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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 24, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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germany western parts of europe. in germany already today temperatures below freezing. that cold air is creeping closer. it's going to reach us early next week. in the short—term, a lot of sunshine. a bit of cloud eastern coasts. nagusa and breadth of scotland. other than that, very little change. first thing on sunday, temperatures in the middle of towns and cities below freezing. outside towns, around minus five degrees. very cold night. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine around, and that of cloud around easter in counties. negi the odd flurry of snow in eastern scotland. a chilly day, barely above freezing in some areas during the afternoon. it will fill colder because of the winds. for monday morning, we start to see those showers as acting easter in areas of the uk. —— affecting easter in areas. this is bbc news, our latest headlines: more than 500 civilians have been killed in a week in the rebel held enclave
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of eastern ghouta in syria, nearly a quarter of them children. this evening the un is due to vote on a ceasefire resolution. the red cross becomes the latest aid charity to become embroiled in scandal after revealing that 21 staff paid for sexual services whilst working for it. the actress emma chambers has died aged 53. she was best known for playing alice tinker in the vicar of dibley. a man and a woman have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving following a crash which killed two young brothers in coventry. britain is set for its coldest february week in five years. now let's cross to the bbc sport centre for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me, hugh woozencroft.
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the headlines this evening: are scotland about to stun england to take the calcutta cup in edinburgh? ireland made it three from three as well, snatching away wales‘s chances of last gasp comeback in the final play of the game. there's also been british history made at the winter olympics — with billy morgan's bronze in the snowboard big air, taking teamgb to their highest ever medal tally of five, in pyeonghang. but it was heartache for britain's women's curlers who couldn't make it six, losing out to japan in their bronze medal match. good evening. so, plenty to come, including all the days football news, but we have to start
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with the six nations championship, which has delivered a great weekend after it's break week. and it's bad news for england fans — their team is about to lose its 100% record, they're behind against the auld enemy scotland at murrayfield. hquones was the star of the first half, scoring two of scotland's tries as well as being involved in the third. he went overjust before half time — 22—6 scotland at that stage. england came back quickly in the second half, owen farrell bursting through the scottish lines to reduce the deficit to 11 points. and england thought they'd got that down further. farrell going through again but referee nigel owens disallowed the try for a knock on by courtney lawes in the build—up. and after england's sam underhill was sin—binned, finn russell put the resulting penalty over. scotland lead 25—13. these are live pictures, england
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putting on pressure, try to push through. includes so far have not delivered in this match, a fantastic result for scotland. it has been ten yea rs result for scotland. it has been ten years since they have beaten england in the six nations and the maybe on the verge another famous win. many people thought england might be ticking on ireland on st patrick's day for a winner takes all clash. but that penalty for scotland, less than two minutes on the clock, it looks like they will be getting a famous win for gregor townsend and his side. ireland made it three wins from three in this year's tournament with a 37—27 win over wales in dublin. adam wild watched a dramatic finish,
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which saw wales denied a losing bonus point at the death. around dublin the smiles were there, friendly high spirits perhaps, but beneath the surface there was a contest with a much harder edge. in recent years this fixture has become one of the tournament's most fiercely fought. pride and passion, of course, but now a sticking rivalry. this was jacob stockdale coming any irish nerves but they would not stay calm for long. wales under no illusion that victory here vital for their reigniting ambition. but as half—time approached that was one final push. with such narrow margins home advantage can often count for plenty. ireland were now taking their inspiration from the people of dublin. two players both in their home city forcing their way over to give ireland a bit of room to breathe. this was a match that would end with everyone holding their breath. the gap reduced. when steph evans crossed again with minutes remaining, suddenly
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wales could sense something special. wales think there is plenty to play for! but sometimes you can chase too hard. one last effort, but one reckless pass, that was all ireland needed. jacob stockdale! it will be a fanfare in dublin. the day that began with smiles, and there will be plenty more around dublin this evening. when we went ten points up with minutes to go could just keep control of the game. they don't like to do things easy. but again, great character. wales are great outfit. we look at this game and think on the one hand that was some unbelievable positives, some of the attack and the way we played, and the other hand, we give up too many points do easily.
