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tv   The Papers  BBC News  February 26, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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but as far as world on our behalf. but as far as jeremy corbyn is concerned, that is one way of getting around the northern ireland question, about having a border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland, and also having frictionless trade with the european union. but it is sebastien's story. just looking at this story here, do we think that some of these rebel tories will really side with labour? the ft seems to suggest they will be. the story is whether this will mean anything. jeremy corbyn is not in power at the moment. the only way this matters is because of the parliamentary arithmetic. theresa may has a gossamer majority, so she has to do a deal with labour leaders and the dup and so on. this is so important for the future of our country. that is for one approach eu
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conservative, who said they would vote for their conscience over the party interest. if she was to make ita party interest. if she was to make it a confidence issue, she would play chicken with her mps, asking if they were going to vote down, if they were going to vote down, if they did that they would bring the conservative government down. we will be hearing from on friday. we will be hearing from on friday. we will see how she responds. do you see this as essentially a political move byjeremy corbyn, seizing the opportunity to make life more difficult? i see nothing wrong with that. he is the opposition leader. for a long time, the criticism we had, or that we have heard quite a lot, aboutjeremy had, or that we have heard quite a lot, about jeremy corbyn had, or that we have heard quite a lot, aboutjeremy corbyn is he is not interested in taking power and doing anything. he is always talking the big talk and not doing anything. here he is, in a position where he
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himself... i doubt whether he thinks he can get this through the eu if it came to that. it was an interesting quote in that article from frank field, who is also saying that he doesn't think the eu will accept this proposition, but he is still liking what is beta is doing to theresa may, whose position is weakened since the last election. just to add something, i wonder whether ifjeremy corbyn leases new starts as well. he is an on reform socialist who doesn't like the eu, thinks it's a capitalist club that is run by corporate interests. he can see a political opportunity here to put some water between labour and the conservatives. i think that makes sense politically, but in terms of what he wants from brexit, one of the things he spoke about was reforming state a draw. he wants to
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prop up reforming state a draw. he wants to prop up the steel industry, but the eu won't countenance that at all. the other brexit story on the front pages of the daily telegraph, saying brussels demand northern ireland keys eu rules. this is part of the technical text that will come out, putting into legal terms the deal that was done at the end of last year. in december, britain said that we we re year. in december, britain said that we were going to suggest technological solutions to a frictionless border, talking about numberplate recognition and trading schemes and so on. what we are hearing is that, on thursday, the eu will publish... will it be wednesday oi’ will publish... will it be wednesday or thursday? wednesday. publishing a
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paper where the eu built them aren't that essentially we leave northern ireland in the eu when the rest of the uk come out of the eu, because northern ireland in that paper, it will be demanded that it would be under the ecj jurisdiction, which would essentially mean that it would still be ruled by the eu while the rest of us would not be. that would create a huge problem for all of us, but also specifically for the dup, who are propping up the government at the moment. that is the gordian knot of this situation. nobody knows how to solve this. what conservatives have not realised is what they signed up to back in december. and they should come up with a solution that satisfies the eu legal framework, it is the status
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quo. the same regulations north and south of the border? exactly. trading and customs can't change at all. it is very much over to mrs may to say what she is going to do. what the eu is doing here is crafty, they try to move the border from between northern ireland and the republic of ireland two between the island of ireland two between the island of ireland and the uk. some of the consequences that could lead to are unthinkable. it is certainly playing with fire. there is so much brexit to talk about as ever. lots of other stories to get through. let's take a book at the metro here, talking about five minutes that cost my girl
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her life, that is a dramatic headline they come up with. an extraordinary story, a doctor has been condemned for turning away this girl who was five minutes late for an appointment at her surgery, and who then collapsed and died in hospital. the doctor missed the opportunity to provide life—saving treatment. as with all these things, you don't actually know what happens. one of the things that happens. one of the things that happens is when you have these systems are trying to make targets, trying to see times, it can have unintended consequences. this doctor will be living for the rest of her life with the knowledge that this girl could have been saved, had she been seen, and recognise the fact that she was wheezing and struggling to walk into the surgery. it is a sad one, but these things happen when you have got very busy and pressured health systems. let's take a look at the guardian. an interesting story that we talked about earlier here on bbc news, four
