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this is bbc news. the headlines at 2... a shift of policy on europe by labour — shadow brexit secretary sir kier starmer, confirms the party would keep britain in a customs union. we have long championed being in a customs union with the eu and the benefits of that. it is the only way we are listed lead to get tariff free access and is really important for our manufacturing base. —— realistically to get. nobody can answer the question about keeping a hard border with northern ireland without a customs union. the winter olympic games have ended with the closing ceremony at pyeongchang olympic stadium. team gb took a record tally of five medals at the games. the chinese president xi jinping could serve indefinitely under constitutional changes that are being proposed. one of bollywood's most famous actresses, sridevi kapoor, who starred in more than 150 films, has died suddenly at the age of 5a.
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and, in half an hour here on bbc news, is seeing really believing? click investigates deep fakes and software used to swap faces in video. good afternoon. labour would keep britain in a customs union with the eu — according to the party's brexit spokesman. sir keir starmer told the bbc‘s andrew marr show that a new treaty, replicating the existing customs arrangement, would be best for the economy and would respect the referendum result. the prime minister is committed to leaving both the single market and the customs union. she's expected to outline the government's position in more detail this week. our political correspondent, emma vardy, reports.
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after months of uncertainty over labour's position, now the party is moving decisively away from a so—called hard brexit. it has been unanimously agreed, according to the shadow brexit secretary. sir keir starmer said jeremy corbyn will announce tomorrow that a labour government's policy would be for the uk to enter a new customs union with the eu after brexit. we've long championed being in a customs union with the eu and the benefits of that, it is the only way realistically to get tariff—free access, really important for our manufacturing base and nobody can answer the question of how you keep your commitment to no hard border in northern ireland without a customs union. staying in a customs union would mean britain continuing to trade freely with other eu countries. this, says sir keir starmer, would be best for britain's manufacturers. but it would limit our ability to strike new trade deals outside europe. brexit—supporting labour mps say staying so closely tied to the eu does not keep to the spirit
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of the referendum result. what is wrong with it is the country voted to leave and while it is really important we negotiate a free—trade agreement with europe, the eu is a bankrupt organisation, it has never had its accounts signed off, it needs our money. the conservatives have been warned it is crunch time for theresa may. the pro—eu mps could defeat the government in the commons when parliament votes on the terms of the final brexit deal. but the trade secretary, liam fox, encouraged remain supporting tories to unite behind theresa may when she sets out the government's plans for the future relationship with the eu next week. i think when the rest of the parliamentary party hears on friday as the prime minister sets it out at... she will win over anna soubry, do you think? i hope they will have an open
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mind and listen to what the prime minister says. labour's efforts to persuade conservative rebels to resist the government's plans are set to intensify. now there is a clear difference between the tories and labour on brexit. the brexit commissioning editorfor the daily telegraph joins us. the brexit commissioning editorfor the daily telegraphjoins us. it will be very interesting now. they are using a very curious way of keeping discipline among the tory party, which is to remind them that jeremy corbyn is over there and then may be ideological overlap in that tour remain as we want to back them on the idea of keeping britain in the customs union but all of this would undermine the brexit strategy to kick critical moment and destabilise the government and increase the chances ofjeremy corbyn becoming prime minister. that
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makes sense if you are a corporate night. —— corbynite. makes sense if you are a corporate night. -- corbynite. they are willing to pay the price, by letting people like keir starmer dictate the brexit strategy. in other words, independent control of trading policy. that means they can your some tory remainers over. if that means a humiliating defeat on the government, they will go with that. this seems to be normal parliamentary liberal democracy as we know it. whether they are being opportunistic or chopping these
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options, managed divergences as we heard from that meeting at chequers, thatis heard from that meeting at chequers, that is not particularly clear, is it? they are clear on the end set. how fast will be housed to be decided over the brexit negotiation process. “— decided over the brexit negotiation process. —— has to be decided. there will be some areas where britain will be some areas where britain will seek not to be the same as neighbours. boris johnson knows will seek not to be the same as neighbours. borisjohnson knows he will have to concede some ground. he is not the prime minister, trees and make is. coming back to my previous answer, the corbynites are deeply sceptical of the european project. they are willing to put that aside to try to get one over the tories. having
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presented them as unprincipled, let's deal with the pragmatic question, which is, will it work? labour policy? the idea of luring the tory rebels away from the government? the numbers can go that particular wafers are given the critical nature of leaving the customs union, as theresa may says at lancaster house and florence, that would be a whole new level. that is quite effectively it is almost a matter of the competence of the government. if they cannot get that through parliament, the whole thing collapses. thank you for joining us. the closing ceremony of the winter olympics in south korea has been taking place russian athletes were not allowed to march under their national flag
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because two of the team's members failed drugs tests, but the international olympic committee says it will lift the ban after the games — if no more russians test positive. from pyeongchang, andy swiss reports. the —— the sound of defiance. over a neutral anthem, the russian anthem being sung by the gold—medal—winning ice hockey team of the olympic athletes from russia on the very day their nation was getting a reprieve. 160 of their athletes have had to compete here under a neutralflag. while russia wasn't granted their flag for the closing ceremony, their olympic ban is now set to be lifted, despite two russian athletes, including curler alexander krushelnitsky, failing drugs tests here. these are cases of negligence, but there is no indication whatsoever for a systemic or systematic doping. as for team gb, well, it was a disappointing final day. their bobsleighers finishing 17th and 18th.
