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this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at1 pm. the australia cricket captain steve smith and vice captain david warner are to stand down over the ball—tampering scandal. the australian prime minister expressed his anger. this is a shocking disappointment, and it's wrong, and i look forward to cricket australia taking decisive action. an extra 3,000 midwives are to be trained in england to ease staff shortages and improve care. catalonia's former president carles puigdemont is arrested in germany after crossing the borderfrom denmark. also coming up this hour, france remembers the police officer and three other people killed in the terror attack on friday a memorial service has been held in the tiny southern french town of trebes, led by the bishop of carcassonne. and the travel show team
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will visit one of australia's must see destinations. that's in half an hour's time here on bbc news. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. the australian prime minister malcolm turnbull has urged the country's cricket authorities to take "decisive action" after some australian players were involved in a ball tampering scandal. captain steve smith, who said he knew of the plan in advance, has agreed to stand down from his position for the rest of the match, along with his vice—captain. batsman cameron bancroft has admitted he interfered with the ball during the third test against south africa. from sydney, phil mercer reports? play has resumed in cape town with australia fighting to avoid
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defeat in the third test but off the field some of its players are battling to save their careers. they have been caught cheating and back home the nation is reeling with shock and embarrassment. just how cameron bancroft thought he could get away with tampering with the ball, using sticky tape and dirt, in front of dozens of tv cameras, is unclear. i saw an opportunity to potentially use some tape, get some granules from the rough patches on the wicket, and try to, i guess, change the ball condition. his captain, steve smith, who was part of the conspiracy, has agreed to stand down for the remainder of the match along with his deputy david warner. i'm not proud of what's happened. you know, it's not within the spirit of the game. my integrity, the team's integrity...
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both men will continue to play under an interim skipper. there is, though, mounting pressure for smith to quit. cricket australia, the governing body, is sending two senior officials to south africa to investigate the scandal. the prime minister, malcolm turnbull, said he shared his country's disappointment. it seemed completely beyond belief that the australian cricket team had been involved in cheating. after all, our cricketers are role models, and cricket is synonymous with fair play. 0n social media there was more disbelief and anger. the former australian skipper michael clarke hoped it was alljust a bad dream, while other retired players said the game had taken a devastating blow. tampering with the ball using so—called foreign objects is strictly prohibited in cricket. there are legal ways
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to alter the condition of one side of the ball to help it swing or move unpredictably through the air. in this case, australia has crossed the line. cricket is australia's national sport, and many fans could well be asking themselves one simple yet searching question of steve smith and some of his team—mates. just what were they thinking? phil mercer, bbc news, sydney. we will be discussing this in a few minutes with jim we will be discussing this in a few minutes withjim maxwell, australian cricket commentator, who has been following the match for us in cape town, he will be joining following the match for us in cape town, he will bejoining us in a couple of minutes to give us his thoughts on the ball tampering scandal. the government says it's creating more than 3000 training places on midwifery courses in england over the next four years. it says it's the "largest ever"
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increase in the number of nhs midwives and maternity staff. but there are concerns that this may not be enough to solve acute staffing problems, as our health correspondent, catherine burns reports. currently women can see several different midwives during their pregnancy but the department of health and social care wants to change that. it's pledging that by 2021 most women will have a named midwife throughout. that continuity is expected to be safer for mothers and babies. so the government is planning a 25% increase in training places starting with 650 extra places next year. if we are going to have what we call the continuity of carer, the same team of midwives, we think that could potentially save 700 babies‘ lives every year and potentially prevent 500 babies being born with brain damage, but it needs more midwives. until last year training midwives and nurses in england got a bursary. that was scrapped last summer so they now have to pay tuition fees like other students. if you try to deliver continuity of carer without sufficient midwives, all you get is burnt out
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midwives so we do need these numbers and that is why we welcome these extra 3000. it will take a while for those numbers to come through. there already are not enough nhs midwives in england. estimates put the shortfall at around 3500. over the last five years the number of midwives leaving or retiring has outstripped the numbers of newly qualified joiners. the government has announced a new pay deal for nhs staff in england with an increase of at least 6.5% over three years. that may go some way towards dealing with staffing issues but unless the nhs gets better at keeping staff, the extra training places may only have a limited impact. catherine burns, bbc news. the former catalan president, carles puidgemont, has been arrested in germany. his lawyer says he was
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detained when he crossed the borderfrom denmark. mr puidgemont fled to belgium following a banned independence referendum in the catalan city of barcelona last october. a warrant was issued by the spanish authorities for his arrest across europe on friday. let's speak to our correspondent in berlin, damien mcguinness. what more do we know about him being arrested? it seems that he was attending a conference in fenland this week, arrived there on thursday, while he was there, spanish authorities reissued this european arrest warrant which they originally released a few months ago, cancelled, now reissued, and that meant that while he was in transit from finland, back to belgium, where he was living in self—imposed exile, he was then arrested, crossing the borderfrom denmark, into germany, via germany, back on towards brussels. right now, he's being held by german police, detained by german police, in a small town in northern germany.
