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series of islands that surround the antarctic. that is fine, for the moment, because these islands are close to nutrient—rich upwelling waters that support lots of fish and squid. the problem is that as the climate warms, these foraging waters are moving southward and away from current nesting sites. in a few decades, the penguins could have to swim too far to feed themselves and their chicks. french scientists are warning that unless the birds can adapt and find new homes, their numbers will see a dramatic fall by the century's end. jonathan amos, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here's darren bett. you have even got snowflakes on your tie! the severe weather this morning, the amber snow warnings, they have now expired. some heavy snow in the south—east of england, notably kent.
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sevenoaks, south—east of england, notably kent. sevenoa ks, and around south—east of england, notably kent. sevenoaks, and around maidstone, a lot earlier. snow coming and going through the rest of the day as well. and through the rest of the week. more severe weather to come, more weather warnings from the met office, more travel disruption, significant wind—chill. if you think it is called now, wait until tomorrow. the winds from siberia, the beast from the east, heading our way. these are the snow showers we have seen over the past few hours. temperatures barely above freezing in most areas. the snow in wales should move away. the snow pushing west. overnight, more eastern areas seeing more frequent snow showers. some further west but also clear skies as well. the snow easing in the south—east of england, heading through the english channel to parts of devon and cornwall later in the night. other widespread frost.
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of devon and cornwall later in the night. otherwidespread frost. down to —8 last night. the focus of the heavy snow shifts north, met office amber snow warnings into thursday and tomorrow in eastern scotland and the central belt and north—eastern parts of england, significant snow, particularly over the hills. snow shower after snow shower for this area is driven by strong to gale force easterly winds. snow showers elsewhere. the temperature is a bit lower than today. add on the strength of the wind, significant wind—chill. it will feel more like _9’ wind—chill. it will feel more like —9, minus ten. really cold day to come. it stays that way into thursday too. low—pressure coming up, into the cold air. snow showers overnight in the north but we will find snow developing in the south, pushing its way across the south—western corner of the uk, south—western corner of the uk, south—west england, wales, another
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snow warning, amber warning, from the met office through the latter pa rt the met office through the latter part of thursday. that is where the heaviest snowfall will be in england and wales. those are the temperatures, but we still have the bitterly cold easterly winds, so again, wrap up well, if you have to go out, it will feel like —9, minus ten. the weather is the main story this lunchtime. causing disruption across large parts of the uk, with amber warnings for more severe weather ahead. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon, i'm hugh woozencroft with a look at the day's sport here on bbc news. after defeat to mancheser city in the league cup final, arsenal great ian wright, has urged manager arsene wenger to step down at the end
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of the season, saying he can't make a case for him staying in the role. wright also feels the club's owner stan kronke has lost interest and that a new two year deal given to wenger last summer was a mistake. i would have given him a year with an option just out of respect. if it played out like it is playing out now then you just don't take up the option simply because something has to change. i want arsenal to start to challenge again. i want us to start signing players that make you excited again. i want somebody who is going to come in and around arsenal who is going to lay down the law to people and a new manager, whoever that is going to be, and the players, who are now on easy street, literally. a few of them own easy street. tottenham are "likely" to request that their opening few premier league games next season are away fixtures, as they finish bulding their new ground. spurs have been playing their home games at wembley during the redevelopment of tottenham hotspur stadium,
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which is still on course to be finished this summer but the club wants a contingency plan, in case of any last—minute hold—ups. hibernian head coach neil lennon has received two charges from the scottish fa, following his behaviour in saturday's 2—2 draw at kilmarnock. lennon reacted angrily when the referee awarded kilmarnock a penalty, which led to their equaliser. he was sent to the stands and later described the standard of refereeing in scotland as "mickey mouse". he's facing charges of misconduct and criticising a match official. the eight—time olympic gold medallist usain bolt will fulfil a dream in june, when he plays football at old trafford. he's a huge manchester united fan and has made no secret of the fact he'd love to be a professional footballer and his first step will be as captain of the world xi, in the soccer aid match, where he'll take on robbie williams‘ england side. the teams will feature a—list stars and footballing legends and bolt says he has a special celebration planned, for when he scores.
