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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  February 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm GMT

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a today at 5pm. a red alert in scotland, as heavy snow and freezing conditions continue to cause chaos across the uk. it's the highest level of weather warning, meaning lives could be at risk due to the extreme conditions. in glasgow which is affected by the red warning. what you can't see is how cold it is. it may be —3 on the thermometer but it feels more like minus eight. in other parts of the uk — trains and planes are cancelled, schools are closed, and drivers are warned to think twice before taking to the roads. we'll have the latest on the weather conditions around the uk, the prime minister rejects proposals on northern ireland, after the eu publishes its first draft of the legal framework for brexit. the withdrawal agreement must contain a solution to avoid a hard border and to protect the good friday agreement in all its dimensions.
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this is a joint commitment by the uk and the eu. the draft legal text the commission has published would, if implemented, undermine the uk common market and threaten the constitutional integrity of the uk by creating a customs and regulatory border down the irish sea and no uk prime minister could ever agree to it. more than 5,000 jobs at risk, as both toys r us and maplins go into administration. after almost three years of civil war in yemen — we've a special report on the human cost of the conflict. and meghan markle says she wants to "hit the ground running" as she joins prince harry and the duke and duchess of cambridge in their charity work. good evening and welcome to the bbc
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news at five, i'm jane hill. heavy snow and freezing conditions across the uk are causing major disruption to roads, railways and air travel. the met office has announced its highest level of alert — issuing a red warning for central areas of scotland, meaning extremely heavy snow is expected to cause widespread damage and people should take immediate action to keep themselves safe. amber warnings are in place elsewhere in scotland, and in parts of england — and in some areas the army have been drafted in to help emergency services. more than a thousand schools were shut across scotland and parts of england. drivers are being warned to take extra care on icy
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and snow—covered roads, and trains have been disrupted across the country — with many operators cancelling or severely reducing their services. this is the latest picture: showing that red alert for heavy snow in central scotland — with amber alerts in place in eastern scotland and north east england. of course snow is falling in many other areas of the uk as well. 0urfirst report from catriona renton, on some of the worst affected areas. 0vernight, the siberian snow swept in, bringing with it high winds, bad visibility and treacherous driving conditions. the rush hour into work was quieter than expected, as many people took heed of the warning not to travel. but for those who tried, conditions were difficult. trains were cancelled. the runway at glasgow airport was closed for a time, and on the motorways, some slips and slides. it has been snowing on and off all morning, but it seems that worse is set to come. a red warning, the highest level,
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has been issued for some parts of southern and central scotland from 3pm today, until 10am tomorrow. that means extreme weather is expected to be on its way. for some, driving conditions have already proved hazardous. this was the scene north of aviemore. the driver suffered cuts and bruises, but nothing more serious. around the scottish capital the traffic was light, as many stayed at home. it has been an unexpected day off for tens of thousands of school pupils. more than 6000 schools around the country were closed today. in the borders, it has been announced schools will close tomorrow. and all 11 of the spfl football matches tonight have been cancelled. the scottish government is emphasising that people should avoid travel in these conditions, as the cold snap continues. the heaviest snow overnight and this morning has been in the north east of england.
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an amber weather warning is in place. conditions are hazardous for drivers on major routes across cumbria and the north pennines. the met office is warning that rural communities here might be cut off for several days. many roads were closed, including part of the ai. at newcastle airport, flights have been delayed and cancelled as teams work to clear snow and ice from the runway. for those travelling by train into durham, the weather has caused disruption. i'm attempting to head back to inverness. i came here last night from inverness delivering a car, stayed overnight and i'm attempting to get back. conditions are not as bad in the north as they are, here. this seems to be the worst affected area. i got the train to durham and they have cancelled most of the trains running through durham, so i'm trying to get straight back home again. the buses are running in newcastle but i don't think they will be by the time we get home. it has been a slow morning, without much progress. the evening rush hour is likely
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to be worse as strong winds drive in heavy snow. scotland and the north are braced for a difficult night ahead. snow has fallen across large areas of eastern england, causing widespread travel disruption. whilst some are enjoying the unusually heavy snowfall, there are warnings that some rural communities could be cut off for days and many commuters are having theirjourneys disrupted. tom burridge reports. the bigger you are, the harder your journey has been this morning. route around lincoln have, at times, come to a freezing halt. classes we re come to a freezing halt. classes were cancelled in scunthorpe. we don't have to go to school! yes! some were going nowhere... 0thers
