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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 19, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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won't hold him back. yemen's conflict has had a crippling effect on all its people. the youngest growing up knowing nothing but war. lyse doucet, bbc news, yemen. britain's paralympic team arrived home today after their most successful winter games. menna fitzpatrick and her guide jen kehoe became britain's most decorated winter pa ralympians with 1 gold, 2 silver and a bronze in south korea. our sports correspondent andy swiss reports. cheering and applause. they left as hopefuls, they have returned as history makers. jen kehoe, menna fitzpatrick, plus extra luggage. four medals including the best they saved until last. fitzpatrick, who has less than 5% vision, following her guide to gold in the slalom, now britain's most decorated winter paralympians, they told me it is barely sinking in. it means everything to me. i have always had a dream since i was little, to come away with a medal in the paralympic games. and 2018 was always that goal,
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ever since i first started. so, i am immensely proud to have done it. hopefully it will inspire others to go out there and do the same and get out and try something, you never know where it is going to lead. this is a simulation of what fitzpatrick sees when she is skiing. following her guide's bright orange bib at up to 70 miles an hour. for her parents, who first took her skiing when she was five, how things have changed. she used to follow me down the slope, wearing a bright orange coat. she described it as following an orange blob down the slope. she used to shout at me to wait for her and now i am having to shout to her to wait for me. we are as proud as punch, aren't we, we are proud as punch. yeah. absolutely. we haven't stopped smiling all week! and the pair are already targeting the next games. for now, though, they say they will celebrate with a cup of tea. andy swiss, bbc news, heathrow.
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newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments. that is all from us. it is time for the news were you are. have a good night. hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm james pearce. the headlines this evening: back on home soil. britain's winter pa ralympians return, showing off the seven medals that they've won between them. a return too for new scotland manager alex mcleish.
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he holds his first training session with his players since he returned to the job. and we'll explain why daddy pig made andy murray laugh in the middle of the night. good evening. great britain's athletes have arrived home from the winter paralympics after hitting their medals target by winning seven. leading the way at heathrow were gold medallists menna fitzpatrick and her guide jennifer keyhoe. they won more than half of the team's seven medals. earlier, i spoke to penny briscoe, the team's chef de mission, when she was at heathrow and began by asking her how happy she was with the team's overall performance. we went into the game expecting a strong showing on snow and ice. fact
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that the wheelchair curlers didn't deliver is disappointing. but talking to the direct those of the sports, they are working time strategy. there is an awareness that we need to develop strength and depth across all of the sports that are competing on the winter para sport programme. we've hit the medals target. moreover, there were a number of personal best and many strong performances across a number of personal best and many strong performances across the team. what a debut for her. i think confidence grew over the programme. we knew the potential was there. both millie and mena delivered against that potential. the former premier league winner and current bbc pundit chris sutton has said that he doesn't expect luke shaw to be at manchester united next season. the defender was criticised by managerjose mourniho for his performance during the weeekend's fa cup win over brighton. ido i do think it's part and parcel of
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professional sport, you know, players take personal responsibility as well, that there seems to be something in this mourinho— sure thing, we are not party to what goes on in that. but it does seem that mourinho has an agenda against luke shaw. if you have an agenda, don't play him. he could have played ashley young, he brought him on at half—time. you feel that united have to win, play your strongest teams. the scotland squad has trained for the first time since alex mcleish began his second spell as manager. they were forced indoors by the extreme weather as they prepared for friday's friendly against costa rica at hampden park and next tuesday's away game in hungary. alistair lamont was there. a smattering of applause from his players for alex mcleish‘s opening address. but the game the acclaim of the nation, the hard work starts now. this is the first of four days of training for alex mcleish‘s scotla nd of training for alex mcleish‘s scotland squad ahead of friday's friendly against costa rica. four
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daysin friendly against costa rica. four days in which he must shape this squad in his image with the help of his coaches, peter grant and james mcfadden. but that and played under mcleish during his first stint at scotland. he outlined his managerial credentials. he's a great man, a good man manager, that is his strength. he knows the game. he is knowledgeable and he has the hunger to go and succeed. i enjoyed working under him as a player, he always got the best out of me. and he will get the best out of me. and he will get the best out of me. and he will get the best out of this group of players, there's no doubt about that. this group of players includes some untested talent at this level. manchester united's scott mcconnell read perhaps the highest profile of those hoping to be part of a scottish renaissance. we need to start talking that up and bringing that belief that young players can come in and impressed and express themselves. i was one myself, and i
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didn't, you know, listen when people said that you couldn't used off. i would never come in with that attitude —— you couldn't do stuff. i wa nt to attitude —— you couldn't do stuff. i want to go and achieve something for scotland. that is also top of alex mcleish‘s list of priorities, expect a considerable level of experimentation in the upcoming friendlies as he tries to identify the players he can count upon when it really matters. rugby union, and the bath and england back anthony watson will miss the rest of the season with an achilles injury. he was withdrawn after 3a minutes of england's six nations defeat to ireland on saturday, and he's expected to be out for around six months. that will rule him out of the tour injune to south africa. wales have named justin tipuric in their sevens squad for the upcoming commonwealth games. back row tipuric played in all five of wales' six nations matches — scoring against italy, too. he's joined in the squad for the gold coast by fellow 15s member hallam amos. after missing the six nations with a knee injury, it's been confirmed that wales scrum—half rhys webb is out for the rest of the season.
