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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 25, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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our correspondent simon clemison was at heathrow as passengers arrived. it may seem small, but on those departure boards, it will say perth, and in perth, it's been saying london. if you've been on this route, you will know that normally, you have to set off for singapore or dubai or somewhere and stop over, a far cry from what it was in 1947, when this kangaroo route involved seven hops. you would have to come through cairo, calcutta, singapore, lots of places on the route, but overnight, they did it in one leap. the kangaroo route made it here in one go after 17 hours. it set off about 6:50 local time in perth, made it here just before dawn this morning. we caught up with some of the passengers as they came through the gate. it was the best flight we've ever had from australia. absolutely the best. we feel fresh as daisies. yeah. to be fair, the whole thing just flew by. fell asleep over the caicos islands and woke up over dubai and then you are almost home, then. really good, yeah. it's made a big difference going all the way through non—stop. a new design has made all this possible, not least because of the efficiency
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of the aircraft so that it can make it here with the fuel that it's carrying. it's not the first time it has ever been done. in fact, decades ago, there was a flight which took off from london and went to sydney direct, but it did not carry very many people at all, it was not a commercial flight. this is the first direct commercial flight, the first regular service between london and perth. we've been hearing from journalists from perth saying to me today that actually, this is big for them as well because it means they will be on the map. they will be the first part of the country people will fly into as they go into australia, so a big day here. what is interesting now in the next few hours is that the plane that has come in is being turned around. they will be getting back on it and they will be taking that 17—hour journey right back to perth. a new series of paintings is going
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on show. damien hirst‘s sculptures will also be shown, installed through the house and gardens. —— a new series of paintings by damien hirst is going on show at houghton hall in norfolk. it's the first time they will be shown to the public. the exhibition also includes hirst sculptures installed throughout the 18th—century house and gardens. alex dunlop reports. home of our first prime minister, 300—year—old houghton hall seems, at first glance, an unlikely backdrop for the shock of the new. but one of the country's most controversial artists reckons this hall and his work are a natural fit. i think they work really well. i mean, i love seeing things out of context, or in a different context. famous for making a massive fortune, pickled sharks and a diamond—encrusted skull, damien hirst dominated the art scene in the 1990s. now he's taken over the spectacular state rooms of this norfolk country estate. gone are the old master paintings, replaced by 46 canvases of spots. we have a new series of paintings by damien hirst. the first spot paintings he made were very similar to this. they were painted freehand.
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how do you think they work in this room? well, it was a bit of a gamble, iadmit it, but certainly both damien and i are very happy with the results. next door, a hairdryer keeps a ping—pong ball afloat. two more, like eyeballs, float above a skull, and these hirst sculptures could assault all the senses. it's all about chance. and of course, the lottery is entirely about chance. very noisy! yes, very noisy. outside, some of damien hirst‘s best—known and most striking sculptures sit in the parkland, from the classical to the frankly surreal. it looks so great, doesn't it? when i got here, i wasjust going to do the paintings, but when we had a walk around the grounds, you just think it would be a shame not to have a little journey around the gardens with some sculptures as well.
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so the whole thing makes sense. it's not really a gamble, because the architecture‘s so amazing. put anything here, and it looks really good. i don't know how they got this massive sculpture here in one piece, but i'm told they did. it's called the virgin mother, an exposing, an unwrapping, if you like, of the human form. and love it or loathe it, well, you certainly can't ignore it. it's a beautiful site for paintings and sculpture. happy man? who, me or him? no, you! yeah, i am very happy, yeah. after just an hour, damien hirst, not your average struggling artist, was gone. his paintings and sculptures will make their home in this corner of norfolk for the next four months. alex dunlop, bbc news. sportsday coming up soon, but first, the weather forecast. hasn't been a bad day for many
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parts, that is the sort of thing many of you will have looked at, perhaps you saw even less clout than that. —— cloud. and need clear skies, quite a widespread frost, especially in inland areas, perhaps less of a chance across southern counties. bright crisp start to the new day on monday, weather front comes bright crisp start to the new day on monday, weatherfront comes into western areas, rain by tea—time, western areas, rain by tea—time, western side of northern ireland, and west, including the channel islands. temperatures not too bad at all, nine to 13, we probably will not see their like again as we get on through the week, as it stands colder, it will be rainy at times, quite breezy. there will be a risk of snow but i think we will see that confined mostly to the higher ground. british number one you hannah contour reaches the fourth round at the miami open, with a big win over
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belgium's elise mertens. —— main headlines: the crisis engulfing australian cricket gets worse, first the admission of ball tampering and now a crushing defeat. ferrari sebastian vettel wins the opening race of the formula 1 season, taking advantage of the safety car to get past lewis hamilton in melbourne. british number onejohanna konta has reached the fourth round at the miami open, with a big win over police of belgian. the australian prime minister says that he shocked and bitterly disappointed, the head of cricket australia has apologised for the ball tampering scandal that has marred the test with south africa, steve smith has been suspended for one match and find his entire match the after admitting conspiring with cameron bancroft to manipulate the ball. smith was booed on to the ground
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as he came in to bat. australia were 59—4. our cricketers are role models and cricket is synonymous with fair play. how can our team be engaged in cheating like this? steve smith has been suspended for the next match, the cricket authorities said that his actions were contrary to the spirit of the game and that game is
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united in outrage. reeder says michael clarke has said it was like a bad dream. many believe the captain ‘s position is untenable. —— previous captain. his reputation has died completely, he was the guy who w011 died completely, he was the guy who won the ashes for australia of his own bat, absolutely immovable, people calling him the best test match player since don bradman, but his reputation has collapsed almost overnight. further questions for the coach, darren lehmann, overwhether he knew anything, and bancroft, who has been fined for his involvement. most of all for the culture of australian cricket, the aggressive approach has won them few friends, as bancroft also found out today, he was booed back to the pavilion, sympathy in short supply. australia have been taking this high and mighty line recently saying, you cannot cross this line, and we are the purveyors of justice cannot cross this line, and we are the purveyors ofjustice on the cricket field. i know within cricket that has wound up a lot of people because they know australia get into
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sledging. they will be quite glad this has happened. if smith's day was not bad enough, he was out for seven, australia were thrashed. after losing the match, he and his tea m fa ce after losing the match, he and his team face a far bigger challenge, to save their reputation. the weather improved on the fourth day of the opening test between england and new zealand in auckland, after two virtually play free days, the hosts cemented their advantage, england captainjoe root went with the last ball of the day as his side were left trailing 237 runs in the second innings. voiceover: away from the headlines, the world of cricket keeps on turning, england fans may delight in australia's turmoil but their team has its own problems to fix. only 58 runs on the first innings board, this was a free hit for new zealand to build a lead.
