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tv   World News Today  BBC News  April 7, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. our top stories. three people dead, around 20 injured, in the german city of muenster after a van is driven into a crowd. police say they're treating the incident as an attack — the attacker may have been a mentally disturbed german. in other news — a bus carrying a junior ice hockey team crashes in canada — 1a people are dead. brazil's former president lula says he's not guilty of corruption — but will hand himself in to begin a prison term. manchester united disrupt city's plans to win the english premier league. for now. hello and welcome to world news today. a van has been deliberately driven into a group of people at an open air restaurant in the german city of muenster,
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killing three people including the driver. about 20 others were injured. police say the driver — who had psychological problems — shot himself. the attack happened in a square in muenster‘s old town. the van smashed into restaurant tables and chairs. six of the injured are in a critical condition. these are the latest pictures from the suspect‘s apartment. german media reports say the driver was a german citizen in his 40s — with no islamist connection. jenny hill reports. in the historic heart of one of germany's biggest university towns, a scene of horror. the old square was crowded, people enjoying the spring sunshine when a van plowed through what should be a pedestrianised zone. for those in its path, little chance to escape. this pavement cafe was full of people eating, drinking, relaxing. it was a small restaurant and the people are sitting outside
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and then the van crashed into the restaurant. a major investigation is now under way. the driver, police say, killed himself after the crash. the scene, still cordoned off after officers found what they described as a suspicious object in van. translation: the suspect shot himself in the vehicle. his identity is still unclear. there is some eyewitness accounts of other culprits, possibly having fled the vehicle, but we are still investigating this and do not yet have an in—depth understanding of what happened. the authorities have urged the public to avoid speculation. too soon, they say to establish a motive. there are suggestions the driver may have been a man with mental health problems. but what happened here bears a strong resemblance to the berlin christmas market attack of 2016. jenny hill, bbc news. in the last few minutes, we've received this update from the interior minister
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of the north rhine westpalia state. translation: according to the current state of the investigation and it is still very early, the perpetrator who at around three o'clock ploughed into a group of people was a german citizen and not as it was reported a refugee or something similar. the details are being thoroughly examined and because of that we can't go into further details. there is nothing to say at the moment that there was any islamist background but we must wait and see. it will be investigated from all sides. this horrible act here in the historic centre of muenster has deeply appalled and alarmed me. it is in the north—west of germany where this incident has taken place. tim stuchtey is the
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executive director of the brandenburg institute for society and security and an expert in homeland security. ina in a sense this is relief that this is not a terrorist attack at first glance? innocent people were killed, we don't know the zac circumstances. —— exact. it is tragic by itself and we have got to wait and see what the real background is going to be but right now it doesn't look like it was someone now it doesn't look like it was someone from another islamist background. it does hit a nerve after the previous attacks in germany, and as we move into the summer germany, and as we move into the summer people might feel exposed in this way. certainly. all of our societies in the west, we have been under attack from several sides in
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the past years and people are worried. yet at the same time we don't want to give up the way we live and there will always be crowds ona live and there will always be crowds on a sunny live and there will always be crowds on a sunny day sitting outside drinking a beer, having a coffee and cake, and we automatically expose ourselves to people who want to do us ourselves to people who want to do us harm. no matter the intentions, there is only so much the police and others can do to protect us from this. has there been a major rethink since the december 2016 attack as to how to have safeguards in cities and also the nature of the response? certainly. after the attacks in berlin whenever there is a public event there are considerations about
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building roadblocks to protect these events building roadblocks to protect these eve nts fro m building roadblocks to protect these events from the kind of attacks that we have seen in berlin and today in muenster. yet again, there are so many situations in our life where we are ina many situations in our life where we are in a crowd. not all of these crowds can be protected in the same way, but when you have a big event you certainly see differences and changes after the 2016 attack in berlin. thanks forjoining us. of course. earlier i spoke to thomas walde, a reporter for the german television broadcaster zdf. i began by asking him what police know about the suspect. the authorities have identified the person,
