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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 11, 2018 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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scones. we tried to supply a scone asa scones. we tried to supply a scone as a prop but the cupboard was bare in the kitchen downstairs. that is it for the night. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers on line on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week, at and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on the bbc iplayer. thank you, and goodbye. coming up next, the film review. hello there, welcome to the film review here on bbc news. and taking us through this week's cinema releases is, who else, but mark kermode. so mark, what have you got for us this week? very mixed bag — we have gringo, which is a kind of caper movie starring david oyelowo. we have you were never really here, which is the new film by lynne ramsay, whose work i love.
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and mom and dad, a sort of satirical horror film starring nic cage. ok, so let's kick off with gringo. this is about a businessman who becomes a kind of wanted criminal? yeah, so the story is, david oyelowo is a sort of fairly hapless character working for a drug company. and he ends up faking his own kidnapping in mexico, because he discovers essentially that he's going to lose his job, it looks like he's going to lose his wife, he hasn't got anything else to lose, so he fakes his own kidnapping. it starts off with him going on the trip to mexico, with joel edgerton and charlize theron, both of whom are chewing the scenery as his evil superiors. here's a clip. there it is again. what is that smell? barbecue — ialways bring it for angel. angel, buenos dias. there you go. gracias. hello.
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new app. amazing. knew what else is amazing, is actually learning a foreign language. taco bell, huh? that's sensational. i mean, as i said, chewing the scenery. here's the thing with this film. in terms of the plot, it is all over the place, it's one where the writers have clearly decided to throw a bunch of ideas at the wall and see what sticks, and only some of them do. it gets by, however, largely on the fact that you like the cast. so, david oyelowo is a very likeable antihero figure. they are very dislikeable villains in a real — she's basically playing cruella deville, and they're enjoying themselves. there are entire character threads... sharlto copley turns up halfway through suddenly, and the film takes an entire different direction. there are entire sections of it that don't hang together,
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and at the end you go, none of it added up. but whilst watching it, i enjoyed it much more than i thought was going to because the individual set pieces. there is one set piece in which a drug lord demands to know from the people who he's holding hostage whether or not they agree that sergeant pepper is the best beatles album. and it's one of those weirdly surreal moments that works. others don't. the film could have lost 20 or 30 minutes. it could have lost one entire thread. it's shambolic, no question, and it's a mess, no question. but it's an entertaining mess, largely because i like the central characters. david oyelowo is absolutely brilliant, and he kind of holds the whole thing together. is sergeant pepper the best beatles album? no. no, 0k. glad we got a verdict there. now, next, you were never really here. this is a kind of vigilante thriller? well, it looks like that but it isn't. it's a lynne ramsay film. lynne ramsay made rat catcher, we need to talk about kevin. she is someone who makes films entirely on her own terms. this is based on a novella byjonathan ames. and the story is that joaquin phoenix is an enforcer,
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somebody who is a hired gun, who specialises in retrieving lost kids, lost teenagers. he is sent at the beginning of the film to get back a senator's missing daughter. that's the mechanics of the plot. however, lynne ramsay isn't really that interested in plot mechanics. what she's interested in is the fact that he's a very damaged character. she described him as somebody who's got what is like a head full of broken glass. and what the film does is it gives you this nominal thriller narrative, but actually it's a very poetic portrait of somebody who's life is falling apart, who's haunted by the ghosts of the past, who's haunted by past abusive traumas. plus it upends your expectation, because you know at the beginning that he's a kind of... he's a hired enforcer, his weapon of choice is a hammer, and yet he loves his mother, he looks after his mother. when they're at home, psycho comes on the television, so you think, "0h, he's norman bates. " but he's not norman bates. later on, shawshank redemption comes on the television, which is very significant if you're a shawshank fan, which i am. the score is byjohnny greenwood, whose work is brilliant. the whole film has this really
