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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 9, 2018 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is the briefing. i'm sally bundock. our top story: state media in syria says there has been a military strike on one of its airfields in homs. it comes a day after a suspected chemical attack. the self styled defender of christian culture, viktor orban, wins by a landslide in hungary's general election. comedian bill cosby — once the most watched man on american television — is back in court, charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. the maritime industry meets in london to try to find a way to cut down on its green house gas emissions. we'll be asking if a deal really can be done. and president trump says he can see an end to the trade dispute with china. we'll cross to our asia business hub for reaction. a warm welcome to the programme.
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briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. we begin with breaking news coming from syria. state media is reporting that one of the country's military airports has come under missile attack. details are still emerging and the reports have not been independently verified. but here's what we know so far. syrian state media says its air defence system at the ta base near homs was activated. it said several people are dead or wounded and that syrian air defence responded, claiming to have downed eight rockets. us officials say there is no truth to reports that its military had launched the air strikes. the reports of the attack come a day after the suspected use of chemical weapons outside damascus, in which dozens of people were killed. the crisis will be discussed
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at an emergency meeting of the un security council later. with me is the bbc‘s andy moore. what is the latest? we are getting more reports out of syria from a pro— regime website that is normally pretty reliable. it talks about between 13 and 20 missiles attacking the space, seeming to target iranian drones, also casualties, separate reports talking about up to 12 people killed. those are the reports coming out of syria, we had to deny all from america saying it was not them, that the pentagon said they we re them, that the pentagon said they were not doing airstrikes. initially
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the syrians were blaming the americans, but we also have reports 110w americans, but we also have reports now from syria saying that it may have been the israelis. there are some reports saying that it was these iranian drones that were targeted and we know that back in february the israelis did attack this particular base and again it was iranian drones that were targeted. we have had the denial from washington, no comment yet from the israelis. when israel has been active in syria in the past, they haven't necessarily claimed responsibility or talked about that $0011 responsibility or talked about that soon afterwards. unlike the us, where they have had military intervention like in april of last year, they came forward quickly to say this is a us led scenario. you could understand why the syrians would jump to the conclusion that it was americans, donald trump saying there was a big price to pay yesterday. it was only one year ago that donald trump launched an attack
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of missiles on syria, but as you said, america claiming responsibility is no secret. the israeli defence forces have claimed responsibility for targeting targets in gaza overnight, but so far total silence. we are looking at donald trump's tweets that he tweeted following the news of the suspected chemical attack. he said that there would be a big price to pay. when we look at the numbers we are hearing about, the numbers of missiles being 20 or less, that would imply the fa ct 20 or less, that would imply the fact that this is not the us, given the fact that last year there were 57 missiles. that's right. there we re 57 missiles. that's right. there were many republicans saying that this time president trump should wipe out the entire syrian air force, not just an wipe out the entire syrian air force, notjust an attack on one based when chemical weapons were targeted, they say he should have a
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much more extensive raid against lots of airbases. this was initially reported as a raid against seven different airbases but now we're getting reports of one based in targeted and not chemical weapons targeted, but iranian drones. let's go straight to washington. retired lt col daniel davis is a senior fellow at defence priorities. thanks to being on bbc world news. give us your take on what we have been hearing about and who you think might be behind it? —— thanks for. been hearing about and who you think might be behind it? —— thanks forlj think andy is right on target with that. any evidence implies this was israel because back in february when the israelis claimed there was a iranian drone that had penetrated their airspace and come from this very same airbase and attack it then. it appears they are now trying to ta ke then. it appears they are now trying to take out more iranian aircraft to
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prevent to take out more iranian aircraft to p reve nt a ny to take out more iranian aircraft to prevent any future incursions. it could be considered or that president trump has threatened particular new responses for the last legend chemical strike. also, given where we are where, with the war in syria and also it seem as though that president aside has the upper hand, the us would entreat carefully about intervention at this point. i hope they do. you have heard the republicans talking about taking out the whole searing air force is just a very dangerous thing to do. certainly before any action like that would be taken place, that is not something the president has the authority to authorise because there would almost certainly be launching a war. if you take out the air force launching a war. if you take out the airforce of launching a war. if you take out the air force of another country then thatis air force of another country then that is war. then you have the possibility of coming into contact and clashes with russia and the
