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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 9, 2018 3:00am-3:31am BST

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe — my name is nkem ifejika. our top stories: western leaders express outrage at a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria — the un security council is to meet later. the self—styled defender of christian culture, viktor orban, wins by a landslide in hungary's general election. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is due to attend a national vigil following the deaths of 15 young ice hockey players in a bus crash. we will be live in humboldt, saskatchewan. sailing the south china sea — we go on board a us aircraft carrier, as washington worries about beijing's growing naval power. hello and welcome to the programme.
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we start with breaking news from syria. several missiles struck a military airport and the centre of the city. these developing story and details are still coming end. what do we no so far? the only thing for certain at the moment as that syrian state media as reporting an attack on one of these airports. this as the t4 on one of these airports. this as the ta military base east of homs. there are reports that they are being cared by several missiles. syrian state media says an american attack as suspected. behrouz a lot of video on social media. there are as one report that syrian missiles pad exempted some of those entering missiles. this may be that because
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the syrians are expecting an eminent attack, they are trigger—happy, and asa attack, they are trigger—happy, and as a false report. on the other there are as a lot of chatter out there, a lot of of the mission so —— on social media —— a lot of commission on —— a lot of commission on social media. the syrians are saying that we are aware of the reports. there was nothing to confirm. there are other reports... but they are not denying at? there are the reports from america where the pentagon ‘s denying a completely. so again the reports from america, even, are a little bit difficult to reinterpret. vivid as not an american air raid, you could possibly be other players. —— if it is not. they could be these rallies, for example. but testers these reports were coming on from syria, we who readout from a conversation
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between donald trump and the emmanuel macron. —— we add a readout. boseley to strongly condemned the terrific chemical weapons attacks on syria, and agreed that the aside regime should be accountable. —— want. this ever went on to say that the two presidents would share the mission and co—ordinate a strong drive response. this as of course — entities and did of course the americas, this would not be the first time that the americans that attacked locations and so syria. that was right. editor was a year ago that the americans lodge an attack against the syrian air bag. —— and was almost a year ago. there were about 56 tomahawk missiles lord sugar on american warships of the mediterranean. that was a targeted attack against one airbase that was thought to be the source of chemical weapons. —— 56 double weapons lodged from american
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warships. they been litigation to see who was responsible. adding this came after a meeting of the un security council. they are due to meet today. some people said bidders unlikely that america would lodge action before the app and. but the syrians believe they are under attack by the americans. and the syrians are noticed on our own. they are working with other actors and the region? that as right. donald trump said that this tweet yesterday talking about achin reading the chemical attack to syria, and saying that vladimir putin, russia, and run, were behind assad regime. there are certainly a lot of players any area. and we no, of course, a little at videos allegedly showing tomahawk missiles comic russell of the non—, and win the russian aircraft and the skies of syria, as well, so that as a confusing picture. you mentioned these rallies, but of course utas
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these rallies, but of course utas the saudis as well, who are unfolded the saudis as well, who are unfolded the region. these are very complicated picture. —— you have the saudis. as the most difficult thing to find out what a sapling and the area and sell. with the problem yesterday with the reported chemical attack. there were reports that one under and 50 people who'd been filled. six people who'd been filled. six people who'd been filled. reports they were not tell by chemical weapons comment was a conventional warfare and buildings collapse. editor was the same problem with syria. without a dependent generalists any area tried to get to the facts of what us actually tapping their committees very difficult. bidders one of the more difficult places to get permission. and of course, adjust to clarify, over the past couple of ours, we are getting reports from syria that an airport, an airfield on the centre of the country, near
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homs, as been attacked. the syrians are saying they reckon the americans we re are saying they reckon the americans were evolved. at the moment, the pentagon as saying that you doesn't i10— pentagon as saying that you doesn't no— that they are not evolve. and according to afp, the newsagency, to study look now, we are getting flashes saying that several people work you'll then aged during an attack on an airport, a military airport. this as from — and all of these colleges to stress, this as coming from state media, as that correct? that as right. this state media and syria. as you said, the earlier reports were that the airbase were under attack, and that the anti—aircraft defences that opened up. —— the ta airbase was under. now we're getting reports of people entered on the crown. all of