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lawyers say it is not clear how long he will be held there, but that is the next stage, we are waiting to find out. it depends upon what the conditions are for this international arrest warrant, whether he will be sent back to spain or brussels, where he was originally living. that is all unclear now, but these charges are serious, he has been accused sedition and rebellion, the independence referendum was declared illegal, he could face up to 25 or 30 years in prison if found guilty. very serious charges indeed. a 14—year—old girl has been seriously hurt after a group of youths were run down by a car on a pavement in glasgow. police say the silver vauxhall astra with two men in it was driven deliberately at the youngsters. detectives are treating the attack in castlemilk yesterday afternoon as attempted murder. the girl is in a stable condition in hospital. the foreign secretary,
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boris johnson, has dismissed allegations of cheating by the leave campaign during the eu referendum as "utterly ludicrous". in interviews with channel 4 news and the observer, a volunteer for vote leave has accused the official brexit campaign of breaching electoral spending limits. vote leave has denied this. 0ur political correspondent susana mendonca is here. we have been hearing various people talk about this on the political programmes today, what has been said? for a bit of background, vote to leave what is the official campaign in the "brexit" campaign for leave, as a result they were allowed to spend up to £7 million. —— vote leave. smaller campaign groups could spend up to £700,000, the allegation that has been put todayis the allegation that has been put today is from a former vote leave volunteer. —— vote leave. he says that vote leave were using a smaller
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campaign group in order to spend more than they were allowed to, they gave 625,000 more than they were allowed to, they gave 625, 000 pounds more than they were allowed to, they gave 625,000 pounds to a student running a youth campaign called beleave, which is legitimate so long as it is a separate campaign, but the accusation is that beleave was not independent and the money given was spent with the company used by vote leave in order to do digital advertising. both of those groups, both beleave and vote leave have said this is not true but we have heard from tom watson, the labour deputy leader, talking about how he thinks theresa may at this point needs to give the electoral commission more resources to make sure this is properly investigated and potentially bring in the police if needs be. david davis, brexit secretary has said this is something that must be left to the electoral commission. severally, we have heard news that an mp, dan poulter, has been cleared by the conservative party over allegations of behaving
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inappropriately towards female colleagues, what more do we know about this? one of a number of conservative mps people will remember back in the autumn were accused of various sexual impropriety incidents, he was accused by a fellow mp, andrew bridgen, of allegedly that he had treated women inappropriately, and an investigation was held, he has been found, they have found in his favour that he did not treat those women inappropriately. this investigation according to the conservative party was thorough and impartial, and chaired by an independent qc and there was insufficient evidence to support the complaint. that is what we have heard from the conservative party. it was a sorry episode, all those incidents we had of conservative mps accused of various things, for dan poulter, he has denied these accusations, certainly this will be the result he was after. thank you very much indeed. a memorial mass has been held
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in the french town of trebes to remember the four people killed in a series of attacks on friday. the church service was led by the bishop of carcassonne. a police officer who swapped places with a hostage at the supermarket siege will also be honoured in a separate national memorial in paris in the coming days. a little earlier i spoke to our correspondent hugh schofield, who said the service had been especially poignant. sta rt start of holy week for questions and catholics here. it does add a poignancy, given that the central message of christianity is sacrifice of the son of god. and the sacrifice of arno botha ram —— arnaud beltrame replicated that.
