved to a pretty tough challenge, as adam wilde explains. from east yorkshire to melbourne. kyle edmund, in every sense, has come a long way. his arrival so soon has been a surprise for some. now, could his extraordinary journey continue? well, to go further, edmund would have to stand his ground against marin cilic. that is anything but easy. the travails of this tournament seemingly now taking their toll, edmund was outplayed from the start. the first set lost, there was to be a little encouragement, first from his coach and then from frustration. a disputed line call, a lengthy row and for a moment, it seemed like the spark edmund needed. that took him towards a tie—break. but once again, the challenge of cilic was proving all too much. having come so far, for edmund, there was no coming back. the croatian was at times quite brilliant. the young brit's journey was at an end, but everything suggests there is plenty still ahead. a disappointing end to his
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australian open, not really the form and that he was capable of, and he was clearly disappointed, hampered it seems by somali nurse and a hip injury, we later learned. in the short term i am disappointed, andi in the short term i am disappointed, and i have to accept that. i didn't get my best out on court, for sure. but there are so many positives that override the last two weeks, and i have to focus on that. very pleased with what i have done at the start of the year. at a fortnight as a whole, trends up the experience, what it is to finally find yourself in the public eye —— suddenly find as having the eye? it's when you are
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doing well that these things come. i think it is good, and if i go up the rankings, it is going to get more and more, so i had to learn to bray said. there is so much to look forward to after this tournament. an improved ranking means that future grand plans will be a little easier. he is due to fly home producing to the uk. i am sure that he will get a hero's welcome. a disappointing end to his australian open, not really the form he really need to be 100% to challenge against marin cilic. his opponent can move all over the place, and when your movement is
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hampered, and you can't get your shots, i'm afraid the writing is on the wall fairly early on. he had it at any second set, but he was not able to do that. maybe he would have got back in it, but cilic was the better player, today. nerves as well, john. with the skill of the occasion getting to him a bit at the start of the match? maybe, but i think he handled it well. i don't think he handled it well. i don't think he handled it well. i don't think he was overwrought about being oi'i think he was overwrought about being on the stadium court in this semifinals, but i think it was one match too many for him. i think the two week build—up. you have got to get used to that in grand slams. that second week, playing five set matches in those conditions. i thought he did remarkably well.|j think he proved a lot to himself. we have been watching him for many yea rs. have been watching him for many years. he was very quiet and shy, but he has got a presence on the court now. he was not scared to have a word with the vampire. i was really impressed —— with the umpire.
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i was really impressed with how he has come out of his shell. i think he will have a really good career. astonishing to think that if he had won, he would have become the british number one. that shows how far he has come, and guess how far andy has fallen the light of his injury. how close is he to shifting balance of power in the british men's game? it'll be interesting. if andy comes back, you'll be shooting up andy comes back, you'll be shooting up the rankings, no question about that. but, for him now, being ranked around 25 or whatever it will be, on monday, it will mean getting into bigger tournaments, which means more points, getting seated at the grand slams, which protects him from meeting the big names until later on. he will be accumulating a lot of points, so here's an upward scale at the moment, but i do feel, andy is a different class. that was sue barker
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and john lloyd speaking to the earlier. there has been no shortage of support for edmund over the fortnight. and as you can imagine there was plenty at his former school in pocklington in yorkshire, where jj chalmers spent the morning. it was here at this prep school that a seven—year—old's talent was recognised. he still holds the records fall 100 metre sprint. but it was ten if you become renowned for. now he is on the world stage, his teachers are still following his progress. at the young boy, he was talented at many sports. i was obese that he chose tennis as his main one. “— that he chose tennis as his main one. ——i that he chose tennis as his main one. —— i was so pleased that he chose tennis as his main one. he has certainly got the confidence and the physique to go to the top, i think. i think this is definitely a stepping stone to future success, and yourgroup up stepping stone to future success, and your group up to top 20. you can only go from strength to strength,
