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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  April 6, 2018 5:45pm-6:01pm BST

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for the refusal of the explanation for the refusal of the visa. it's coming up to quarter to six. these are the headlines. sergei skripal is no longer in a critical condition but is responding well to treatment in hospital. the bbc has learned that his niece viktoria has been refused a visa to come to britain and visit relatives. in other news and man has been arrested in connection with the murder of a 17—year—old in north london on monday, tanesha melbourne. the film review isjust the film review is just ahead, the film review isjust ahead, let's have a reminder of sportsday. we will be globetrotting on sportsday this evening, the second round of the masters in augusta, we'll be live there to see what's happening on the leaderboard. jordan spieth was on top of the night, two days down into the commonwealth games on the gold coast, hosts australia top of the medals they took more goals
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today, there were 17 gold medals including the first for wales, gareth evans in the weightlifting enjoyed sharing hisjoy gareth evans in the weightlifting enjoyed sharing his joy with gareth evans in the weightlifting enjoyed sharing hisjoy with his coach. we'll have all the headlines today. formula i, england's women playing wales in a big world cup qualifier, a big crowd expected at southampton saint mary stadium and a big match tomorrow, manchester city can win the premier league title but, it is a big but, they are facing manchester united. that's all it sportsday on 630 with me, olly foster, but now on bbc news it is time for the film reveal. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is james king. good to see you james, what have you
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been watching? this week we journey into the dark recesses of martin freeman's mind in ghost stories. then two 1920s new york in the family drama wonderstruck. and finally we go tojennifer garner's sofa in the much talked about teenager moby, love, simon. we've already barely begun and i have a bone to pick with you, doctor mark kermode is away so i thought i would have a respite about horror films and what have you brought me? it's a peach of a week and for fans of horror stories. we will talk about ghost stories in a moment and there's this film we have not got time to talk about, called the quiet place, very scary. if you like horror movies this is a great weekend. let's focus on ghost stories, a british horror written and directed by andy nyman and jeremy dyson. andy works with darren
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brown, jeremy is part of the league of gentlemen team. andy stars in the film as a sceptic who believes there isa film as a sceptic who believes there is a logical explanation for all supernatural goings—on but he gets handed three cases that he can't crack and they start to make you question his beliefs. 0ne crack and they start to make you question his beliefs. one of them features the great paul whitehouse, asa features the great paul whitehouse, as a night security guard. if you are afraid of the document want to look away now. here he is. —— if you are afraid of the dark, you might wa nt to are afraid of the dark, you might want to look away. listen, you've got two minutes to get out of this building before i come for you. if that is you... right. how are you feeling?”
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how are you feeling? i saw the trailer a week ago and even the trailer a week ago and even the trailer freaks trailer a week ago and even the trailerfreaks me trailer a week ago and even the trailer freaks me out. trailer a week ago and even the trailerfreaks me out. i trailer a week ago and even the trailer freaks me out. i thought i can't go and see this. but if you love this kind of thing should easy it? it is clearly made by people who love these things and know the movies, nods to the hammer horrors and a nordic 2—mac not to fly called dead of might, they know their history of horror, they know how to twist the knife and make jump out of your seat and they have fun doing it. it is hokum and theatrical, actually based on a stage play, fun but very scary. what i really liked about it is that it is obviously made on a limited budget but the locations are just fantastic. fairly bleak and british from the look.
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they have this delicious drabness like a crumbling seaside town out of season. like a crumbling seaside town out of season. that adds to the atmosphere as well. with those great performances, martin freeman i mentioned, alex lawther has a good role as a troubled teenager, and paul whitehouse. if you expect paul whitehouse to be funny, there are a couple of laughs but ultimately a very moving performance from him. he is very good at dramatic acting. fascinating although you don't get the loves. and a todd haynes feature. when we saw this on paper when year ago we would have thought it would be an awards contender, yet in april it is released with very little fa nfa re in april it is released with very little fanfare and did not feature in any awards. it could have been great and it doesn't quite achieve that. todd haynes directed it, brian selznick wrote it, he made hugo with martin scorsese. good quality names. a couple of storylines, one is set
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in 1977 about a young deaf boy who i’u ns in 1977 about a young deaf boy who ru ns to in 1977 about a young deaf boy who runs to new york to find his father. and a separate story, they ultimately cross over but there's a separate story in 1927 new york about young girl. she falls in love with the city and with the natural history museum. it is interesting that that element is shot in black and white like a silent movie, from the era, a nice artistic touch and quite good at that sense of wonder you have as a child when you go to the city for the first time. you have that awestruck feeling. it ca ptu res have that awestruck feeling. it captures that. i do think it's pretty clunky in terms of the way it tells its story, a lot of coincidence, too much willing suspension of disbelief of the audience, and too many unanswered questions. and one of those movies that could have been great and 12 months ago i was expecting this to be an academy award winner. now i think it will be quickly forgotten.