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overwhelming sensory experience. it's got a brilliant sound design. see it in a cinema that's playing it loud. and i've now seen it a couple of times, and the first time i found it elliptical, almost hard to follow the plot, but you don't care because what you're following is the characters. second time around i thought, this is proper cinema making. lynne ramsay is an absolute genius, nobody makes films like her. she makes few films, and when she does they are always worth it. as far as i'm concerned, she has a perfect strike rate, and this is already one of my favourite films of the year and we're only in march. wow. yes. now, mom and dad, which sounds very nice, with nicholas cage, but it's actually parents turning quite nasty on their children? yeah. so it's one of those "what if" horror movies, what if parents suddenly decided to turn on their kids, because they've been in this case, we think, infected either by a virus or perhaps by a signal which is coming through the television. it seems to be sort of sent through television distortion. the film is directed by the guy who is one half of neveldine and taylor, who made films
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like crank, who are not known for understatement. so, at the very beginning of the film, it starts as a kind of standard thing, a mother and father and they're resentful of their children's freedoms but they're also very protective. and then this strange, horrific outbreak happens, and the parents turn on their children, but also at the same time remain weirdly, satirically protective. here's a clip. it's not what you think, mr ryan. what are you doing in my house? is my daughter here? carly? joshua? is that dad? iwant dad. we need to leave god damn it. i want to get my backpack. why? fine just get it. we need to talk. 0h, do we need to talk? yeah, we do need to talk you can't be hit. it's not about me and carly, it's about what's happening. i get exactly...what‘s happening. it's called hormones. now, this is one of those films in which nic cage goes full nic cage.
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there is a sequence in which he attacks a pool table, and it ranks alongside, you know, nic cage‘s craziest moments. the reason it works is this. if you have a horror film like this, it has to have a central truth at the heart of it. and the central truth is, these parents basically resent the fact that they — they were once young, crazy, free—spirited, nic cage and some kind of... and now their lives have changed, because they've dedicated themselves to looking after the children. so, although what happens is a sort of supernatural manifestation, it's sort of clawing away at that idea that these resentments are actually real things. it's a really odd film, it's definitely not for everybody. it's very taboo—breaking. it's dealing with a very taboo issue, which is parents turning on children. we've seen plenty of movies with scary children, you know, whether it's village of the dammed, or the excorcist. this is the other way round. and it works, up to a point. it's completely bonkers.
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there are several moments in it when you think, this is just preposterous. but it works because it's got a central core idea, and it's not afraid, you know, to over—crank itself. and i enjoyed it, but i was very aware after watching it, i'm enjoying it as a horrorfan. it's not for everybody. well, i can imagine as a parent you might find it pretty uncomfortable kind of viewing. yeah, and the moments that it works the best are exactly those moments, when it taps into the idea that this is outrageous, this is terrible, but it's tapping into a sort of parental resentment idea, which is a very, very taboo idea. so it's, you know, as i said, not for everybody, but if you're a horrorfan, if you like films like teeth, if you like films like american mary, if you like offbeat, strange, quirky american horror movies, that dare to go into fairly dark places, then i think it's an interesting film. and it is genuinely horrifying, is it? it's genuinely satirically nasty, which is slightly different. 0k. all right, i think we get the distinction. you're not going, i can tell.
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i'm not going, you're absolutely right! what is best out at the moment? fantastic woman, which just won to the oscar for best foreign language film, is a wonderful story about a transgender woman who finds herself shut out of her life when her lover dies and the family descend. it has a brilliant performance by daniela vega, who is just wonderful, really mesmerising, a great screen presence and really carries the movie. sebastian lelio, who directed it, i think does a wonderfuljob of mixing on the one hand, you know, realist, gritty story elements with moments of fantasy. at one point it turns into a sort of musicalfantasia, in which she levitates. there's another moment when she's walking down the street and the wind is blowing, and it's almost like a supernatural wind. and the film is about, you know, finding your identity, finding your place, asserting your name, you know, saying, "i am marina, this is who i am." i've seen it a few times now, and every time i've seen i've seen more in it.