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he was a practising catholic. this certainly was brought out in the mass, though, of course, the other three people who died were remembered as well. i retired wine growers , remembered as well. i retired wine growers, a retired builder, and supermarket butcher. a very poignant moment, to be followed later this week by a national act of homage two arnaud beltrame. —— homage to arnaud beltrame. figures on childcare funding are "misleading and out of date" according to members of the treasury select committee looking at the government's flagship policy to provide 30 hours a week of free childcare for three and four year olds in england. mps called for more money to be paid to childcare providers because a shortfall in funding is effecting the quality of the service available. caroline davies reports. childcare can be expensive. last year, the government promised some working parents in england
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more of it for free, but according to mps on the treasury committee, childcare providers are not being paid enough and that's costing parents money. if you're an eligible working parent in england, you can get 30 hours of free childcare a week for your three or four—year—old. the government pays childcare providers 34p per child per hour less than it costs on average to look after them. this means they have to find the money elsewhere, sometimes charging parents for activities, food, or charging more for children aged under three. the mps behind the report say changes need to happen if the policy is to be a success. this is what it costs and if the national government is interested and keen to make this policy work, they should make sure that the cost is borne by national government. the treasury says it is already spending more than ever before on childcare but it will consider the recommendations. caroline davies, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news:
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the australia cricket captain steve smith and vice captain david warner are to stand down over the ball tampering scandal. an extra 3,000 midwives are to be trained in england to ease staff shortages and improve care. catalonia's former president carles puigdemont is arrested in germany after crossing the borderfrom denmark. sport now, and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. it has been described as a dark day for australian cricket, captain steve smith and vice captain david warner stand down from their positions for the remainder of the third test against south africa, oval ball tampering, it comes as smith admitted the team's leadership group had spoken about a plan to
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tamper with the ball which was then carried out by batsman cameron bancroft. —— over all tampering. 0utrage over the incident, michael clarke, former australian captain has spoken out, first, jonathan agnew on what happens next. australians i have been speaking to and had contacted, they are devastated, they don't like cheats, their captain has admitted he has cheated. it is a really important thing now for cricket australia to rebuild the trust, there will be a new captain, maybe some new players, but overall, cricket australia should look at the way that their players and their team play the game of cricket, because most people in the rest of the cricket world don't like it. i've no doubt in my mind that every past australian cricketer will be absolutely shattered with what we found out. eight test match
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for cameron bancroft, can't believe the leadership group has made a decision to do this, they have got the young kid, playing his eighth te st the young kid, playing his eighth test match, to do that... as a leader, you cannot ask somebody to do something you are not willing to do something you are not willing to do yourself, number one. premeditated cheating, blatant cheating, disgraceful, not accepted by anyone. heard there from the former australian captain, michael clarke, and the prime minister, malcolm turnbull, has also waded into the controversy, saying cricket is synonymous with fair play, how can ourteam be is synonymous with fair play, how can our team be engaged in cheating like this, it beggars belief. it did australia have said test match needs to proceed and in the interim they will continue to investigate the matter. we stay in australia, the formula i
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season has returned for 2018, we stay in australia, the formula 1 season has returned for 2018, and began with a bitter blow for lewis hamilton, finishing in second place after a spot of bad luck with a safety car allowed ferrari's sebastian vettel to overtake him to lend the chequered flag. v0|ceover: for the fifth year in a row, lewis hamilton started from pole position in melbourne but he has only won twice at albert park, that statistic looked set to improve as he opened a three second lead over the ferraris of kimi raikkonen and sebastian vettel. the only drama was unfolding behind him, max verstappen making an uncharacteristic mistake. both haas ca rs uncharacteristic mistake. both haas cars coming to a halt while on course for a top five finish, but that can have an indirect impact on
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others, while romain grosjean's car was removed, the field slowed, sebastian vettel stopped for fresh tyres, when he rejoined, he took the lead. we thought we were safe, there is something wrong. with overtaking extremely difficult, sebastian vettel was able to take a victory hamilton will feel he should have been his. congratulations to sebastien and ferrari, today they did a betterjob, we will go back to the drawing board. we still have great pace and qualifying, i was able to apply some pressure at the end. i knew it was going to be difficult to pass, but he kept pressure on. the end the last five laps, yes. the german won the first race last season but couldn't win the title, he will be hoping this time his luck changes. that is all the sport for now, there will be more reaction to the ball tampering story in australia, and then you have more reaction and throughout the day.
