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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines: a shortage of special needs funding means growing numbers of children in england are being left without suitable school places according to the largest union for teachers. can you imagine the torment that a parent goes through, a parent of a child where special needs where we aren't educating them at all? the newest member of the labour party's governing committee, the comedian, eddie izzard says labour must stamp out anti—semitism and rebuild relations with thejewish community. it comes as labour distances itself from some pro—jeremy corbyn facebook groups featuring anti—semitic and abusive comments. police on the spanish island of tenerife say they've arrested two people in connection with the death of a 9—year—old boy from northern ireland. four weeks after the nerve agent attack on salisbury, its bishop says the city was violated and is only just recovering. kim jong—un has attended a rare concert in north korea featuring pop stars from south korea. and in the next hour
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happy centenary, raf. ceremonies have been taking place around the country as the queen pays tribute to the skill and sacrifice of the men and women of the royal air force who, she said, had gallantly defended freedom. and the travel show heads tojerusalem and bethlehem. that's in half an hour here on bbc news. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. britain's largest teaching union is warning that a growing number of children with special needs in england are being left without suitable school places. last year, more than 4,000 children with the most severe needs were not offered places. the union has accused the government of "starving" local councils of funding. but the department of education insists that local authorities now have more money for every pupil, in every school. 0ur education editor bra nwen jeffreys reports.
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every child deserves an education, but special needs help comes from the school budget first, then they fight for extra council funding from budgets already overstretched, making it hard for schools that want to be inclusive. it would be really sad for me if i ever got to the point where i said we don't want to take children with additional needs for financial reasons. i suspect there are schools and trust to looking really closely at the level of needs that a child comes in with and the amount of funding that will be attached to that and making really difficult decisions. in south gloucestershire, cash is being taken from every school. they're £7 million short for high needs children, and without support, they end up outside the system. can you imagine the torment a parent goes through, a parent of a child with special needs, where we are aren't
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educating them at all? special needs children are more likely to be left without an education. in 2016, 1700 were left without a school place. by 2017, it reached more than 4000. an extra £262 million is being put in by the government, but the shortfall just last year was estimated at more than 400 million across england. how are you doing, darling? finding it very hard at the moment. natasha has needed her mum's support. her son has adhd. last year, he was permanently excluded. the school had a zero—tolerance behaviour policy. he'd get upset at being constantly pulled up. after the case went to tribunal, the school apologised. they're looked at as a grade rather a person, because there's such a high pressure on students to get
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high grades, and it is one box fits all, and my son doesn't fit into that box. her son has been found an alternative place, but natasha told me his confidence has been destroyed. i don't recognise my son now, he looks like a skeleton, he's withdrawn, everybody says that they think he looks depressed, he looks sullen, his eyes are sunk into the back of his head with dark circles around his eyes. the government says support for special needs is improving. many worry funding pressures put that at risk, making schools less likely to welcome children who need extra help. branwen jeffreys, bbc news. the comedian, eddie izzard, who has just been appointed to labour's governing
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national executive committee, says the party must stamp out anti—semitism and rebuild relations with thejewish community. it follows the resignation of his predecessor christine shawcroft, after complaints she'd offered support to a council candidate accused of holocaust denial. 0ur political correspondent chris mason told me that eddie izzard's politics are quite different too his predecessor's. politically he has been a labour party supporterfor politically he has been a labour party supporter for years. he politically he has been a labour party supporterfor years. he is from a more centrist position than the person he replaced. but the extraordinary thing around this story is that we have been talking about this for over a week now, headlines continuing to come. it is impossible not to conclude that the truce, the public truce within the labour movement after the general election campaign where jeremy corbyn did better than many people
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expected, albeit he lost, has been broken. the party is once again as it was before the election, falling out with itself and doing it in public. christine shaw croft resigned and a labour party donor has taken action. also into the mix, sir david garrard who has given one and half million pounds to the labour party. he has deep pockets. but you have to be a big believer in a party to hand over one and a half million pounds. he has gone from doing that to tearing up his party membership card. he is very disillusioned with this row around anti—semitism. now, there are those within the labour movement, particularly those who are loyal to jeremy corbyn says the model we want to create for the create is as a poster relying on big pocketed
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individual donors, you have a mass membership that is sufficiently large that relatively small donors can makea large that relatively small donors can make a big difference and in the election campaign there was evidence they benefitted from that. but it is striking somebody‘s whose loyalty extended to handing over a lot of money is walking a i way. tell us aboutjeremy money is walking a i way. tell us about jeremy corbyn and money is walking a i way. tell us aboutjeremy corbyn and his facebook presence. facebook is an important platform forjeremy corbyn, as it is for all politicians. but he has been particularly successful at having a direct channel with voters and put being up clips on facebook. he has deleted one of his two presences if you like on facebook, his own personal account. he has deleted his personal account. he has deleted his personal account. he has deleted his personal account. this coming after the sunday times published a dossier of groups on facebook and people who
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are supporters ofjeremy corbyn, where more than 2,000 messages that we re where more than 2,000 messages that were hateful and racist had been found by the newspaper. now, over all, that 400,000 people are members of these groups, you can argue these hateful messages are a small number. what is interesting there are some seniorfigures in the party what is interesting there are some senior figures in the party who are members of group. no one has suggested they have posted anything u ntowa rd. suggested they have posted anything untoward. but the party said we have nothing to do with these groups. because people are members of them doesn't mean they have read a lot of this stuff. things can fly up through your facebook profile quickly. it is another strand in this ongoing row about anti—semitism and crucially forjeremy corbyn this re—emergence of bitter and public division at the heart of labour party. chris mason reporting there.