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russian airforce and clashes with russia and the russian air force is also their and the last thing we need to do is a contained civil war extending to an intrastate war. that works against everybody‘s interest and i certainly hope that isn't anything the president is contemplating. we have been hearing that president trump, his allies with regards to the situation in syria, a conversation on the telephone with emmanuel macron, few think you would have heard from israel in evidence of their intervention, if it is then?|j would their intervention, if it is then?” would give about a 90% probability, not all the way through because israel is famous for going it alone on things they consider to be their national interest but i am certain if they didn't, they wouldn't quickly thereafter because they wouldn't make sure they co—ordinated and didn't get in the way of anything we might have had planned. by anything we might have had planned. by now i am pretty sure there has been corporation and communications going on. thank you very much for
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your time. going on. thank you very much for yourtime. —— going on. thank you very much for your time. —— cooperation. alsojoining us, steve fish, politics professor at the university of california, and hejoins us now from berkeley, california. steve, i wonder if you are able to hear that conversation that we have been having so far. from your point of view, had you believe behind these attacks on the military base near homs? it has the look of an israeli attack and you can see why israeli attack and you can see why israel might want to attack right 110w israel might want to attack right now because trump has recently said he wants to pull out of israel. when the israelis tell him to stay, he says no, he wants to leave. this could be showing the world, including the united states, that israel will defend its own interest. the fact it was against uranium assets in syria, which the israelis regard as the biggest enemy in the middle east could be telling. you
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can be seen to trump and the syrians and everybody else that we will be here even if the americans pull out. what are the political ramifications of that if that is the case? in the united states, trump has to do something sometimes that looks like he is pushing back against vladimir putin. have very good reason to believe, given his behaviour going back to the campaign, but especially since he has been in office, that he isn't a holden to vladimir putin. 0ne isn't a holden to vladimir putin. one thing he has been consistent on is with vladimir putin. he has a new national security adviser coming in saying we need to get tough with the iranian‘, meaning occasionally you need to criticise vladimir putin and russia and plus it is good for your political future in the russia and plus it is good for your politicalfuture in the united states because everyone this easy as being in his pocket. when he agrees to withdraw from syria, he is giving vladimir putin something of great value. he hasn‘t been able to stop the sanctions because the will of
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congress is that the sanctions be strong, he hasn‘t been able to do several other things, but this can do to him. in the broader logic of trump trying to do vladimir putin‘s bidding to him, which looks to be pa rt bidding to him, which looks to be part of what drives him, this is something he can offer v putin, withdrawing from syria. with doing this he would be saying that we will give you a foothold in the middle east, you are a spheres of influence kind of guy and we respect your present there. —— presents. kind of guy and we respect your present there. -- presents. in terms of the chemical weapons attack that happened over the weekend, of course it is not clear who is behind that yet either. of conclusions being drawn that it is the aside regime. —— assad regime. —— assad regime. but it is that the russian saying it is the rebels of. of course they
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will say that, it is the assad regime. we will have to look at reality as it is without listening to russian and syrian denials of. of court it —— of course it was the assad regime, trump stallone is how does he respond to that? back in april last year when assad used chemical weapons, trump wanted to know he was tough and launched some tom hawkins all is at a syrian airspace —based. he told russia what he was doing before that, so russia could warn assad. trump has to sound tough in the wake of a chemical attack like this. all the more since last time he said i am doing what 0bama would never do, which is attacking syria. he will have to do the same thing again right now. it is clear that the assad regime is what engaged in this attack and trump has to look tough while still staying on track to withdraw from syria. continuing to get reaction and
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analysis and comment with regards to this story that has been breaking overnight. for those of you just joining us, several people have died and been injured after a military airport in syria came under missile attack according to the state media. nobody is taking responsibility for the attack. we are joined by david mackie, a freelance journalist and commentator on syria. he is currently in the mass kiss. —— damascus. tell us what you are hearing. many residents of what late this evening, 01’ residents of what late this evening, or earlier this morning, to a number of different large veins which were heard in the military airbase in eastern homs. initially be reaction has been that it is likely a us led
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strike after the couple packed yesterday. it was almost confirmed that up to 20 different missiles had hit this particular airbase which was previously struck by the israelis last year. it was apparent that the us that claimed responsibility, but more likely be israelis who have previous history with syria and in particular, this airbase. the reports i am him from this airbase is that 20 missiles or rockets landed, eight of them were intercepted by defences and the maintenance site of this airport was damaged and destroyed. a number of different roads were also attacked and destroyed. what we do know from this particular airbase is that it is shared by the syrian army and iranian backed militias, will who have previously been known to have a large presence in the area. what is very interesting is that the recent