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the 29—year—old may well have played his last match for club and country as he leaves ospreys to join toulon in the summer. here is a fairly bizarre story. world rugby are investigating belgium's world cup qualifying win over spain in brussels. the match referee was romanian — and spain's defeat meant that romania took the automatic qualifying spot, with spain having to face the play—offs if they are to reach next year's tournament in japan. the spanish players were furious at a number of decisions, and confronted the referee at full time. world rugby said it was in contact with rugby europe to understand the "context of events". rory mcilroy is the new favourite for the masters, after picking up his first tournament win for 18 months. he said he played a "perfect round of golf" at the arnold palmer invitational in florida, closing with a 64 to finish three shots clear of the field. he sank five birdies in his last six holes, and said he'd been missing the buzz of playing so well. all these little barriers that you
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have to overcome, whether it be physical or mental, you know, it's huge for my confidence going into the next few weeks. you know, i kept saying i didn't need a win going into what buster, i felt into what buster, ifelt like i had a chance, i just into what buster, ifelt like i had a chance, ijust wanted to see signs of good golf, thankfully i've been able to get both today —— going into augusta. of course the other big story from that event was the continued resurgence of tiger woods. he finished tied for fifth at bay hill, after a second place the week before. his return to the game has reenergised the sport, and he's been explaining how he was continuing to overcome the back problems that interrupted his career. i don't know anyone who's had a lower back fusion who can go north of 120 mph. though there's really no one i can go to one something like that. i'm very young to have this
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surgery. that. i'm very young to have this surgery. the average age is 68. and i was pretty young at a1. so, you know, i had to do this and feel, and ice will come. the good news is, i'm trusting my hands, my hands are telling me what to do —— and i still will. it's like baseball, you just trust your hands. that's how i grew up trust your hands. that's how i grew up playing and that's what i'm doing now. he hoping he's got a good few yea rs now. he hoping he's got a good few years ahead of him. and so does this man. england bowler stuart broad has told the bbc that he has no plans to retire from international cricket any time soon. england are preparing for the first test against new zealand, which gets under way in the early hours of thursday morning. broad is 31, but he already has set his sights on next year's ashes series. i've got a great hunger to play. as i say, i've had a tough ashes tour, i've got to go —— a lot of hunger to get in this england team, stay in
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this england team and have a lot of success. that certainly includes the next ashes series and that sort of thing. at 31, i've, touch wood, got quite a bit of cricket left in me. before i go, a little bit of fun. now, have a look at this. the comedian michael mcintyre breaking into andy murray's hotel room. it's not as sinister as it sounds... it's all in aid of sport relief. here he is, andy murray, fast asleep. in goes michael mcintyre, this is what happens next... and there! —— andy welcome to the sport relief midnight game show! with sir andy murray! morning, and there! how are you, mate? foryourfavourite andy murray! morning, and there! how are you, mate? for yourfavourite tv show, please identify this person. he wins it? —— who is it? laughter i'm going to have to take your first
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a nswer i'm going to have to take your first answer on this! that is that the big! well done, that's brilliant! daddy paid yet say hi five! for those of you about to go to bed, i hope you get a better nights sleep than andy murray had! that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are polly mackenzie, director of demos. and kevin schofield, editor of politics home. welcome to both of you. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. so let's take a look at them, starting with... the i, which leads with the agreement reached in brussels
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today on the brexit transition period, highlighting that a deal on the irish border is far from settled. the metro calls the deal a "breakthrough", saying both sides had to make compromises to reach it. but the telegraph says it's a betrayal for fishermen as the eu will maintain fishing rights in uk waters during that transition period. the financial times features a picture of the agreement being announced, but its lead is the news uber has suspended its driverless cars programme following a fatal crash in the us. the top story in the express is a new treatment for age—related blindness which it claims could be a sight—saver for thousands. news of tv star ant mcpartlin‘s arrest on drink—driving charges and the announcement he'll be stepping down from his presenting duties for alcohol treatment is the sun's lead. the main story on the front page of the times is the claim a british company accused of interfering
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in elections is also facing accusations of blackmail and bribery against politicians — claims the firm strenuously deny. whilst the guardian features an image taken from secret filming of cambridge analytical‘s chief executive talking about the firm's operation. blog about. brexit dominating the front pages in the light of the agreement reached in brussels. kevin, take us to the telegraph. they are going big on the fishing deal, what the deal that isn't, at this point. yes, the deal that they have agreed is essentially that they have agreed is essentially that britain will remain to all intents and purposes within the eu's fishing rules, essentially, through the transition period, which runs until the end of 2020. now, this has
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caused a massive backlash, especially among scottish conservative mps. if you by the election last year, the did well in scotland. they got 13 mps in total. it is worth remembering that there are more scottish tory mps than there are do you —— dup mps. they do wield quite a lot of power if they are upset, which they clearly are, on this. one of the great slogans in scotla nd on this. one of the great slogans in scotland during the general election last year was, vote tory, get fish. the whole point was that they would go down to westminster and fight ha rd to go down to westminster and fight hard to make sure that after brexit scottish fishermen would get access to their own waters without eu fishermen coming in as well. this transition deal clearly is not going to happen at least until after... transition deal clearly is not going to happen at least until aftermm might change in a year and 18 month's might change in a year and 18 months time. might change in a year and 18 month's time. clearly


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