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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 30, 2018 1:45am-2:01am BST

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lam i am tulsen tollet and this i am tulsen toilet and this is sport i am tulsen tollet and this is sport today. coming up. an emotional steve smith faces the world's media while australian cricket coach darren lehmann quits. sloane stephens is through to the final after a victory over victoria azarenka. and talk about starting a new baseball season in style. first pitch and a home run. welcome to the programme where we start with the cricketing news that just continues to we start with the cricketing news thatjust continues to evolve every day. after three australian players including steve smith was sent home for ball tampering, coach darren lehmann announced he would be standing down. smith gave an emotional press conference after landing in sydney and just warn you, there is some flash photography. from australian cricket‘s leader
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to its loneliest figure. steve smith back in sydney and facing the cameras today, having been sent home in disgrace for his team's cheating scandal. to all of my team—mates, to fans of cricket all over the world, and to all australians who are disappointed and angry, i'm sorry. supported by his father, the former captain's anguish obvious. any time you think about making a questionable decision, think about who you're affecting. you're affecting your parents and to see the way my old man has been... sobbing. thanks, everybody. and my mum, it hurts. smith was banned for a year for covering up a team—mate's use of sandpaper to tamper with the ball during the cape town test match last weekend. cameron bancroft admitting today he also misled match officials when he was caught.
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i lied about the sandpaper and i panicked, i panicked in that situation and i'm very sorry. back injohannesburg came yet another casualty of the crisis. 48 hours after being backed by his bosses to continue, coach darren lehmann quitting. i just want to let you know that this will be my last test as head coach of the australian cricket team, as i'm stepping down. after seeing events in the media today with steve smith and cameron bancroft, the feeling is that australian cricket needs to move forward and this is the right thing to do. meanwhile the instigator of the cheating, vice captain david warner, had little to say, as he arrived back on australian soil with his family. when fans gather here at the wanderers tomorrow for the first day's action in the fourth and final test match all the talk will be about one of the most remarkable weeks in cricket history.
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the sandpaper plot has now cost australia its captain, vice captain and the head coach, after darren lehmann‘s dramatic resignation herejust a few hours ago. rarely has a cricket tour been laid quite so low. once idolised... that's the shot. ..then vilified, smith's road to redemption began today, but this fall from grace has been particularly painful. dan roan, bbc news, johannesburg. staying with cricket, the opening day of the second and final test of new zealand and england is into the second session in christchurch. tim southee and trent boult was sent in to bat. england are currently 78 for two with the black caps having won the first test in auckland. pablo carino busta is through to the finals after victory over kevin
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anderson. he saved the match point himself in the final tie—break against the south african and will face the winner of the quarter—finals on court later than expected after alighting issue. us open champion sloane stephens is through to the final after coming from a set down to beat foreman world number one victoria azarenka. she took time to get going and will appear in her first final since victory in new york last september. regardless of the result of the next match, she will move into the next top ten. the opening round of the first women's golf major is nearing in and in california. the 34—year—old made eight birdies in
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her round which could have been even better if not for two bogeys but she will be content. not so perhaps, this lady. despite this lovely birdie on the seventh, what could prove to be the shot of the tournament. securing this incredible hole—in—i. just wonderful. it will leave her at rebel par. on the pga tour, there is a 3—way clubhouse lead at the houston open between lucas glover, kevin tweed, by the hostel and this man behind me, sam wright who is on seven under after being suspended in the past few minutes due to bad light. this long winding birdie putt was one of the seven be managed. rickie fowler is one shot off the pace with lovely
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parts like this. bill nicholson is four under. wonderful play around the green. a chip for birdie. with the green. a chip for birdie. with the star of the commonwealth games days away, kenyan athletes will be under the spotlight as they look to improve on their haul of ten track medals in glasgow four years ago and many kenyan champions train in the country's rift valley region, the spiritual home of middle and long—distance running. we went to find out why athletes from all over the world have been flocking to join them. from dawn until dusk, there are training sessions going on all over this part of tenure. from early morning yoga to high intensity running drills. life here is geared
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to making champions from 800 metres double olympic gold—medallist david radicchio to mary kay tani, the world record holder. so how does the region do it? they assemble and they train together. they have a planned programme survey assist each other. this is where winners are made but kenyan afraid to share that knowledge. welcome internet training groups athletes from all over the world. they are very friendly. they say, if you want to join world. they are very friendly. they say, if you want tojoin in, just join in. if you're out on a run on your own, and you are passed by a group of canyons, they will motion you tojoin group of canyons, they will motion you to join them group of canyons, they will motion you tojoin them and ask group of canyons, they will motion you to join them and ask you to come with them. they are very friendly. and it's not just with them. they are very friendly. and it's notjust a leet athletes to come. club runners from around the world a re come. club runners from around the world are paying thousands of dollars for unique holidays, much to