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more now on our top story, the australian cricket captain, steve smith, and his vice—captain david warner have both stood down for the rest of the current test against south africa, as the ball tampering scandal deepens. smith and the australian batsman, cameron bancroft, both admitted trying to change the condition of the ball during the game in cape town yesterday. earlier i spoke to simon hughes, editor of the cricketer magazine. 0utrageous antics, admitting to it and then saying it was 18 policy, and then saying it was 18 policy, and premeditated, exceptional, i have never heard anything like this before. in the past, when teams have tried to ball tamper in different ways, it has all been a bit surreptitious and one person has
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accepted the blame later. never has it been done like this, with a whole team, buying into it, apparently, and then the player that actually indulged in it confessing that it was a team policy, the captain admitting total guilt and that they were getting desperate to find a way to get a wicket so they talked about it at lunchtime and then carried out this idea... and it is just madness as well, there are 30 cameras covering international cricket! to imagine you can get away with this kind of thing is just insane. is this something you think the australians have been up to for a long time, or other international teams have been up to? is this a rarity? i think it is a rarity, all teams are trying to use legitimate means to get the ball to wear, and distance when what is going on here by the way. traditionally you try to polish a ball to make it swing and move in the air but over the last 20 years or so, it has become more trendy, if you like, more popular, to rough up one side of the ball, encouraging movement
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through the air, when the ball was older we called it reverse swing, it is roughing up one side and keeping the other side shiny and dry. the legitimate means for roughing up one side are throwing the ball into the dirt, throwing it from the boundary, on the bounce, aiming at the stumps, from the infield, to try to hit the stumps, bouncing the ball off the pitch, to do that, also, bowling the ball in a different way, holding it in a different way so it holds on the leather. —— so it lands on the leather to rough it up. those rules are completely legitimate. umpires have started to try to control that, stop players from bouncing the ball in from the boundary, deliberately landing it on old pitches, to try to get it roughed up. —— those methods are completely legitimate. there are probably a few people trying to find other ways of doing it and we have seen faf du plessis, the south african campton,
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sucking a mint, then transferring the saliva from the mint onto the ball. laughter. there are one or two little tactics. trying to give it more polished, there are tactics, but i don't think players are stupid enough to try anything untoward because they know they will be caught and it has been proven in this case. what are the ramifications for cricket, for australian cricket, can steve smith comeback this, he is a great cricketer, lauded as a modern—day bradman. certainly his batting is outstanding, i've never been convinced he is, has much integrity as a captain, ever since there was an incident at lord's a couple of years ago when ben stokes, i thought, inadvertently put his hand up to protect himself on the throw, when batting, he has got the ball with his hand, he thought it was going to hit him in the face. the australians appealed for obstructing the field and he was given out. smith upheld that decision, which i thought was slightly against the spirit of the game. obviously, this is a complete...
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you cannot see how he can come back as captain because he is completely contravening any kind of spirit of the game, any kind of leadership. he has really exhibited a total moral vacuum. and i don't see how he can be captain again. facebook‘s chief executive, mark zuckerberg, has apologised to british users of the site in today's newspapers, over the what the firm calls a "breach of trust" following the leak of millions of people's data in 2014. zuckerberg said an app built by a university researcher in cambridge that took the data was not dealt with at the time and for that he was sorry. the world's largest social media network is facing growing scrutiny in europe and the us over the breach. the first scheduled non—stop flight between australia and europe has landed in london.
