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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 27, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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represent yorkshire. we playing under an alternative banner to fifa and we fall into the regions site. it was a really strong bid that went in showing the history, the linguistics, the cultural divergence that makes yorkshire unique. i basically got on the internet and said i'm doing this, who wants to join in. it was a very proud mummy to represent europe cou nty very proud mummy to represent europe county at international level as well. —— your county. all that separates these lads really from people in leaguei all that separates these lads really from people in league i say isjust opportunity when they were younger. they are every bit as good. and there is a really good standard of foot wall plate in yorkshire. all the players at the moment were born in yorkshire. we do have a grandfather clause written in as an
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option because we did think one point lionel messi had his grandfather born in yorkshire, we had to check out that option! we have only world cup and we want to compete in that and win and eventually win major competitions. we're looking at hosting one as well, that would be great. that's all from sportsday. and the boss of cricket australia has announced that three players including captain steve smith have been sent home from the tour of south africa along with vice captain david warner and cameron bancroft. it follows the ball tampering incident in the third test against south africa. more reaction to that story along with a statement from cricket australia on the bbc sport website. and we have more throughout the evening. goodbye for now.
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theresa may says she wants to see a sustainable long term plan for the nhs and to get away from "annual top—ups". she announced the government would come forward with a multi—year support plan for the nhs. the prime minister was speaking at the commons liaison committee. we need i think to get away from the annual approach to the nhs budget, recognised that for the nhs to plan and manage effectively we need to get away from the annual top ups of the budget that we have seen. and we need a sustainable and long—term plan. so that should build on the work of the five—year forward view but beyond it. a plan which allows
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the nhs to realise better productivity and efficiency gains and this is for me a priority. so this year and and this is for me a priority. so this yearand in and this is for me a priority. so this year and in advance of the spending review next year i want to come forward with a long—term plan. i want that to be done in conjunction with leaders of the nhs, with clinicians and health experts. and the government will provide a multi—yearfunding and the government will provide a multi—year funding settlement in support of the plan consistent with oui’ support of the plan consistent with our fiscal rules and balanced approached. but ensuring the nhs can cope with the rising demand ahead of the spending review. the nhs england chief executive, simon stevens has called the announcement of a funded long term plan "very welcome, timely and significant". fire chiefs have apologised for their response to the manchester arena terror attack after poor communication led to a delay of nearly two hours in firefighters being deployed. it's one of the findings of a report — carried out by lord kerslake — on the way the emergency services
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reacted to the suicide bombing, which killed 22 people. well, earlier my colleague simon mccoy spoke to lord kerslake — who explained some of the main lessons learnt. it is important to say first that there was a lot that went well. but there were three big lessons. things that happened on the night that should never have happened but did. firstly the fire service simply were out of the loop as they made a misjudgement at the beginning and therefore were two hours late really getting to the fire. secondly the telephony service simply failed. and that was an incredible source of stress and trauma for the families trying to find out about their loved ones. thirdly we do take to task some of the media for their behaviour which we found to be intrusive and lacking in respect. so yes there are some big lessons to be learned here notjust for the emergency services, but for others. i will take each one of those
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in turn but if we could start with the firefighters. there's one thing blaming poor communications and saying things went wrong on the night but two hours, more than two hours, that is a very long time for firefighters to arrive at a scene like this. it is and we spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of why this happened. and we do set that out in some detail in the report. it is a combination of procedures, that put too much on one single officer. it is poor communication, that officer tried to get hold of the police but couldn't. it was to do with a slavish following of the rules when actually more effort should be made to find out exactly what was happening at the arena and we think there are some issues about operational culture in the fire service and i'm pleased that the mayor has announced a root and branch review today of how the service operates.
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if i'm watching you now and i lost a daughter, brother sister in that attack, i am inevitably going to wonder if that failure by the fire service costs someone their life. we cannot answer that question, there were a number of questions that we cannot answer like that because that is properly a matter for the coroner and the inquest. what we can say is that a valuable resource that could have helped on the night wasn't there. and that is an issue of big regret. i cannot comment on whether those lives would have been saved for those who died. it would be inappropriate for me to do so. time for a look at the weather with louise lear. today we started off wet and disappointing from any with the rain
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moving east and then we had an improvement. but some of the rain was quite heavy and persistent for a time and continues to sit across the far north and east of scotland. but it did bring an improvement in the london area, some blue skies and sunshine to close the afternoon. a different story further north and east under that drizzly rain. it looks as though the cloud and rain continued through the night and we have gale force winds for a time. behind that the skies will clear and intense quite cold in the far north. at the same time further south and west cloud and rain gathering and another area of low pressure moving into words wednesday. so feeling different, two or three degrees across scotland and north england. but we will have cloud and rain pushing in from the south west, with
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low pressure moving in. as it bumps into the cold air there is some uncertainty as to whether we will have a bit of wet snow. not too concerned about that at the moment but there could be a bit of sleet and snow with any elevation across the higher ground of wales and perhaps the children's. dashed children's. further north was straightforward, sunny spells and scattered showers across the north and west and temperatures struggling. the cloud and rain lingering across the northern isles, remaining blustery throughout the day. 7 degrees likely across the northern half of the country. 9 degrees further south. moving into thursday, almost a repeat performance with another frontal system and low pressure just sitting across the south west. bringing more outbreaks of rain and time. further north the best of the brighter weather and it could stay dry and
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sunny during daylight hours before the rain arrives. but what is expected moving towards the easter weekend, starting off quite cool with some rain at times. but in between some decent sunny spells. you're watching beyond one hundred days. nato has cut the size of its russian mission to brussels by a third, and warns moscow it is underestimating the resolve of the alliance. ireland has now joined the list of countries expelling russian diplomats, with 25 countries now standing together. the kremlin says america's allies are buckling under colossal pressure from washington. we will respond undoubtedly because nobody wants to tolerate such bullish behaviour and we will not either. mark zuckerberg suggests he is willing to testify before congress over the harvesting of data belonging to millions of facebook users. also on the programme. stormy daniels steps up her fight against a trump lawyer but her case isn't the only one which could pose problems
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for the president.


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