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it's really well worth watching, and it was a deserved oscar winner. so, your recommendation. absolutely. all right, and the best dvd? killing of a sacred deer. killing of a sacred deer is the new film by yorgos lanthimos. it's interesting because it was at cannes the same time the lynne ramsay film was at cannes, and they shared the prize for best screenwriting. this is a very, very odd story about a medic who has a secret in his past. it starts off looking like it's a kind of strange social satire, and then it turns into a full—blooded horror movie. it's more horrifying than anything that's in mom and dad. i mean, it's genuinely disturbing at the end. but it's a film, again, in which it's all to do with the way in which the story is told, rather than the story itself. it makes a very, very interesting double bill with the lynne ramsay movie, and i don't want to say it again but the lynne ramsay movie, everybody has to go and see. there is quite a lot around which blurs horror and social satire. horror is in a fantastic period at the moment. horror is in a period in which it doesn't look like a single genre. we are seeing horror inflecting
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a whole lot of other areas, and obviously... that was my i grew up on horror movies. get out is a movie i absolutely love — if you call that a horror movie. it is absolutely a horror movie. and people started saying it wasn't a horror movie when it got nominated for oscars, because that's always the thing which scares people off. but it is a horror movie, it's in the tradition of ira levin, but it's also a social satire, it has elements of comedy in it. you know, horror can inflect absolutely everything. it is the genre to end all genres. well, it's your favourite genre. it is, absolutely. fair enough. mark, thank you very much indeed. thank you. just a quick reminder before you go that you will find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at although we had rain at times this week and is what we did notice was how mild it got, this 15.3dc both saturday and today, making both days the warmest of the year so far. low
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pressure has always been nearby and it will continue to be as we head towards monday morning. for the short term, it will influence england and wales primarily with bands of showers and rain spiralling around it as we head through the overnight period. some dry interludes. the best of the dry weather will be northern ireland and scotla nd weather will be northern ireland and scotland with clear spells, light winds and it will turn chilly. some list and fog developing by dawn. it won't be quite as cool as it was last night. from monday day itself, a bit of an atrocious start to the morning commute across england and wales. rain, some heavy, spiralling around the country. we will see strong wind setting up across the south—west of england and in towards the channel islands. this could be quite disruptive. the best of the sunshine this
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quite disruptive. the best of the sunshirgae'ill will this quite disruptive. the best of the sunshirzae'g will fin? some for tuesday, we will still have some 2 across for tuesday, we will still have some 5777—7 across 31, east for tuesday, we will still have some if“ across 2 east and for tuesday, we will still have some gm across 31, east and the it mosses off into it masses off into the southfesm continent. the odd shower near continent. the odd shower around amongst sunny spells. a pretty decent afternoon. if you are out in the strong much sunshine, it will fill quite pleasant. 7— ii degrees. on into wednesday, the pressure “— degrees. on into wednesday, the pressure —— low pressure builds in. tightly packed isoba rs. tightly packed isobars. strong southerly winds building in which will bring crowds to western areas. central southern and eastern parts potentially staying dry with some sunshine. fairly mild in the sunshine. fairly mild in the sunshine. single figures where you have to rein in the north and west.
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for the week is for more that showery rain. the double figure values ebb away as we head into next weekend and the start of next week. things are set to cool down. how cool? keep tuned to the weather forecast. i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: china approves the removal of term limits for its leader, paving the way for president xijinping to remain in power indefinitely. wash everything you had with you — the message to english drinkers and diners in the area where a former russian spy was poisoned by a nerve agent. i'm babita sharma in london. also in the programme: amnesty international says the myanmar military are building on razed rohingya villages, in a move it describes as a military [and grab. also coming up: we meet the soccer—playing robots able to learn from their mistakes
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and improve their game every time they play.
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