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england made some breakthroughs, notably through stuart broad, finishing but his team got eight. this will be the sixth straight test where they could not manage 20, the man to profit on day four, henry nicholls, because of the rain, he had been at the crease since day 1, the patient‘s route to a second test century. by the time and new zealand declared, he had moved to 145, and a lead is not far off 400, the kind of target to test the mental resolve of a batsman but for alastair cook, a sense of deja vu. gone at 6—1 for the second time this week. same result from the same bowler, the same long walk. through mark stoneman, england's openers found some kind of recovery, heaved his way past 50, with the very next ball, set up his dismissal. with him gone, every balljoe root faced became more important, he got to the last one of the day, but then edged it. the thinnest nick off the glove puts victory in breach of new zealand, and seven wickets on day 5 will compound england's problems.
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studio: in contrast, england's women flying, danielle wyatt hitting a brilliant 52 ball century as they beat india in the third t20 match of their series, reaching their target of 199 with eight balls to spare, topping the table with two wins from two after also beating australia. now, melbourne, the formula 1 season began with a blow for defending champion lewis hamilton, having taken a brilliant pole position, he ended up in second place after a spot of bad luck with the safety car allowed ferrari's sebastian vettel take the chequered flag. voiceover: for the fifth year in a row, lewis hamilton started from pole in melbourne, but he has only won twice at albert park. that statistic looked set to improve, as the mercedes driver opened up a three—second lead
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over the two ferraris. the only drama was unfolding behind him, max verstappen with an uncharacteristic mistake. romain grosjean forced to retire, missing out on five finish. his misfortune had unexpected consequences, while the car of the frenchman was being removed, all the other drivers had to slow down, sebastian vettel seized the opportunity to stop for fresh tyres; his ferrari team returned him to the track ahead of lewis hamilton. why didn't you tell me vettel was in the pits?! we thought we were safe, obviously, there is something wrong. overtaking was extremely difficult, sebastian vettel was able to claim a victory few expected. the german won the opening race here last year, hamilton still went on to win the title. the briton will be hoping history repeats itself this season. studio: in tennis, women's no 1 johanna konta is through to the fourth round of the miami open. she is the defending champion at this event and made relatively light work of belgium's elise mertens, taking the first set, the blue, and then it got even better
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in the second, 6—2, 6—1, the briton number one makes awaits the last 16, with venus williams a possible opponent. leicester tigers have boosted play—off hopes in rugby union's premiership with a narrow 16—15 victory over third placed wasps. very tense at welford road. sunday afternoons in leicester don't get much better than this, packed welford road, and a leicester tigers team making their latest push for the play—offs. the perfect start with an early try, the mood soon changed for the tigers, jonny may returning to the side, returning to the sidelines, alongside manu tuilagi, two influential players out early. wasps took full advantage of the yellow card, elliot daly scoring twice. they quickly turned the match around. could have been worse for leicester, fantastic try saving tackle, from mathew tait, wasps knew that they had let a chance go. could their opponents get back in, with the boot of george ford, they began to bridge the gap. a second try seemed out of reach.
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thankfully for tigers, penalties one, two more added, by ford, and the narrowest of wins, a perfect sunday. studio: the race for the women's super league title has been thrown open in football, leaders chelsea dropped points in a 2—2 draw against reading, taking the lead from the penalty spot at kings meadow, then doubling their lead after half—time from a well—placed finish from farrah williams. the blues reacted well, scoring first through joanna anderson, and equalised when fran kirby found herself one—on—one. manchester city only two points behind chelsea with a game in hand. clearly, the pressure showed after the game. heated clashes between the benches. elsewhere, birmingham city's resurging is continue, thrashing liverpool 4—0, fourth win in five league games. also three games in the women's fa cup quarterfinals today, courtney sweetman kirk hat trick helping everton to a culpable 6—1win away at durham, they will face arsenal in the semifinals after the 14 time winners beat charlton. —— comfortable. two goals from jane ross helped manchester city to come from behind to beat sunderland. britain's simon yates has won the final stage of the tour of qatar
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loney, a result which meant that he finished fourth in the overall standings. alejandro valverde took the title to claim his second straight win in catalonia. egan pennel crashed towards the end of the final stage. —— tour of catalu nya. we the final stage. —— tour of catalunya. we will have or sport throughout the evening.


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