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this is bbc news. the headlines at ten: public safety under threat — theresa may's warning to the eu if it blocks a post—brexit security treaty. and we will not let that happen. we will together protect and project oui’ will together protect and project our values in the world and we will keep our people safe, now and in the yea rs keep our people safe, now and in the years to come. just the tip of an iceberg — the president of haiti's verdict on sex scandal involving oxfam staff as he demands an investigation. also in the next hour, a second medal for great britain at the winter olympics. atjust 19, izzy atkin has won a bronze after a brilliant aeriel display in the women's slope style. the murder of a british student in france, joanna parrish, a serial
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killer has confessed. ukip members will vote on whether henry bolton should remain as party leader. and seeing africa by train. that in the travel show in half an hour. good morning and welcome to bbc news. theresa may has urged european union leaders not to put lives at risk by blocking a security deal after brexit because of "deep seated ideology". the prime minister was speaking at a security conference in munich. mrs may said that that "nothing must get in the way" of britain and the eu helping each other to keep people safe. the prime minister said that real political will is required to safeguard intelligence co—operation which has developed over the decades. people across europe are safer because of this corporation and the unique arrangements we have
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developed between the uk and eu institutions in recent years. so it is in all of our interests to find ways to protect the capabilities that underpin this cooperation when the uk becomes a european country outside the eu, but in a new partnership with it. to make this happen will require real political will on both sides. i recognise there is no existing security agreement between the eu and a third country that captures the full depth and breadth of our existing relationship, but there is precedent for comprehensive strategic relationships between the eu and third countries in otherfields, such as trade, and there was no legal or operational reason why such an agreement could not be reached in the every of internal security. however, if the priority in the negotiations becomes avoiding any kind of new corporation with a
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country outside the eu, then this political doctrine and ideology will have damaging real world consequences for the security of all oui’ consequences for the security of all our people in the uk and the eu. the prime minister has also urged the eu to consider a unique arrangement with the uk after brexit which she acknowledges would be unprecedented for a country outside of the eu. she said that the uk is a a special case, offering its substantial defence resources and expertise in counter terrorism and a new security treaty would be in everyone's interests. the treaty must preserve our operational capabilities, but it must also fulfil three further requirements. it must be respectful of the sovereignty of both the uk and the eu's legal orders. so for example when participating in eu agencies, the uk will respect the remit of the european court of justice and a principled but pragmatic solution for legal
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resolution will be needed to respect oui’ resolution will be needed to respect our legal status as a separate country without the sovereign order. as i have said before, we will need to agree a strong and appropriate form of independent dispute resolution across all areas of future partnerships in which both sides can have confidence. we must recognise the importance of comprehensive and robust data protection arrangements. in the past few moments the president of the european commission has responded to her speech saying security matters should not be mixed up security matters should not be mixed up with other considerations involved in brexit. listening to both speeches is our chief political correspondent. good to speak to you. a cold morning there i'm sure, but a warm welcome for theresa may from the audience. what would they have hurt in her speech that is new?”
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think it is the fact that having talked about having a deep and special partnership when it comes to the economy is now moving on to talk about security. she thinks this is a special case and that the uk should be treated as a special case, particularly because of the contribution it makes. we have the largest defence budget in the eu, the second in nato and expertise when it comes to things like counterterrorism. her point is let us counterterrorism. her point is let us not get hung up on the institutions and mechanisms. the uk is leading the european union, but we can't continue with his close cooperation. downing street acknowledges it will be a unique arrangement, this kind of close cooperation has not been done before. she is asking for this to be a bespoke deal, if you like. she
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says the main thing is that they should not play into the enemy's hands. if the eu is divided in all of this, all it will do is give succoui’ of this, all it will do is give succour to those who want to harm eu citizens. it is a blunt message to them, saying don't let your ideology get in the way of keeping citizens safe. thank you very much. the president of haiti has called for an investigation into the activities of aid agencies working in his country, saying that the sex scandal involving some oxfam workers after the 2010 earthquake was just the tip of the iceberg. he told the reuters news agency that one charity, medecins sans frontiers, had repatriated some its staff from haiti without any explanation. john mcmanus reports. haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. 0xfam has been on the defensive over allegations that some of its staff paid prostitutes here. i always dreamed of working for them. this woman, who spoke anonymously to the bbc, was there to deliver aid for the charity. says she was attacked by a colleague.