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needed a little help. it was white in the very south—west of england. this, the cornish way to get around. in tonbridge, a blizzard. hundreds of schools closed across eastern england. and some hospitals were affected. people were determined to do their jobs. but those off work or school have enjoyed a day outdoors. jobs. but those off work or school have enjoyed a day outdoorslj jobs. but those off work or school have enjoyed a day outdoors. i know what to do. a snow angel. there are creative ways to have fun. around the uk the views were worthy of a postcard. even in central london there was a decent dusting. not an
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alpine resort, but parliament hill, just to the north of regents park this lunchtime. london never gets like this. especially going into march. we hope there will be snow tonight and then proper snow tomorrow. it really doesn't feel like central london today. we woke up to an impressive amount of the white stuff, and if you cannot get into work or school, then there's only one thing to do, get involved with the fun. cheering in wales, there were tips on twitter about walking safely in the snow from caerphilly council. in dublin panic buying has left empty shelves. this was buckingham palace this morning, breathtakingly beautiful and cold. and this is the idol of white, the
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harbour has frozen over. there is more cold weather, and snow, to come. “— more cold weather, and snow, to come. —— isle of wight. —— isle of wight. i will be talking to robert who is in kent, and peter on deeside. but first let's go to glasgow. as we have been reflecting some truly atrocious conditions in some parts of scotland. that's right. it is serious here. since 3pm parts of central scotland like glasgow and southern scotland have been subject to this red warning. it's due to run until 10am tomorrow so what was asked for earlier by the scottish government was that people could be allowed to go home early. i hope by now most folk are home. it is really pretty unpleasant. it feels about —8, even
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though it's about —3 on the thermometer. there has been a lot of disruption today. people have been struck for some time in their cars. scot rail has been closing down services this evening in affected areas. glasgow airport has no flights in or out. and edinburgh airport has several flights cancelled throughout the day. so the advice is do not drive in this weather. especially in this red affected area. the message is very serious and people are saying that the red area could affect your safety a nd the red area could affect your safety and other people's safety. they want people to look out for each other in these dreadful conditions. huge disruption, thank you very much. let's assess the picture in middlesbrough. peter is there for us. how are people fearing? very much day two in the north—east.
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the familiar themes of trouble with transport and also with schools. around 700 schools across the north—east of england have been closed today. from northumberland to north yorkshire. the real issue is the roads. nightmarish rush—hour conditions, many of the major routes, have been blocked or closed for part of the day. last nightjust north of here in newcastle many people who have a half—hour commute home were talking about three—hour oi’ home were talking about three—hour or journeys, home were talking about three—hour orjourneys, major routes likely a one had to be closed. extra gritting was needed because of black ice. all of those issues played out again this morning. that is the theme for the police in the north—east this evening as we go back into rush—hour. conditions, only travel if you have to do. of course, people need to get into work. that's been an issue for critical services like
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oui’ an issue for critical services like our hospitals. today they were appealing forfour our hospitals. today they were appealing for four by four drivers to volunteer to get staff into work. we've also had an issue with parts of the coastal areas of the north east today, very strong winds at whitley bay, for instance, it was so badly that for lamp posts were blown over. there was concern about waves coming over the top as well. here in middlesbrough, it is well below freezing when you take in the wind chill and they have intensified effo rts chill and they have intensified efforts to help homeless people. the local authorities here are trying to identify those who may need shelter and get them into bed and breakfast accommodation. in this part of the country we are not out of the woods yet. the amber warning for more showers is in place until about this time tomorrow. plenty more to come, i'm afraid. i'm afraid. i'm sure we will be talking again tomorrow. peter there in middlesbrough. let's talk to correspond to is near maidstone in kent. what have people been making
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of it there? well, i suppose kent and sussex, really, the south—east corner of england have had a relatively easy time of its today. the snow has eased off but it has been perishing a cold. temperatures last night dived well below minus ten. this is a typical place, problems can arise very quickly. it looks absolutely clear, but temperatures are going down, ice forms quickly, and this is in a dip, so forms quickly, and this is in a dip, so about 2k rows ago this was closed. abandoned vehicles were everywhere. there are concerns that with this weather coming up from the south, lee and villages like it could have difficulties all over again. this is a cycle. a bit of a thaw, temperature dives, rush—hour traffic is back on ice again because the traffic overnight is not heavy enough to work in the brit. we've had several quite serious accidents