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wales prop wynjones will miss the rest of the six nations because of a hamstring injury. he came off the bench in the opening three matches and was injured during the defeat to ireland last weekend. wales have chosen not to bring in a replacement. boxer curtis woodhouse is considering his future in the sport after the death of scott westgarth. woodhouse was due to headline the bill in doncaster, which included the fight where westgarth suffered a fatal injury. woodhouse says it makes him question whether the profession or the sport are justifiable. women golfers will play in a men's european tour team event for the first time, later this year. ryder cup captain thomas bjorn will partner solheim cup skipper catriona matthew, in the golfsixes tournament at the centurion club near st albans in may. the tournament has a six—hole match—play format and will also feature men's and women's teams. its aim is to be the equivalent of cricket's twenty20 competition. that's all the sport for now.
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you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's and i'll have more for you in the next hour. ijust want i just want to take you over to brussels because the chief brexit‘s negotiator is speaking. let's listen in to that news conference. translation: want talk to the uk and its orderly exit from the eu. tomorrow the college of commissioners will, first of all discuss and subsequently adopt a d raft discuss and subsequently adopt a draft text for this withdrawal agreement. now, subsequent to this i
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will present this draft text to you. it will be up for discussion with the member states and to obviously with the european parliament and it is only subsequent to this discussion and together with the european parliament that this draft will be placed on the negotiating table with the uk and as soon as possible. having said that, to be able to continue to move forward in full transparency and this is something i've become accustomed to doing since the beginning of this work, this publication of this text will not only for you as journalists but also for everybody so that everybody can get a clear vision of theissues everybody can get a clear vision of the issues upon which an agreement is needed and i think this publication will also be useful because it will feed into the public debate that is very close to my
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heart. and which will highlight all theissues heart. and which will highlight all the issues at state as part of brexit. as we move towards our meeting tomorrow and this publication, i would like to say that there are no surprises in this d raft that there are no surprises in this draft text. that there are no surprises in this d raft text. it that there are no surprises in this draft text. it will incorporate a legal form draft text. it will incorporate a legalform hunter draft text. it will incorporate a legal form hunter and 68 draft text. it will incorporate a legalform hunter and 68 articles, hundred and 20 pages and it will be a legal representation of the commitments that we will enter into in december as set out in the joint report. on the rights of citizens, including the procedures that need to be simple for citizens in the eu and the uk. financial arrangements and the uk. financial arrangements and of course the issue of ireland, which is a very important point. tomorrow as i said the political
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commitments that we entered into the uk in december will be transposed into a legal text. this is something that we're going to do on one point in tales our responsibility in the european union because it is our responsibility to maintain the single market and its integrity while at the same time ensuring that we maintain all of the dimensions of the good friday agreement as well, we're going to do this by rendering operation backstop, which has been clearly set out in what we call paragraph 49 of the joint report, option three, which i repeat will be oui’ option three, which i repeat will be our responsibility. in saying this, and this‘ll be something become coming to you tomorrow, we are clearly ready to get down to work straightaway on the other options in
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paragraph a9, options one and two. options for which the uk has committed itself to submitting concrete proposals and soon as we received these, we will work on the use in parallel. on these three options and above and beyond the concerns we have got to render things operational to ensure that we have clarity for all concerned, that we are able to maintain stability and all the dimensions of the good friday agreement also. the text i will be submitting tomorrow also contains our position on other withdrawal related issues. subjects on which since december has not been any progress and in many cases in which there has been no
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negotiations, which is a matter of concern to me. i do hope that on the basis of a legal text, draft withdrawal treaty in other words, we will be able to move forward more easily. finally, this draft text tomorrow will contain our text on the transition which you are familiar with because it was published a few weeks ago and it has been subject to quite a bit of discussion, together with a 27 member states and with parliament. on this subject, i would say, and this is something i said to the ministers, there are specific points of disagreement with the uk as to what we understand by transition, the conditions for such and the dimensions of such a transition. for example, the transition. logically enough we wish it to end on the 31st