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downing of an israeli jet was instigated by a iranian drone coming to the israeli borders from this particular airbase, which started off the downing of a jet. this particular airbase has a sensitivity in terms of covering different areas of damascus and the border area. 0bviously of damascus and the border area. obviously you are telling us what you are hearing where you are, the extent of the damage. many of the a nalyst two extent of the damage. many of the analyst two are saying that because of the size of this attack, it is not the us behind it. also the pentagon have strongly denied that it isa us pentagon have strongly denied that it is a us villa terrier attack, therefore many are pointing the finger to israel now as the source of this attack. what would that mean from your perspective if that were the case? it is more likely and the more convincing argument at the
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moment that it is not a us attack, chew to the volume of the missiles launched. if it is an israeli attack, that has serious repercussions in the sense that this is not alleged, related to the alleged chemical weapons attack and not related to other events. it is a com pletely not related to other events. it is a completely different subject where the israelis have bided their time and are now retaliating for their jet that was down to. this would be the perfect time for israel to strike syria because the syrians are waiting for a reaction from trump after a series of tweets and the chemical weapons accusations yesterday and the evacuation from the border has led to another dimension. between these two large events, israel has sneaked in and attacked this particular airbase. this is more of a lesson for the iranian‘ to take, rather than the syrians, because the space has a
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particularly large presence of. think you so much forjoining us. —— thank you so much. hungary‘s viktor 0rban has defied critics at home and abroad again with an impressive win in sunday‘s general election. his campaign was fought on a single issue — defending hungarian national sovereignty. in speech after speech over the past weeks of campaigning, he told his supporters that only his party could keep immigrants out of hungary. they believed him. turnout was at a record high. jenny hill reports from the capital, budapest. viktor 0rban‘s done it again. divisive, defiant — hungary‘s prime minister has secured a third term in office. translation: there is a big battle behind us.
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we have won a crucial victory, goten a chance, given ourselves a chance to defend hungary. translation: i respect the decision of the voters, even if it hurts and feels bad — even if one expected more support for one's party. but we have to accept as part of live and part of democracy when things go differently to we would like. for a while, hungary held its breath. a record turnout led to delays in the count. mr 0rban‘s fidesz party has seemingly won a majority. but among those who cued — in some cases for hours — were plenty demanding change. translation: we need change because what‘s happening here is chaos. translation: the problem - everything! corruption, healthcare in ruins, low wages. viktor 0rban was always
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confident of success. europe‘s watching closely. viktor 0rban knows how to upset his neighbours. his dream for the eu: closed doors, illiberalvalues, and most of all, no migrants. it‘s proved again to be a winning electoral tactic. a simple message: hungary comes first for us all. mr0rban, very few migrants are coming into this country. why the focus on emigration when so few people come? this is a question of the future. the eu say that you flout its values and laws. is this the direction that hungary should be going? we are spending for democracy now. after all, he has as powerful friends: russia, poland. and brussels, berlin, paris will analyse these results.
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this vote may symbolise a battle for the soul of hungary but it also represents the struggle at the very heart of the european project. let‘s brief you on some of the other stories making the news. it is one of america‘s bigger stars, 110w it is one of america‘s bigger stars, now bill cosby is back in court accused of sexual assault. —— nikkei was. —— he was. nearly this 25 years of hatred and rage as theyjump up on the statue. this funeral became a massive demonstration of black power, the power to influence. today is about the promise of a bright future, a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past. i think that picasso‘s
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works were beautiful, —— i think that picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent, and it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art. this is the briefing. our top stories: state media in syria says there has been a military strike on one of its airfields in homs. syria says a military airport in the country has come under attack. let‘s talk to barak barfi,
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who‘s a senior research fellow at new america. hejoins me now from detroit. to the programme. it is your take on what has been going on in syria in the last few hours and who is responsible? it is most likely the israelis, we just heard from syrian media that the drones were struck at the base and we know in february the israelis struck that same base because the rain in drone entered its airspace. and what will happen next, in your view? i do not think the syrians will retaliate, they have yet to retaliate against any israeli airstrikes. there has been more than two dozen of them in the last years, it depends if there were any iranian casualties in this attack. if they were, they might be some type of response but again, the
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iranians and the syrians are very focused on clearing up the rebels and ending the civil war. they do not want to get entangled with the israelis at this point in time. you have written extensively about this war in syria, just reading some of your articles, you are talking about when you met the syrian president jarre al—assad, just give us your ta ke jarre al—assad, just give us your take on him and what he is thinking at this point. many are wondering why of his regime was behind the chemical attack on the weekend, why he pursue that now given the fact that they seem to have the upper hand in the war? well, it looks com pletely hand in the war? well, it looks completely irrational that a leader of the country would use chemical weapons against his own people but the united states and international community has shown time and time again that they really are not any repercussions, es president trump launched tomahawk strike against him last year but was won and done operation. he did not take out their infrastructure. —— us president.
