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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 25, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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there will be less money paid back to the state through income tax. so who is paying them at the end? if the robots take over ourjobs, who is then paying the tax? that's why i said it is time to discuss about robot tax. we still need roads, we still need trains, we still need schools and hospitals, so somebody has to pick up the bill. so if we can have an income, say, 20 hours working week, we also have a separate income from the social benefits, paid by robots. i mean, if they don't like human beings anymore, that's fine. then we start fishing. but we want also an income. as a result of the strike in 2016, the port authority agreed not to cut jobs, and because the economy is buoyant at the moment, so far these workers are doing the same work in other terminals at the ports. the port of rotterdam told us that although: niek, though, is not convinced everyone
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will want to retrain. we still need jobs for people who are low educated, that like to work, like to be a comrade on the working place. they still want to work with their hands. what's wrong with that? battersea power station. one of the uk's most ambitious restoration projects. at 42 acres, it's the largest construction site i have ever visited, and the race is on to complete refurb of this grade two—listed landmark by 2020. there are 2,000 skilled contractors here working around the clock. since work began five years ago, over 30 kilometres of scaffolding has gone in to rebuild the station's chimneys and painstakingly
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restore its 7.5 million bricks. it is no surprise that some of the more interesting work to automate the construction industry is happening in san francisco, where dave lee have been to find out more. look, don't tell anyone, but i have been trying to earn a few extra dollars — which is why some days you can find me here, in this construction site. there is a ton of work to be done, but you know what? i don't care, because it is the end of my shift. i am really not cut out for the construction industry, but that's ok, because thanks to companies like built robotics, maybe i don't have to be. their autonomous system allows this hulking great thing to get to work
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without a human driver. it can be left alone to get on with the task at hand, which in this case is flattening out the land. it is fully autonomous. what that means is basically, you load in plans for what you want your finished product to look like, and the machine looks at the plans, figures out how to navigate around the site in order to accomplish the work, and then sends commands to the on—board electronics on each machine, so they can go out there and do the work. noah is a former google engineer and he uses much of the same technology that can be found in that company's self driving car. but he says his vehicle has to consider many more factors when going about its work. so it is a lot of nuance around how different types of soils interact with the blade,
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how the tracks spin and slip as you move around a rough jobsite, that is really the hard part and that is what we focus on. it is notjust here on the ground at construction sites where autonomy is changing how things work. for a fuller picture, you need to look to the skies. one of the biggest challenges with construction, particularly big projects, is knowing what is going on and where. skycatch, also based in san francisco, has created what is essentially a foreman in the sky, a drone system that can analyse sites with incredible detail and share its findings almost immediately. it would normally take weeks to survey an area as big as this, costing money and of course time. now a detailed scan can be captured in just 15 minutes. these are becoming real tools now. before we had cameras, we took video, photos, now we can do real work with them.
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the technology we put inside these machines can give you data that can be immediately used on the field. at any given point construction sites are changing all the time. you may know what is going on five minutes ago, five minutes later it is completely different. the success of this company is of course good news for companies that are trying to cash in on the increased automation of construction sites. but for the millions who make their living — a good living — getting stuck in on sites around the world, life is going to change. so yes, thejobs will be reallocated. i think we will be spending more time planning, on making sure that things are done on time, but it will also have other
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really awesome effects. buildings will be built in days. it will be a lot more affordable to build a highway, a lot more afordable to build a home. so we believe that this will also help equalise how quickly people have access to homes. that was dave lee in san francisco. that's it from us here at battersea power station. this is the short cut of the show, the full—length version is up on iplayer to watch now, and we have loads of backstage photos on twitter as well. thanks for watching and we will see you soon. hello once again, the week and eventually got there for many of us, certainly, many more seeing a drier, brighter prospect through the bulk of sunday, notjust calpol that got
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the best of it, having said that, there are exceptions. a veil of cloud, residue of saturday still hanging around, it is gone as we get into the wee small hours, and pretty clear skies, save for the north of scotland. widespread frost, not particularly hard, butjust a reminder that we are still fairly early in the season. don't be at all surprised even in towns and cities if you get close to or even a tad below freezing, there will be a difference across southern counties. first part of the week is marked by some mild error close by to the british isles, one stat is away, milderair in the british isles, one stat is away, milder air in the south is relative to somewhat colder conditions getting into the northern half of scotland. monday starts bright enough, fairly crisp in one or two spots, and we keep sunshine across northern and eastern parts for the greater part of the day, out west,
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wings change, eventually, come tee time, rain pushing to the west, to cranbrook show, maybe west. —— to pembrokeshire. nine to 13 degrees, nothing wrong with those temperatures for the time of year. that area of rain associated with weather fronts, draped over the pressure, wet and breezy affair for some, although the rain eventually becomes confined to northern and eastern parts, and is still relatively mild across the south. further north, getting a shot of cold aircoming in further north, getting a shot of cold air coming in from the north sea, well, well, 5 degrees only, and asa sea, well, well, 5 degrees only, and as a consequence, much cooler conditions to be found. we season overall totals moving up. brighter skies falling behind, but it is a bright and blustery sort of day on wednesday, with a number of showers, wee bit of hale in the heaviest of them. a mixed bag to start off the
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new week, will be turning colder, after the double figures temperatures. there will be the risk of snow, particularly on high ground. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven: protesters face off with police on the streets of barcelona after former catalonian president carles puigdemont is arrested in germany. these are the latest picture from barcelona as separatist supporters call for mr puigdemont‘s police. —— release. the australia cricket captain steve smith has been banned for one match by cricket's ruling body — the icc — over the ball tampering scandal. the australian prime minister says he's shocked and disappointed. an extra 3000 midwives are to be trained in england — to ease staff shortages and improve care. a teenage girl is seriously injured after a car deliberately the few
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drives at children in glasgow — police are treating the incident as attempted murder. also in the next hour after 17 hours and 9000 miles, the first scheduled non—stop flight from australia to europe touches down in london.


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