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across the south—east today, the police are busy, roads are closed and gritters can't run. so it goes on. that will continue, compounded by the weather that we've been talking about. school closures, more than 500, dozens more into sussex. the way it's looking a lot of those kids are going to get another day, another snow day tomorrow. you would think so. banks very much for now, robert in kent. just a reminder you can keep up—to—date with the weather and travel situation wherever you are in the uk, the bbc news live page is always there, constantly updating. lots of information, always, on your local radio station as well. and we'll have travel updates from our correspondents out and about after half—past. much more to come on this. theresa may says no british
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trimester could agree to the eu ‘s first draft of the treaty for britain leaving ve u. she was responding to the idea of a common regulatory area in ireland which could mean the creation of customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the uk. the former conservative prime ministerjohn major says mps should be given a free vote on whether to accept the final brexit deal. on a frosty morning an icy blast from brussels, as the cold facts of brexit begin to take shape. michel barnier arrived to brief eu commissioners on the treaty he has drafted governing the uk exit from the eu. appropriately enough this was a breakfast meeting with no cake on offer. the text still has to be signed off by the other 27 eu countries, then be agreed by the uk,
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and it sets out brexit in stark legal terms. the agreement lays out the way the eu believes that a border can be avoided between the north and south in ireland saying... essentially, northern ireland inside the eu customs union, which it says would be an area without internal borders in which the free movement of goods is ensured. most importantly the court ofjustice of the eu shall have jurisdiction. it is, michel barnier says, the backstop option. if the uk can propose better solutions they would take precedent, but it is the eu's base case. this is the backstop solution that we have completed their withdrawal agreement that is the only way to guarantee that ourjoint commitments will be upheld in all circumstances as the joint report requires. he said there were no surprises because the text today is a result
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of all of last year's negotiations between david davis and themselves. then the december drama of two last—minute visits in a week to brussels by theresa may in december, where she agreed the outline of the exit deal drafted today. foreign secretary borisjohnson this morning said that he believes the eu is using northern ireland to pressure the uk. what's going on at the moment is that the issue of the northern ireland border is being used like an inverted pyramid, to try to keep the uk in the customs union, effectively the single market, so we cannot leave the eu. that is what is going on. at prime minister's questions, theresa may insisted that she and her cabinet do not want to see a border introduced. the foreign secretary and i are absolutely committed to ensuring that we deliver or no hard border between northern ireland and ireland. that's the position of the uk government. it's the position of the parties
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in northern ireland. it's the position of irish government and it was what we agreed in the december agreement at that joint report. so there are still tough negotiations to come. the signs in brussels are warning that it is dangerous to tread on thin ice, but that is where the brexit talks are headed. 0ur ireland correspondent chris page is in muff in county donegal near the border with northern ireland. but let's go first to brussels. again, fascinating, not by any stretch with the first time, people in brussels talking about time running out and asking britain to pick up the pace. that is why the eu is tabled this legal document now. michel barnier said today this was
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so michel barnier said today this was so that negotiations could press ahead on the basis of a text that they can hammer out because they have to have that by the end of the year if the x it is going to happen smoothly. as he said again today in his press conference this text is not a surprise. it is the result of all of those negotiations with david davies and the visits of theresa may to secure progress in december and they included that agreement in decemberand they included that agreement in december and this idea that northern ireland would remain fully aligned with the rest of the eu. what the eu side has said today is that they have fleshed that out in legal form and that is what has been met with this response from the uk but the eu says any other ways to try and prevent a hard border, that's up to the uk to propose those and they could be discussed and put into the
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text and supersede this idea if they are workable. but they have to come from the uk. the eu says it's waiting for that. there are other contentious issues as well. let's head to our ireland correspondent. you are very close to the border. what could change and what might have to change? this might not look like the front line in a battle but this will be the uk's only frontier with the european union. quite often at the moment you know you are passing from one country to another as you see one sign. speeds are measured in kilometres per hour rather than miles per hour. a lot of people will be returning from work
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along this road travelling back to their homes which is that way. it is like this were brexit feels real. people here are in agreement about one thing, border checks must not return. they want the border to remain in an invisible state. there isa remain in an invisible state. there is a sense of frustration about the uncertainty and some people have been saying that perhaps politicians in britain didn't realise the significance of the border issue until much too late. there is also an opinion i've heard expressed quite frequently that because it is important the border isn't hardened up, politicians in brussels and london will eventually find some way to resolve the issue simply because they absolutely have to. the former conservative prime minister sirjohn major says mps should be given a