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there is really not a lot that the united states wants to do and the syrian government is completely aware about. we have run out of time but thank you for your time, we appreciated. —— appreciate it. 0pening statements are set to begin today in the second trial of comedian, bill cosby. he is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his mansion in pennsylvania 1a years ago. once the most watched man on american television, the 80—year—old comedian has more recently been in the spotlight for allegedly assaulting nearly 60 women over a period of five decades. from new york, nada tawfik reports. bill cosby is once again on trial, it has been less than a year since a hung jury sent him walking free but this time, the comedian faces a very different courtroom and a country reeling from the metoo movement. nearly 60 women have accused bill
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cosby nearly 60 women have accused bill cos by of nearly 60 women have accused bill cosby of sexual assault over a period of five decades. all except andrea constand ran out of time to bring charges. in the first trial, thejury bring charges. in the first trial, the jury was only able to hear evidence from her and one other accuser. this time around, either additional women will take the witness stand, including a woman who was just 17 when she says bill cosby drugged and assaulted her 1986.” could not open my eyes, i could not move 01’ say could not open my eyes, i could not move or say anything. prosecutors will argue that this shows a pattern of behaviour. andrea constand says he offered her pills to relax, which left incapacitated and unable to reject his sexual advances. mr cos by‘s reject his sexual advances. mr cosby‘s lawyers says they had a romantic relationship and he was the victim of false charges. bill cosby was a trailblazer for african—americans in hollywood and was called america‘s favourite tv dad. the actu continues to be in the
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spotlight now under very different circumstances. —— 82—year—old. the air defence system near homs was activated on the syrians claimed to have downed eight rockets. us officials have said that there was no truth to report that its military had launched the airstrikes. syrian state media said there were casualties but exact numbers were not given. if there has been an attack, it comes a day after the suspected use of chemical weapons outside damascus. we are back shortly for the business briefing. stay with us, i will see you in a few minutes. hello.
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few of us enjoyed some stunning win on sunday. cornwall was the sunniest place, plenty of blue sky. hope the beach—goers had the sunscreen. no need for that in norfolk after some sunshine on saturday, much cloudier, when the affair as well. plenty of cloud to east anglia, south—east england as monday begins. elsewhere, patchy mist and fog could be in issue first thing. scotland and ireland c sunny spells coming through, it could stay misty and murky eastern and coastal parts of northern ireland. most of us had around ten to 1a degrees. 0n the monday evening and night, the rain here starts to pep up. bringing rain more closely across parts of england and wales, some heavy bursts in that and wales, some heavy bursts in that and as we go on the tuesday, it
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sta rts and as we go on the tuesday, it starts to slide its way further north. actually start on monday morning for the rest of the week, no worries about frost. he is the big picture, it low pressure. we are getting wet weather systems occasionally. high pressure across scandinavia. that results in an easily coming across the uk, don‘t worry about that, it is not going to be cold. the origin of the air is not siberia, it is closer to the eastern mediterranean. most of us will be on the mild side throughout the week ahead, the air is coming across from the north sea, the north sea coast will be chilly. some rain, some sunshine at times. west is best for the sunshine. scott moir looks to have a pretty good week coming up. here is the picture the tuesday, this area of rain very slowly nudging northwards into parts of scotla nd nudging northwards into parts of scotland and northern ireland. sa that, brightening up and turning quite warming places that they could be some thundery showers in england, particularly the south—west and south wales later. look at these
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temperatures on the north sea coast. single figures elsewhere. we are at or slightly above average for the time of year. that cold air along the north sea coast continue for much of the week ahead, plenty of cloud. west is best for the drive, by the weather at times and again, northwest scotland, a pretty decent week ahead to come. this is business briefing. i‘m sally bundock. the marine industry meets to crack down on global warming. but can the sector‘s bosses really come up with a binding agreement? donald trump predicts china will ease its threatened tariffs on us goods. we‘ll assess the reaction from asia. and a new trading week is underway in asia with a mixed picture emerging as investors weigh up the threats keeping traders appetite for risk in check.
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