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and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30pm this evening in the papers. our guests joining me tonight are the parliamentaryjournalist, tony grew and the journalist, caroline frost. two people have been arrested in tenerife after a nine— year—old boy from northern ireland died in hospitalfollowing a hit and run incident on thursday. the boy was leaving a shopping centre with his family when the collision happened. richard morgan reports. nine—year—old carter carson was on a family holiday in tenerife. he was leaving this supermarket on thursday when he was hit by a car. he died in hospital on friday. the car believed to have been involved was found abandoned a few miles from the scene. the police say two people have been arrested. flowers have been left close to where the crash happened. the foreign office said it's providing consular assistance to the family following the tragic death. the nine—year—old played football for 18th newtonabbey youth. he had been a member since he was five. the club said it's heartbroken. carter was a primary 5 pupil
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at albert cross school in newtonabbey. a post on the school's web—site said the whole school community is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of carter carson. it said the thoughts and prayers of the school are with his family at this tragic time. the school said it is ensuring appropriate support is put in place for its pupils to help them deal with carter's death. the school will open later this week to allow parents and pupils to spend time together and to sign what has been called a book of memories. it is understood arrangements are being made to return his body to northern ireland in the coming days. richard morgan, bbc news. islamist fighters have launched a major attack on an african union military base in somalia. two car bombs were detonated outside the peacekeepers base by al shabaab militants in the town of bulamarer, 130 kilometres southwest of the capital mogadishu. four weeks after the nerve agent attack on sergei
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and julia skripal, the bishop of salisbury has spoken of the sense of violation felt in the city. in his easter sermon, the right reverend nicholas holtam said people there had suffered anger and anxiety, and things were only now returning to normal. from salisbury, simonjones reports. picturesque from the outside, four weeks on, this city remains unsettled, still coming to terms with a shocking and unexplained attack. for terror and amazement had seized them... at the traditional easter service at the cathedral, the events of the past month are uppermost in people's thoughts. i think what's happened was more than an attack on two individuals — it sort of violated the city, and a section of the city has been cordoned off, just a small section, but it's had a big impact on salisbury, and therefore what we need to do now is to find a way of getting back togetheragain, regrouping. the number of visitors to the cathedral has dropped by 40% since the poisoning.
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most of the city centre is open for business, but the police cordons remain, an ever—present reminder of what happened. in this shop close to where sergei and yulia skripal were found slumped on a park bench, they say people are returning but times have been tough. some shops have been closing down early, shutting shop a little bit, not sure if the customers are going to come back, regulars haven't been visiting as frequently as they normally would. and some tell me they are still struggling to comprehend that a nerve—agent attack happened here. this city is not the same anymore. i am walking around the city, and i am thinking, "is there anyone following me? " i think people are scared, cos that's not going to be the last one. i don't think that will be the last one, i think it will happen again. 0thers, though, insist good is emerging from the bad events. we want the world to see that this city is so beautiful, everyone is so nice and friendly here. it's united the city, we're all fighting to have
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beautiful salisbury back. the bishop of salisbury spoke of the city's resilience — that will be tested further in the coming months. simonjones, bbc news, salisbury. ceremonies have been held today to mark one hundred years since the raf became the world's first independent air force. it was formed by the merger of the army's royal flying corps and the royal naval air service. a number of events have taken place across the country including a fly past at biggin hill in kent where three world war 2 aircrafts took to the skies watched by veterans. 0ur correspondent robert hall has spent the day at stow marr—ies in essex. stow maries is a particularly poignant spot on this day of commemoration. we're surrounded by reminders of the men and the machines whose actions convince the politicians that an independent air force was the way forward. it was a hugely significant moment. small wonder the raf will never forget april the 1st 1918. 0n the runway at europe's last intact first world war aerodrome,
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echoes from the day that the raf became a reality. this tiny biplane would have been familiar to the men who pioneered military aviation. archive footage: they flew like goldfish in a bowl, in all directions, around guy... you were alone, you know, and you fought alone and died alone. today stow maries' airfield is turn back the clock, remembering the airships, and those are argued airpower could expand and survive. we are very proud to say that of the operational aerodromes active on operations the day of formation, we are the only one left, the only one you can still fly from. and the only one where you can see these aircraft are doing what they did then. in london serving personnel and veterans gathered for a service to mark the start of the centenary commemorations. the raf family, looking back to events which provide