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free vote on whether to accept the final brexit deal. let's talk more about his speech with our chief political correspondent. the thrust of his argument was he said he couldn't remember any policy that government had introduced which would make a country poorer and that is what he thinks brexit will do. he is what he thinks brexit will do. he is also critical of the people he calls the ultra—brexit years we says has these red lines and that is really hampering britain's the go nations. —— negotiations. ultimately, he said the electorate should have the chance to reconsider that verdict in the referendum. there was a majority for brexit but there was no overwhelming mandate to ignore the reservations of 16 million voters who believe it would bea million voters who believe it would be a harmful change of direction for our country. brexit has been the
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most divisive issue of my political lifetime. it's divided not only the four nations of the uk but regions within those nations. it's divided political parties, political colleagues, families, friends and the young from the old. i believe the young from the old. i believe the government should take a further very brave and bold decision. i believe they should invite parliament to accept or reject the final outcome on a free vote. let's discourse this more with the former conservative brexit minister david jones. what do you make of whatjohn major had to say? that mps should have a free vote? it's quite clear
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thatjohn major is regretting the outcome of the referendum and he campaigned for britain to remain in the eu. the fact is that people knew what they were voting for. we had the biggest vote for any issue in the biggest vote for any issue in the history of this country. to try and second—guess that vote i think is not worthy ofjohn major who i have a great deal of respect for. when it comes to the issue of a border in northern ireland and ireland, the commission today coming up ireland, the commission today coming up with something and theresa may saying this is not anything that the british prime minister could accept. where does that leave negotiations? the eu now it would never be a cce pta ble acceptable to the british government. this is an opening gambit in the negotiating process. there is no doubt that we are going to have to achieve a solution to the irish question because there is too much riding on it. i think the
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commission have got to be extremely careful. if as a consequence of anything they do they disturb the belfast agreement they will have a lot to answer for and i don't think thatis lot to answer for and i don't think that is something they truly want. the eu would say it's up to the british government to come up with a solution and always heard is creative solutions but nothing concrete. on friday we will be hearing from the prime minister on the british position in the negotiations. sol the british position in the negotiations. so i think that is something we will be hearing about very soon. all that we've done is to exercise our treaty right to leave the eu. they can hardly object if we do so. it's notjust a question for the british, it's a question for both sides. that has to be compromise and i think the eu know that. when it comes to the way these negotiations are going, are you concerned we don't seem to have moved on yet to discuss that final relationship were going to have with
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the eu? some feel the question of the eu? some feel the question of the border could be solved by a future relationship. are we running out of time? i think we are and the reason is because the commission refused to discuss it. the fact is, what the british government is seeking is a free trade agreement. it is sensible to both sides they should be a free trade agreement because they are an important customer of ours and we will be their biggest export market once we left. the sooner we talk about that the better. the eu need to be more creative in their approach. thank you very much. everyone here looking ahead to friday and that speech by the prime minister where she has said she will lay out a vision for exact day what she will be demanding from the commission. the key there at westminster. a few other stories here. more than 3,000 jobs are at risk — after toys r us went into administration.
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the company says its more than 100 stores across the country will, though, remain open for the time being. and the electronics retailer maplin has also gone bust— putting the jobs of its 2,500 employees at risk. our business correspondent emma simpson reports. it was a force to be reckoned with. when toys r us arrived in the uk, its new megastores did a roaring trade. competitors didn't stand a chance. it's a different story today. this shop is one of 26 already closing down. it was part of a last ditch effort to turn things around. but how many more will now go? there are more than 3,000 jobs at risk, including these workers, arriving in north london this morning. bit worrying? a little bit when you see it, but it happens, doesn't it? don't know nothing. so what went wrong? you would need a very good reason to get in your car and drive to a toys r us.
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simply put, they have lost touch with shoppers, they are less relevant today because they failed to invest online and failed to invest in their stores. and they haven't differentiated from the competition. toys r us has been struggling for years. the business weighed down by a huge amount of debt. its american owners filed for bankruptcy protection in the states last autumn. and today, this toy story ended with the uk chain effectively running out of cash. then came news about maplin, the big electronics chain. 217 stores, more than 2000 staff. it, too, collapsed after failing to find a buyer. these are challenging times for retail. we are experiencing a softening in consumer demand, rising costs and increased structural changes for the retail sector, that does not bode well for the future of retail. and a shake—out to come? absolutely.