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this as coming from state media, which was very tightly controlled and syria. of course, and as difficult to get any country dependent verification of what a sapling. the flashes coming up. you no, you talk about donald trump and a emmanuel macron, and donald trump as been talking about what to do anything did syria was found to carried out these alleged chemical weapons attacks on friday. but as right. donald trump you straight to get together and enter national coalition. using talking to wrong. the ready as british support. boris johnson as talk about the need to punish syria with their fantasy of this alleged chemical weapons attack. this donald trump as able to get use allies on side for some sort of response, whether that will be military, or whether will come as
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citizens — wishes to no at the moment. and russia, what as their role and all of us, because donald trump, as you mentioned, and a tweet, that they see russia as an enabler of president al—assad of syria. but as donald trump's you. what russia says as that these fabrications. visitors propaganda, that there are as a conventional war going on between assad and theses as rebels, and people are being filled. that they denied that president assad as using chemical weapons. to clarify, from the window so far, uss denied reports from syria state television. there were loud extortions near the ta airbase any early ours of monday, near homs, the target of suspected — and we must
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stress that— suspected us action. this follows a warning from donald trump on sunday that there would be a big price to pay— those with these words— after dozens of people were tilled by dozens of people — dozens of people tell by poison gas then a besieged syrian countdown. so the reports of attack, but we are now getting reports of casualties, as well? and not been up to sum up those wire services themselves, but yes, we are getting reports of entries and casualties from syrian state media. yes, certainly there seems to be an attack under way against syria. certainly that was being reported by the syrian media. the source of that attack, again, we don't no. the pentagon as telling the bbc we are aware of the report
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and add nothing to confirm. other media reporting outright denials from the pentagon. an degree of that anything on record from the us state department at the moment. the possibility there could be other players and bold. possibly the rallies are various and there are going on. —— possibly these rallies. but that means and videos posted. there was one earlier on which was alleged to show a tomahawk missile coming of 11 on, think, on the weighty syria. and then footage purporting to show tomahawk missiles being down by the syrian air defences. there was one report on the syrian state media that eight missiles at being shot down. again, we're no way of confirming that. so what we will do and the coming our zero bbc news as — anti—, please go anywhere. so we can give getting updates about. —— ta airbase. we
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will try to get updates of everything that as going so far, and trying confirm some of the videos that we are seen and are coming and on the wire services. so that what we'll be doing and becoming ours. the united nations security council will be meeting related to discuss the alleged chemical attack and syria. we report on that story that this time yesterday. this report from me and patients contain some distressing emerges at the very beginning. this was the scene at an emergency clinic in douma. medics hosing down children, after an alleged chemical attack. these pictures were filmed by activists on the ground. some children were barely conscious. this baby is alive, but struggling to breathe. the medics are doing what they can. but they are overwhelmed, working in a war zone, without enough medical supplies. we received many patients who suffered from symptoms compatible with exposure to chlorine
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gas, high concentration chlorine gas. also, the symptoms were deteriorating in a fashion that is not compatible with pure chlorine gas exposure, and that is why our physicians are concerned about exposure to nerve gas in low concentration. president trump denounced the alleged chemical attack. on social media he wrote... "president putin, russia and iran are responsible for backing animal assad. big price to pay." the white house is ruling nothing out. is it possible there will be another missile attack? i wouldn't take anything off the table. these are horrible photos. we are looking into the attack at this point. the state department put out a statement last night, and the president's senior national security cabinet have been talking with him and with each other
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all throughout the evening and this morning, and myself included. back in syria, government troops have surrounded douma. it is the last rebel—held town in eastern ghouta. both damascus and its ally russia describe claims of a chemical attack as fabrication. and they are prepared to take douma at any cost. this footage was shot by syria's civil defence, known as the white helmets. here, they run in to the aftermath of an air strike. they find an injured man. while the politicians talk, this is the reality in douma. martin patience, bbc news, beirut. meanwhile, syrian state media says
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that the evacuation of fighters from douma these under way. was reached between the russian military and the rebels to allow them to live the city. this lust rebel—held town and eastern ghouta. one of the buses and started burying out fighters. the buses wellhead to opposition told areas on the north of the country. state television showed areas fell by the rebels, end some places for yea rs. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: we report on washington's concern over beijing's crowing naval power from a us naval carrier sailing and the south china sea. 25 years of hatred and rage as theyjump up on the statue.
