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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 22, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm GMT

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after the nerve agent attack. theresa may is expected to tell fellow eu leaders that the russia threat does not respect borders, at a summit in brussels tonight. it's thought she's urging other countries to agree a strong response following the poisoning in salisbury. anger from some conservative mps, as it's reported britain's post—brexit passport will be manufactured in the eu. the government says it was a fair and open competition. and one year on from the westminster bridge attack, a memorial is lit to remember all those affected by last year's terrorism in the capital. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday — but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7 o'clock, beyond 100 days has more on the huge tariffs imposed by the us on china. and why president trump is saying it'sjust the beginning. why this popular snack is probably way worse for your health than you think. find out why the humble blueberry
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muffin is concerning through the experiences of two teenage girls. who was exposed to the novichok nerve agent, has been discharged from hospital. here is cara charles—barks, chief executive of salisbury nhs foundation trust, making that announcement. i'm pleased to say that sergeant nick bailey's condition has now improved and he was discharged from salisbury district hospital this afternoon. i personally want to wish
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and??? fa’m'k' well. ii; i " ' ff tea? 5 of fit} fad not patient confidentiality, andflgt to patient confidentiality, andflat to go into any further detail able to go into any further detail regarding nick's condition or his treatment. we still have two patients here at the hospital and there condition remained critical, at stable. our staff will continue to work around the clock to provide them with the very best care and we will continue to keep you updated regarding their progress. wiltshire police chief constable kier pritchard also read a statement on behalf of detective sergeant nick bailey, explaining his experience. people ask how i'm feeling. there are really no words to explain howl feel right now. surreal is the word that keeps popping up, and it really
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has been completely surreal. i have been so very overwhelmed by the support, cards and messages i have received. everyone has been so incredible. some days, we've had about 300 messages from officers, the wider police family and the public. the level of support has been unbelievable. and i've tried to respond to what i can. but i want to say i have really appreciated every single message. the words of detective sergeant nick bailey read out from his fleece co nsta ble. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome. the headlines tonight. 58 all out, england's slumped to their worst total in test cricket as new zealand ripped
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through the batters on day one of the first test in auckland. all hail gareth bale. a hat—trick in china helps him break in rush‘s goal—scoring record, he is on 29 after his efforts in the 6—0 win. when i was a little boy, i never dream to being a record breakerfor wales but now it is an incredible honour and is definitely one of the best things i have achieved in my career. and gareth southgate says he has no interest in what the foreign secretary has disabled after boris johnson agreed with the claim that vladimir putin will use the world cup asa vladimir putin will use the world cup as a propaganda tool. we will hear from the england cup as a propaganda tool. we will hearfrom the england manager later. hello, thanks for joining
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hello, thanks forjoining us. we will start with the deer in headlights in auckland. hoedt and embarrassed is how coach trevor baylis described his england team so i don't know how fans felt, they stayed up all night to see it went all out forjust 58 stayed up all night to see it went all out for just 58 and stayed up all night to see it went all out forjust 58 and a one of the first test against new zealand. and it could have been even t' have — in. the captain i root
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all be, maeen 3 , " of form. we maeen 3 , " all farm. outer maeen z . , " of farm. out” touch. sen i . . ~ of farm. out” touch. he i . . ~ ali, out of form, out of touch, he let a full toss slip breakthrough. perhaps it brought back memories for stuart broad, he once finished australia of for 60, that day, it was england making grabs in the field, this was a worse surprise. if it was not for craig overton, it could have been less than 30. the bowler reached the crease at 27—9, heaving his way to some respect. the problem was onlyjimmy and a somewhat left for company, but he wouldn't hang around for long. and at the end, england could not blame the conditions. new zealand showed they were not a problem. they closed they were not a problem. they closed the day with three times the runs and kane williamson close to a century. a bleak test match surely lies ahead, on a bleak day for