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of december 2020. the uk, it seems, would like to maintain this duration open ended, which is not possible. there is also disagreement with regard to the dynamic implementation oi’ regard to the dynamic implementation or application rather of the key during the transition period. obviously, everybody‘s got comply with the same rules. as far as we're concerned, we cannot accept the danger of regulatory divergences during the transition period. then the way citizens rights, there is a point of divergences. the british would like to differentiate between citizens who arrived before the withdrawal date, and those who might
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have arrived afterwards, in other words, during the transition period. during the transition period, free movement of persons must be maintained, which means citizens who have arrived before and will arrive during the transition period should be treated equitably and in the same manner. there is also disagreement on the possibility of opt in for justice and home affairs and the uk's involvement as well as the consultation mechanisms. so quite a lot of points of disagreement currently and in the light of that i would say, objectively, and this is something i regret that i maintain the evaluation i gave you about three weeks ago, which is in the
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light of these disagreements, we have not achieved the transition yet. now for all of these points of disagreement, i'm quite happy to discuss these matters straightaway with david davis. it is essential we make progress by means of political political negotiations above and beyond all the points of technical clarification that we're working on. just yesterday, together with the uk, i made it clear that we do need to progress and finally a word on oui’ to progress and finally a word on our future relations. to progress and finally a word on ourfuture relations. together with the council, we have had 12 preparatory internal seminars since december, together with the member states. these have been in parallel with meetings of the european parliament on subjects such as aviation, fisheries, foreign policy and these seminars have been extremely useful for us. to allow us
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to build and create this common understanding of what is in stake in all areas of the sectors, whilst restating first of all the principles which represent our european identity, the integrity of the single market, the indivisibility of the four freedoms, the non—negotiable decision—making of the autonomy of the 27 and in asking for a clear and correct understanding of these principles, which are our principles, on the basis of which i am negotiating and ta ke basis of which i am negotiating and take into account also the red lines which the uk has applied to itself, that we will continue to work and the european council will decide on a framework of the mandate for future relations. i would also point out and future relations. i would also point outand i'm future relations. i would also point
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out and i'm gratefulfor the future relations. i would also point out and i'm grateful for the fact that we are working in a complete spirit of trust with the european parliament in all of this. two questions. do you share mr tusk's view that the three baskets proposal is based on illusions and totally involved in cherry picking and secondly an irish mep, and northern irish mep has just secondly an irish mep, and northern irish mep hasjust suggested the suggestive revelatory alignment with the north and south of ireland as intolerable interference in the internal affairs of the united kingdom, how do you respond to that? i will take your first question first. the answer is yes. i agree with the president of the european council. we cannot possibly imagine
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a situation in which we would accept cherry picking. we are responsible for guaranteeing the integrity of the single market. the uk knows what the single market. the uk knows what the rules are which underpinned that integrity because they have been helping a put them together for the last a0 years. you will see tomorrow the legal content of what we intend to come forward with as a proposal. i have not heard what you have heard. in december, we made the joint report public and in the joint report there is a clear framework laid out for ireland, which was agreed to by the uk. this respected
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the institutional framework of the uk and if you referred to paragraph a9 thereof there are three options. both the uk and ourselves in fishes arched —— envisaged. in that document you will find the third option in particular which is the releva nt option in particular which is the relevant one which talks about regulatory alignment if there is no other solution. i don't mind if there are other solutions. we are happy to work in parallel on all the solutions but as things stand here and now, our responsibility is to make sure in the withdrawal agreement that we are able to render operational solutions which would make it possible for us to honour
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the commitments we have entered into these iv the good friday agreement. ifa these iv the good friday agreement. if a better solution comes along and meantime then we cannot leave the irish question pending. you said that further transition period, the uk wants an open ended transition period. the uk officials have told us over period. the uk officials have told us overand overagain period. the uk officials have told us over and over again that they wanted time—limited period. you think you actually want an open ended transition with no end state or have you perhaps misrepresented their position here today? secondly, borisjohnson, the foreign secretary said this morning that solving the northern irish border issue could be as easy as solving how they manage traffic going from different bits of london to another bit of london when he was mayor of london. do you think