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and love, simon, will not be fo rg otte n ? and love, simon, will not be forgotten? i hope not. it is the teenage movie and stars nick robinson, not the bbc political editor, although he would be great! this is a young american actor who was ina this is a young american actor who was in a jurassic world. it's a high school movie, many familiar teenage movie traits, the sassy teachers and the wacky friends and the eccentric family, but the twist is that he is coming out. so he's dealing with his sexuality and telling his friends and his family. here is a clip. and just like you. for the most part of my life is totally normal. my dad was the annoyingly handsome quarterback who married the hot valedictorian. and no they didn't peak in high school. i have a sister i actually like, not that i would ever tell her that. last year and
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200 episodes ago she decided you wa nted 200 episodes ago she decided you wanted to be a chef. and they're my friends. two of them i have known since the beginning of time, or at least kindergarten. and one of them ijust met a least kindergarten. and one of them i just met a few years ago. months ago but i feel i've known her father, we do everything friends do, we drink too much copy, eat ice cream, watch movies and hang out. so like i said, ijust like you. i have a totally perfectly normal life. except i have one huge as secret. and that's kind of says it all because it looks like classic hollywood, nicely made, everyone is nice looking, they all have my sizes and it looks like an easy watch. is this the first time a major film studio has made a film with a gay
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kid at heart of it? absolutely, a big studio picture. it's desperately trying to be as mainstream and is normal in inverted commas as possible. that is a bold thing. that's something i really liked about it. i would say, the downside is, it is occasionallyjust to normal! a little bit more edge would not have gone amiss. occasionally it . a little predictable. i love high is a little predictable. i love high school movies and teen movies, you know the traits and they are all in there. and they feel at this stage a little overfamiliar. what gets it by is the charm. it is an incredibly charming movie. the lead character, the music is great as well, a guy called jack antonov who is a big writer — producer, works with taylor swift. a lot going for it that papers are the crux. it's a little predictable, it is a little too mainstream for me that there is that charm and ultimately, like you said, we can't deny that this is breaking new ground. interesting in america,
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some celebrities have started buying and screening service and giving away free tickets because there is this desire for it to be as seen by as many people as possible, and being released here at easter to a mainstream teen audience, they are really going for it with this. and it has worked in the states, it is a big hit. a lot of positives. and best out this week, wes anderson. i'll of dogs. i went in with great hopes, visually it was extraordinary but i thought where it worked best was the interplay between the dogs and humans. that was great that the story ultimately was a bit feeble i thought. sometimes his stories do get a little overcomplicated and i would say it is similar with isle of dogs. i loved that stop motion animation. it is very clever. said
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injapan so this weird mix of japanese animation and the clangers. quite unusual to watch. but i think it works, i love eccentricity and its humour, very deadpan, dark humour. if you don't like wes anderson movies because it is more of the same this won't win you over. he makes very arch films and this is very arch. but i think, for me, because of that bond between humans and dogs that it is all about, it has more of a heart than other films which is why i liked it —— more than his other films. file under quirky. a quick thought on dvd? the last jedi, episode eight of star wars, and at christmas in the cinema, many people say it is the greatest one ever, i think it's too early to say that but it is a very good star wars movie. for me it gets going about halfway in, it takes time to hit its stride but some strong performances,
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i loved the antagonist, and sadly the last performance from carrie fisher as princess leia. to end on a positive note look at the bloopers on the disc because it is sad to watch her in the movie but she was full of humour and life and there are some great moments from her in as extras in the disc. james, thank you very much. and that's just about it for this week. plenty to reflect on, enjoy your cinema going this weekend, see you next week, bye bye. good evening, it has felt like spring for some areas today, sunshine in the south—east, those temperatures have been climbing, yes, the sunshine was hazy but that did not stop us getting up to 17 degrees. it has not been like that everywhere, we've seen rain towards
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the north—west, pressure is in charge of the scene and this area of cloud, this frontal system, has been pushing slowly in from the west. with that we have had this feed of mild southerly winds by the temperatures have climbed and we have seen those highs of 17 degrees, the warmest day of the year so far. as we head into this evening more rain to come across scotland, the odd hefty shower in northern ireland and a decent of dry weather until this word weather begins to slide into south england and wales by the end of the night. in between when we have clear spells we could have fog patches, but amateurs will not drop far, between four and 9 degrees, it will be a mild night. until tomorrow this frontal system will bring some headaches because this is going to wriggle around across the british isles into the next couple of days with pulses of wet weather from time to time running from the south towards the north along the line of that front. here is one pulse of wet
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weather, heavy rain for wales, midlands and northern ireland as we go through the day on saturday, to the north of that the client will break, we will see some spells of sunshine, the odd shower but look of the temperatures, a0 degrees in aberdeen, a mixture of sunshine and showers in northern ireland, a soggy afternoon from northern england, the odd shower into the south east but for southern areas it will be largely dry if generally cloudy but with the sun breaks through once more we could get up to 17 degrees. on saturday night our first batch of rain clears to the north—east that this weather front will still be hanging around, it will bring up another batch of rain from the south, a little uncertainty about where this wet weather will turn up but on sunday we should cease out to be mac showers across southern england, perhaps the midland and wales. elsewhere mist and fog patches to start but then dry weather, a fair amount of cloud, some sunny breaks but it will be
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milder ones or wherever you are so it will be mired this weekend, generally a lot of cloud and at times they will be rain. is no longer critically ill. sergei skripal has been in hospital since the beginning of march. he is responding well to treatment, improving rapidly, and is no longer in a critical condition. so what could mr skripal‘s recovery mean for the criminal investigation. also on the programme... the met police commissioner offers reassurance to londoners, after a string of murders. we have not lost control of the streets. i can understand why some people are very worried at the moment, particularly in some areas of london. aggression outside the ring — the mixed martial arts star conor mcgregor, appears in court after attacking his rivals' coach. and, worth his weight in gold. gareth evans wins for wales, at the commonwealth games.


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