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english cricket. this is the scorecard after the first day, it is dismal leading, england all out with trent boult and tim southee doing the damage for the black caps. new zealand 175—3 thanks to captain kane williamson's 9i zealand 175—3 thanks to captain kane williamson's 91 not out, a lead of 117. shukh williamson's 91 not out, a lead of ii7. shukh broad took the wicket of tom latham to reach 400 so at least one right moment for the tourists de stuart broad. for england, it was their sixth lowest total in test history. and it would have been worse without craig overton because it is 58, number six, but 27—9. had that wicket falling before his onslaught, it would have been right at the top list. they say bowlers win you games and batsmen stop you losing it. for england, they need both for and avoidance of defeat in auckland. some reaction has been
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apocalyptic. this is from the daily telegraph cricket correspondent who has seen it all before. it was of course a day night test in auckland, the first in new zealand. and the bbc sport cricket correspondent wa nts to bbc sport cricket correspondent wants to remind stuart broad's achievement should not be forgotten. is second in the all—time list of england's test bowlers. michael vaughan was not out there but was asleep and he woke up and he was a little bit shocked he said... that is not a number in and want for the rest of the day. but england to admit theirfailings, rest of the day. but england to admit their failings, this rest of the day. but england to admit theirfailings, this is rest of the day. but england to admit their failings, this is from the official england account... graeme swann is out there and part of the bbc‘s commentary team. he has his own assessment and he has been speaking to us. well, it was sunday for england cricket and not
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particularly good. graeme swann, former england spinner, what you make of it, it seemed fairly unbelievable? i can say when a team is out for 50, it is better when it is out for 50, it is better when it is australia and england is on the plus side. it wasjust incredible, the sun is out, not a bad day for batting, trent boult played well but england didn't turn up, their feet didn't get out of the crease, a lot when nicked from behind the crease. trent boult bowling well, tim southee backing him up. obviously getting just over 50 is not good enough. if it was not for craig overton with 33 not out, 27—9 at one point. it was almost comic and i said, ican point. it was almost comic and i said, i can take the make out my friends in years to come! no laughing matter at the moment. saying on social media that somebody‘s head has to roll, somebody‘s head has to roll, somebody is culpable, somebody has to be responsible, but not quite that straightforward. no, people
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calling for the coach to be sacked and this and that but england just batted terribly. i have been in teams where that happens sometimes. the juggernaut of destruction comes away and you can't stop it. and i have been the bowling team and it is going your way and you really have to wicket every ball. stuart broad rolled through new zealand in the same way a couple of years ago. don't say people have to go, somebody must be to blame, nobody is to blame, collectively, england's didn't bat well enough and they have to learn from how well trent ault bowled and how well kane williamson batted. somehow try and get something out of this game. england will come here tomorrow hoping for an infinitely better day. the challenge with kane williamson very much in is how they can possibly turn the chip around. from auckland, it starts again at iam in the morning. gareth bale has broken wales's all—time goal—scoring record with a hat—trick in their 6—0
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win in china today taking him to 29 for his country. he has been a talisman for years and was in this centre of things today. but he was not the only one turning heads. they have never seen anything like it. ina they have never seen anything like it. in a city of 6 million, a small band of 700 travelling fans make themselves heard. i know china is maybe going to be losing. wales has bale. but it is my country, it is my hometown, represent china! cardiff lad living here for the last 12. i'm so lad living here for the last 12. i'm so lucky because i got this right on my doorstep. there is plenty of interest in the fans here, as for the players, they treated —— they are treated like gods. they worship gareth bale and his every touch was cheered on by an
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adoring crowd who didn't have to wait long for him to shine. you lead it china's defender stig of wales the perfect start after a couple of minutes. she lead it. his 27th in wales shirt, to go to equal the goal—scoring record of ian rush. he did that moments later. 2—0 on the night thanks to bale's 28 goal for his country. the decision to play in the far east at a crucial time for clu bs the far east at a crucial time for clubs has been questioned by some and you could just imagine the hierarchic real madrid wincing. wales in total control, extending their lead with this touch from sam vo kes, their lead with this touch from sam vokes, the ball just their lead with this touch from sam vokes, the balljust beyond the reach of the keeper. the new manager wa nted reach of the keeper. the new manager wanted to give you the chance and harry wilson, on his first start, produced this, a stunning first goal for his country. what a way to celebrate your 21st birthday! 4—0 at the break, easy. second half and having scored the fourth, harry wilson created the fifth ball vokes.
