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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 28, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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this is sport today. coming up. australian cricket coach darren lehmann remains in south africa but replays including steve smith sent home. world champions germany are beaten in early on with gabriel jesus scoring the only goal of the game for brazil. and the head of the commonwealth games will find out how a geography teacher from commonwealth games will find out how a geography teacherfrom ireland has inspired generations of athletes to global success. welcome to the programme. plenty to get through. we start with a cricketing news that three australian players have been sent home from the tour of south africa including the former captain and vice captain. steve smith and david warner and cameron bancroft avenue david warner and cameron bancroft ave nu e left david warner and cameron bancroft avenue left with glenn maxwell, joe burns and matthew renshaw caught up.
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in the eye of a cricketing storm. david, you banned? australia's players arriving here in johannesburg this morning, their preparations for the final test against south africa totally overshadowed by the ball tampering scandal that has shocked the sport. did you cheat during the ashes? done it before? are you going to resign? the most powerful man in australian cricket also in town to get a bid —— to get a grip on the crisis. cricket also in town to get a bid —— to get a grip on the crisisli cricket also in town to get a bid —— to get a grip on the crisis. i want to get a grip on the crisis. i want to apologise to all australians that these events have taken place, particularly to all the kids who love cricket and idolise the players. an investigation has found the plot was compliant to three players. cameron bancroft, steve smith and david warner. all will be sent home in disgrace tomorrow. smith and david warner. all will be sent home in disgrace tomorrowm regard to the three players on
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report, i want to stress that we are contemplating significant sanctions in each case. these sanctions will reflect the gravity with which we view what has occurred in the damage it has done to the standing of australian cricket. meanwhile, darren lehmann was found to be unaware of the cheating scheme and despite concerns over the cultured zeitler, remains in hisjob. cricket australia knew their announcement here in johannesburg this australia knew their announcement here injohannesburg this evening came amid intense scrutiny, notjust from the cricketing public but sponsors and the australian government. a sense of outrage ensuring this is now a test case for the integrity of the sport. it's desperately sad. obviously individuals crossover between armchairand fair play individuals crossover between armchair and fair play but to have organised orchestrated cheating with the australian captain, captain of a side that set itself out to claim the moral high ground, now they are
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caught doing this and i really don't think almost any punishment is too big. shame and anger now follow this team, australia hoping swift action and appropriate punishments allow them to move on from this cricketing crisis. football, and with a world cup only three months away, plenty of high—profile friendlies on tuesday including a home defeat for germany in berlin, brazil scoring with a gabrieljesus header in the first half. a semblance of revenge for the defeat suffered against the germans four years ago. kevin trapp tried his best but at close range, the ball was confirmed to have crossed the line. russia were beaten by france in saint petersburg. the visitors in frontjust before half—time. four minutes after the
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interval, paul pogba doubled fronts's lead. but broke through the second half the site —— the striker from krasnodar reduce the deficit but that caution was placed back with another goal. 3—1, the final score. also on tuesday, a hat—trick for spain. a late lorenzo penalty given by the video assistant referee handed italy i—i given by the video assistant referee handed italy 1—1 draw. given by the video assistant referee handed italy 1-1 draw. looking at it again, if you look at summing often enough, you see it fell within it. in terms of the system itself. there are two things to me. it is clear and obvious, i don't think it is. that needs some clarity for the
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world cup. i think it's important that we start to communicate what is going on better with the crowd. i think that can be advanced as well. it's now just think that can be advanced as well. it's nowjust a week until the start of the commonwealth games. can you will be hoping to maintain their leading position. they topped the medal tally in glasgow four years ago. some of those champions were coached by an irishman who went to kenya as a geography teacher. we met the godfather of kenyan distance running. i had never coached europeans. maybe i am made to this environment. colin o'connell is the unlikely mental to some of the greatest african athletes of all time, hard to believe one of the best track and field coaches in the world arrived as a geography teacher ona world arrived as a geography teacher on a mission from ireland in the 19705. i on a mission from ireland in the 1970s. i was thrown in at the deep
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end to try to search for, how am i going to approach it? but the fact that i learned my coaching through working with the athletes, observing, developing a keen eye bracketed talent meant that i gradually came up with coaching made in kenya. i dependent on reading a few books and coaching and i didn't have much interaction with the wider at the fraternity. helping the reigning champion, david radish, isn't how he measures his own success. isn't how he measures his own success. if that was my only in as a coach, i would success. if that was my only in as a coach, iwould be success. if that was my only in as a coach, i would be bordering on failure. a lot more have not made it and made it into the sport. i am