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someone who was born in 1969 according to the authorities in germany. clearly he is not an immigrant, which was also very soon after the news hit, a big deal because many people were afraid that this this might be a person with an immigrant background which would raise issues that we have had in the past. but they have the name of this person and they searched the apartment and they have said it is someone who tried to commit suicide in the past. it is a person with a troubled past and clearly they are working on the assumption that this was not a political motive. here in germany everyone is pretty sensitive about this because we had terror attacks in the past. there was a great deal of nervousness within
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government that this might be a terror related incident. people did not assume anything and they did not jump to conclusions. a short while later we felt relieved, that this was clearly not terror related. tell us more about the impact this will have had in muenster. of course, in muenster, everybody was shocked, up to the federal level everyone expressed shock and their condolences with the families of the victims. muenster, no one would have thought they would be a terror related incident here. it was a very nice day today, great weather, people were sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. out of the blue something like this striking, something that has shocked everybody from the local authority to the federal government. what was striking, nobody used the term of an attack, and they used the word an incident
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because they wanted to refrain from jumping to conclusions and also in order to not concern the general public too much because here in germany we have had terrible terrorist attacks in the past. whenever something happens like this people would be nervous that this might be another terrorist attack but it turned out that clearly this was not. they were able to established the person and the car he had registered and where he lived. 0n the line is german journalist yasmin gebele who is in muenster she works for the german tv station n—tv. the search is now on for what he background of this man was. the police are still here and they are still at the scene of the crime and they are trying to find out new information about the attack. we
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know that two people have been killed and the person who drove the car committed suicide, that's what they told us, and we know that 20 people are in hospital. they now try to find out new information and we are standing here around 200 metres away from the attack in muenster. we now know that the driver was 48 yea rs old now know that the driver was 48 years old and german. they believe it was not an islamist background. the police is now at his flat and they are trying to find out new information. they don't know yet what kind of person it is. tomorrow
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the police will give the press more information on it. authorities say they don't have any indication that it was an islamist attack. is information coming out about those who were killed in the attack? they are here nearby in the hospital, those who were injured, there are 20 people in the hospital, but we don't have any information about any of them and how they are at the moment. but there are a lot of people here in muenster who came to the hospital to help. 250 people work at the hospital who worked at work but the hospital who worked at work but the hospital said, we need help. it was
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a crisis situation. 250 people came to the hospital to work the whole night. but we don't have more information, regarding the medical situation of the people. thanks for joining us. thank you. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come. manchester united disrupt city's plans to win the english premier league. for now. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. three people are reported dead, around 20 injured, in the german city of muenster after a truck is driven into a crowd. german police say the driver of the vehicle killed himself — they're treating the incident as an attack. in other news: at least 14 people are reported to have been
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killed in canada in a crash between a bus and a truck. on board the bus was the humboldt broncos' ice hockey team, with players ranging in age from 16 to 21. the crash happened in the province of saskatchewan. according to a message from the club's president on twitter, the accident happened near tisdale as the team were travelling north to nippawin for a saskatchewanjunior hockey league play—off game. 0ur north america correspondent chris buckler reports. hand in hand in hospital, team—mates are turning to each other for support, all too aware that many of those they played alongside have been killed. commentator: 18 seconds to go on this humboldt power play... in rural canada, ice hockey is a sport and a passion that unites. and in humboldt, a community ofjust 6000 people, their team, the broncos, aren'tjust seen as stars, but as sons and neighbours. there's a bit of shock and a bit of disbelief going on. a bit of thinking about how the
