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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 6, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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this is bbc news — our latest headlines. counter—terror officers take the lead on the investigation into the suspected poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in wiltshire. both are in a critical condition in hospital. russia describes foreign secretary borisjohnson‘s remarks alluding to russian involvement as ‘groundless‘. donald trump says the world is watching and waiting, after reports that north korea is willing to discuss giving up its nuclear weapons, in return for security guarantees. a murder investigation‘s underway, after a woman was found dead at her home in twickenham. and it's time for britain to go on a diet. public health england says producers, supermarkets and takeaways, must cut calories and portion sizes, to fight obesity. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. as russia denies any
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responsibility for the suspected poisoning in wiltshire, we get the thoughts of an expert in russian foreign policy. counting calories and cutting portion sizes — public health england is ordering food suppliers to help in the fight against obesity. we hearfrom a nutritionist. and six months after hurricane irma devastated the caribbean, we return to the british virgin islands, where victims still live in shelters. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me will perry. five—nil up, what can go wrong? jurgen klopp and liverpool should be in for a nice comfortable champions league night at anfield. serena williams tells us she's ready to return to tennis after the birth of her daughter— but admits she did wonder if she could keep going. and lord coe insists athletics is not in tatters —
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a day after he was accused of misleading mps investigating doping in the sport. liverpool could — and probably should — become the first english side through to the quarter finals of the champions league this evening. they lead porto 5—nil ahead of their 2nd leg at anfield. but the big game tonight is the heavyweight battle betwen paris st germain and real madrid in paris. the holders lead 3—1 from the first leg at the bernabeu. our football reporterjohn bennett joins me now. no neymarfor psg, can they turn this around? we've seen some brilliant comebacks in champions league knock outs gone by. not easily done for psg as it is possible. real madrid have been
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vulnerable this season, they have lost a number of players. domestically in spain they are struggling, 15 points behind barcelona. it is interesting continues, they're missing a couple of players. but real madrid by the big favourites and they raise their game for the champions league. the players treated as their competition and that is where they play their best football. one example of that is ronaldo. but they are missing neymar and that will make a big difference in the game. he scored 29 goals in 30 appearances. there he is heading back to brazilfor an operation on his foot. that took those on saturday. sophie will be watching the game from back in
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brazil. well this is how one of his team—mates thought it could affect the game. translation: you always have a couple of options, said down and cry or get up and make it happen. with neymar psg are stronger and without him we are still strong because there are other players. it is true it is impossible not to field the absence of such a place but i insist on either sit down and cry or make do. and of course i choose the second option. and what about liverpool, it should be comfortable for them. there are 5- nil be comfortable for them. there are 5— nilup, no be comfortable for them. there are 5— nil up, no team has ever of account deficit like that. it is not known to happen. i thinkjurgen klopp will be confident. team news
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will be out shortly. it will be a strong team and a chance for salah. he has scored in seven consecutive games now. 32 now for him this season. games now. 32 now for him this season. and manchester city are playing as well but the big game is juventus. playing as well but the big game is juventus. one of the best games we've seen all season, it would be incredible for tottenham to go through against the mightyjuventus. they go into the game though in fantastic form, they've won their last seven games at wembley. but still the debate is to tottenham have to win a trophy in the next couple of seasons under mauricio pochettino to prove themselves as one of the top teams in the country. mauricio pochettino has said if they w011 mauricio pochettino has said if they won the champions league it would be an incredible feat. if we're going
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to take some trophy in this way this would complete, it would be different to the others and the players would be the heroes because it is very difficult to beat these big sides. but we've shown that we are competitive and now we need to go and be strong for the soul of tottenham were to go through, it would be the finals champions league game for buffon. but i think totte n ha m to game for buffon. but i think tottenham to going as favourites. but you can never rule outjuventus. they are on a great run themselves. russia remains suspended from international athletics, and the sport's governing body says it could permanently exclude
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the country if key doping reforms aren't met soon. the iaaf first banned russia in november 2015 over evidence of state—sponsored doping. iaaf chairman lord coe meanwhile insists he didn't mislead the digital, culture, media and sport select comittee when they were trying to get to the bottom of exactly what he knew four years ago. our correspondent richard conway reports. the world indoor athletics championship have just concluded the world indoor athletics championship havejust concluded in birmingham and the governing body council has ta ken birmingham and the governing body council has taken the opportunity to have a quarterly meeting here at the council chambers in the heart of the city. we were expecting to talk about the report in sport which we heard a lot about yesterday involving of course bradley wiggins. more on that in a moment but we also heard from lord coe and his collea g u es heard from lord coe and his colleagues today inside the building about russia and its reintroduction into the world sporting community.