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this funeral became a massive demonstration of black power, the power to influence. today is about the promise of a bright future, a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past. i think that picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent, and it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art. this is bbc news. the latest headlines:
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syria says that one of its military bases has been attacked by missiles one day after a suspected chemical attack on a suburb of damascus that it the us has denied any knowledge of the incident. with me now is the bbc's of the incident. with me now is the bbc‘s and the more. at the top of the programme we were reporting about these attacks and so what i think we are getting so far is we're getting wild reports of casualties. iam getting wild reports of casualties. i am getting reports now, again from syrian media, so they must be treated with care, but they report that 12 military personnel have been killed and over 30 injured in this attack by what they believe are cruise missiles on a military base near homs. we heard earlier on that
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the anti—aircraft defences open fire. we also heard again from syrian media that eight missiles, tomahawk cruise missiles, this is bleak, have been intercepted by their defence of. syrian media are reporting that they are under attack and that people have been killed in that attack. you have to set against that, these reports from the united dates, initially, we were told that the bbc was told there is nothing to confirm. now those denials from the us have been hardened up and they say, i think, us have been hardened up and they say, ithink, it us have been hardened up and they say, i think, it is not us, basically. they have not launched any raids on the syrians. we have a conundrum, in fact that it the syrians say they are under attack. they say the americans are suspected and the americans say no, it is not at of course, this comes at a point where there is so much happening in the region and so many players involved. for example, turkey has
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become involved in the past. israel has as well. in a sense it could almost be anybody. it is difficult to say who we could be. we have heard nothing from his rahilly as far as heard nothing from his rahilly as farasi heard nothing from his rahilly as faras i am heard nothing from his rahilly as far as i am aware heard nothing from his rahilly as far as i am aware some sources suspect it may be an israeli raid of some sort. i spoke about video of what was thought to be a tomahawk missile going overhead. one commentator said that they did not think was a tomahawk, they thought it was an israeli plane. again, there is so much speculation at the moment, wejust do not know. coincidentally, possibly entirely by coincidence, butjust as this was going on, we had a readout of the conversations between president trump and president emmanuel macron condemning the horrific committal weapons attack and they would award and eighta weapons attack and they would award and eight a strong joint response.
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it would seem incredible if that response was coming at the same time that that readout was issued. one year ago, when the americans did launch a raid against syria with 56 thomas hawk missiles launched from the mediterranean, that came some days after the alleged committal attack, after there had been an investigation of who was responsible. i think it was after a meeting of the security council at the un. if it is an american raid and they deny it, it has come quite quickly. so over the weekend there have been reports here about an alleged chemical weapons attack allegedly carried out by the syrian president's forces on civilians in eastern ghouta. because of that the
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western nations have issued a strong response, france, the uk and the us security council will meet in a special emergency session earlier —— later today. said this reported attack will supposedly be in response to that and the reason for it is that the last time there was chemical weapons attack, about the same time last year... almost one year ago exactly. there was a response from the united states. yes. but it did come several days later and was not instantaneous. maybe president trump was indicating in between yesterday that he would not wait this time around, that the response would be bigger and quicker. certainly, some within his own party have been calling on him to respond quickly to this. last
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time the 56 tomahawk cruise missiles we re time the 56 tomahawk cruise missiles were aimed at one particular airfield, thought to be the source of some of the chemical weapons. i have heard from republicans today urging president trump to destroy the entire syrian air force. we report this attack on one military airfield but there are reports, again, unconfirmed reports, of attacks on other syrian air bases to nine. again, they have not been confirmed. what happened last year with the attack was that the us forces attacked a syrian airfield which they suspected of being the launchpad for the chemical weapons attack. it was a targeted strike against one particular airfield, believed to be the source of the aircraft that had launched the chemical weapons attack. it was in direct response to that. as i said, other people are calling upon
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president trump now, effectively he warned president assad last time to not use chemical weapons. the argument for many republicans now is that president trump should respond much more forcefully this time. an attack against many airbases instead of just attack against many airbases instead ofjust one, against the whole syrian military regime. again, we should emphasise that the government denies the pentagon denies this is a government attack on could bring viewers up to speed, what we have is the syrian state media on monday reporting that a missile strike on and a base that they say has killed several people, not giving exact casualty numbers. this comes after the us warned that damascus, warned damascus over a suspected earlier chemical attack. where is this
