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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 29, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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tulsen w; "£12: “a tsn msézitit wgflfsézfi tsnmiézitit e‘fir thflfififi tfimfieitit e‘fir this i'igifi‘ei‘i iffi‘i‘iéiiiii f.“i.:r this is i'igifi‘ei‘i iffi‘i‘iéiiiii f“'i.:r this is sport tigiffiefii tfiifiifieitit f“'i.:r this is sport today at life tigizfiefi tfififiifieitit f“‘if this is sport today at life on tfiffiefi yifii‘i‘iéiiiii f“‘if this is sport today at life on the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme, australian steve smith and david warner banned for year, while cameron bancroft receives nine months of the ball tampering scandal in africa. french open champion 0stapenko in africa. french open champion ostapenko moves through to the semifinals for the fourth time. and the women's champions league semifinals. hello there and welcome to the programmer we start with the cricketing news that has been dominating world sport over the past few days and that is to do with the ball tampering that occurred during the third test against south africa last weekend. australian steve smith and david warner had been banned for and david warner had been banned for a year, having also being relieved of the indian premier league contracts. and bancroft has been
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suspended for nine months. with more on this, our report is in johannesburg. cast in the cricketing exile, australian captain steve smith leaving johannesburg today. the best batsmen in the world spent time in disgrace. —— sent home in disgrace. cricketing bosses got tough. do you honestly believe that only three men were involved in this plot? the investigation which was done by iain roy, our head of integrity, has found that there were only three players in this plant and we absolutely satisfied about that. if people want to use their own words, but cheating is certainly one of them that is appropriate in the circumstances. one of australian sport's most famous faces, david warner, was found to have concocted the plot. one of the things i look forward to when i come home is being able to... the vice captain will certainly have more time to do that now, also banned for a year. and in
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a shocking twist, it was revealed that in a shocking twist, cameron ba ncroft that in a shocking twist, cameron bancroft was instructed to use sandpaper to rough up one side of the ball during the test, not sticky tape as initially claimed. he gets a nine—month ban. australia were meant to be training here today ahead of the fourth and final test match against south africa, at their final session has been cancelled. their preparations in disarray. tonight, coach darren lehmann spoke publicly for the first time since been cleared to continue in his role. these are young men and i hope people will give them a second chance. their health and well—being is extremely important to us. but evenif is extremely important to us. but even if an outraged australian public managed to forgive, it is unlikely the players's moment of madness will be forgotten. —— managed to. earlier, i spoke to the former england bowler ryan sidebottom who played the david
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warner and asked him if he thought the australian side would be tarnished by this. no, i don't think so, andi tarnished by this. no, i don't think so, and i hope not. again, like cricket australia, at james sutherland has acted really quickly. they have had meetings, they have said there is no doubt that darren lehmann was not involved, they have led a very quick investigation and i'm really delighted for him at. fantastic bloke, he has done outstanding things australian cricket so absolutely delighted. the americanjohn cricket so absolutely delighted. the american john isner is cricket so absolutely delighted. the americanjohn isner is through to the last four of the miami finals after a win over his south korean opponent. it was the first time he had gone as far in this event but it endedin had gone as far in this event but it ended in disappointment, whilejohn isner will play the winner of the next quarterfinal. that is coming up between juan martin next quarterfinal. that is coming up betweenjuan martin del potro and marin cilic. ostapenko is through to
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the semi—final of the french open after her win. she saw off american compatriot venus williams in the first 15 minutes. lyon are through to the women's champions league semifinals after win over barcelona. that lead was given by the referee, as the french side continue their bid for a third successive title. they will face the last side to beat them, manchester city, in the last four after they accounted for as we decide. this cracking goalfrom outside the box the first of the two as she scored. the second of the english sides, chelsea edged passed
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montpellier. this lady behind me it was penalised in controversial circumstances, when leading by ten strokes. she played a ball from the wrong spot, which was seen by a television viewer. the rules have since been changed, but the south korean is trying to forget about that. the thing is i was not the one taking care of the ruling, the situation, all i have to do is what ican do, situation, all i have to do is what i can do, so what i can do isjust to keep playing golf and each hole and the tournament, instead of seeing any hassle. i know there was a lot of hassle last year and i really had to keep talking myself to 0k, really had to keep talking myself to ok, let's just do what i can really had to keep talking myself to ok, let'sjust do what i can do, and not think about the other thing. i feel like after i had done the tournament, i learned a lot to this situation. it will be 15 years next month since paula radcliffe won the
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fastest time in history in the women's marathon. since then, the men's record had the imac has been broken six times, so is paula radcliffe's record likely to be broken any time soon? —— has been broken. news last mile that i was inside the world record pace, so i remember saying to myself take some time atjust to make some memories, even though i was still wanting to push on as hard as i could because i wa nted push on as hard as i could because i wanted the record. watch the time, watch the clock, she is going to smash the world record. when paula radcliffe cost the line in london —— crossed the line in london, she beat her pace by almost three minutes. in the last year, she held the record for a women only race as well, but a kenyan broke that at 2017's london
