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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 8, 2018 12:00am-12:31am BST

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this is bbc news. i'm tanya beckett. our top stories — three people are killed and around 20 injured in the german city of muenster after a van is driven into a crowd. terrorism is not thought to be the motive: translation: the perpetrator who at three pm ploughed into a group of people was a german citizen and not a refugee or something similar. canada is in mourning after a bus carrying a junior ice hockey team crashes killing 15. brazil's former president lula says he's not guilty of corruption — but hands himself in to police to begin a prison term. and manchester united upset city's plans to win the english premier league, for now. hello and welcome to bbc news. a van has been deliberately driven into a group of people
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at an open air restaurant in the german city of muenster, killing three people including the driver. about 20 others were injured. police say the driver, who had psychological problems, shot himself. the attack happened in a square in muenster‘s old town. the van smashed into restaurant tables and chairs. six of the injured are in a critical condition. these are the latest pictures from the suspect‘s apartment. german media reports say the driver was a german citizen in his 40s with no islamist connection. jenny hill reports. in the historic heart of an old university city, a scene of horror. the square was busy. people enjoying the spring sunshine when a van ploughed through what is usually a pedestrian zone. for those in its path, little chance to escape.
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the pavement cafe was full of people — eating, drinking, relaxing. it was a small restaurant and the people are sitting outside and then the van crashed into the restaurant. and still we don't know why. the driver, police say, killed himself in the van after the crash. translation: the suspect shot himself in the vehicle. his identity is still unclear. but they have yet to formally establish a motive. earlier, they raided an apartment believed to be the man's home. he said to be a german citizen who is known to the police. a man in his late 40s with health problems. translation: the perpetrator who, at around 3pm, ploughed into people was a german citizen. and not, as it was reported, a refugee or something similar. the details are being thoroughly examined. because of that, we can't go into further details. there is nothing to say at the moment that there was any islamist background.
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but we must wait and see. tonight, those investigations continue. in a city now morning its dead and praying for those left fighting for life. jenny hill, bbc news. german journalist yasmin gebele is in muenster. she's a reporter for the german tv station n—tv and gave us this update from the scene. the police are still here and still at the crime. they were trying to find information about the attack. we know two people are killed and also the person who drove the car committed suicide. now we know that 20 people are in hospital and they
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are trying to find out new information and we are standing here, around 200 metres away, from the attack in muenster. we now know that the driver is 48 years old and it isa that the driver is 48 years old and it is a german. they believed it was not an islamist background. the person leaves england star and they, the police are now at his flat and they tried to find out new information because they don't know yet what kind of person it is and tomorrow the police will give the press more information on it. authorities say that yet they do not have any indication that it is an islamist attack. is information
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coming out about those who were injured and killed in the attack? they are here nearby in the hospital. there are 20 people at the hospital. there are 20 people at the hospital but we don't have any information about about how they are. at the moment. there are lots of people here in monster that came to the hospital to help and there are 250 people who work at the hospital who came, who haven't been at work but the hospital said they need help and the situation is in crisis. 250 people came to the hospital to work the whole night. we don't have more information on how the medical situation is of the
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people. a short time ago i spoke to tim stuchtey — he's the executive director of the brandenburg institute for society and security. i asked him if there's going to be a sense of relief in germany that the muenster attack didn't seem to be terror related. we don't know yet the exact circumstances. it is tragic by itself and we just have to wait and see what the real background is going to be, but right now it doesn't look like it was an islamist background. it does hit a nerve in germany. people may feel exposed in this way. all of our societies in the west, we have been under attack from several sides in the past years. people are worried.