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with the golfing talent on the pitch, gareth bale had the perfect platform to score his way into the record books. his third on the night, 29th of his career at no one has scored more for wales. the home side nearly had a consolation, but the night belonged to wales. so satisfying start to rain kicks‘s tenure and again gareth bale will treasure forever. wales can look forward to facing uruguay or the czech republic in a final on monday. amazing. and my daughter's birthday today. so happy birthday to her. it is disappointing i can't be with her but great individually to get the record. but always the most important thing is the team plays well and under the new manager, it is important to get off to a good start. you have to enjoy the girls,
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fantastic goals. and brilliant landmarks as well. chris gunter been the most capped outfield player, fantastic achievement, and bale, what can you say. breaking someone might ian rush's record, one of the greatest goal—scorers that has ever lived and breaking his record, fantastic achievement. more on this with former wales striker nathan blake, in cardiff. what a way for gareth bale to break the record with a hat—trick! gareth bale to break the record with a hat-trick! is, you have to say he was fantastic. not a significant game. i think the moment and the occasion. the fact we found out after the game it was his daughter's birthday. it would have been a real special moment for gareth. wonderful moment for welsh football.|j special moment for gareth. wonderful moment for welsh football. i suppose for ryan giggs, this is a player who knows what it is like for bale to be in the spotlight. every touch from bale cheered to the rafters by the chinese fans in the stadium so he
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can shepherd him through a crucial partnership between those two. absolutely. it is going to be absolutely crucial, the partnership, in future. if you get gareth onside, the rest of ; “ii: follow. in future. if you get gareth onside, the rest of £ follow. he's esuperstar. i ii ,, , ? superstar. the ~ , § superstar. the younger! such a superstar. the younger players coming through, if they see the star man playing at such a high level of performance, they going to wa nt to level of performance, they going to want to follow. and try and copy and emulate what he is doing. all round for ryan, a great day. wales have had fantastic individual players in the past, not least ryan giggs. mark hughes, ian rush, the record gareth bale broke today. is it too early to have a conversation about the greatest wales player and whether bale will have an interest in that pa rt bale will have an interest in that part of the conversation?” bale will have an interest in that part of the conversation? i don't think so, he is up there, in the top two, three. it is going to be down
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to the individual, the choice. john charles is still thought to be the greatest. that is because he played different positions, upfront and at the back. and his wonderful career injuventus. the back. and his wonderful career in juventus. but the back. and his wonderful career injuventus. but it is up for debate. some would say gareth bale, those who have never seen the likes ofjohn charles, like myself, others might say ryan giggs. so down be individual choice, i feel. save might say ryan giggs. so down be individual choice, ifeel. save that conversation for later, but good taught you about gareth bale's big day. thank you. more football coming up and also, the formula i more football coming up and also, the formula 1 season roars back into action down under with lewis hamilton ready to remove —— renew his rivalry with sebastian vettel, the opening race in melbourne. great experience to ray sebastian vettel, he has the most titles of any other
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driver and this is an exciting year for formula i driver and this is an exciting year for formula 1 fans. all that,. first, it will and manager gareth southgate says his team and every other national side will not be viewing the world cup this summer as a political showpiece. earned victory borisjohnson suggested russia's president vladimir putin is likening the world cup to hitler's use of the 1936 olympics. southgate says his team is looking at it from sporting point of view alone.|j think the rest of the world is viewing it that way. i mean, it is of little interest to me what the foreign secretary thinks about it. but i was in russia last year for the confederations cup, i think there were about 15,000 fans from chile. it was an incredible atmosphere in the stadium. the stadiums were brilliant, the facilities and training grounds were excellent. it didn't feel like any
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other, it felt like the world cup i have been to, sorry, in terms of the experience within the stadiums and the atmosphere for the games. charlie mulgrew will captain scotla nd charlie mulgrew will captain scotland in tomorrow's family with costa rica at hampden park. the blackburn defender will win his 33rd cap in blackburn after scott brown announced his international retirement and the scotland boss believes he is the right man for the job. he really looks a class act. in that particular league. we know that he has played at the top level and that the scotland international is routine for charlie. and we want him to help the younger kids run about, the younger guys coming into the tea m the younger guys coming into the team may be for the first time. we have got potentially ten new caps. but charlie is a good leader. and i think he deserves to be captain.
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manchester united have terminated the contract of zlatan ibrahimovic who is expected to move to mls and joined the la galaxy. managerjose mourinho has agreed to release ibrahimovic from his deal which expires at the end ofjune, the striker has struggled to recover from a serious knee injury since extending his stay at old trafford earlier this season. after many years of pressure, manchester united hope to set up a senior women's team for the first time since 2005. they have submitted an application to the super league and if they are successful, they will play in the second tier from next season. what is important is, that lying in manchester united's statement about the quality of setup. when the women start playing for manchester united, let's make sure they do have that quality. across the community setup, the girls teams did not have the same platform as the boys teams, there were stories about being kicked off training pitches and not
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having the same equipment, so it is important that they live up to that. some of the day's other sports news 110w some of the day's other sports news now and ireland will qualify for the 2019 cricket world cup if they beat afghanistan tomorrow following a surprise defeat for the hosts zimbabwe in harare. they would have secured a top two spot, but they fell just three runs secured a top two spot, but they felljust three runs short of their target. and in cape town, at dean elgar hit his 11th test century as south africa finished the third test against australia on 266—8. the series is currently tied at one win apiece. judge trump isn't the players championship finals in snooker after thrashing neal robertson. he took just over two hours to win the tournament which included one century break. trump faces ronnie o'sullivan in the last four.
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