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he pinned me up against the wall, he was groping me, grabbing me, kissing me and i wasjust trying to shove him off. and got him off eventually and he got mad and he threw his glass at me. now, haiti's president jovenel moise has said other charities also have questions to answer and he has made a specific allegation against medecins sans frontiers, also known as doctors without borders, who sends medical staff around the world. the president said msf had to repatriate about 17 people for misconduct, without any explanation why. in response, msf said: msf has already admitted that it fired 19 staff members last year after allegations of harassment or sexual assault. so how widespread is the problem? oxfam are not alone in this. every agency in the aid sector has the problem. we work in a sector that attracts the vulnerable — that, works, sorry supports vulnerable people. therefore, attracts predators. oxfam are not alone in this.
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every agency in the aid sector has the problem. we work in a sector that attracts the vulnerable — that, works, sorry supports vulnerable people. therefore, attracts predators. meanwhile 0xfam's uk head says the evidence in haiti were a disgrace but also told the guardian newspaper that: certainly, the intense scrutiny of the aid sector is unlikely to stop soon. john mcmanus, bbc news. izzy atkins scored 86.40 on a strong
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final run to claim the first british winter olympic medal on skis. elise christie will attempt to get over her crash in the 500 metres speed skating when she goes for a medal in the 1500 metres. 0ur correspondent colin hazelden is at the national ice centre in nottingham. good morning. everyone is gathering in the cafe. the fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the race. not just elise christie, a lot of skaters are there. let's speak to a coach at the academy. how exciting is it? it's amazing. look at all the people who have come to watch. it's notjust the speed skaters, we have
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had the general public, figure skaters, everyone. it's much more than just skaters, everyone. it's much more thanjust being skaters, everyone. it's much more than just being about elise christie. we do have a young skater who hasjust christie. we do have a young skater who has just stepped christie. we do have a young skater who hasjust stepped on the eyes. hopefully it will be a great experience for her, her first olympics. let's talk to some other athletes. you were a flag bearer. was it inspirational? yes. my brother is racing later today. i have seen these guys train and now they are up there on the big estate and it is incredible. so you are another one of the trace the gang? yes, i another one of the trace the gang? yes, lam another one of the trace the gang? yes, i am a tracy boy. what about farrell? he will be able to get in there and cause problems for the
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more experienced boys. it's his first olympics, he will do his best. elise christie is inspiring as a young woman? she is one of the best and she has come through quite a few injuries. at the moment i am coming back from a broken ankle. watching people get through it is inspiring me. even when she crashes out, there is something about her, a kind of energy? yes, i'm proud of her. she has the 1500 and thousand to go. she's determined. richard, as a coach and someone has been in the olympics. a lot have been —— a lot has been made of police wanting to get the gold. she has it in her. --
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of elise christie wanted to get the gold. she is the world champion in the 1500 and thousand metres. she has it in her. again, short track, it's not always about being the strongest. you need a bit of luck on your side. you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. fingers crossed it is her day. there was a saying here, short track happens. it's one of the most dramatic winter sports. don't miss it, it's coming up. thank you very much. don't forget, the will be coverage of all those races. good luck to them all.
