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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 11, 2018 1:45am-2:00am BST

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this is sport today, live from the bbc sports centre. coming up on this programme: shock as barcelona are beaten 3—0 in roma. liverpool show manchester city it was no fluke as they win 2—1 on the night and go to they win 2—1 on the night and go to the last four 5—1 on aggregate. and live to the gold coast where south africa continue their medal winning ways at the commonwealth games, caster semenya claiming 1,500m gold on tuesday. hello there, welcome to the programme, where we start with the programme, where we start with the footballing news that barcelona have been dumped out of the champions league at the quarterfinal stage. the catala ns champions league at the quarterfinal stage. the catalans took a 4—1 lead to italy, but roma's 3—0 win sees them go through by virtue of an away goal last week. earlier i spoke to oui’ goal last week. earlier i spoke to our football reporter who explained
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how big a shock this is. nobody expected this. it is only the third time in champions league history that a team has overturned a 3—goal deficit from the first leg. remember, barcelona did it themselves against psg last season. before the game, roma said they wa nted before the game, roma said they wanted to give barcelona a scare. they did more than that and they we re they did more than that and they were relentless. they didn't allow barcelona to breathe. a good example of that, lionel messi did not have a shot on target until the 74th minute. they deserved the victory, the italian side. the key moments, edin dzeko after six minutes opening the scoring after a ball from daniele de rossi. edin dzeko then turned provider, and it was daniele de rossi who scored the penalty. with eight minutes to go, kostas manolas scoring the crucial goal, the winning goal, with the header. barcelona then showed some energy and tried to get back into it. lionel messi had a few opportunities, and barcelona were
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really poor, but don't take anything away from roma, this is an incredible performance. this is the third time in a row that barcelona have been knocked out in the quarterfinals of the champions league. that is not good enough for barcelona. they are unbeaten in la liga, but this is a massive blow, because it is notjust losing, it is the way they lost. totally outplayed. he didn't make the game changing substitutions that we have seen from zidane, the real madrid head coach, and i think he will be heavily criticised in the press back home, because barcelona were appalling against roma. manchester city another of the big names to exit after losing 5—1 to liverpool. the city ‘s scored first, but goals from salah and firmino made sure the result. our correspondent was watching at the etihad stadium. as
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far as city were concerned, this would always be a tough call for them. only two teams in champions league history had overturned a biggerfirst league history had overturned a bigger first leg league history had overturned a biggerfirst leg deficit league history had overturned a bigger first leg deficit for this. pep guardiola in his press conference said they basically need to play the perfect game and at first it looked like they might do so. first it looked like they might do so. less than two minutes had gone when city took the lead on the night, jesus after one minute and 57 seconds, the perfect start for city. were they in line for something special? there was controversy before the break, this effort given offside but replays showed he was onside. that sparked fury from manchester city. pep guardiola was sent to the stands. come the second half, liverpool took control. mo salah's 39th goal of the season, that precious away goal ended city's hopes, and liverpool took command with firmino making it 2—1 on the
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night. so city's hopes of a famous comeback dashed in the end. it was a lwa ys comeback dashed in the end. it was always going to be an incredibly difficult night for them. staying with football, england's women have eaten bosnia herzegovina in a qualifier. the side were reduced to ten players when alex greenwood was sent off. they took the lead soon after thanks to an instinctive finish. england won a penalty in injury time and it was duly dispatched byjudy taylor. england have overtaken wales at the top of groupi in european qualifiers. scotland, meanwhile, beat poland 3—0 in group 2, with all the goals coming in the last 11 minutes. the striker got the first with ten minutes remaining, and claire hemsley scored the second for the scots. it puts the scots second, behind group leaders switzerland, having played a game less. now to
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the commonwealth games, and day seven as well under way on the gold coast. our reporter is in queensland. and there has been a result of the england— new zealand netball match we were talking about. what does that mean? well, it means england have won that game. their last group game. it means that new zealand are in danger of not qualifying for the semifinals. let me put that in context for you. new zealand have traditionally been one of the top netball teams in the world, and since its interaction at the commonwealth games, they have never failed to make the commonwealth games, they have neverfailed to make it the commonwealth games, they have never failed to make it to the gold—medal game. they have either one gold or silver, but right now on the gold coast they are looking at other results helping them out. they have to get through now on goal percentage. they will be looking to see how malawi get on, and they beat them sensationally a couple of days
