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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 20, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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can you hear me? three years ago, vicky labrecque was cycling to work when she was knocked off her bike by a lorry. vicky, what we're going to do now is we're going to give you an anaesthetic. her life was saved thanks to a pioneering medical technique carried out at the roadside. so we really need to then crack on and get her into the ambulance and get her to the royal london as quick as we can. i mean, if it hadn't been for the air ambulance then i wouldn't be here because they're the only people that do this procedure and, if that hadn't happened, then i would definitely be dead. they managed to save her life, but the surgeon, tom koenig, wasn't able to save her leg. now, three years later, he will be part a team of medics and patients heading to the sahara to raise money for the air ambulance. running alongside will be another cyclist, who also owes her life to london air ambulance. i remember it happening. i remember going under the wheel, hello and welcome to trying to get the wheel off, sportsday, i'm hugh ferris. the headlines tonight. trying to speak to the driver afterwards to say sorry, ashley young backs his manchester united manager after a tumltuous few days because i thought i was going to die on the sidelines and in front and he would have to live with that. of the cameras forjose mourinho. chloe baker, now a doctor, was a medical student heather watson suffers a first when she was knocked off her bike round defeat at the miami open. 11 years ago. the pilot who came to rescue her a sixth consecutive loss remembers that day vividly.
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for the news where you are. for the british number two. this patient was self—diagnosing and first the analysis. herself and she, being a medic of some sort, knew what she thought she'd done, which is really rare, and we've never really heard of before. for chloe, just over 15 minutes to get a trauma team now the apologies. service right next to her, danny care says england let their fans down in their worst i think that makes a massive six nations campaign. here on bbc one, it's time hello again. thanks forjoining us. jose mourinho may well be enjoying the international break more than most club managers. it gives him a little while out of the spotlight. following a defeat last week, the manchester united manager ranted uninterrupted for 12 minutes. following a win at the weekend he criticised his own defender luke shaw. which prompted suggestions mourinho‘s style might be outdated. well united and england defender ashley young has backed his boss.
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our sports editor dan roan has been with the england squad at st george's park. just 13 weeks to go until the start of the world cup in russia. important friendly‘s this week against first the netherlands and then back at wembley against italy. as ever winning grammy appear at st georges park there are also club issues to discuss. not least the jose mourinho, manchester united's manager's treatment of his young left back, luke shaw, who was called off at half—time during their fa cup win over brighton. at the weekend. mourinho is very outspoken in his criticism of shaw. it has led to criticism of shaw... ithas led to . . ff ”i of i? "i of him been criticised in some has been criticised in some ashley is the has been criticised in some ashley- is the man quarters? ashley young is the man who came on in shock‘s place. against brighton. earlier on i asked him about mourinho‘s managing style. i won't comment on that situation. it's obviously between the manager
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and the player. but for me, like i said, the manager has been successful at every club he has been at. i think you'll be successful if didn't have to handle your players, and he wants us to work and as players you know you've got to get them to work hard in games. and when you can laugh and joke you have a laugh and joke, he's got both sides to them and i think that is the best way for managers to work. ashley young has had to work hard to convince mourinho of his work. he struggled to have his opportunities last season. this campaign it has been entirely different. establishing himself as the manager's first choice left back. he has been rewarded with a return to the england fold. gareth southgate brought him back into his squad. the last time. now he returns again. he has a genuine opportunity to be the first choice for his country? in russia this summer. men tend to be brought back into the england fold after four years away. i think i have shown this season that would've
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left back or right back or a winner or wherever i have played i have gone on and played well. gain the benefits and rewards of obviously being in the squad. well ashley young is now one ofjust two left—backs in the england squad for the friendlies against the netherlands and italy. southampton‘s ryan bertrand has withdrawn from both matches. the defender has a back injury. and he's returned to his club as a precautionary measure. young and danny rose are the other left—backs in gareth southgate's squad. wales' footballers are in naning ahead of their opening match of the china cup. the star attraction gareth bale was given a rapturous reception from local fans, eager to catch a glimpse of the real madrid forward. just a warning that there is some flash photography in tomos dafydd's report. bale mania has reached china. here, there is no doubting his popularity. for one of world football's big stars, this chaos is the normal. and
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for the organisers of the chinakhov, his presence here in valuable. he arrived a day later than his team—mates because of club commitments. but for these fans, it was worth the wait. how was it to meet gareth bale? very exciting. very emotional. cristiano ronaldo. messi, and then there is bale, topley. he made it to be stadium for the first training session. it is there his team will take on china on thursday. but the players admit, they don't know much about their hosts. we haven't looked into them too much yet, but we are turning to look at some clips. i'm so that is what training will be today. how we're going to play against them. organisers of the chinakhov say having a side of wales bottas
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stature can only raise the profile of their national team. having the likes of the gareth bale and ryan giggs your has caught the public imagination. with all 60,000 tickets sold for thursday's match. tomos daffyd reporting. professor richard mclaren, the author of the key report into russian state—sponsored, believes theraputic use exemptions shouldn't be scrapped in sport. but in an exclusive interview with our correspondent david ornstein. professor mclaren did say that tue's are being abused. i wouldn't necessarily go to the stand of saying it is a crisis, but it is an area that needs to be addressed and i think that the system operates quite differently in different parts of the world as well. and that depends on who the medical practitioners are that provide an approved of these. again, that gun—control and they can reject the issuing of a tue but they don't do that very often. in fact the