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13 russians have been charged with interfering in the us 2016 election, in a major development in the fbi investigation. donald trump says the indictment vindicates his argument that there was no collusion by his campaign team. here's our north america correspondent peter bowes. the result of the 2016 presidential election is still the subject of much debate and rancorous dispute. now a finger is firmly pointed out outside interference, with 13 russian citizens accused of trying to affect the outcome. the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states, with the stated goal of spreading mistrust towards the candidates and the political system in general. the indictments said the defendants used fictitious online personal accounts and posted political messages in social media that impersonated real us citizens. they had fraudulent bank accounts and false identification documents. the operation supported the campaign of candidate donald trump, who disparaged hillary clinton. mr trump has always strongly denied
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that his campaign had anything to do with russian interference in the election and the words of the deputy attorney general added credibility to the president's view. there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. in a statement, the white house said the president was: this is the most significant development in the russia investigation, but it isn't over yet. peter bowes, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news:
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theresa may warns european leaders not to pull security at risk because of deep—seated ideology. the president of haiti is demanding a wider investigation over the oxfam sex scandal. sport now, and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, here's mike bushell. good morning. izzy atkins has doubled britain's medal tally. this is the face of history,
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greg renton's first silverware on skis. slopestyle is about nailing the rail and avoiding the bumps on thejumps. this teenager adds substance with some style. born and raised with the us to a british father and malaysian mother, atkin honed her skills on the slopes of maine when she was three. tricks like this have taken her 16 years to plan. before the final of three runs, atkin was pushed from the podium. this had to be flawless. biggest run of her life. now. every crime, twist and jump jiving with jeopardy. she laid down a school good enough for third, but could anyone deny her some slopestyle silverware? oh, no, she's down! great britain's is the atkin takes a bronze. there were tonnes of big names in the field. it could have been anyone's i was standing at the bottom after my third run, i had skied the best i could and i was just waiting for those last three or four girls to drop my heart was racing.
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but ijust can't believe it. well, believe it, you're and olympic bronze medallist. it's a big event for the short skaters. we have charlotte gilmartin there. she's in second place the moment. going pretty well at the moment. going pretty well at the moment. this is the long distance event, the 1500 metres. we will look out later for elise christie. hopefully she can overcome the problems she had in the last event and fight back after that last event. the men suffered a shock
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defeat to south korea, who came into this match bottom of the group and without a win. but britain went down 11—5 and it means they are out of the top four places, and so as things stand wouldn't make the semifinals. but they have four matches to make the cut and turn it around. we need to regroup. there is still a lot more to go. we need to keep things together. laura deas lies in fourth position at the halfway mark, whilst teamate
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lizzy yarnold is third. she's just one tenth behind the leader, with two more runs to go. she's aiming to become the first briton to successfully defend a winter olympic title away from the action in pyeonchang, chelsea eased into the quarter finals of the fa cup with a 4—0 victory over hull city. all the goals came in the first half, including two from willian in what was a very comfortable night for antonio conte's side. they'll be joined in the next round by leicester city. the only goal of their game against sheffield united coming in the second half from jamie vardy. that is all the sport for now. you can keep up with all the action on the bbc website. i'll have more for you in the next hour. thank you. we we re you in the next hour. thank you. we were hoping that elise christie's heat would begin whilst mike was speaking. he is an expert. we are
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seeing pictures from the centre there in pyeongchang. there has been a slight delay in we are —— there has been a slight delay and we are waiting for the start of elise christie's race. we will bring it to you as soon as it happens. ukip members will vote for or against sacking their current leader at an emergency meeting in birmingham today. the party's national executive committee backed a vote of no confidence in henry bolton last month, but he has refused to step down after it emerged his former girlfriend had sent a series of racist messages about prince harry's fiancee meghan markle. president trump has met survivors of wednesday's high school shooting in florida at the hospital where they're being treated. he also thanked the emergency services and medical staff who treated those who were wounded when the suspect, nikolas cruz, opened fire, killing 17 people. barbara plett—usher reports. the funerals have begun.
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these students were saying goodbye to a 14—year—old classmate. they and their parents have been calling for action from president trump so other teenagers won't die this way. he and the first lady visited some of the injured still in hospital, including a woman who had been shot four times. he congratulated the medical staff... reporter: do ourgun laws need to be changed, mr president? ..but ignored a question about tougher gun control. this is where the president is in his element, meeting first responders who rescued the wounded and captured the killer. he piled on the praise for their speed and bravery. his wife thanked them for protecting the children. they are our future, and let's take care of them because they went through a lot and what they experienced, two days ago, we need to take care of them. the president is talking about making schools safer and has linked the violence to mental health issues rather than guns.