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110w. only go from strength to strength, now. kyle actually visited the school in 2015, after britain's davis cup victory. he met many of the people to watching today. although it was not the result that google have hoped for, he is clearly a hero in their aisles. —— eyes. kyle, kyle, kyle! when he was talking to the children, they will really engaged in what he was saying, and now they have seen him again. they have got no better incentive. no more reason to not keep on going forward. this guy worked hard, this guy has done it, and he was here! what you see is what you get. that is through hard work and ability. so, from this very court to the semifinals of the australian open in little over a decade. and, he is only 23. i think we can agree that we will see a lots more from this young yorkshireman. british interest doesn't end
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there though with alfie hewett and gordon reid into the final of the men's wheelchair doubles. after they beat gustavo fernandez of argentina and shingo kunieda ofjapan 6—1,4—6,10—6, in the decisive tie break. they will now face the french second seeds stephane houdet and nicolas peifer in friday's final. they are the reigning wimbledon and us open champions. the women's trophy will have a new champion — because neither simona halep or caroline wozniaki have won a slam before. halep reached her third grand slam final following a thrilling win against the 2016 champion angelique kerber — wining the decider 9—7. i tried to be very calm, but today
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was like a roller—coaster, up and down. i didn't give up, not even a ball, and it wasjust down. i didn't give up, not even a ball, and it was just what matters. because, if you don't give up, you can win the match in the end, so i did it very well, and i'm really proud of myself, actually. applause certainly a big win for her. denmark's caroline wozniaki overcame a late bout of nerves to beat unseeded belgian elise mertens and reach her first australian open final. the seeded second, saw off the world number 37, 6—3 7—6 to reach her third majorfinal. it has been a great two weeks so far, i it has been a great two weeks so far, lam really it has been a great two weeks so far, i am really happy and proud of how i have managed to turn things around when things were not going my way, and keep it up whenever it was going my way, so i am just excited, it is another final, it is another great two weeks, and regardless of what happens now, i have done my
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best, and when you go out there on saturday, you have everything to win. yes, it will be a fantastic match between the pair of them on saturday. it's been a ratherfarciacal start to phil neville's tenure as the new england women's manager. forced to apologise for sexist tweets, the fa have come in for serious criticism over their recruitment process. and the woman who led that baroness sue campbell today defended their appointment. she's been speaking to our sports correspondent richard conway who joins us now. what has she had to say today?” what has she had to say today? i sat down with her, and that was one of the first questions. why is it that she felt that phil neville, with no experience in the women's game, no experience in the women's game, no experience as a manager, despite the fa ct experience as a manager, despite the fact he is in a pro licence coach, and he has coached manchester united and he has coached manchester united and valencia, why was that he was the best person in thejob? she gave a very thorough defence of that, and thought with the leave scotland a baghdad that he would beat and the
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new head coach. talked about his willingness to take them, and desire to ta ke willingness to take them, and desire to take them from the third best tea m to take them from the third best team in the moment to being the best in the world. they are not about treading water, they want the england women's seemed to be world champions in the next few years, so very high aims, and she feel that phil neville is the right person to do that, that is despite, of course, over 146 candidates being spoken to in the process of determining the right person. in the end, they got it down to six people, four were short listed. they always true for personal reasons, and i asked baroness campbell, why that was, why was it that so many people were not about to go through and become the head coach? many of them having seen the way mark's departure was dealt with, whatever the rights and wrongs of that, were very nervous of the scrutiny, not just themselves, of that, were very nervous of the scrutiny, notjust themselves, but their families. lifting of family
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up, moving them halfway across the world, and then being subjected to what they thought might be massive intrusion into their privacy, as well as their professional lives, what a risk to that they weren't prepared to take. and, i respect that. these were not weak people, these were good people. interesting to hear some of the reasons, that, why this is as it is on the short list opted not to pursue the job, but where does this leave phil neville, now? in terms of what this means now for phil neville, he is still to speak to the media. we have had a statement from him apologising to those tweets, but he is yet to speak to the media. he has yet to appear in public. that will perhaps change, we understand next week. a media conference may be called next week, and i'm sure that those questions about the tweets, about what the nature of them was, about his suitability for the role, and