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i know the boys, the coaches will have a lot to look at. but at the same time if you had asked us if we would take a 5—point win today, no doubt be would have taken that. disappointing, it's a frustrating first half, that's the word most interviewers are using. the first half penalty count, we were on the wrong end. we gave up posession quite easily, given easy ways in to 22. and scotland have won 25—13 at murrayfield. so, lots still at stake in the six nations but things drawing to a close out in south korea, with just one day to go at the winter olympics. and that made it all the more important that team gb capitalised on its medal chances today. david ornstein watched a bittersweet day, in which team gb made history with their 5th medal.
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teamgb are celebrating the most accessible winter olympics of all time. the penultimate day of action in pyeongchang and a chance for the jumpers to show off their skills. an imposing rampfor jumpers to show off their skills. an imposing ramp for billy morgan in the big airfinals. complex tricks and a clean landing required to impress thejudges. and a clean landing required to impress the judges. morgan onlyjust qualified for the final, but on his second of three attempts he looked every bit the part. he holds it up! yes! it was huge. and he used the ha rd est yes! it was huge. and he used the hardest grab. that left on last chance to secure a spot in the medal positions. yes! billy morgan with the double grab front, that is massive! that is absolutely huge.
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billy morgan moves into bronze medal position, and it is a very long and nervous wait. canada was his biggest threat to walking away with bronze, but on his finaljump it all went wrong. an injury in december nearly ruled him out of these games, but the oldest man in the final helped great britain, home with a fifth medal to ensure their best performance at the winter olympics. i'm sure it will hit me later. i never expected it. baby p coming to the contest shooting for a medal you are ready for it, but ijust didn't. two weeks ago, with the situation of hunico would you have thought that? no. i said in a lot of interviews i would be stoked if i made the finals. happy days. billy morgan
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making history, this evening the women curlers game for six medal. came down to the final stone. eve muirhead went for the win, but it was not to be. they left empty—handed, losing to japan, who ta ke empty—handed, losing to japan, who take the bronze medal. the team we have given it our all this week. unfortunately, it is hard to say we're going home with nothing, we have battled so hard. as i say, i'm devastated that it didn't turn out our way. barring a miracle teamgb will finish in five medals. some will wonder whether that is a justifiable return on record levels of investment. the finished way behind table leaders norway, but
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nevertheless a record—breaking games for teamgb. he is spoke spoke to former limbic curler. dave, are such a silver medallist was watching that earlier life. i'm sure a lot of people will be watching it and saying, why that decision? yes, for the ladies it was an opportunity to win the game. and an opportunity to win the game. and a lot of people think, why notjust draw for two? but there was barely assured their other than shot she selected. and in some ways the short but she did select was probably a very high percentage chance of making it. ishot very high percentage chance of making it. i shot that in practice she would make so many times. she
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has probably thrown a typical storm like this day in, day out. i shot she would make. unfortunately, this isa she would make. unfortunately, this is a shot for a bronze medal at the other big games, and shejust doesn't quite get it right. you know but the pressure to come up with a shot at the right time, and how heavily at times does that week rest on the shoulders of the skip? that is part and parcel of the job as the skip. you are asked to play that ultimate pressure shot, and sometimes your strategy has been literally to have that shot to win. it might be something extremely difficult, something easy, or something in between. but your team relies on you. they have put you in that position that you will make that position that you will make that shot. and for eve, she would have full belief to make that shot. but let's be clear, you would have tried to go for the same shot? 10096. she definitely selected the right shot. it just needed she definitely selected the right shot. itjust needed to corel, we are talking millimetres, to make sure that yellowstone would spin
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through and she would win the game. will he be back? she has used an aside, she's a great player the team isa aside, she's a great player the team is a great team. for years is a long way away, there are a lot of sacrifices. they need to figure out, to be want to stay together, commit to be want to stay together, commit to the next one? the other event of british interest was the ski slopes in the alpine mixed team event. teamgb doing very well to reach the quarterfinals, but that's where their journey well to reach the quarterfinals, but that's where theirjourney ended, beaten by norway who went on to win the event. most of us choose between
