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tv   The Week in Parliament  BBC News  March 11, 2018 5:30am-6:02am GMT

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this munchetty. spy have been detected in a is restaurant in salisbury. bbc to identify those responsible. good news. to make peace. morning. firing missiles anymore. kim jong—un could lead to the greatest deal for the world. it's sunday, 11th march. without water in the wake of the beast it in three. from the east. "the greatest deal for the the rebels have denied the claims. world. with the north korean leader, kim launched its offensive. jong—un. a very good morning.
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against england next have been found in a restaurant week. and louise has the weather. the pair had visited. now on bbc news, it's time to look good morning. back at the week in parliament. a murky start to this sunday. sunday. there is some fog around, lifting to low cloud. lifting to low cloud. showers in the south, drier and further north. more details coming up. up. —— and drier and brighter further north. good morning. first, our main story. following the poisoning of a former russian spy in the uk. without hesitation as the facts become clearer.
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the two nations. and argues the uk shouldn't be selling arms there. in what the united nations says is evidence of war crimes. within the law, then we expect that to be investigated. and activist mary wollstonecraft? and ever signed an online petition to parliament? we find out if they really make a difference. we have seen that some petitions do change the government's mind. maybe not on day one, but as we go through. and reckless act".
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sergei skripal was living in the uk following a spy swap. along with his daughter yulia. the couple had been poisoned with a rare nerve agent. who went to help them, was also taken to hospital. and the next day, the home secretary came to the commons to update mps. the use of a nerve agent on uk soil is a brazen and reckless act. this was attempted murder in the most cruel and public way. without hesitation as the facts become clearer. once we ascertain who was
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responsible. and that similar incidents are prevented in the future. could happen and precedents for doing so. that be needed?
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we are merely preparing and concentrating on the incident. ministeercameron has formally ended? is completely finished? resulted in considerably more collateral damage? the full force of the law will be brought down upon the perpetrators? my honourable friend is exactly right. feels about this.
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the home secretary, amber rudd. now let's take a look at some other news from westminster in brief. there was a call for misogyny to be treated as a hate crime. of women if they are targeted simply because of their gender. been so normalised by being continually unchallenged. some of the insults she'd received. now, all of these insults have been tailored to me because i am a woman. people on twitter, but it's not. this is everyday common language. which would inadvertently conflict with the principles of equality.
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and electricity prices. shop around for the cheapest possible energy deals. in reduced circumstances. did not switch supplier in the last three years. denounced as marxist. or astronomical bills.
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from other customers. with leaks and burst pipes. on emergency stocks of bottled water. protected businesses and, indeed, residents around the country. thames water made pre—tax profits of £638 million last year. plans in place. thames water are very much under the spotlight. i'm angry with them, too. this is a recurring pattern. service than they have today. for air weapons.
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of attacks on pets involving air guns in the last five years. on animals, making 4,500 attacks in the last five years. pain and suffering and often death on defenceless domestic animals? the government does take animal welfare very seriously. with causing unnecessary suffering. imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. does the fake fur bobble on your winter hat
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contain real fur? the real thing. than synthetic fibres. the difference, would you? no, absolutely. if it's bright pink then, you know, there is no bright pink animals. so all these unreliable indicators people are using. in circuses with lion tamers as the star attraction. tricks to the amazement of children crowded into the big top. now one mp wants a
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total ban on wild animals in circuses. three raccoons, one fox, a macaw and a zebu. to a lorry for a journey onto the next town? of their own kind, in the way that they would naturally? these wild animals cannot truly say to to be wild. now to the week's brexit news. with the european union.
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some regulations will remain in step with the eu. years to prepare for brexit. to answer questions. in what's called a ‘meaningful vote‘. means. i don't want to retrack over that. no, but will the meaningful vote be... no, no, no. i recommend you go back to both my comments... well, we are...