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he was mayor of london. do you think he is missing the point, does he get it does that prove that he doesn't understand these issues? don't count on me to day or tomorrow any more than yesterday indeed to make comments on comments or to indulge in polemics. i am focused and i will continue to be focused with all of my time and energy, right up to the end of this, to organise the orderly withdrawal of the uk in line with its wishes and in line with the general interest. my task is clearly to deliver on this orderly withdrawal in full respect of the single market and the principles which are reasserted regularly by
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the european council symphony, what cou nts the european council symphony, what counts here is obviously what the british prime minister says. i think it is got to be clear that the transition period must be short. we suggested to 21 months. this is to base ourselves specifically on the end of 2020, in other words it's the end of 2020, in other words it's the end of 2020, in other words it's the end of the current budgetary period. that is the simplest option. mrs may said more or less two years and if we look at the documents we have heard and seen suggestions as to leaving it open ended. i hope there is no misunderstanding here but i would just specify that this period must be short, it must be clearly specified in time and for the moment this is clearly the line we are pursuing, a period ending on the
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sist pursuing, a period ending on the 31st of december 20 20. if there are noissues 31st of december 20 20. if there are no issues with regard to this duration, so much the better, but indeed that is one of the points where we feel that there is a level of diversions and we're going to have to talk about that with the uk. thank you all for your participation. have a good day. that was the european union's chief brexit‘s negotiator with some interesting comments there on the current state of the negotiations, saying there are still significant points of disagreement with the united kingdom over the transition period, saying that the draft withdrawal treaty with britain will contain issues on which there has been no progress since december as well and also repeating the familiar eu line on brexit, saying there can
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be no cherry picking. that is the chief brexit‘s negotiator for the eu. the weather is making the headlines around the country today so let's go back to darren for the latest forecast. we have had some amber warnings and those have expired but that is left us those have expired but that is left us with a lot of snow in kent this morning. north—east england and into yorkshire as well, snow showers are continuing. through the rest of this week there'll be some more severe weather. more snow warnings and travel disruption as likely as there'll be a significant wind—chill as well. if you thought it was cold enough right now just as well. if you thought it was cold enough right nowjust prepare yourself for tomorrow because the beast from the east will be combined with the much stronger easterly winds which will make feel much
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colder. we've seen quite a few snow showers early on and temperatures are barely above freezing in most places. particular across more eastern parts of scotland and eastern parts of scotland and eastern england there will be a few showers further west but not as many. some clearer skies here. the snow we've seen across the channel islands probably running across to clip southernmost devon and cornwall as well. tomorrow, the focus of the heaviest snow shifts further north. this is where we have an amber snow warning from the met office the north east of scotland and the central belt. one heavy snow shower after another and another all fed on bison stronger to gale force easterly winds. scattered snow showers further south but some sunshine, particularly after it was the south—east but those temperatures a little bit lower than they have been over the past few days. it will be colder on the
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strength of the wind and it will be significantly colder, more like —9 or —10 celsius. as we head towards wednesday night, we still have some showers in the north—east and the amber snow warning continues. low pressure m oves amber snow warning continues. low pressure moves up amber snow warning continues. low pressure moves up from i period that will bring wet weather and snow. more towards wales and the south west, especially later on the day. a slice of something a little bit drier continue across northern and eastern scotland. these the temperatures again on thursday, similarto temperatures again on thursday, similar to what you will see tomorrow and we have that strong gale force wind so there will be significant wind—chill. this is bbc news and these are the headlines at 2pm. freezing temperatures and heavy snow cause disruption across many parts of the country.
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make sure you are only making that journey if it is absolutely necessary. you can be sure that the motorways a re necessary. you can be sure that the motorways are going to be cleared and treated but that is not to say that other areas will not have snow on the ground. as international trade secretary liam fox defends plans to leave the customs union — his former top official says it should stay on the brexit menu if you're going to give that up for the promise of some bilateral deals with markets that are much less important to us, it's like giving up a three course meal for a packet of crisps. it's just not equivalent. a temporary ceasefire in the syrian enclave of eastern ghouta appears to have collapsed — with more airstrikes and shelling. coming up on afternoon live all the sport news.
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