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skiing or snowboarding, but now we have the first athlete in history to win gold medals in two unrelated events at the winter games. the 22—year—old czech athlete has followed up previous gold with victory today in snowboarding slalom. some fantastic results today in football. we start with the premier league. i guess west brom fans will be the least happy today. they are adrift at the bottom after a 2—1 home defeat. yes, a disappointing day for west brom today. it was a match they must have targeted to think we need to win this to survive. really disappointing to lose at home. they had one call in
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reply, but it was not enough. seven points from safety at the bottom, one win in 26 games, and chance of "you're getting sacked in the morning". let's hear from the manager. i was disappointed with the performance. we worked hard this week, we looked good going into the game, and a good state of mind. it was not collected on some of the displays i had today. i was disappointed in the goals. the game with no real rhythm to it, huddersfield knock you out of any kind of rhythm. we just didn't have enough good performances to get a result. a team that came up last season, brighton & hove albion, medics beckon to be in this imposition is west brom, but a fantastic win for them. swansea in relegation trouble,
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but fantastic result for chris hughton. yes, massive for them, 4-1. they are so strong at home, manchester city, liverpool and chelsea are the only teams who have beaten them at home. that continued. for swa nsea beaten them at home. that continued. for swansea was a second defeat under the new boss. they are only two points above the drop song. we knew in that moment it is a big risk. because after this or we win the game or because we open a lot the game or because we open a lot the space the opponent can score. if you don't try to bet we will win nothing, absolutely sure. we have our conscience white about what we did. stoke city have had a poor run of
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late, an important point because going away to leicester is not easy. it wasn't easy, but the point they will be disappointed with. they took the lead early in the first half stop far too much space, but a great finish from him. they will need him if they are to get out of the bottom three. and then there's bad defensive error from the keeper. the manager said he is the best keeper in great britain before this match, but he didn't look it reflection of that. disappointing for stoke, 1—1 it finished. mixed emotions. i thought we deserved to win the game. we had great chances to win it. we had to weather the storm at the beginning. leicester were champions cup of yours ago, a really top side. and to come here about your excellent. i
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thought we deserved to get a little bit more. newcastle united were two goals ahead today, it finished 2—2. newcastle united were two goals ahead today, it finished 2-2. one of lover come back, and they have done it again today. two goals in the final ten minutes. one from adam smith and one from daz gosling against his former side. newcastle have had a good run lately, beating manchester united in the last game, but they're still just two points manchester united in the last game, but they're stilljust two points of the drop zone. at the top end, liverpool up to second in the premier league table thanks to another convincing when and some familiar scorers, beating west ham 4-1. yes, those familiar ones. 4-1
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win, and village brilliant for it. eight wins from the last 11 for them. up to second. it is hard to thinkjust four months ago they were ninth. let's have a look at the bottom of the table. sorry, excuse me wilshere from jurgen klopp. it was an all—round performance, we defended well and attack well and counter pressing was outstanding. it helps us a lot whatever the opponents do if they defended or whatever, david moyes, fantastic manager, he organises his teams really well. so they made a big step back on track since he is there and we knew how difficult it would be. plenty of movement there at the
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bottom. yes, west brom are in the worst position. at this point last year they were eighth with 40 points, double what they have now. let's have a look at the top of the table. burnley finished 1—1 with southampton. and it is still 0—0 between watford and everton, just underan hour between watford and everton, just under an hour left to play. the big mover for... manchester united under an hour left to play. the big moverfor... manchester united host chelsea tomorrow. spurs in action as well tomorrow. thanks austin, let's turn our attention to the championship. leaders wolves are currently in action at fulham.