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the iaaf have excluded the russian athletic federation for quite a while now, mutual athletes of course can compete if they can prove their claim. but today the iaaf said russia could be banned entirely and neutral athletes excluded as well. u nless neutral athletes excluded as well. unless dramatic progress is made and we generally hope it is, then we will have to review in a council meeting injuly will have to review in a council meeting in july the status will have to review in a council meeting injuly the status of will have to review in a council meeting in july the status of the neutral competitors and the potential for the congress to decide upon the ultimate sanction i guess which is expulsion. but i think that is not sitting there as a threat, it is not sitting there as a threat, it is actually sitting there because we wa nt is actually sitting there because we want this situation resolved. and so the matter of that doping in sport report. bradley wiggins had his turn yesterday and the focus today was on
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lord coe. mps criticised his evidence saying it was misleading in pa rt evidence saying it was misleading in part and risible in terms of claims that he had made while speaking to them. today lord coe had his chance to respond to what the mps had said. it is for others to judge what we have done but it is not what i say, i think it is what we have achieved asa i think it is what we have achieved as a sport. so the sport is not in tatters, it is extremely strong. we wa nt exa ctly tatters, it is extremely strong. we want exactly what members of parliament one, the eradication of drugs in sport. and a road map to that. i think we have provided a road map not just that. i think we have provided a road map notjust at national level but as a template. so a robust defence by lord coe but perhaps more robust action to come from the iaaf with regard to russia. all eyes on that meeting now injuly where if russia do not accept there was a state—wide doping programme, the
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iaaf are threatening to exclude them entirely from their organisation. thursday is international women's day and to mark the occasion this year, in the build up, here on sportsday, we're celebrating inspirational sports women. who more inspirational than serena williams? she's admitted to the bbc she frequently wondered how she'd continue her career after returning to tennis following the birth of herfirst child. the 23—times grand slam champion will feature at indian wells in california later this week. yeah, it's been hard. there's been so many days, even still, that i'm like, how am i going to keep going, you know? and it's been really, really difficult. but i keep going, and i know that i might not be at my best yet, but i'm getting there. and every day is a new day, and every day, i should be getting better. and so as long as i'm moving forward — even if it's at a turtle's pace — i'm ok with that. six months is an incredibly short
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period of time. do you feel that you are ready? i'm ready or else i would not be here, i would not be playing. if i'm not ready now i will never be ready. i still feel i'm going to get better every day. and in two months i will be way better than now but you have to start somewhere. i do not want to keep sitting on the sidelines thinking about it and not doing it. does that mean that your expectations are at lower because normally you say i'm in it to win it. absolutely. my expectations, i do not know what they are. i cannot say i expect to lose because that is something i would never say. it is just a little different. i'm just expecting to see where i am more than anything. and peaking for the
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summergrand slams? than anything. and peaking for the summer grand slams? a good time to start for the summer. if i do not start for the summer. if i do not start now then if i want to play well in those grand slams, i think this is the perfect place to start. well i'm pleased to say we're joined on the line now by dame sarah storey, who has experience of competing on the world stage as a mother. good evening. how hard is itjuggling becoming a mother and still trying to compete at the highest level? i think the first 12 months are the ha rd est i think the first 12 months are the hardest when the baby is the most dependent on you. if you're also breast—feeding as i did with my first child, you have to time things around those feeds and make sure you have expressed enough milk and the baby will be looked after by whoever it is there with you when you go to training or competition. so it is ha rd training or competition. so it is hard in tennis because you do not know how long the match is going to
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be. and in that period of time you do not have to worry if baby is all right. emotionally or physically tough, which is tougher? both ways. serena had an emergency caesarean section like myself and complications with that which fortu nately complications with that which fortunately i did not have. but she was bedridden for six weeks. i took six weeks off but i did not have the same complications. and then you come back with a body that is com pletely come back with a body that is completely different. you're used to people they knew when. dashed people seeing you winning. you have to focus on yourself and it is baby steps. your abdominal muscles are stretched. and for me more the