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it's been a brutal winterfor two of our best—known retailers. it is business as usual for now, but for how long, as administrators try to rescue these two household names? emma simpson, bbc news. now let's have a look at the weather prospects. lots to talk about. a wintry picture out there. it looks lovely for about five minutes and when you are up out in it it's freezing cold and miserable. we have weather warnings in force and our first red warning for seven scotland. that's the first red warning we've had since 2013. it means don't travel unless your journey is really necessary. it does look as though we will continue to see plenty of snow showers across eastern scotland through the night and into the early hours of thursday
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morning. elsewhere, it's going to be a bitterly cold night. when you factor in the wind it's going to feel raw out there. the showers will continue across the far south—east but in the south—west it looks as if their day of low pressure will make its presence felt during the day on thursday. it will bring some slow across the channel coast and into wales as we go through the day. maybe some freezing rain behind it into the west country. we will have more details in about half an hour. this is bbc news. the headlines... a red alert in scotland as heavy snow and freezing conditions mean lives could be put at risk. in other parts of the uk, trains and planes are cancelled, schools are closed and drivers are warned to think twice before
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taking to the roads. the prime minister rejects proposals on northern ireland after the eu publishes its first draft of the legal framework for brexit. more than 5,000 jobs at risk as toys "r" us and the electrical retailer maplin go into administration. in a moment... after three years of civil war in yemen, a special report from our chief international correspondent, lyse doucet, on the human cost of the conflict. now all the sport with hugh ferris. russia's 0lympic membership has been "fully restored" following its suspension from pyeongchang 2018. russia was banned from the games by the ioc due to state—sponsored doping. a team of 168 russians competed
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as part of a neutral 0lympic athlete from russia team, winning two gold medals, but also recording two failed drugs tests. their status has been restored after all the remaining doping samples proved negative. ben stokes has made his most significant contribution since being back in an england shirt. he top scored for his team and took two wickets, helping england to a six—wicket win in the second one day international against new zealand, levelling the series at 1—1. tim hague reports. is not a single snowflake insight here. new zealand warmer at this time of yearand here. new zealand warmer at this time of year and england the hotter in this match. early wickets and brilliant fielding setting the foundations for victory. what about the boy ben stokes? back on the field, at his very best. two wickets, two wil lutz, the start of
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his man of the match performance, yet his team—mates piled in also, mitchell 63 not out, getting the hosts to a respectable target but 223 never looked enough with the captain scoring a half century along with stokes. the best all—rounder in the world showed all facets of his skill. as they became night, we saw something even more impressive than stokes. and one—handed catch, giving batman around £26,000. what a day! joss buttler gave his fellow fans and other catching chance with the winning runs. the perfect day —— perfect way to end a perfect england's performance, in every respect. ronnie 0'sullivan has been in ruthless form at the welsh 0pen snooker. the five—times world champion took just under an hour and a quarter to beat scotland's graeme dott 4—0 to reach the third round in cardiff.
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defending champion stuart bingham is also through to round three — he beat welsh teenager jackson page 4—2. great britain's men have qualified for the first round of the team pursuit at the track cycling world championships in the netherlands. ed clancy, kian emadi, charlie tanfield and ethan hayter were the quickest team in the qualifiers and will be back in action just before 7.30pm this evening when they will take on germany. that is for a place in the medal races. great britain's women's team pursuit qualified second fastest for tomorrow's first round. katie archibald, elinor barker, laura kenny and emily nelson made up the quartet and finished just behind the united states. the final is later tomorrow evening. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. and you can find more about the return to form for ben stokes.
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and we'll have more for you in sportsday at 6.30pm. more now on our top story. heavy snow and freezing conditions across the uk are causing major disruption to roads, railways and air travel. amber warnings are in force for much of the country, with a red alert — the highest warning level — for areas of central scotland. let's get the latest from our correspondents, particularly the impact on travel. this was glasgow airport, close to all flights for the rest of the day. the highest warning level is in place for many parts of central scotland. at the other end of the country, this cd has frozen at bembridge harbour fun day on the isle of wight. temperatures dipping to minus six celsius overnight. in a moment we will have the latest on the travel prospects wherever you are. victoria fritz will have more
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on the public transport situation. 0ur correspondent ben ando is near the a1 in cambridgeshire. the road appears to be relatively free—flowing. the greater is very much in evidence? that is right, this is a northbound, the major route between london, the north east and the eastern side of scotland. this road was blocked during the night last night, six lorries jackknifed on both sides of the carriageway and the problems really started because snow started coming down heavily and when fewer vehicles than this use the road it means they don't have that effect when they clear some of the snow away and they grind the great into the tarmac to help it melt. that causes all sorts of problems. we had 400 vehicles stranded for several hours. the police and emergency services are hoping that sort of thing will not
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happen tonight but i can tell you that while it is not stirring at the moment it is bitingly cold, minus five degrees. you don't want to be in your vehicle, and breakdown. the safety advice is to wait outside away from the vehicle, if it is parked on the hard shoulder or the verge and you would not want to do that. one of the reasons the police say, only make journeys that. one of the reasons the police say, only makejourneys if that. one of the reasons the police say, only make journeys if they are absolutely necessary. at the moment, this road is moving and we are looking to see what the forecast is for later and temperatures are expected to carry on being very low, subzero for the next few hours. thank you. and what is happening if you are trying to get public transport. victoria fritz is in london. at waterloo
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