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but with five medals, including lizzy yarnold's gold, it's been their most successful winter games ever. we're very happy. this is a historic games for us, it's our best ever winter olympics. we have three medals in one day on that saturday, we had back—to—back gold medals with lizzy yarnold. but these games have been about politics as well as sport. president trump's daughter ivanka among those attending the closing ceremony. while, after parading under a unified flag at the start of the games, the north and south korean athletes once again entered the stadium together, embracing the spirit of celebration. the large contingent from team gb also enjoyed their moment. finally, a chance to relax. for the hosts, who have been widely praised for their organisation, it's been a memorable fortnight. but at last, it was time to lower the olympic flag and hand it over to beijing who will hold the next games in four years' time. it has a tough act to follow,
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as pyeongchang put on a dazzling spectacle. a games which has made so many headlines is saying goodbye in style. andy swiss, bbc news, pyeongchang. the closing terror —— ceremony was attended by ivanka trump as well as various north koreans. i spoke earlier to our correspondent in pyeongchang stephen mcdonnel he has been following developments. given where we were with north korea not talking to either south korea or the united states just months ago, not talking to either south korea or the united statesjust months ago, i think those in favour of the
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dialogue would say that president moon has done a good job of using this winter olympics to at least try to bring both sides together will stop we have heard this before from north korea. more recently we have heard it from vice president pits. we will have to see if the talks come to anything if they are prepared to sit down with one another. president moon was elected. he has a mandate to try and reach out to the north koreans. that is what he went to the south korean people and said he would do. i think he would probably be quite proud of what he has been able to achieve at these games. we have seen no strange situations in the stadium behind me. there is ivanka trump. she is sitting in the front row. behind
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her, a north korean general, who is accused of two attacks on south korea, including a torpedoing incident. lotsa people think you should not even be allowed in the country. yet he is trying to bring the two camps together. it is still a very tough ask. when it comes down to it the cynics will say is north korea really going to give up its nuclear weapons? will the americans put up with anything less than men giving up their nuclear weapons? these are massive hurdles both sides must cover. at least they have potentially come some way towards talks at these games. china's state news agency says the ruling communist party has proposed a change to the constitution that would allow the president and vice—president to stay in power for more than two terms. the current president, xi jinping, is due to step down
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from his role in 2023. our china correspondence in shanghai and he said it would represent a huge change for china. well it signifies what i think is probably the biggest change in china's leadership for a generation. if xi jinping is to continue beyond the conventional ten years, and maybe he wants to keep going and going, this will be a tenure in office, at the very top of china's ruling party, that we have not seen in terms of political dominance since the end of the 1980s. so, if we look to the change the commonest party is proposing, it has eight short words it wants to remove from the constitution, the rule that the president and vice
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president will serve no more than two consecutive terms, so xijinping could go beyond his ten years when he is expected to leave the stage. —— the communist party. the really interesting thing about this to me is that you mentioned deng xiaoping, who set in these rules in order to avoid a personality involving alice was in the mao era. but xi jinping is such a huge figure as chairman mao. he has huge ambitions for this country, both domestically in terms of dealing with pollution, its growing but slowing economy, problems of corruption which he believes, or certainly
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those around him say is about dealing with legitimacy for the ruling communist party in this country. as it looks out to the rest of the world when he has ambitions for china to become a far more modern country with a far more modern military and to have a far more influential presence in the world. and in his speech he made to the congress meeting to the communist party late last year he made it very clear he thinks it will take longer than just ten years in office for him to complete that. the ambition extends to be made 20 30s which sends a very strong signal that perhaps he wants to stick around, to be at the helm to ensure he can be in charge to get china to that place.