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yet at the same time we don't want to give up the way we live and there will always be crowds on a sunny day, sitting outside a pub, drinking a beer, having a coffee and cake. we automatically expose ourselves to people who want to do us harm. no matter what the intentions are, there is only so much the police and others can do to protect us from this. tim stuchtey. has there been a major rethink since the december 2015 attack as to safeguard in cities and the nature of the response? certainly. certainly after the attacks in berlin, whenever there is a public event, there are considerations are about building roadblocks are rounded to protect these events from
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exactly the kind of attacks that we have seen in berlin and today in muenster. yet again, there are so many situations in our life where we are ina many situations in our life where we are in a crowd and not all of these crowds can be protected in the same way. tim stuchtey. and you find more details on how that attacked unfolded on our website. there's a full account of events in muenster plus more on the other recent attacks in germany. just go or download the app. in other news: tributes have been paid to 15 people killed after a bus carrying a canadian junior ice hockey team crashed in canada. 14 other passengers were injured, when the vehicle collided with a lorry in the rural province of saskatchewan. 0ur north america correspondent chris buckler reports. in hospital, team—mates are turning to each other for support. all too aware that many of those they played
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alongside have been killed. commentator: 18 seconds to go on this humboldt power play... in canada, ice hockey is a sport that unites. and in humboldt, a community ofjust 6000 people, their team, the broncos, aren'tjust seen as stars, but as sons and neighbours. the worst nightmare has happened. as a league, we will support the humboldt broncos every way possible. the players, many of them teenagers, were on their way to a play—off match in a nearby town when the bus they were on collided with a lorry. instead of going to watch thatjunior league game, their families spent the night together in a church hall, hoping for information, and fearing what it might be. take that time to recognise all of our young men,
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and our coaching staff, and everybody who's been involved in this tragedy. on twitter, the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, said... "i cannot imagine what these parents are going through, and my heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy". the humboldt broncos were due to play another game this weekend. instead, the stadium will play host to a vigil, for a team torn apart as they travelled together. chris buckler, bbc news. some breaking news — there are reports that brazil's former president, luis inacio lula da silva, has now handed himself over to the police — so that he can begin a long prison sentence for corruption. earlier, lula was carried by crowds in sao paolo, who prevented him from giving himself up. lula has insisted he is innocent and is being targeted to prevent him from running in 0ctober‘s presidential election.
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the bbc‘s katy watson heard his speech. 0n the line is katy watson who is in sao paulo. this has been a lengthy and charged process. in the last hour, the former president handed himself in. there was a chance he may try and exit the building earlier. the crowds stopped him because they said he shouldn't be giving himself over to the police and that he is innocent. there was a bit of a stand—off and at one point, it got quite tense with the police standing by. they kept their distance and knew they could be a confrontation that in the end it stopped. reminders of the breadth of this
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enormous corruption scandal of which he is only part. that's right. the president came to power, promising change. he ended up being convicted of something he kept —— he said he could have stopped. he became implicated in what was known as operation car watch —— car wash. it was pointed out he is not the only one in the paper. the current person in power has also been accused of corruption. it is a very broad investigation that implicates people at the very top of politics into brazil and across the region. we have mentioned these 0ctober presidential elections. what happens 110w presidential elections. what happens now in brazilian politics? so many people and politicians are caught up in this. it is the question. it is exactly what happened with lula and
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that he would continue to fight to bea that he would continue to fight to be a candidate and that he was a candidate of the people. he now has a criminal record against him. the next few months will be very interesting. it will be september when the courts decide whether he will be allowed to stand. thank you. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. as syrian government forces move on rebel—held douma, there reports of a chemical weapons attack — denied by the syria government. an aid organisation said doctors in the town of douma had been treating patients suffering from the effects of inhaling chlorine gas. a number of people have been killed. afghan defence officials say a commander of so—called islamic state has been killed in a drone attack in a northern province. they say the man killed in the strike in the darzab district was qari hekmat, head of an afghan is unit. he's said to have defected from the taliban a year ago. the world's largest
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cruise ship has embarked on its maiden voyage from barcelona. the royal caribbean‘s mega ship "symphony of the seas" can carry up to 6,680 passengers. it was greeted by dozens of protesters who say the cruise tourism industry results in too many tourists inundating the cities and resort areas. we're getting reports of a fire at trump tower in new york. these are pictures of the fire, from social media. the new york fire department has said it was responding to the blaze. there are currently no injuries reported. president donald trump is in washington. 0ops his penthouse is on the 63th floor of the building. he's just tweeted to say the fire is out. president trump is currently in
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washington, dc, not in new york, where trump tower is. his penthouses on the 63rd floor of the building. —— penthouse is. let'sjust take a look at those live pictures. we got reports fairly early, after the pictures started emerging, that the fire was under control. but as i have said, reports suggest one person has been injured. president trump has been tweeting about it, you will not be surprised to learn. here we go. no reports that the moment as to what might have started this fire, actually, but as i say, the fire department is still on the scene on fifth ave in new york city, right in midtown. 0ne serious injury, as i
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have said. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come — manchester united disrupt city's plans to win the english premier league, for now. 55 years of hatred and rage have come toppling down with the statues. this funeral became a massive demonstration of black power, power to influence. today is about the promise of a bright future, the day when we heard the line can be drawn under the bloody past. i think that picasso's works are beautiful, they were intelligent, and it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art.