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where he can take this team, they will still be live issues next week. that is inevitable. the issues around phil neville, not going away yet, but the fa on the front that today talking to me here in westminster about why they feel that he is the right man to take the injured women's team forward in the future. richard conway, life in london for us, many thanks indeed. also coming up in the programme: settling into life at manchester united we hear from his new manager who also put pen to paper on a new contract today. and less than two months from the start of the winter 0lympics, concerns over athlete welfare in the winter sport team. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories around today. paula radcliffe's marathon record, set in london 15 years ago is beeing targetted at this years race by kenya's mary keitany at this years london marathon. keitany is aiming to beat the time
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of two hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds using use male pacemakers. athletics' world governing body recognises two world records — mixed—gender and women—only — and last year keitany broke radcliffe's ‘women—only‘ world best in a time of two hours, 17 minutes and one second and is now going after the mixed gender record. wales scrum half rhys webb has been ruled out of their opening match of the six nations with scotland, adding to a growing list of absentees in the camp. he remains a doubt for the rest of the tournament and is one of a number of welsh players sidelined through injury with dan biggar and liam williams also out. england's david horsey has set the early pace after the first round of golf's dubai desert classic — he's nine under par. two shots back is rory mcilroy. englishmen chris paisley and tyrrell hatton are also on seven under. at the world indoor bowls
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championships rebecca field couldn't stop katherine rednall from claiming the ladies‘ singles title for the second year running. she won 2—0 to claim her third world title. jose mourinho has committed his future to manchester united after signing a contract extension until 2020. he's been preparaing his team for their fa cup fourth round tie with yeovil tomorrow night. and facing the media today praised the deal done to bring alexis sanchez from arsenal. something he called a great bit of business for both clubs. i got igota i got a fantastic player, and they got a fantastic player. alexis change from a fantastic club to a giant club. and mkhitaryan changed but changed also for a fantastic
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club, so! but changed also for a fantastic club, so i think it was a great deal for everybody. success for england's cricketers in their one day series has salvaged some pride after defeat in the ashes. and now they are determined to finish the series with a 5—0 whitewash. moeen ali sayd the team are determined to take a 4—0 lead with victory in the next one dayer which is staged at the adelaide oval on friday. this is the one series we really wa nt to this is the one series we really want to whitewash, especially in australia, but it is something that all the guys are really... after the ashes, even the one—day boys are really keen to win this 5—0. less than two months before the start of the winter paralympics, british parasnowsport has become the latest national governing body to become embroiled in concerns surrounding around athlete welfare. uk sport have launched an independent investigation following allegations made by pa ra—snowboa rder cassie cava who said she was made to feel
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worthless over her mental health issues. i think my voice hasn't been heard. i've not been listened to or taken seriously, by anyone involved, really. i think, seriously, by anyone involved, really. ithink, how seriously, by anyone involved, really. i think, how i have been treated is incredibly unfair, and overly don't think anyone should be put in this position. i have really suffered in the system, and i want things to change. it was always difficult being the only girl, it was quite a lonely place. it was heart of the word go, and i hope that the safeguarding and athlete welfare side of it will be taken more seriously, and that is why people need to speak up, because it has been neglected, and it is dangerous. in response, a uk sport spokesperson told the bbc "athlete welfare is of the utmost importance to all of us". british parasnowsport confirmed that "an athlete" — known to be cava — made the complaint to uk sport regarding a "staff member and a range of other issues". and added "as is absolutely necessary in these circumstances,
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the complaint will be fully investigated by an independent organisation who will report back to us and uk sport when it's completed," . they added "we would caution against any conclusions being drawn by others not in possession of all the facts." team gb are aiming to make the winter olympics in pyongchang. their most succesful to date. the all—scottish men's and women's curling teams believe a medal is a realistic prospect. eve muirhead won bronze in sochi four years ago. and she hopes she won't be the only muirhead among the medals, with the team very much afamily affair. alasdair lamment explains.


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