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military base? i understand this baseis military base? i understand this base is t four. east of homs, near the centre of syria but close to the city of homs. assad is one of those cities that has been quite devastated during the civil war. that is right and some of the first reports talking about the anti—aircraft missiles opening up, let me bring you something coming to an social media. this has not been confirmed at all but this is a report saying... report of attack in northern gaza by israeli warplanes. it is an indication that israeli warplanes are in the skies over israel, over 11 on —— lebanon,
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possibly over syria. according to the syrian, tonight attack has wounded 30 people and killed 12. thank you very much. as we get more reports we will bring them to you here on bbc news. for now, before we continue, cross live to canada, to the community of humboldt in saskatchewan, the home of the ronco ‘sjunior hockey saskatchewan, the home of the ronco ‘s junior hockey team, 15 of whom we re ‘s junior hockey team, 15 of whom were killed when their bus was struck by a truck. the canadian prime minister is there. it has been a moving ceremony. many people in tea rs a moving ceremony. many people in tears as you can see from the images there. a small town and ice hockey is, of course, the most popular sport in canada. parents talking about how this is almost their night
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at worst nightmare is it was what happens if the children and young people move cross—country in order to play in ice hockey tournaments and for them to end up in such a situation is painful and devastating for the country. several members of the team are still in hospital. the man who was driving the trailer which collided with the bath was arrested and then released while investigations and. —— investigations and. —— investigations are pending. recaptured the investigations are pending. reca ptu red the main investigations are pending. recaptured the main news story, syrian media is reporting that an air strike has attacked a military air strike has attacked a military air base in the south of the country near the city of homs. we will bring you up to speed with that story here on bbc news.
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hello. for much of the week ahead, our air is coming from the east but don't worry, it doesn't look particularly cold, as we'll see. not so much sunshine in the week ahead as we enjoyed in cornwall, though, on sunday. it looked pretty nice too in inverness, broken cloud and sunny spells. scotland and northern ireland will see the best of the sunny spells as we go on through monday. some fog around to start the day, it could be quite dense in places — that gradually clearing. through east anglia and south—east england, a lot of cloud here, patchy rain and drizzle. on through the day, thatjust shunts a bit further west towards the midlands, maybe eastern parts of wales late in the day, with some spots in south—west england. looking to scotland, a few showers developing, not everybody will catch one. if you do, it could be
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on the heavy side. temperatures for the most part around ten to 1a degrees, it could be quite misty and murky throughout the day. some eastern coastal parts of northern ireland, and some spots on the north sea coast as well. on through monday night, an area of rain expands to cover more of england, parts of wales, some darker blues, some heavier bursts developing as well as we go into tuesday morning. now, as monday begins, it'll be fairly chilly. less so on tuesday morning and frost is not a worry as we go through this week. as we look at the big picture for tuesday, low pressures to the south of us. it's around that spiralling we see some wet weather systems occasionally, like the one we start off with on tuesday. high pressure in scandinavia. the flow of air around the two means it is an easterly flow coming into the uk but look at the colours here, they're not baltic blue, the air‘s not coming from siberia, actually the eastern mediterranean so it's certainly not cold there. so, as we go through the week, temperatures for many of us will be at or slightly above average, but there's one significant
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exception with that air coming across the cold north sea, the north sea coast will be chilly, single figure temperatures. some rain at times this week, not all the time. some drier and even sunnier moments to be enjoyed too. this is how tuesday's shaping up. we start off with that weather system, with some heavier bursts of rain slowly moving away from england and wales towards parts of scotland and northern ireland. the north—west of scotland holding onto the fine weather for longest. south of that, brightening up nicely. some sunny spells, there could be some heavy and maybe thundery showers into parts of england, especially south—west england and south wales later in the day. as we go on through the week, wednesday onwards, cloud, single figures. elsewhere, temperatures could be as high as 17 degrees in london. west is best for the drier, brighter weather at times as we go through this week, and it looks like a pretty decent work week to come here in north—west scotland. bye— bye. this is bbc news. the headlines: western leaders have
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expressed their outrage at a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria. serious as one of its air bases has been attacked by missiles are day after a suspected chemical attack on one of damascus' suburbs. there are reports of explosions at an airfield near the city of homs. the us has denied any knowledge of the incident. the un security council is due to meet in emergency session. western leaders have expressed outrage at the alleged use of chemical weapons. rebel fighters have now also begun leaving the devastated town of douma, their last remaining bastion, on the outskirts of the capital, damascus. the incumbent, viktor orban, has declared victory in hungary's general election. his right wing party, fidesz, is projected to have won almost 50% of votes and two thirds of the seats in parliament. mr orban says his re—election is an opportunity to defend the country's borders. now it's time for dateline london.
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