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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 8, 2018 4:00pm-4:32pm BST

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this and condemns russia and iran for backing him. is in an alleged chemical attack. in london and police cuts. bbc labour have accused them of having their heads in the sand. news. i'm vicki young. the headlines at 4:00pm. and condemns russia and iran for backing him. in an alleged chemical attack. the syrian government has denied involvement as has russia. the foreign office has called for an urgent investigation. chlorine gas has been used. compatible with exposure to chlorine gas.
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in london and police cuts. labour have accused them of having their heads in the sand. as ‘the kremlin‘s useful idiot‘. of himself‘ over russia. link to an attack that left two dead and 20 injured. also in the next hour... northern ireland win their first medal of the commonwealth games. 18—year—old rhys mcclenaghan gets gold in the pommel horse. to claims wales‘ third gold medal. witness speaks to a de—mining expert who accompanied princess diana. that's in half an hour here on bbc
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news. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. and his allies russia and iran must pay "a big price". but there has been no independent verification. the syrian government has denied involvement as has russia. the foreign office has called for an urgent investigation. contains distressing images from the start. this was the scene at an emergency clinic in douma. medics hosing down
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children after an alleged chemical attack. these pictures were filmed by activists on the ground. some children were barely conscious. this baby is alive, but struggling to breathe. working in a war zone without enough medical supplies. with exposure to chlorine gas, high concentration of chlorine gas. that is not compatible with pure chlorine gas exposure. to nerve gas in low concentration. syrian government troops on the outside of douma. they are closing in.
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attack as a fabrication. they are carrying out air strikes. known as the white helmets. here they run into the aftermath ofan airstrike. they have found an injured man. he is carried to safety. this is daily life in douma. to events in syria on twitter. whom he described as an
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"animal". crisis and called for aid agencies to be allowed access to the area. the syrian president. will actually take strong action. president "that animal assad". very strong language, "a big price to pay". of douma, which is true. a chemical attack took place. donald trump tweeted.
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a chemical attack had indeed taken place. would be held accountable. attack and donald trump ordered air strikes across the country. the syrian government has not learnt its lesson. in violence targeting civilians, it seems. there doesn't seem to be any end in sight for this conflict. no, there isn't. just as deadly, if not more deadly. air strikes overnight.
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in an airstrike. 100,000 civilians and thousands of rebels still trapped in the town. so at least the civilians can leave with their lives. being successful? there is a lot of talk about ceasefires. we have heard this in the last several days, couple of weeks or so. and deals have been done between various rebel factions. of that territory.
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still trapped inside. the fighters and civilians to leave. they want to stay while others will leave. in london can be linked to police cuts. labour have accused them of having their heads in the sand. to tackle serious violence. susana mendonca reports. that has seen a spate of violent deaths. numbers are to blame. and she is being backed up by cabinet colleagues.
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go back a decade. is caused by police numbers, it is not backed up by facts. on early intervention. like acid in a public place. the move has been welcomed by police chiefs. and for the public and communities. and whether they have good reason to or not.
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funding may also be playing a part. to their budgets as well. a summit this week. it is not yet clear whether the home secretary will attend. susana mendonca, bbc news. russian spy in salisbury. russia was responsible. by misrepresenting what he was told by chemical weapons experts.
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with no apparent links to terrorism. himself dead at the scene. our europe correspondent bethany bell reports from muenster. the old town of muenster. at cafes and restaurants. after shooting himself in his car at the scene. he hasn't yet been officially identified. was an islamist attack. a german citizen, not a refugee, as has previously been reported. of mental
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health problems. police have searched his apartment. off the entire area. are spending the night in a theatre just down the road. afterjihadist attacks in britain, france and spain. for official information. shaken by the incident. and their relatives. bethany bell, bbc news, muenster.
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of planning knife attacks at today's berlin marathon. at the city's christmas market. in a road accident involving a canadianjunior ice hockey team. two other people are said to be in a critical condition. in the province of saskatchewan. tributes have been paid across the country. we'll take that time to recognise our... who has been involved in this tragedy.
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european union should be revisited. for what he called "cheating" by the leave campaign. in the referendum result. the foundational law of britain. fairly and complied with the law. is with the consent of people — that's what i'm saying. 0k...
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i want a democratic mandate for brexit, that's what i'm saying. and condemns russia and iran for backing him. in an alleged chemical attack. in london and police cuts. labour have accused them of having their heads in the sand. as ‘the kremlin‘s useful idiot‘. of himself‘ over russia. now for a full round—up of sport from the bbc sports centre. from the bbc sports
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centre. the commonwealth games on australia‘s gold coast. australia‘s gold coast. pommel horse, beating olympic champion max whitlock. champion max whitlock. he a round—up of today‘s medals withjoe lynskey. no way! i can't believe it. it takes a special touch to raise a teenage champion. this is northern ireland‘s first gold of these games. and at 18 he‘ll hope it‘s just the start. max whitlock settling for silver. i honestly have no words. the sensational of feeling i have at the minute is unbelievable. though whitlock missed out, his england team—mates made up for it. while georgia—mae fenton won the uneven bars. they will hope it lifts them to olympic glory. while in the pool, the scots are up and running. the scot could
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win this! this is going to be very close indeed! duncan scott on the last stroke, i think he's got it. yes, he has got it! duncan scott sealed their first swimming gold this week. he had to beat chad le clos to do it. the man with six gold medals. while england‘s siobhan—marie o‘connor dominated the medley. siobhan—marie o'connor of england. a very good swim indeed. plenty of competition for the last track race. track race. race now, rewarded with gold, scotland‘s fourth on the bike. scotland‘s fourth on the bike. it was worth all the pain. gold in the long jump, olivia breen leaping to glory. heaved his way to gold. a new british record took every emotion.