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the boeing dreamliner took just over 17 hours to complete its 111,500 km journey from perth. the head of qantas described the service as a "game—changing route". a symbol of the industrial revolution, it forged the way for engineering, construction and architecture as well as being the forerunner to the mega bridges and sky scrapers we see today. now, the world's first iron bridge, built almost 240 years ago in shropshire is undergoing a multi—million pound conservation project. john maguire went along to take a look. what we are seeing here is really a symbol of how the industrial revolution helped to create the modern world. it shows innovation, it shows engineering technology, and it shows something which has really stood the test of time. but at the moment, the iron bridge thatjoins two river banks to create the town that took its name, is not on show itself. at the grand old age of 239 it is undergoing a major £3.6 million conservation project. iron is famously strong but can
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crack if bent or twisted, and as the ground has moved, the bridge has been forced upwards by as much as four inches in places. now we are on top of the bridge. this gives you a good idea of what has happened here. they dug down through the road surface to expose these iron plates. each one would weigh several tonnes. just look here. there is a huge crack in there. this piece could fall off at any time, so that is the type of problem that needs to be fixed. despite the current major works, it remains open to pedestrians. english heritage will soon open these walkways to allow visitors to see close—up what's going on below the deck. from repairing broken components, cleaning things down, painting, everything that happens to the bridge as far as possible. we will make sure it is accessible to the public. we have been given special access inside. picking your way through the bones
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of what feels like the bridge's rib cage, you get a real sense of the task at hand. old paint and rust is being blasted off in conditions that bring to mind the black air that would have filled the gorge at the height of the industrial revolution. no modern protective clothing for them. this isn't restoration, it's conservation. we don't want to find ourselves thinking we have done a greatjob and then in 30 years' time we make a huge problem for the people who come after us, who then spend their time trying to undo what we did. so we make sure that all our interventions are reversible. the bridge's builder, abraham derby iii, was a visionary, a revolutionary. nobody had used this wondrous material, iron, in this way before. two—and—a—half centuries later, these wedges are being recreated in one of the country's few remaining iron foundries. we are absolutely in awe of the fact that they had none of the facilities we have now. they were pioneers of their day,
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having to create their whole infrastructure to support the melting of metal in a way that was totally, totally on the edge. how on earth did they manage it? standing here watching these masters at work using techniques similar to theirforebears, the centuries fall away. when the iron bridge is unveiled once again in the autumn, it will have a new paintjob and a renewed understanding of how it was built. its place in history is irrefutable, and this major project will ensure its place in the future. john maguire, bbc news, shropshire. very spectacular, let's see how the weather is doing, lucy martin has the latest forecast. how is it looking? thank you very much, good afternoon,
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many of us kicking off british summertime —— summertime with sunshine, plenty of blue skies, this photo sent in by a weather watcher from aberdeenshire. moving through the rest of the day, gradually brightening up, perhaps the odd spot of rain, elsewhere, plenty of good spells of sunshine, showers for the north and west, parts of scotland, northern ireland, into northern england. temperatures not doing too badly, 13 degrees with light winds. feeling fairly springlike for many of us. through the evening and overnight, a rich of pressure keeps things fairly settled. —— high. showers in the north, cold night, frost developing for parts of the west, one or two patches of fog developing. temperatures falling below freezing in many spots with a widespread frost. as we start next week, mild airto widespread frost. as we start next week, mild air to begin with, looks like it will turn colder again as an area of low pressure comes in from the west, particularly in the north, when we picked up more of an
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easterly feed, dragging in colder air. cold but bright start to the day, frosty for many of us, sunshine to begin with, gradually turning cloudy from the west with spells of rain moving into northern ireland, and western parts of scotland, wales and western parts of scotland, wales and the south—west of england later in the afternoon. in the east, holding onto a little more in the big weigh of brightness. maximum of 13 celsius. here's that area of low pressure i mentioned, it comes in from the west, as we move into tuesday, some rain overnight for a time, looks like through tuesday there will be some spells of rain which could be falling as snow over the hills of scotland, further south, brightening up a touch for south—west england. bright intervals with highs of 13 degrees. those associated weather front slightly pivot as we move into wednesday, still some spells of


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