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producing not only a good athlete, but a good person. brother colin has long since retired from the classroom but is still finding and teaching the next generation of kenyan distance runners. this is not a job to kenyan distance runners. this is not ajob to me, kenyan distance runners. this is not a job to me, it's not employment. this is a passion, an interest. as long as i believe i have a contribution to make and i can make a difference in somebody‘s life, i would like to be able to continue with it. a lot of what athletes does is in the mind. well it was a decade of working with them, what is he think his legacy will be?” of working with them, what is he think his legacy will be? i have not only influenced the athletic performance of young boys and girls from the area but also the welfare of the community. i will let history decide. now to tennis. john is no knocked out marriage which on tuesday. john is no, seeded 14th,
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ran out of the 7—6, 6—3 win. —— tuesday. john is no, seeded 14th, ran out of the 7—6, 6—3 win. -- john isner. isner will play the south korean in the quarter—finals. chung beat sousa in their fourth—round match, taking them through to the last eight of the masters series event. the very first time in his career. one might del pots were talked up his 14th successive win, beating the serbian in straight sets to make the quarter—finals. the argentine won the indian wells tournament earlier this month. he will play milos raonic who beat chardy affronts. milos raonic has fallen to number 25 but has found a
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resurgence in form. in the women's singles, sloane stephens is through to the semifinals after a straight sets win over angelique kerber. stephens, the reigning us open champion, breezed into the last four with a 6—1, 6—2 victory. the victory guarantees she will move into the world's top ten. finally, i've been waiting for a long time. it wasn't easy and i'm super pumped. just to see where i am. i'm very excited about that. sloane stephens will play the winner of victoria as a rancour and pliskova. she is 2—1 up in the second set. also, the eastern conference leading toronto raptors
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are currently down at home against the devon —— denver nuggets in the third quarter. goodbye to now. hello. temperatures on the way down in the lead—up to the easter weekend. low pressure close by. so it's looking unsettled. some rain around in the day ahead from this first area of low pressure, has been some uncertainty about how far north the wet weather is going to get. still a little bit about that. south wales, southern england most likely to see some wet weather, but it may push further north to parts of wales and the midlands into east anglia as the day goes on, getting some showers, a chance of a bit of sleet and wet snow out of this, especially on the hills into the west of these areas as we go through the afternoon. much of northern england,
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northern ireland and scotland will have variable cloud, sunny spells and a few showers around, longer spells of rain in the northern islands into shetland. single figure temperatures. that's the big difference across southern parts of the uk compared with tuesday. some spots reached as high as 16 celsius. the chill will be around on wednesday night under clearing skies, most of the showers still around on wednesday evening will die away and that means clear skies will be widespread frost settling going into thursday morning. it does mean is thursday begins it will be chilly, but there will be a fair amount of sunshine around, but then we are watching another area of low pressure coming in from the south—west. a bit slower, but it will at least have some showers, some longer spells of rain but at least showers pushing into south—west england, wales and to parts of northern ireland too. gradually on thursday, edging a little bit further north—east.
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ahead of that, you are likely to see some dry weather and some sunshine of a fairly pleasant day. there is a weather front working in northern scotland with outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow around here, it'll feel quite cold. a little bit milder, those eastern areas have seen the sunshine during thursday and those heavy showers wales and the south—west edging into the midlands, parts of south—east england, continuing to feed northwards during thursday night into good friday. low pressure very much in evidence during good friday. there will be bands of showers pushing north across the uk but there will be gaps between them, we might get to see some sunshine, but for the most part it's single figure temperatures. that is how we are going into the easter weekend. temperatures on the cool side of average. not cold, but cool for the time of year. it is low pressure so there will be wet weather at times, a risk of snow on northern hills, but it won't be wet all the time. there will be drier, sunny moments, quite pleasant in the spring sunshine. easter day looking like a decent day on sunday. mild by monday, particularly
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into england and wales. that's your forecast. 123456 welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. i'm mike embley. our top stories... chinese state media confirms north korean leader kimjong—un did have talks with xi jinping in beijing this week. nato expels seven russian diplomats over the spy—poisoning in britain — moscow calls it part of a containment policy. president putin calls a national day of mourning for victims of the shopping centre fire but angry crowds denounce local officials. also in the programme... the mona lisa may be allowed to go on tour — the first time it's left the louvre museum in almost half a century.
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