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community is going to handle this. the team, many of them teenagers, were travelling to a play—off match in a nearby town when the bus they were on collided with a lorry. instead of going to watch that junior league game, their families spent the night in a church hall waiting for information. i think this is a dark time, tonight. this is a good thing that people come together at a time of need, they don't stay at home, when they are feeling isolated and alone. on twitter, the canadian prime ministerjustin trudeau said: half of the people travelling on the bus are now known to have died. a huge loss in this one small part of canada. chris buckler, bbc news. at a press conference officials
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in humboldt paid tribute to those who had lost their lives — and said they would never be forgotten. while we try and move forward as an organisation and a community, we will never forget the 6th of april 20 18th. and will never forget the 6th of april 2018th. and we will never forget the members of our broncos family who were taken from us and who were injured. and while we are stunned and grieving over this incomprehensible situation, we know that this is a moment when we must come together to support and comfort and to lean on each other. we will persevere and we will honour the soles that were lost. —— souls. supporters of brazil's former president, luis inacio lula da silva, appear to be preventing him from handing himself over to the police so that he can begin a long prison sentence
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for corruption. earlier lula was carried by crowds in sao paolo, after announcing that he was ready to turn himself in to begin a 12—year prison sentence for corruption. in a rousing speech, he'd also insisted that he was innocent and that he was being targeted to prevent him from running in 0ctober‘s presidential election. the bbc‘s katy watson heard his speech. the speech has ended but people here are taking this opportunity to eat and drink and enjoy themselves on this sunny afternoon. when lula came on stage the crowd cheered, this was a moment they had been waiting for for several days. he had been in this building here, ever since the arrest warrant was issued on thursday evening. he came out today and he told the crowds that he would be handing himself in but he wouldn't be giving up. the revelation doesn't end with the death of a commandant, he said, and that is probably true. this speech felt like a rallying cry for his supporters, rather than a surrender of a man and giving up. he will still have a powerful voice behind bars.
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his critics want to see him in jail and they call him a corrupt politician and he needs to face justice. it is worth pointing out that he is a man who had millions of supporters and he lifted millions of people out of poverty and he changed the brazilian political map. but he is not the man he used to be. he has lots of critics as well and they will want to see him locked up as soon as possible. katy watson there. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. syrian activists say heavy air strikes on the last rebel—held town in eastern ghouta have killed at least 32 civilians. douma is surrounded by government forces — and the syrian army says the rebels still holding out there should leave, orface destruction. scotland yard is deploying 300 extra officers in areas of london that have been worst affected by a recent increase in violent crime among young people. six people have been killed in the city in the past seven days and more than 50 since the start of the year. afghan defence officials say a commander of so—called
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islamic state has been killed in a drone attack in the northern province of jawzjan. they say the man killed in the strike in the darzab district was qari hekmat, head of an afghan is unit. he's said to have defected from the taliban a year ago. sarah has all the sport. thank you. manchester city are going to have to wait for that premier league title. they threw away a 2—0 lead against manchester united and lost 3—2. meaning city will need to win next weekend against totteham and hope that united lose to get their hands on the title. city were leading 2—0 at half—time
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but paul pogba scored twice in the space of two minutes. then chris smalling made the come back from united complete. you can stay ten, 15 minutes when the opposition is good in the second half, but to concede the goals, that is tougher against one good team, but after that we recovered and we go, and we tried, but we could not win, 0k. hopefully it will not do too much damage until next tuesday, but we have to stand up and move forward. in spain barcelona are in action and they are leading 2—1, who else but lionel messi with both of those goals. atletico are in second place. rory mcilroy has moved to one—shot of the lead on the third round of
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the masters in augusta. patrick reed is in the lead at the moment. very good scoring conditions. rory mcilroy has moved to five under par at the moment, through nine holes. rickie fowler is having a great round. marc leishman also alongside him. another one to watch isjon rahm. he is on the charge. sebastian vettel will start his 200th formula one race on pole. he picked his team—mate kimi raikkonen with a late surge in qualifying. not such a good day for lewis hamilton. he settled for ninth