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far right plots foiled in 2017, says an anti—terror chief. far right plots foiled in 2017, says an anti-terror chief. it is the short version of the front page here. exactly as you said, the outgoing assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police, saying that some of the terawatts they had been dealing with, four of those work from far right extremists. later in the article, it says that a third of referrals to the prevent strategy are actually aimed at reducing terrorism all forms, were actually referring far right extremists. in effect, they are the same form of terrorism. they are feeding off each
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other and we are seeing organisation on the part of the far right extremists, which previously we had not seen. until now, it has been islamists plots that have been seizing the headlights. behind some of the serious attacks that we have seen of the serious attacks that we have seenin of the serious attacks that we have seen in this country as well. if we think back to britain first, a far right group in britain, they were very infamously tweeted by donald trump. he was in a way giving legitimacy to these groups that are reaching into society. they are organising so well, they are using social media to spread their ideology of hatred, and finding a receptive audience. it is a difficult one. we have had a lot of stories about facebook and google and twitter doing more about these things and working with the authorities. i'm sure mr rowley
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would like to see more corporation from the social media companies. they do need to take an active role in that. the government scheme is something that is much criticised, but it is doing a good job, clearly. we are running out of time, but we couldn't go without a quick mention of the snow, which makes a few of the front pages here. the daily star, one of many that has got a picture that of a train in the snow, just reflecting some of the difficulties that there will be for commuters in the morning, as well as to night. we have had quite a difficult day today for a lot of people who have suffered because of this sudden snow that we have seen. 0ften, this sudden snow that we have seen. often, we hear that we deal very badly with a little bit of snow. look at how well canada deal with it. that is a little unfair because we don't have to deal with it for the rest of the year, so do but lots of money into providing for these
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few days that things could go wrong, it is not the answer. it is also interesting to see how we will react. apparently the snow has sparked panic buying, with one sainsburys running out of bread due to the snow. as soon as one thing goes wrong, we dashed to the petrol stations, —— diverse chops to sure everything will be fine. the next few days will be interesting to watch. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you to sebastian payne and dia chakravarty. goodbye.
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hello. the cold air is here and set to stay, and already some of us today have at snow showers or flurries. more to come. you can see how much of europe is in the blue, is in the freezing air. that is now across the uk, and the feel of the weather will not change for the rest of the week. if anything, later in the week, the wind is stronger and asa the week, the wind is stronger and as a result it will feel colder. tonight, some areas we are focused on for the significant snow, east anglia into the south—east england, a line of snow showers feeding in through the night. this area heading into north—east england, yorkshire and some spots of the midlands into the morning, and snow showers into eastern scotland. more dry and clear towards the west, temperatures below freezing just about everywhere. it
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will be a hard frost. the met office and the warnings, which means to be aware, in these areas there will be ten centimetres of smoke, and disruption as a result. check before you head out. some sunny spells around in parts of northern ireland and the west of scotland. still further snow showers in the east, but a bit of a break from them in south—east england. it will feel colder in the wind. the focus of the snow showers from wednesday to thursday moves further north. another abba warning in force for north—east england, through eastern and northern scotland, again up to ten centimetres of fresh note from these, and there will be some travel disruption. through wednesday, some snow showers popping up elsewhere
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for northern ireland, some coming in from the east, but perhaps not so many. when you factor in the wind, it real feel much colder, many degrees below freezing. this thing will get worse into friday, because who would see an area of low pressure come to us who would see an area of low pressure come to us from the south. as it takes its moisture into cold air, we will see significant and heavy snow in places, and with the wind picking up there is the risk of seeing blizzards as well. this is bbc news. iam carol i am carol walker. the headlines at 11pm. sub—zero temperatures and heavy snow are forecast for parts of the uk overnight — with the eastern areas subjected to weather warnings. in a speech clarifying labour's position on brexit, jeremy corbyn backs uk membership of a customs union with the eu. after five people died in an explosion at a shop in leicester, police say they're
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still looking for survivors. and and on newsnight, the party views on brexit have been sharpened up, so what we're doing tonight is looking at where this leads. can we trace a line from here to a tory rebellion on the customs union to a government crisis and even yet general election?
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