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this is bbc news. the latest headlines: three people are dead and around 20 injured, in the german city of muenster after a van was driven into a crowd. the attacker is thought to have been a mentally disturbed german with no apparent links to terrorism. bollywood star, salman khan, has been released from prison after being granted bail by an indian court. the 52—year—old actor waved at huge crowds from his balcony, after arriving back at his mumbai home. the indian actor was sentenced to five years in prison on thursday, after being found guilty of killing two rare antelopes, 20 years ago. 0ur correspondent nitin srivastava was outside
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the court in jodhpur, where fans of salman khan celebrated the news. there has been a sense of huge jubilation. firecrackers have been bursting outside the courtroom, thrown by hundreds of fans of the bollywood superstar salman khan, ever since the news of him being granted bail came out of the courtroom. this is the sessions court where the hearing has been on since the morning. the local authorities didn't allow this superstar to come and attend the hearing in person because of the feeling it could become a law and order problem, as you can see behind me, there are hundreds of fans and a huge media presence here. to have a glimpse of the superstar. and this may be a temporary respite for salman khan. but this is surely not a full respite, because the case is
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still on, and the hearing is set to reach an shortly —— set to resume shortly. us national guard soldiers are deploying to the border with mexico. it's part of president trump's attempts to clampdown on illegal immigration, as his proposal to build a border wall is held up. but the flow of people is continuing, as rhodri davies reports. taking off to come down hard at the us border. president trump is mobilising state national guard troops to the country's southern frontier with mexico. texas is first. this deployment has begun with the movement of equipment and troops today. within 72 hours the texas military department will have 250 personnel, along with ground surveillance vehicles as well as light and medium aviation platforms. others are coming. arizona will deploy 150 members of the reserve military force, and the president wants up to 4,000 there in total. it is to stop people like these: those crossing illegally
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into the united states. it is part of mr trump's proposed tougheranti—immigrant policies. also, on friday, he said he would end so—called "catch and release." that's the freeing of detained illegal immigrants while they wait to hear if they will be deported. instead, president trump wants to keep them in detention. we don't have laws, we have catch and release. you catch and you immediately release and people come back years later for a court case, except they virtually never come back. so we are preparing for the military to secure our border between mexico and the united states. such arrests on the border mark a four—decade low. but pushed by poverty and violence in central america and mexico, hundreds of thousands of migrants every year are still willing to make
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the sometimes deadlyjourney to cross into the united states for a better life. translation: the truth is my plan is to work for a long time along the border. that is what i'm going to do. afterwards, god will say if i cross the border to the north, even if trump doesn't want me to. it has to be done. it is further straining the relationship between the us and mexico, over whose border tens of thousands of people cross legally for work and for trade every day. mexico's president called this week president trump's demands "disrespectful" on mexico to stop the flow of people, or the country's trade pact would be at risk. sending the national guard to secure the border has been done before, by both president 0bama and george w bush. for president trump it is just a stopgap until he gets funding for his campaign promise of a border wall. something us congress
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is still to approve. in football, manchester city have missed their chance to be confirmed as english premier league champions. they needed to beat their old rivals manchester united to secure the title with six games of the season still to go. but in a dramatic match, city threw away a 2—0 half time lead and lost 3—2. paul pogba led united's stunning second half fightback with two goals in two minutes. city are still on track to win the premier league. they're 13 points clear of second placed united with six games remaining. 0ur sports correspondent azi farni was at the etihad for us this evening, she has the details. manchester city fans arrived here at etihad stadium quietly confident of victory over their archrivals manchester united, which would have
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sealed a fifth title. they started strongly. captain vincent kompany put them ahead midway through the first half, and within five minutes they doubled their lead. gundewan would the goal after a poor attempt by david de gea. city looked in control after that and their fans thought they had it in the bag, singing and giving the team a standing ovation as they went down the tunnel at half—time. those celebrations came too soon. there we re celebrations came too soon. there were no changes after the break for the united managerjose mourinho, but perhaps an inspiring team talk, because his side came out a com pletely because his side came out a completely different because his side came out a com pletely different tea m because his side came out a completely different team after the break. two goals in two minutes from their world record signing. pol pot are their world record signing. pol pot a re really their world record signing. pol pot are really showing his work denied. -- paul are really showing his work denied. —— paul pogba really showing his work tonight. after that it was in united's cans, chris smalling completing the comeback with what would be the winning goal. city