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after a few problems. and now two a day of success at the commonwealth games. adam peaty said he would be the first man to do what he has intended. it is a bit tricky for him. do not forget, he won the gold medal and he did it quite easily. he hasn't now been beaten in that event since glasgow 2014th and that is a massive achievement in itself. more su ccesses massive achievement in itself. more successes for australia. kate campbell winning the 50 metres freestyle and they also won the team triathlon, mixed team, being held for the first time, and that is
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something they will take through to tokyo 2020, so a dress rehearsal for it here if you like. it is a classic game at the hockey featuring one of the bitterest international rivalries, india against pakistan. in the expected to do away with pakistan quite comfortable, they have beaten them for the last two yea rs have beaten them for the last two years over seven matches “— have beaten them for the last two years over seven matches —— india expected. pakistan scored a goal but no seconds left on the clock and it finished 2—2. quite a shock. you can keep updated with all of the sport on the bbc sport website. studio: thanks forjoining us. if you're a movie buff — you'll be interested in this next story. russell crowe is selling off some of his most famous movie props. selling them at auction in sydney, the new zealand born actor has managed to sell the torso armour from the gladiator movie for $125,000 australian dollars —
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smashing auctioneers' expectations. the iconic chariot from the same movie sold for $65,000 — nearly seven times the amount they were hoping for. russell crowe says the sale — which he's named "the art of divorce" is all about moving on — a "watershed moment" he's called it. let's get a reminder of our main story: a van has been deliberately driven into a busy open—air restaurant in the western german city of muenster, leaving three people dead and 20 others injured. german media reports say the driver was a german citizen in his forties, with psychological problems, but no links to terrorism. police say he shot himself — the authorities are not looking for any other suspects. we know the police have raided his apartment and that the hospitals there were fairly likely start but
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some 250 staff who have the day off went into the hospital to help with these 20 injured people. we don't know the identities of the victims yet. a big shock for this town with a population of about a third of a million. right near the dutch border, fairly flat down. it is the beginning of the season for germans standing around outside the so—called fests. the interior minister said there is no link of the perpetrator to islamist links. 19 degrees in kent helped by hazy sunshine but for much
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of the uk it was cloudy, with outbreaks of rain, but if that was yours today, tomorrow will be brighter and that should be the case in cumbria. breaks of rain overnight into scotland beginning to edge away north, showers and northern ireland will clear but some reach into south—east england and east anglia late in the night, but elsewhere a mixture of cloud and clear spells and temperatures on a mild night in the south—east. maybe a bit lower with clear spells developing in north east scotland. the picture for sunday, quiet, but the weather front close to south—east england edging further north in the day, and that will bring outbreaks of rain, but elsewhere sunny spells, a lot of dry weather, but the chance of a shower, and that covers much of scotland, northern ireland, west wales and western parts of england. sunny spells developing, the chance of a shower in the afternoon. for much of east anglia
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and the south—east it will stay cloudy, and start to see outbreaks of rain on and off especially from hampshire and sussex to london into the east midlands towards lincolnshire and maybe norfolk. a cooler day compared with saturday but elsewhere if you get sunshine, it will feel warmer. this is the picture on sunday evening, notice the strip of cloud and the rain continuing. some clear spells around. fair amount of cloud as we go into monday but some sunny spells initially in northern england, into scotland and northern ireland, but elsewhere, the rest of england and wales with a good deal of cloud and outbreaks of rain edging west. temperatures similar, reaching highs of about 14. the piture for tuesday, the frontal system affecting england and wales.
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this area of high pressure for scandinavia becomes dominant as we go to the week, not bitterly cold, but on the cold side towards the north sea coast with plenty of cloud and it looks likely in the week head north—east scotland will have the best of the dry and at times sunny weather. this is bbc world news, the headlines: a man has ploughed a van into a busy street cafe in the german town of muenster, killing two people. more than 20 people have been in the attack. german media reports say the suspect was a german citizen with psychological problems and no apparent links to militant groups. in canada, at least 14 people have been killed in a crash between a truck and a bus, which was carrying the humboldt broncos' ice hockey team, with player ranging in age from 16 to 21 years old. and supporters of brazil's former president, luis inacio lula da silva, appear to be preventing him from handing himself over to the police so that he can begin a 12 yearjail term for corruption.
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