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the young man who carried out the attack, nikolas cruz, was a troubled youth who loved guns and found it easy to buy them. it has emerged that fbi ignored a tip—off about him last month. the caller warned he had the potential to carry out a school shooting. so, mistakes by law enforcement add a new twist to a grimly familiar arguments. mass shootings in america revived continuing debates about gun control. but a school shooting like this one boils the issue down to a stark question — how can we keep our children safe? and the people here willjudge their president on how he responds to that. barbara plett—usher, bbc news, south florida. a convicted serial killer is understood to have confessed to the murder of a 21—year old british student in france in1990. bbc news has been told that michel fourniret has admitted to killing joanna parrish,
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from gloucestershire. she was found dead in a river in the burgundy region. the family's lawyer said fourniret had appeared in court "two to three times" in the past week and admitted the killing on each occasion. lee madan reports. joanna parrish went to france to work ina joanna parrish went to france to work in a school as part of a university course but she never came home. instead, she was abducted, raped and killed, her body found in a river. it happened in may 19 90. now, almost three decades on, the main suspect has finally confessed to murdering her. i can't deny that we had been hoping to get some news from the french authorities for some time, but it was still quite a shock when we heard from france that he had actually admitted to being involved in our daughter's murder. serial killer michel fourniret is known as the ogre of the ardoyne.
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he's already in prison for another seven murders and along with his wife is thought to be responsible forjoanna parrish's wife is thought to be responsible for joanna parrish's death. wife is thought to be responsible forjoanna parrish's death. he had a lwa ys forjoanna parrish's death. he had always denied it until last week when he appeared in court and admitted killing her and another young woman. we suspected michel fourniret for a number of years. it was based on a number of things that we re was based on a number of things that were circumstantial. if we do get the complete answer, it will be the final answer. we always said justice forjo. we need to find out what happened. michel fourniret has not been formally charged with jo's murder. hopefully the family will have some closure on what happened
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to all those years ago. a man has been sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a six—year—old pakistani girl whose killling sparked outrage across the country. zainab ansari's body was found on a rubbish dump in the city of kasur, south of lahore, injanuary. 24—year—old imran ali confessed to zainab's murder and to having assaulted or murdered a number of other young girls. our correspondent secunder kermani is following the story for us. this is a terrible case and one that ina this is a terrible case and one that in a sense i suppose has opened a lot of people's is to the race that some people —— to —— i suppose this has opened a lot of people's eyes to the risk young people are facing.
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that's right. this 24—year—old whose trial lasted four days. it took place in a special anti—terrorist court set up inside a court in lahore. imran ali confessed to killing zainab ansari. he also confessed to having assorted or killed eight other young girls in the same neighbourhood of the same city. today's conviction relates just to the case of six evolve zainab. he was given a total of four death sentences. the verdict was welcomed by zainab's family, who have called for him to be publicly executed. that is unlikely to happen. it is likely he will face another trial with regard to the
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killings and assaults he has admitted carrying out against these other young girls, but he does have the right to appeal against the death sentences that he has been given. thank you very much. let us cross to the olympic stadium in pyeongchang. elise christie's heat is taking place. a reminder, this is a 13.5 lap race. elise christie just top team in third place. and again, the skaters are jostling for position. christie in third with ten laps remaining.
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nothing really to worry about now. the american skater moves around outside. three of the six will go through. in fifth place at the moment, elise christie, biding hertime. elise christie feeling comfortable. six laps to go. she needs to stop thinking about making a move. the canadian having that thought as well. moving through on the outside. now they are starting to wind it up
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with five to go. christie trying to go on the inside. a little bit of a gap from the front three. the olympic champion on the front. christine now starts to show some of her speed that we know she has got in her legs. christie around the outside draws up live with the olympic champion from china. elise christie sweeping round at the bell. that's more like it from the world champion. elise christie could just ease off a little bit. she knows she is going through. that was a tremendous return to the ice after what happened the other day. safely through to the semifinal, elise christie of great britain. there you go, some good news to end
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on. let's take a look at the weather. clearer fresher conditions with lots of sunshine in the south. a few showers towards the north—west. this evening and into the night the band of cloud will move away. dry conditions in the east with some fog patches, further west, more clout that will


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