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marathon. suddenly, the focus is back on. the way she ran this year, it shows that it is very close and if you see kenyan women now, they are working so hard to see that they run close to 215. barry has done that very good, she has done really great, andl that very good, she has done really great, and i hope is ready for anything and 217 is really good for herand anything and 217 is really good for her and good for sport. so what has changed for her to make this possible? norway's european recordholder for the marks on trains and kenyan. the opportunity in kenya is much, much better than 15, 20 yea rs is much, much better than 15, 20 years ago. they use male runners to improve their training stopped blue
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if the conditions are good, if they train while and if they are focused, i know it is close. -- if the conditions are good. the event moves forward , conditions are good. the event moves forward, but yeah, i do not particularly wa nt forward, but yeah, i do not particularly want to... paula radcliffe's achievement remains among the best in athletics history but the race is on, and with male pacemakers being used just as they we re pacemakers being used just as they were in 2003, this could be the year paula radcliffe's rain is ended. now the boxing, the huge heavyweight unification out between anthony joshua and joseph parker is less than three days away. 80,000 people watched on in cardiff's principality stadium with world titles on the line, in what was another step towards unifying the division titles. they will impose a threat. ifi titles. they will impose a threat. if i make a mistake, they are going
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to capitalise. that is why i want to work hard and improve because i do not want to give them that chance, so i'm not going to sit here and say it is not a possibility, but i make the possibility slim to none weighttraining, focusing, and being in the best shape physically and mentally. it did not really come to my mind how big it was going to be, but i've had 24 fights and have enjoyed them more but this is on another level, but i'm just trying to treat it as another fight, it is another fighter. it is happening in front of 80,000 people, that i am excited to be fighting in front of. does finally, a race marshall got more than he expected on friday during a cycling race in belgium. the marshall was knocked down a head—on collision that through both men involved to the ground. that was eventually run for the second
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successive year either lampa rd. eventually run for the second successive year either lampard. —— won by. that is all you got time for. until next time, bye. —— that is all we have got time for. hello again, good morning. the easter weekend will not be a washout but very mixed weather on the way. as we saw yesterday, the rain in england and wales eventually clearing away to give a little more sunshine. over the easter weekend, we will see some spells of sunshine around. however, there will also be some spells of rain, that could be quite heavy at times and cold enough for snow over the northern hills — chiefly scotland. temperatures are disappointing for this time of year. weather starting to come in from the south—west. an all—weather front is sitting to the north—east of scotland. in between, a frosty
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start and clear skies, it will be a bright and sunny start, but this weather is pushing up and moving north and east across england and wales. a few showers are breaking out ahead of that but some sunshine as well. still cool and damp in the north—east of scotland. some snow over the higher ground. some heavier rain further south will work its way northwards during the evening and overnight. then it sort of stops, really, around the borders of northern england into northern ireland. the rain tending to peter out. not as cold on friday morning, but there's more rain arriving perhaps into the far south—west right at the end of the night. it may move to northwards more slowly, but we are looking at some wet weather again to drive up across england and wales. brighter skies further north and once the earlier rain or drizzle and hills now tends to peter out, that lets the sunshine in because the winds are coming in from the east. never a good direction as you saw, 7—9 degrees, nothing good at all. the weather front will move northwards and peter out. this low pressure area moves away.
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on saturday, it should be a drier day for wales, the midlands and southern england. there'll still be some rain and drizzle and hill snow in scotland. mainly for eastern areas. should tend to peter out more through the day but there will be a lot of cloud around and again, temperatures struggling to 5—6 degrees in northern scotland, 10—11 in southern parts of england. not a great deal of sunshine as we head into easter sunday. we are between the weather systems so this is probably the quietest day of the next few in that there will not be much rain around. there will still probably be a lot of cloud, mind you. north—west scotland two, we should see some sunshine, perhaps across southern counties but generally dry, cloudy and generally disappointing temperatures again, so we can't even make double figures through the central belt of scotland. as we head into monday, where we have some strengthening winds, rain coming in from the south—west, followed by showers on tuesday. welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: poisoned at home — uk police reveal a deadly nerve agent was on the former spy‘s front door. after kim jong—un‘s secret trip to beijing — chinese officials head to south korea for key talks. grief and fury in siberia at the first funerals for victims of the shopping centre inferno. egypt's president looks set for a landslide victory in the presidential election. but human rights groups say the vote was a farce. also in the programme: the rise and fall of an african hero. burkino faso's former president remembered on stage.
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