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we know he is a leader who admires president putin in russia also admires chairman mao, as he has repeatedly said in the past. i suppose the question in a way, given that he has a very big vision for china, a clear vision for china, will he accept anyone else getting him ideas, giving him advice, or will he be a solitary figure presiding over everything which chairman mao was? is that going to create questions over mistakes that we saw with the cultural revolution and the famine that presided over... which took place during the mao era. will there be anyone who can stand up to xijinping? look at the evidence! late last year, those who were promoted, were more veteran politicians, weren't there. —— weren't they?
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there was not the emergence of the younger generation. there was no clear selection of a next in line. no repetition of what we saw from xijinping before. some promoted were a little older and they are not the ones who are not present a serious challenge to xijinping going forward. certainly not in the next five, maybe even ten, years. in terms of an institutional succession, there is not the conventional one we expected in place. what appears to be in place is more xi. the headlines on bbc news: a shift of policy on europe by labour. shadow brexit secretary sir kier starmer confirms the party would keep britain in a customs union. the winter olympic games come to a conclusion with the closing ceremony at pyeongchang olympic stadium. team gb took their record tally of five medals at the games. the chinese president xi jinping
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could serve indefinitely under proposed changes to the constitution. manchester united are hosting chelsea. it is 1—1 at the moment. manchester united equalised just before half—time. celtic are 2-0 just before half—time. celtic are 2—0 up against aberdeen with just a few minutes remaining. celtic‘s goals were scored by ciaran tierney and mooser dembele. ben stokes took two wickets in the cricket. more sport in an hour and 15. the leaders of germany and france
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have urged vladimir putin to stop fighting in eastern boot. despite the un security council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. another air attack on the besieged enclave of eastern ghouta yesterday. shortly after the un decision, similar bombings were reported. even as they voted unanimously in support of the resolution, there was doubt on all sides about how much effect it would have. the text calling for an immediate ceasefire took place by one calling for a truce without delay. it would not apply to any jihadi militants. we are deeply sceptical that the regime will comply. but we supported this resolution because we must demand nothing less. we owe this to the innocent people of syria, begging for help. the russians said it was naive to think
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difficult issues could be addressed overnight. the syrian ambassador said his country had the right to act in self—defence. translation: this will not succeed and it will backfire sooner or later. we have the right to defend ourselves according to the charter. the international aid agency stand ready to help but it is not safe enough yet for them to go in. we are ready to roll out assistance to be able to cover and reach people who have been besieged for a long time and bring them much needed life—saving assistance. the un secretary general has called eastern ghouta hell on earth. he has called on all sides to implement the agreement as soon as possible. it is the final of the league cup
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today. and our correspondent natalie rincon canjoin us now. manchester city are favourites. are they feeling confident? lots of the fa ns they feeling confident? lots of the fans are very confident for the the first meeting between arsenal and manchester city in a major final. it would be arsene wenger‘s first ever league cup trophy. as i have been saying, it would be the first one for arsene wenger. no one has ever lost more neat cup finals than arsenal. are you confident? we are at bit rubbish. we lost on thursday night. we got through. i think we have good form here. you might be surprised. arsene wenger could pull something out of the hat. leadership of the club has been directionless,
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for me. what would it mean for arsenalfans? for me. what would it mean for arsenal fans? this cup for me. what would it mean for arsenalfans? this cup is often derided, what would it mean? we need to be in the champions league, there is no point. a trophy as a trophy. it is more than spurs have got for a bit. genuinely, diouf feela it is more than spurs have got for a bit. genuinely, diouf feel a bit repetitious today? -- do you feel? this is a big occasion. it will be disappointing to be out of the champions league but we do have work to do. we lost against swansea. you are very down today. i have been drunk. and to two hours. you are clearly enjoying yourself. let's talk to some manchester city fans. a lot of them are wearing yellow ribbons in solidarity for pep guardiola who has been charged by the fa for wearing his yellow
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ribbon. this is about the imprisonment of politicians in catalonia. what you make of that charge? really disappointing. they have known about it for a number of months. they could have dealt with it discreetly. it was a surprise it was on a friday evening and it seems intentional. he will probably wear it today. this will be his first trophy as city boss. what would it mean to you for him to get the first one and his belt? it would mean everything. we were in the running for four trophies and hopefully we will still get two, if not three. we will still get two, if not three. we will bounce back. i think he is the man to do that. how important is it after the wigan defeat but what you're out of the fa cup and it is a real shock. if we do not winnow the quite a big shock. —— win, it will
