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this is bbc news. i'm rachel schofield. the headlines at 11: a man who deliberately drove a van into a crowd of muslims in north london is found guilty of murder and attempted murder. the government and the european union disagree on the rights of eu citizens who come to live and work in the uk during the brexit transition period. england's chief inspector of schools has warned that religious extremists are trying to "actively pervert" education and narrow children's horizons. and newsnight, what it is the conviction of darren osborne say that the far right in britain? lead in the programme i will speak to the chief inspector of ofsted as she backs plan to bad hijabs for those under eight in her school. —— ban.
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good evening and welcome to bbc news. a man who deliberately drove a van into a group of people near a mosque in north london, trying to kill as many muslims as he could, has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder. darren osborne from cardiff killed 51—year—old makram ali and injured several others in an act of terrorism. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford reports. it was an act of terror. a large van, its engine revving, smashing into a group of muslims on a summer night during ramadan. those he injured, terrified that the driver was going to attack again. there's a few people who were really badly hurt and couldn't move. i thought he was going to kill us. what did you think he was going to kill you with? maybe a gun, maybe a knife. this, a 999 call made at the time. the driver was brought
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to the ground by the angry crowd. the local imam urging them not to hurt him. everyone back! when police arrested darren osborne, he waved as he was taken away. part and parcel of living in a big city. later at the police station, he ranted about previous terror attacks on muslims, saying, "have some of that, have some of your own. at least i had a proper go." at almost exactly that time, 51—year—old makram ali was declared dead at the scene. he'd been crushed by the van. darren osborne was born in singapore, but grew up in weston—super—mare, where friends remember a violent young man. he'd just stand like that and stick a glass in yourface. he did that numerous times.
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osborne moved here to cardiff with his partner and children, but the relationship was failing and recently he'd tried to kill himself. his rapid route to murderous hate only began last may, with a bbc docudrama about a pakistani grooming gang in rochdale. i buy you things and you give me things. his rage was further fuelled by last year's attacks in london and manchester. in the fortnight before his attack, he started following this man, tommy robinson, and other anti—islam activists on social media. osborne received a group e—mail in robinson's name saying, "there's a nation within a nation forming beneath the surface of the uk. it's a nation built on hatred, on violence and on islam." detectives believe material like this had had a powerful effect on osborne. the people around him described it as having a major impact on him, brainwashing him, and as a result we believe that was,
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if you like, part of the main driver for why he carried out this attack. but tommy robinson accepts no responsibility. you don't think that there's a chance that somehow the way you were talking about that was inflaming hatred and driving people like darren osborne to violence? no, not at all. zero chance. on saturday, june 17th, darren osborne decided to act and went to hire a large box van. and that evening he was recorded in a pub in cardiff, writing a hate—filled note later found by police in the van. it caught my attention when he shouted... callum spence was in the pub that night and remembers what osborne said to him. terrorists are all bad, you know, i want to kill terrorists and muslims. i'm going to take things into my own hands. things like that. the next day, osborne drove to london. his original target, this pro—palestinian march, where he says he hoped to kill as many muslims as possible and jeremy corbyn.
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but road closures meant he couldn't get near, so he ended up in finsbury park looking for a mosque. just after midnight he came down the seven sisters road, swerving across the bus lane at speed, and impacting the group of worshippers just here. his foot hard down on the accelerator. he ran three people down, knocking several more to the side, and then smashed into the bollards at the end of the street. his radicalisation complete, he had achieved his aim — to kill. mohammed mahmoud, the imam who saved osborne that night, says his congregation were left fearful. it left people wondering, would there be more, what next? if a car can be turned into a weapon and cause multiple casualties in one go, in an instant, then could this be expected again in the future? the jury rejected darren osborne's bizarre excuse that a mysterious man
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called dave was driving at the time of the attacks and vanished, and he nowjoins the growing list of white, far—right terrorists in britain's prisons. the prime minister has held talks with china's president xijinping in beijing. on the second day of her trade mission, theresa may said she hoped her visit would strengthen the "global strategic partnership" between the uk and china. the two leaders also discussed north korea, protecting the environment, and human rights. from beijing here's our political editor, laura kuenssberg. watch what i do, not what others say. theresa may wants you to judge her actions, not her critics‘ words. taking tea with her husband and one of the most powerful men in the world. lapsang souchong, no less. maybe that's what they drink in numberten. herjourney of thousands of miles
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has been for more than a cup of tea, but a shake on billions‘ worth of business deals. despite frank talk on hong kong and north korea too. i've been pleased to bring a very large business delegation here. we've had a very successful visit. the convoy held up the traffic, a big charm offensive to help business sign on the dotted line. a brexit—friendly diplomatic visit, complete with bags. there's a real success story here. we've signed agreements on financial services. bp have signed a £750 million deal. one of the biggest chinese e—commerce sellers has signed a deal to sell £2 billion worth of uk goods over the next two years. all of this adds up. we've got to get away in britain from our obsession with europe in terms of its relation to the global economy. is that enough to make our economy roar after we leave the eu? kfr§irfiié¥gix§§k1457§kij:sz £2; ' ' " t” ' "'
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