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inspiration to the future. it was a wonderful service, a service and a commemoration but also i think a celebration of the work our air force has done throughout its history and what it is today, what we achieve and who we are as an organisation. in 1918 the airmen of stow maries watched the raf standard hoisted for the first time. a moment replayed to hundreds of local air cadets, drawn into distant events. the raf is still evolving, but without the courage of those young men long ago its history might have been very different. the raf might have been born but it didn't have an easy time. the army and navy were not convinced, didn't like losing their pilots and planes to this new service, so that raf had to show considerable determination, perhaps summed up in its own motto, through adversity to the stars. the headlines on bbc news:
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a shortage of special needs funding means growing numbers of children are being left without suitable school places in england according to the country's largest union for teachers. the newest member of the labour party's governing committee, the comedian, eddie izzard says labour must stamp out anti—semitism and rebuild relations with thejewish community. police on the spanish island of tenerife say they've arrested two people in connection with the death of a 9—year—old boy from northern ireland. sport now and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's james pearce. hello, it has been a red letter tay for spurs. they have beaten chelsea at sta mford for spurs. they have beaten chelsea at stamford bridge for the first time in 28 years. the 3—1 result has huge significance for the champions
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league qualifications places. spurs are now eight points clear of chelsea. stamford bridge is a fortress tottenham have failed to conquerfor 28 years. fortress tottenham have failed to conquer for 28 years. their hopes of changing that would have been higher had harry kane been fit to start. without him, their attacking threat was initially limited. while chels tested lloris before morata found a way through. the home side seemed to be in control. but in eriksen, totte n ha m be in control. but in eriksen, tottenham have a player who can turn a match in a moment. his eighth league strike a contender for goal of the season that. inspired others to have a go. son was left frustrated. but dele alli wasn't. the 21—year—old marking his 100th premier league game in style. then chelsea's defence surrended again to dele alli. it left fans in a state of disbelief. some weren't around the last time this happened. it will
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bea the last time this happened. it will be a long time before any of them forget. arsenal's hopes of qualifying for the champions league rest with the europa league and thousands of fans stayed away from the emirates match with stoke. arsenal one 3—0. for a lot of game it looked like stoke could get a point. aubameyang scored the first goalfrom the point. aubameyang scored the first goal from the penalty spot. la cazette goal from the penalty spot. lacazette added a third from the spot. there was one match in the scottish premiership. hearts all but secured a top six place after getting a point against dundee. dundee ended a run of five home defeats and stay tenth. four points of partick thistle who are in the relegation play—off place. chelsea ladies are three points clear of super league after a draw with
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arsenal. chelsea were gifted the opener scored by fran kirby. arsenal equalised when meade ran from the halfway line, equalising for arsenal who remain fourth. defending champions saracens are out of european cup after losing to lenner the. losing to —— leinster. the home side will face scarlets in the semifinal. there will be no premiership representation in the last four now. ant honyjoshua beat joseph parker last night. but the talks have moved on to what will happen next. joshua's team have told
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us happen next. joshua's team have told us their ready to start next as earl y us their ready to start next as earl yas us their ready to start next as earl y as next week for a fight with deontay wilder. he is one of biggest stars of british sport. joshua drawing another huge crowd and continuing on the path to greatness. in parker camea continuing on the path to greatness. in parker came a resilient opponent. which made for a cagey contest. joshua going the distance for the first time. he now has all except one of heavy weight belts — nobody has ever held the whole lot at the same time. that is the aim. has ever held the whole lot at the same time. that is the aimlj has ever held the whole lot at the same time. that is the aim. i think like 2018 was always a time to ca ptu re all like 2018 was always a time to capture all the belts and we're one away now. i think sky's the limit for what we're trying to achieve. away now. i think sky's the limit for what we're trying to achievem has been a remarkable rise from 0lympic has been a remarkable rise from olympic gold in london to the
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world's leading heavy weight in the space of only six years. and seemingly plenty more to come. you can see the good, the bad, the ugly and... long may it continue i think. i'm not done. i think i have got a lot of years left in me if i keep on controlling fighters like that without taking too much punishment i should be around for long time. joshua has now sold out three stadium fights in eleven months, a total of a quarter of a million people. the one remaining challenge is to secure that final belt and write his name into mystery. —— history. that is all your sport for 110w. history. that is all your sport for now. thank you. in syria, a deal has been reached to evacuate critically injured people from douma, in the eastern ghouta region. rebel fighters have stayed in the town, although there are reports in syrian state media, that they too have agreed to leave douma.