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the bemusement of family and friends. i told them i was coming to kenyan, and they said it was amazing. they said, 2— week safari? isaid, no, amazing. they said, 2— week safari? i said, no, i'm amazing. they said, 2— week safari? isaid, no, i'm going running but two weeks. and they think i am insane. but i love it. it's what i love doing at home and it's what i wa nted love doing at home and it's what i wanted to do as part of the holiday that i enjoy doing. for me, it is coming here to run the way that they run, be part of their daily life, really. see how athletes train out here. this also experienced our culture. you think athletes backcombed train hard, it doesn't compare at all. so a metal at the commonwealth games or just compare at all. so a metal at the commonwealth games orjust taking an active holiday, these athletes all hope spending some time in the kenyan dust will turn them into winners. and harry, bbc news. the
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major league baseball season for 2018 got under way on thursday. something quite extraordinary happened. the chicago cubs managed to send the first picture of the game and the season into the bleachers. the chicago cubs champion in 2016. former new york yankees legend derekjeter is the ceo. in a basketball in the nba, staying in north america, by games taking place over the coming hours. the milwaukee bucks up against the golden state warriors. the bucks are eight in the eastern conference. the golden state warriors, reigning champions. that one gets under way in short while on the cricket is 82/2, england are the present after new zealand won the toss in the second test match and cinnamon to bat the second session
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but be go to the website, you will see the live text update on that. go to it. until next time, goodbye. make no mistake, there is a lot of weather of varying types to come this easter weekend. some of it could cause some problems, too. there'll be some rain around at times. notjust that — some snow. easter monday looks a troublemaker, we'll see that at a moment. temperatures on the cool to cold side of average, but there will be some drier, sunny moments too. we'll detail all of that as we look throughout the entire easter weekend, starting with good friday. there will be some snow showers affecting parts of northern scotland from the word go, recovering to some of the higher routes, an area of hill snow moving from north—east england across other parts of eastern scotland. heavy showers developing
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in southern england, reaching into parts of wales, the midlands, east anglia later in the day, maybe with a rumble of thunder. single—figure temperatures, colder still in easterly winds across the northern half of the uk. just one or two showers, but sunny spells into northern ireland. the moisture with these showers starts to feed up the bit further north into saturday morning. an increasing chance of seeing a bit of snow into the tops of the welsh hills, maybe into the pennines going into saturday morning. these are your overnight temperatures. still some of the snow showers in the hills in north—east scotland, as well. now, for saturday, the reason we are seeing some rain and hill snow is this area of low pressure. but tonight it's going to edge its way eastwards. but it's still going to get into parts of england and wales. some outbreaks of rain and some hill snow into the pennines. so all of this has to slide away eastwards during the day. some western parts may start to brighten up. still, as wintry showers move north, north—east scotland, south—east scotland getting along quite well, although still be rather cloudy. still a chilly breeze across the coast towards the north—east. the single—figure temperatures once again. look at this — easter day, sunday. the winds are lighter, for a start.
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you may catch the odd shower, a frost to begin with, a few fog patches clearing. a few sunny spells around — most places are actually dry. the rain and the strengthening wind coming across south—east england later in the day, that is a sign of things to come for easter monday. here comes another area of low pressure. certainly got some moisture associated with it, it's feeding northwards. quite chilly air on easter monday. and that means rain, yes, but feeding into the colder air, the chance for some snow as it spreads further north, as well, maybe notjust on hills. some of that could be disruptive, as well, but there's still a lot to play for. of course, easter monday is several days away. butjust an early heads up that if you are travelling on easter monday, you do need to keep across that forecast, because of that risk of snow that could cause some disruption. and we will, of course, keep you updated over the next few days. that's your latest forecast. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley.
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our top stories: moscow expels 60 american diplomats. the un warns the spy poisoning case is pushing russia and the west towards a new cold war. yulia skripal, one of the victims of the salisbury nerve agent attack, is now conscious and talking. herfather, sergei, remains critically ill. theresa may promises to make brexit a success for everyone, and insists it will mean more money for schools and hospitals. the battle for blue skies. beijing cuts pollution by half, in the hope of a brighter future. to see the way my old man's being...
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