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as much to scotland. a win over australia gave the triples team gold. been giving out gold. at full—time, jamell anderson proposed on court. the way to make a winning match even sweeter. joe lynskey, bbc news. celtic are just one win away from the scottish premiership title. the scottish premiership title. park and are 13 points clear of rangers. it was 1—1 at half—time. hamilton had a man sent off. scored a winner within a minute of coming on. —— brought on leigh griffiths. griffiths. with one more win from their remaining five matches. remaining five matches. faced west ham in the next 15 minutes. minutes.
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in the last five minutes, arsenal have beaten southampton 3—2. arsenal have beaten southampton 3—2. equaliser after the gunners went behind at the emirates. behind at the emirates. danny welbeck scored their second. welbeck scored their second. that header, proving to be the winner. winner. both sides had men sent off late on. late on. three while arsenal are sixth, two points behind chelsea. points behind chelsea. round of the masters at augusta is underweight. underweight. the green jacket don‘t go out for another couple of hours. another couple of hours. leaderboard, american patrick reed leading the way on 1a under. leading the way on 1a under. he will be last out with rory mcilroy. be last out with rory mcilroy. yesterday with a seven under round of 65 to put him 11 under. of 65 to put him 11 under. further back, just about in contention perhaps. contention perhaps. two and you can follow the early starters on the bbc sport website. starters on the bbc sport
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website. grand prix, which hasjust got under way in bahrain. way in bahrain. we‘ll have more for you here in the next hour. following a campaign dominated by immigration. what would be his fourth overall. turn—out and tactical voting could limit his majority. capital budapest and sent us this update. well up on previous years. we might end up with something like 70%.
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parliaments maintain or win back a lot of their power. countries in the eu. also widespread allegations of corruption against this government. hurt the prime minister and his party in this election. agreement in northern ireland. and began power sharing at stormont. has cast doubt over the legacy of the good
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friday agreement. were in peril as a result of recent developments. process, before we had the agreement. and terrible things happening, deep divisions and sectarian hatred. after, usher in a brave new world and everything was going to be fine.
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but with where we were. and secondly, it‘s worth keeping. and it would be dangerous and foolish to put it at risk. obviously it did deliver peace, and that was the main aim. been prone to deadlock, we have no assembly, no executive. do you think it is time to reform it, do a nuts and bolts review?
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than all my predecessors put together since partition. and would require constant working on. the time of conflict. for banita sandhu.
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where her love of acting was sparked by soap operas. haroon rashid went to meet her. this is one of the most talked—about bollywood movies of the year. actors in bollywood, varun dhawan. and she lives 5,000 miles away from mumbai. how are you? well, thank you. into a bollywood star.
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castings at the same time. hoping eventually it would lead to her big break. the director of october, shoojit sircar. it was kind of his way of auditioning me for october. mum, i‘m on the tv! and her mother was more than happy to help her achieve her ambition. coronation street together. i want to be an actress. i‘m good, how are you? coach for the first time since she went to india.
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she looks good on camera and she's got a natural ability. that's the ticket, quite honestly. so this one, my sister and i... keeps her grounded. i still don‘t feel like i‘m famous. i‘m so outside of that world. where nobody knows me and it‘s kind of nice to lead two lives. action! like she‘ll be swapping newport for mumbai more often. haroon rashid, bbc news.
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in some parts of the country. after spending the winter in a warmer climate. judy hobson has the details. pair of breeding birds. in the first set of trees. some webcam footage. birds have spent the winter in west africa. there are just 30 pairs of mating ospreys in england and wales. six are in cumbria. years and have raised eleven chicks. people love to follow them. they build these huge nests right in the top of trees. they are quite bold, if you like. fantastic black and white markings.
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of the ospreys. and have a look at them. it was cool. it looked really nice. this is a conservation success story. south of the border. judy hobson, bbc news. time for the weather with ben rich. weekend, but it wasn‘t all plain sailing. night. come into england and maybe
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the west midlands as well. will stay above freezing. wales. into double digits once again. but chilly for north sea coasts with the wind off the sea. some rain at times but some spells of sunshine as well. 00:30:30,694 --> 1073741526:11:15,378 this 1073741526:11:15,378 --> 2147483051:52:00,063 is 2147483051:52:00,063 --> 3221224577:32:44,746 bbc 3221224577:32:44,746 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news.
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