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be quite a big shock. i did not have that feeling in the final a few years ago. i thought we could do it. pep will bounce back today and we will come back fighting. tell me your predictions. 3—1. will come back fighting. tell me your predictions. 3-1. and we will be arsenal on thursday and chelsea next sunday. you do play arsenal remarkably again in the league. you do like playing arsenal. i think you have one four out at the last five. you have lost just have one four out at the last five. you have lostjust one of your last five and have won four of the last five and have won four of the last five league cup finals. a lot of people here believe it is the day for manchester city. will it be pep guardiola's first trophy for the clu b guardiola's first trophy for the club or arsene wenger‘s first ever trophy for the league cup. what is
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your prediction? i think it will be manchester city. you really cannot see anyone else getting round that. arsenal are not in a great run of see anyone else getting round that. arsen i are not in a great run of see anyone else getting round that. arsen i cannott in a great run of see anyone else getting round that. arsen i cannot see; great run of see anyone else getting round that. arsen i cannot see arsenalun of see anyone else getting round that. arsen i cannot see arsenal winning form. i cannot see arsenal winning but it is a final, a very sunny but freezing day. who knows what can happen? when arsenal fans are saying we are a bit rubbish at the moment, you know they are in trouble. thank you. more than a thousand people have taken part in a march in belfast. it was organised by a number of groups claiming gutman has failed to deliver on promises around legacy issues, including a five—year plan com plete issues, including a five—year plan complete outstanding inquests. what we have called is for the british government to move forward, to bring forward the consultation. most importantly to bring forward that
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funding for the legacy in question we can happen now. there is no reason whatsoever for a delay. we can happen now. there is no reason whatsoeverfor a delay. these people should not be treated in such a disgusting way. bollywood superstar sridevi kapoor has died of a heart attack at the age of 5a. the actress — who starred in almost 300 films — was considered one of the few capable of huge box office success without the support of a male hero. rajini vaidya nathan looks back at her life. for decades she was bollywood's leading lady. sridevi's combination of charisma and comic timing won herfans around the world and in a male—dominated film industry she was one of the first women to become a megastar in her own right. sridevi was attending a family wedding with her husband and daughter in dubai when she suffered a heart attack late on saturday night. in a india's prime minister narendra modi said he was saddened by her death.
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i think the passing means the industry has lost a true icon who was completely and utterly a force of nature on her own. india is mourning the loss of one of its brightest stars. one film producer describe the impact, saying she was a pioneer who put the early cracks in the glass ceiling of bollywood and paid the way for today's the male film stars. it is a loss for our country. she was such a role model for all women across the country. i'm sure it will impact on everything. there are a lot of famous leading ladies now in hollywood. back then in the 80s and early 90s there were not many
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thought she was the first. i think thatis thought she was the first. i think that is why she matters so much. she will be remembered for the way she lit up the screen was she left the world of bollywood way too soon but her legacy is enduring. in egypt archaeologists have revealed a recently discovered tomb thought to be 2000 years old. it is 120 miles south of cairo and contains dozens of ancient burials. it is hoped to boost tourism. eight metres below ground, buried treasure, centuries old. starring coughlin ‘s, carved cycle offer guy. this was a burial place for priests.
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—— sarcophagi. this was a burial place for priests. -- sarcophagi. it is only the beginning. we need five more missions. among the many fines were the remains of sacred animals, preserved as offerings to the afterlife and about a thousand small statues, intended to act as servants for the dead. and one very special piece of jewellery, and for the dead. and one very special piece ofjewellery, and amulets with a message. on the 31st of december a colleague alerted me to a scarab carrying the words, happy new year in hieroglyphics. it felt like a message sent to us from the afterlife, a wonderful coincidence. the government hopes discoveries like this will revive tourism in egypt. visitor numbers are rising but they are only half what they we re but they are only half what they were before the arab spring seven years ago. on its own, this tomb is a mighty to attract many foreigners.
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it is in middle egypt, a long way from both the pyramids and the ancient city of luxor, and tourism facilities are poorly developed. it isa facilities are poorly developed. it is a reminder that the pharaohs left 20 of other splendours behind and in places that are easier to see. time for the weather. the cold snap is upon us. this evening and into tomorrow snow showers will fall in the use. some settling is expected. tomorrow evening some of us will be waking up to snow on the ground and the ground is frozen solid. no problem for the snow to settle pretty much anywhere. through the course of the day the easterly winds were blowing wintry showers. anywhere in the country we could catch


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