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threw everything at it after that. they had a late strong penalty appeal turned down and despite all their attempts they couldn't get past united, who have inflict the first home defeat of the season on them. six games left for city to wind the title, but they might rue the day that they failed to do it against their bitter rivals. —— win the title. worshippers are holding candlelit vigils around the world for holy saturday for the orthodox easter—eve tradition. this is injerusalem's old city, where tens of thousands of christian pilgrims gathered for the "holy fire" ceremony, which dates back at least 1200 years. in russia, president vladimir putin was among the massive crowd at this midnight mass in moscow's christ the saviour cathedral. and this was the scene on the greek island of corfu, where the tradition is to drop pots from a great height, thousands of people gather to watch the pots smash, and cheer on those throwing them from balconies. we have some breaking news coming
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out of syria. in the last few minutes the us state department has said it is monitoring what it calls a very disturbing reports of chemical weapons attacks in the country, in syria. doctors in the town of douma say they have been treating patients suffering from the effects of inhaling chlorine gas. the syrian government has denied carrying out any such attack. stay with us on bbc world news. we will keep you updated with all of those stories. meanwhile you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter if you are so minded. hello. mixed weather fortunes to
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start the weekend, some of us with broken cloud and sunny spells and warmth, 19 celsius at gravesend in kent, the uk's highest temperature of the year so far. looks nicer whitstable as well. not everybody enjoy this kind of weather. there was a spell of rain moving north and for a while in the afternoon cumbria looks like this. and this is what it looks like this. and this is what it looks like this. and this is what it looks like first thing. a mild start in south—eastern areas. some patchy rain around. elsewhere, mainly dry. mist and fog, temperatures in low single figures. the weather picture for part two of the weekend is fairly quiet for most of us but this weather front is a troublemaker, particularly who is going to get the rain from it. many northern and western parts of the uk might well stay dry, and get to see some
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sunshine at times. there is the chance of rain covering much of england from that weather front i showed you. this rain might drift a little bit further west into parts of the midlands, maybe to dorset, heading towards the east midlands and lincolnshire. the eastern most parts of england might avoid the rain and stay dry. elsewhere, scotla nd rain and stay dry. elsewhere, scotland and northern ireland, sunny spells developing, one of two showers, not everybody will catch one. one or two showers breaking out in the westernmost parts of england and wales, but also seeing some sunshine. temperatures around ten or 14 degrees, cooler, where you have the sunshine yesterday, it might feel a bit warmer. still to south—eastern parts on sunday evening, some outbreaks of rain. looking ahead to monday, we still have this weather front just looking ahead to monday, we still have this weather frontjust edging a little bit further westward, or trying to. plenty of cloud. still
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scattered showers in scotland and northern ireland. similar temperatures across the united kingdom. not a temperatures across the united kingdom. nota huge temperatures across the united kingdom. not a huge deal of difference from our weather on monday. at there are developments as we go through the week ahead. 0n tuesday, when a front close by. i can show you this picture which has high pressure in scandinavia and developing easterly flow. we have seen that in recent months. don't worry. nothing too ghastly in the week ahead. there will be a developing easterly flow. look at the wind arrows here. plenty of cloud coming in. some outbreaks of rain coming in from the east. quite chilly along the north sea coast. this is bbc news, the headlines. a man has ploughed a van into a busy street cafe in the german town of muenster, killing two people before shooting himself. more than 20 people have been injured in the attack. german media reports say the suspect was a german citizen with psychological problems and no apparent links to militant groups. in canada, at least 14 people have been killed in a crash between a truck and a bus, which was carrying the humboldt broncos' ice hockey team, with player ranging in age from 16 to 21 years old.
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there are reports that brazil's former president, luis inacio lula da silva, has now handed himself over to the police so that he can begin a long prison sentence for corruption. he maintains his innocence. now on bbc news — witness.
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