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system is too big and there are many —— too many tues for them to be an effective regulator of the system. heather watson suffered a sixth straight defeat as she was knocked out of the miami open tennis in the first round the british number two was beaten by brazil's beatriz haddad maia. who's eight places higher than watson in the world rankings. in straight sets. defending championjohanna konta has a bye into round two. england scrum half danny care admits the team "let the fans down" in their dismal six nations campaign. england finished second from bottom of the table after losing their final three matches. compounded at twickenham on saturday as ireland won the grand slam. some have called for widespread changes within the england setup. but care says the situation is a positive wake up call for the team. if we would have won another six nations or one all the games, maybe we will still be in the cloud where everything is great. as players it has been a tough last eight weeks. we have training dudley hart. do not
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see the results that we have been seeing, we have probably been spoiled with the winds and the manner of the wins we have had. probably the last couple of years the decisions have gone our way, this yearfor the decisions have gone our way, this year for whatever reason it did not. now we have a look at ourselves and work at how we get better. but the one thing we have to do is stick together. wales wing george north has been "disciplined" by his club northampton for missing a training session. saints coach alan gaffney suggested after their defeat to sale on third march that north did not want to play. he's returning to play his club rugby in wales in the summer. but northampton say he is available to play in their final five fixtures. ronnie o'sullivan is through to the quarterfinals of the players championship after a 6—1victory over graeme dott. the rocket rarely looked troubled, easing through comfortably in the end. he'll face china's ding junhui in the last eight in llandudno. billyjoe saunders' wbo middleweight title defence against fellow englishman martin murray has been postponed untiljune champion saunders injured his
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hand while training. the fight, which was scheduled for 1h april at london's 02 arena, is now set to take place on 23june at the same venue. england all—rounder ben stokes has played a full part in training ahead of the first test against new zealand, which starts on thursday. he was unable to bowl in last week's warm—up match in hamilton because of a stiff back, but if he isn't fit for the test, craig overton could be called up in his place. it is going to be an interesting couple of days. all i have got to do is put the preparation and to be ready for that game as it comes. i'm thick, beasley does today's and how much i missed out was a bit sore. it an unfortunate thing. back lingo for last few days and it has been really good since then. the london stadium could be hosting both cricket and baseball next summer both cricket and baseball next summer after something of a false start next year. the mlb are ‘very close' to agreeing
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to play regular season games there, which won't affect plans to also host 2019 cricket world cup matches at what is now west ham's home stadium. the games could involved the new york yankees and boston red sox. and if the fixtures take place, they would be the first major league baseball games hosted in europe. that's all from sportsday. thanks very much indeed forjoining us. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are former trade minister, lord digbyjones and broadcaster and campaigner, henry bonsu.
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many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the ft reports that facebook is set to face questions from us regulators about how data from its users were leaked to cambridge analytica, the uk company that worked for donald trump's election campaign. the guardian claims it laid a key role in bringing him into power. the i says facebook‘s founder, mark zuckerberg has been called to parliament to give evidence on privacy and fake news. the daily telegraph has an interview with a british surgeon based who help direct operations in the syrian city of aleppo via the web, who fears that the hacking of his computer led to a hospital being bombed by suspected russian jets. the daily melts as a per plant to transform care for the elderly was
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unveiled byjeremy hunt today. meanwhile the daily express says there are calls for the health and social care secretary to solve the ca re social care secretary to solve the care crisis at a social workers conference. a mixture of stories there. but plenty on cambridge analytica and facebook. of course. digby, the eye, let's start with them. the uk demands answers from zuckerberg. he seems to be in the dark on this. do you think there will be answers from facebook from him? not from him. i'm not saying there'll satisfactory answers, but i think facebook will deliver the usual general counsel or operations directed to the select committee. i cannot see zuckerberg coming over. i think he should. facebook is this lovely, wonderful thing isn't it? the moment, that is what he enables is. i would hope they would. one thing i think you should distinguish is between the single domain essential part of this
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which was data given either legitimately or intentionally by an organisation to another organisation with or without consent, or with the same but for a different person, purpose. give that to an organisation to use it in a way which others would want. the problem isi which others would want. the problem is i think the second part is going to swa p is i think the second part is going to swap it. which is it was used for donald trump. it will all be about my modem. if it wasn't about to jumping somebody else have these newspapers would make the same headline out of this. it is that bit that they are all going wild about. i think it should be overran. the thing they should be wild about is this organisation called facebook has let down the customers big—time. there are going wild about it. people are getting very exercised about it on both sides. at the atlantic, we've got a millennial generation and people are casual about sharing their data and putting every aspect of their lives on facebook, twitter, on instagram. because they think there is no harm asa because they think there is no harm as a result of it. what seems to be the case here is that people are
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making huge amounts of money out of it, facebook through advertising, there are gateway companies that use global research and global science research organisation run by haemorrhage in diversity, no relation between him
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