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several hundred civilians, mostly women and children, are among the latest evacuees. in all, over 150,000 civilians have now been evacuated from eastern ghouta. the region was a major opposition bastion, but most of it has been recaptured by the government in recent weeks. lebo diseko reports. this is what is left in much of eastern ghouta, the last few civilians on the streets along with government troops. the suburbs outside damascus a shadow of their former selves. 0n the horizon, douma, the last rebel enclave standing in eastern ghouta. if the government takes it, this whole area will be back in president assad's control. for weeks, there have been evacuations across the area with thousands of civilians and rebel fighters being allowed to leave. now russia says a deal has been made to get people safely out of douma. but forced displacement is what the rebels have called it.
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they accuse president assad of trying to change the demographics in this area in his favour. for the families ripped apart by the fighting in the area, the hope is that at least they can be reunited. translation: my hope is that my sons, who are in ghouta, get out and to bring my children together, so we all live together. for those who don't leave, syria's army has threatened a full—scale military offensive. and as the war here goes into its eighth year, it is difficult to know how much more people can take. lebo diseko, bbc news. pope francis has used his easter message to call for dialogue on the korean peninsula, and peace in syria. thousands of people gathered in st peter's square in rome in bright sunshine to hear him speak from the balcony of the adjacent basilica.
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he said the power of the christian message gave hope to the deprived, including migrants and refugees who were so often rejected by what he called today's culture of waste. translation: today we implore fruits of peace upon the whole world. beginning with the beloved and long suffering land of syria. whose people are worn down by an apparently endless war. this easter may the light of the risen christ illumine the conscience of all military and political leaders so that a swift end may be brought to the carnage in course, that humanitarian law may be respected and provisions be made to facilitate access to the aid so urgently needed by our brothers and sisters, while also ensuring fitting conditions
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for the return of the displaced. in a sign of improving relations north korean leader kim jong—un has attended a concert of south korean artists held in pyongyang. it's the first time a north korean leader has been seen at such an event. the following report by james waterhouse contains flash photography. the sight of kim jong—un waving to applause might not be anything new, but south korean reports say he is 110w but south korean reports say he is now the first north korean leader to go to now the first north korean leader to gotoa now the first north korean leader to go to a performance from a group by the south. there are plenty of them. nearly 200 singers and dancer and technicians are in the capital for two concerts. south korean ministers said he showed much interest in the show. the spectators were treated to
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performances by k—pop stars. including the group red velvet. who made their intentions clear before leaving. it is our great honour to perform with veteran singers, as we are the youngest singers we will do oui’ are the youngest singers we will do our best to deliver bright energy to the north korean people. it is hoped this will serve as a peace gesture ahead of a meeting between the leaders of north and south korea. the south's taekwondo athletes also performed ahead of a joint display on monday. beyond the concerts, south korea and the us have begun their joint south korea and the us have begun theirjoint military exercises, but ina slimmed
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theirjoint military exercises, but in a slimmed down form. the troops will take part but the drill will be a month shorter than usual and won't involve nuclear submarines. the drills all anged pee north korea. kim jong—un met the chinese president xijinping last kim jong—un met the chinese president xi jinping last week and he has offered to have a face to face meeting with donald trump. no date yet, but it is expected before the end of may. as you've seen — events to celebrate 100 years of the raf have been taking place across the uk — let's have a look at some of images of the day.
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i like to get back into a spite fire again. it is part of you. 0ne one hundred years, ifeel as if i've done 75 years of them. no, it is just a wonderfulfeeling. done 75 years of them. no, it is just a wonderful feeling. to be where we effectively are now, where they all were a hundred years ago is fantastic. there is no place like this at all probably left in the world really. it isa
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it is a service of commemoration but also celebration of what the royal air force has done throughout its history and what the royal air force is today. thanks to our producer to putting those picture together for us. many places started easter sunday on a promising note. but then turned cooler. look to the south—west for the next area of low pressure which is bringing strong rain and
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outbreaks of rain, and some snow falling over the higher ground. towards the midlands and northern england by the end of the night. the northern end of the country staying rather dry. a dry, cold and frosty night for scotland. the far south of england will turn milder to start easter monday. a wet start for many on easter monday, the rain, sleet and snow brushing northwards, maybe some significant accumulations for parts of northern ireland, northern england and central and southern scotland. the far north of scotland staying dry, maybe a few snow showers. south of this, milder air, some showers, maybe the odd sunny speu some showers, maybe the odd sunny spell and temperatures of 12 or 13 degrees. stay tuned to the weather forecast, there will be some disruptive snowfall.


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