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wills with a big lead at the top of the championship. we will see of film and hold on. aston villa kept pressure on the top two with a 11—2 win away at sheffield wednesday. derby county and reading played out a 3—3 draw — sunderland left it late to claim the point. callum mcmanaman's 96th—minute strike ended a three—match losing streak for the battling black cats. there were wins for millwall, leeds, ipswich, nottingham forest. norwich against bolton ended goaless. chelsea still lead the women's super league by a single point from manchester city after a dramatic 2—2 draw between the sides all in today's lunchtime kick—off. chelsea were two up inside 25 minutes, millie bright and then south korea'sji so—yun
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with the goals. but the home side struck back early in the second half through nikita parris and then, four minutes from time, georgia stanway with this spectacular effort, to help city keep up in the title race. there was drama in the early kick off between kilmarnock and hibs at rugby park. hibs were two up inside nine minutes. teenage defender ryan porteous got their second. killie pulled one back after the break and then won a penalty when porteus was adjudged to have handballed. hibs manager neil lennon was sent to the stand for his reaction. kris boyd's penalty was saved, but he scored from the rebound to earn kilmarnock the point. elsewhere second placed rangers beat hearts 2—0 to move to six points behind leaders celtic, who play tomorrow. motherwell beat dundee 1—0. saintjohnstone had their first win since september beating bottom
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of the table ross county and hamilton had a 2—1win over partick thistle. two english players head the leaderboard after the third round of golf‘s qatar masters. eddie pepperell is still looking for his first ever win on the european tour but he's well placed on 16 under after he hit seven birdies in his round of 66.but his compatriot oliver fisher went one better. four successive birdies on the last four holes of his third round gave him a 65 and a share of the lead heading into sunday's final round. in rugby league's superleague, castleford tigers have beaten hull fc 28—18 at the jungle. castleford lead narrowly at half—time but then threatened to run away with it in the second half, this one of two tries for captain michael shenton. hull rallied late on but despite their best efforts they slipped to their second defeat of the season. elsewhere, bottom side catalan are hosting third placed wakefield —
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elsewhere, bottom side catalan are hosting third placed wakefield. now, to cricket. england's one day team are back in action tomorrow. they play new zealand in the first of five one day internationals. all—rounder ben stokes is set to return to the team in hamilton after a five—month absence, having not played for england since an incident outside a bristol nightclub in september, resulted in a charge of affray. captain eoin morgan is eager to have him back. if he comes through fine today and unscathed tomorrow, with a low risk of getting injured on sunday, he will be fit to play. we did mention yesterday might be better for the mcgimpsey does play feeling comfortable coming back. this is his first game in quite a long time and
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he looks in good nick. he said the ground running since he's been involved and has been himself, which is great to see. just before we go — let's return to our top story this evening. england have lost their perfect record in this year ‘s mike six nations. scotland victorious to lift the calcutta cup. it will now be a 3—way fight between the scots, ireland and england for this year's six nations championship. we had a game plan and we executed it really well. we played outstanding in the storyjames, well. we played outstanding in the story james, managed to well. we played outstanding in the storyjames, managed to get back into that kind of form. can scotland still have a say in this bid should give an idea ireland next? it has been tough last couple of games, that if we keep our performances like that we have a chance. overly we can keep that going and build on that next week. unfortunately we just weren't in the game in scotland played well in the first 40. full
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marks to scotland. how much was the tea m marks to scotland. how much was the team talk about fire and fury? we knew what are going to get. we just didn't meet the challenge today, second half i am really proud the boys, we really stuck in there in the second half. a fantastic result for scotland at murrayfield. i'll see you at 7:30 p:m.. in the short—term the weather looks absolutely fine. the cold air has reached central parts of europe, in germany today temperatures are already below freezing and the cold air is creeping closer. it will reach us next week. in the short—term, lots of sunshine.
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cloud around eastern coast, maybe north—eastern parts of scotland, but other than that little change. on sunday first thing temperatures will be below freezing, outside of time widely lower. very cold night on the way. tomorrow, sunshine around, cloud around eastern counties, maybe the odd flurry of snow in eastern scotland. but a chilly day. it will feel colder than that because of the wind, and from monday morning we start to see those snow showers affecting eastern areas of the uk.
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