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comments on this matter, they are all in hansard. ? i'm sorry, i think we need to move on. i think we have a right to ask these questions. you're asking questions, you've asked them. well, there's no answer, with respect. vote, because negotiations... as overruling the referendum, if that's what you mean. david davis gave his top tips on how to negotiate. for those who know me, anyway. doesn't work very well. it creates an attitude on the other side and i avoid it. what anyone else does is
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up to them. would you give me different advice? david davis. by crown prince mohammad bin salman. with the queen. on women driving. and its involvement in the war in yemen. as amnesty international confirms.
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in saudi arabia? from saudi arabia to this... are shouting "shame". of potentially hundreds of people in this country! where it's backing attempts to restore the country's president. advisers are directing the war. it cannot be right that her government...
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in what the united nations says is evidence of war crimes. lessons to be learned on that. theresa may. to have it aired in parliament? online petitions to parliament. so, how does the system work?
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click on a link to set up your own petition. to give a response. debated in parliament. they reached the magic 100,000 figure. we look at them quite carefully. carefully. debated recently and it would be repeating a debate. repeating a debate. have referred to things that the government can not deal with. government can not deal with. have a set of criteria that we look at. and how you do you decide? what kind of things are you looking for in a petition? to take that forward.
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that 100,000 threshold. your debate on sign language being an example of that. yeah. ok, so there are two things. on the petition‘s website. and look at its response and improve it. so, that's something we take very seriously. to get to that 100,000 threshold. and in the public interest. these debates aren't binding on the government. have been had. it's been debated, something has to change now. and for some people it's the start of a campaign to raise awareness. but we have seen that some petitions do change the government's mind.
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£115 million into research. liz twist. the political news this week. here's ryan brown with our countdown. the uk's first purple plaque was unveiled at cardiff bay. the plaque commemorates notable women. and equalities campaigner. keith wishart a happy birthday. i hear, mr speaker, that he's 21 again. but actually, i might be confusing that with his majority. by michelle 0bama's portrait goes viral.
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# shake it off, shake it off. proposed 25p charge on disposable coffee cups. they say voluntary discounts are betterfor shops. caffeine addicts are safe for now. of international women's day. i think that's what's called mansplaining. in spain. sylvia pankhurst said 2018 could be a turning point for women's rights.
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again another push, another wave is required. but because something else was happening. to celebrate that, and to mark 100 years since some women got the vote. killed by men in the last year. at the hands of men. violence against women and girls is an epidemic. or because they had a specificjob, there would be national outcry. these women deserve the same. the culture of male violence
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that killed them. since the last international women's day. we could to protect all women? is still simply no. we must do better. an snp mp argued sexism was deeply embedded in our culture. supposedly clever point scoring proves something. debate so tiring.
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as a playground joke. so very little to offer. i encounter. 0ther mps spoke of encouraging more women into politics and westminster. prime minister of our country, which made politics relevant for me. and i could see an amazing role model on the television.
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to our mothers and our grandmothers and important women in our lives. of what we owe to generations past. and to westminster. the centenary of votes for women. and millicent fawcett in london. is long overdue. joined that campaign.
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among them, lord adonis. right by parliament. was, if anything, more important. political and economic rights. that was a revolutionary idea. the modern feminist movement. for the house of lords in 1792, so they haven't got one.
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let alone in 1792. who has nothing of its own? 0r virtuous, who is not free? those are revolutionary ideas in 1792. we now regard them as, of course, absolutely commonplace. since she did so much to liberate women. lord adonis on the revolutionary mary wollstonecraft. here at westminster.
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but for now from me, alicia mccarthy, goodbye. across many northern areas. across parts of scotland with some snow on the hills. as the weather front continues to move northwards. of the
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night. but elsewhere, a dry and chilly start to sunday. and stubborn to clear. but eventually, they should do. of the morning. of scotland as well. into the afternoon, some could be heavy, maybe thundery. but a milder day for scotland, temperatures here ten or 11.
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more breeze and also outbreaks of rain. parts of the uk. of the sunshine through monday. for scotland, variable cloud, a few sunny spells. temperatures of 7—10 degrees. celsius. turning more unsettled. or the south—east.
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