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second time. so it is a hugejob to recover from having had second time. so it is a hugejob to recoverfrom having had a baby and also keeping your body functioning to be able to feed their baby as well. emotionally is is tough and mentally because people expect more of you than you know how to be capable of because you never been through this before. so for me the second time round it was easier because you know you have to take things steady and be kind to yourself. you might come back quickly or you might not but there is no pressure on you. i hope serena does not feel pressured to come back for the start of the summer because she's not that old, she has plenty of time. she wants to be able to allow her daughter see her compete at best. if she comes back steadily unsure that will happen. it is one thing coming back after childbirth, after going through what she has
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been through but to come back and be a champion again is a different thing. but i guess if anyone can do it it is serena williams. without a doubt, she's incredible athlete. it just seems it takes so long to come back. just think how long it took the baby to grow, nine months, and she's only six months on. so it feels it is going slowly to start with but when you are one year down the line and she's talking about the grand slam next summer and the year after, and tokyo, some kinds it will feel different again because when the baby is so small and helpless the baby is so small and helpless the only thing the baby once is its mother. and you have to be with the baby all the time. so it is quite full on but in the best possible way as any parent would tell you. thank you so much for coming and speaking to us. also coming up in the programme.
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captain dylan hartley is a doubt for england's must—win six nations match against france on saturday. he's been struggling with muscle tightness in his leg and will be assessed daily. flanker sam underhill has a toe problem and will miss the match. wing jack nowell is definitely out of the rest of the championship with an ankle problem. more from our reporter chrisjones. after the defeat against scotland at murrayfield england need to bounce back against france this weekend but it has been far from the preparation they would have wanted. two men have been brought out of the game this weekend. while captain dylan hartley has emerged as a doubt. he has cast
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type this and will be monitored daily to see whether he can take his place in the starting 15. sam underhill will not be involved as he has a toe injury. jack nowell is out for the rest of the championship with an ankle injury. so james haskell is in the back row, elliott daly coming back in on the wing. with england needing to win to resurrect their six nations hopes, dyla n resurrect their six nations hopes, dylan jones would have wanted resurrect their six nations hopes, dylanjones would have wanted a much smoother start to the week. england play their final match of the shebelieves cup against the usa tomorrow knowing that a point will win them them the tournament. new manager phil neville says the teams performances in the competition show that the players trust him. but except that the usa could prove their toughest opponent yet. we tried to block out this came is a standout game and focus on hansen germany and leave much of the attention and build—up to the usa. i
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named the team this morning, and it was difficult to speak to both players who are not saying. because ultimately they want to play in this game but what i said to the players that are not involved is the other day i made six substitutions and every one of those made a difference. and i will do the same in the second half against the usa. they are a team that plays aggressively. and they press time and they try and get the ball from you in your defensive third so they're straight onto the back four. they are ready direct and play inside so we have to defend well. it isa inside so we have to defend well. it is a big game tomorrow for the fullbacks. can you imagine what it must have been like to see muhammad ali on a bus, down your local street? believe it or not, more than a0 years ago the one they called "the greatest" took a flight
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to tyneside from the united states to visit south shields. for those who were there it was an unforgettable day — and it's now been turned into a musical, which opens tonight at the town's customs house theatre. for someone who was a teenager, back then, it brings back special memories — asjeff brown reports. it wasjuly 1977. it was july 1977. jubilee year. it wasjuly 1977. jubilee year. the day after the queen toured south shields the king of the world came calling. muhammad ali had been persuaded to visit to raise money for local boys clubs. at the same time he had his marriage blessed at the mosque in the town. you really could not make it up. i'm overjoyed and next time i go in the ring i
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will always remember how many people had room for me back here. everyone says who will play muhammad ali. i do not think we have anyone to play him. i built a story around it and to get that story i started to do some research along the lines of where we do when muhammad ali came to south shields. phil hern was 16 and living in south shields and handy with his cine camera. so he got on his bike and pedalled off in search of the champion. it wasjust something i did now and again. the cine camera was there, muhammad ali


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