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ago, and how uganda get on. the likelihood is they willjust ago, and how uganda get on. the likelihood is they will just scraped through to the semifinals, where they are likely to face australia, who are the in form team at the moment, and will likely face new zealand. but new zealand netball in freefall right now. remind us, let look back 2a hours and what happened on day six. the botswana contender, we remember when he got such a massive following. explain to us what happened in these games. london was interesting because he came down with the norah virus and they wouldn't let him compete. in glasgow, he said it was too cold for him to compete well. —— norovirus. he was desperate to get his gold medal and last night he did on the gold coast. a gold for botswana, their first, gold coast. a gold for botswana, theirfirst, and gold coast. a gold for botswana, their first, and he gold coast. a gold for botswana, theirfirst, and he did it in real
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style. he was so happy afterwards. he started ups past the he started doing press ups past the finish line. so a very happy isaac makwala, finally getting that gold medal he has been promising us for a very long time. one of the disciplines everyone looks forward to, i know you do and i certainly do, the swimming. it has concluded, south africa were very good, australia were very good. england as far as the home nations, went to be well. wrap it up for us and tell us what the highlights were. well, the highlight really was australia. they absolutely dominated the pool. 73 medals for australia, that is enormous, over 50% of the total on offer. 28 of those medals were golden ones. now, that is the best ever performance by an australian swimming team at the commonwealth games, 28 gold medals. again, you
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have to put it in context. if you think back to 2012 in the london olympics, they performed so badly, they were really disappointing, and there was this big inquest and it was discovered that there was this toxic, that was what they call it, a toxic, that was what they call it, a toxic atmosphere within the team. now, though, iwill show toxic atmosphere within the team. now, though, i will show you the front page of the newspaper here, the courier mail. it is the swimmers all over the place in this morning's papers. ariarne titmus is a big name to come out of this, and the name to note right now because ariarne titmus will be a star at the 2020 olympic games. she won three gold medals over the distant events. last night she won the 400, she had already won the 800m, and she is the goal that perhaps can give caty the the us contender a run for her
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money. so ariarne titmus and australia were the kings and queens of the pool once again. and no shortage of swimming stars coming out of australia through the junior ranks. thank you very much for now, we will leave it there. and the moroccan contender beat his brother for the second day in a row to take the honours in the gruelling marathon in the moroccan desert. the race contains six marathons in seven days over a combined distance of 254 kilometres, with more than 1000 runners taking part. the moroccan brothers leading the way in the men's category, while the winner of the women's won her third straight stage. in the danish contender finished second. that is about all we have time for. don't forget, for everything including the latest on those second leg champions league quarterfinals, including barcelona going out to roma and liverpool
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going out to roma and liverpool going through to the semifinals and beating manchester city on aggregate, 5—1, that is the place to go. from me and the team, goodbye for now. hello, good morning. there is warmer weather on the way for all of us in the outlook eventually. but it was along the south coast and in sussex, with some sunshine like this, that we had 18 degrees, compared with around six or seven along some north sea coasts. that was thanks to that wind off the north sea. and similar contrasts, really, through the rest of this week. in general a lot of cloud around, and some further bursts of rain, too. now, the pressure pattern looks like this. low pressure to the south of the uk, some very wet weather again across iberia into southern france. higher pressure extending across the north from scandinavia, and that easterly wind.
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we have seen some heavy rain, though, across parts of the south overnight, and that will tend to head its way away from the south—west, keeping, though, a cloudier zone through wales, the midlands, east anglia, parts of southern england, and maybe a few showers towards the south coast, where we may get some warm sunshine again. sunshine across north—western parts of england, maybe northern ireland, the north and west of scotland, where we're sheltered from that easterly wind which keeps it cold and grey around some north sea coasts, and still pretty misty overnight. some further bursts of rain as we head towards the end of the night, into thursday morning, but nowhere particularly cold. and, if anything, that rain is tending to move its way a bit further north on thursday, so it should be drying off across much of wales and the midlands. rain pushing northwards, patchy rain, across northern england into northern ireland, but turning wetter across south—east scotland and north—east england, and without that rain from the north sea, it really will feel pretty cold. get some sunshine, it's a bit warmer, especially in the south—east, although there could be one or two showers around. not a great deal of change as we head into thursday, from thursday into friday. again, lower pressure to the south, higher pressure to the north. an easterly wind, which is going
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to be stronger to the north of the humber, and this is where we've got most of the rain. so friday, again, it's the northern half of the uk that sees the wetter weather. this time, the rain could be wetter friday. watch out for some sharp showers in the south and south—west, but again some warmth in that sunshine when it comes through, but not everywhere getting it just yet. we start to see some changes as we head into the weekend. a big area of low pressure approaching from the atlantic, but it draws up more of a southerly wind as we head through the weekend. still got some rain, though, in north—eastern scotland. cold and wet here, but otherwise, more of a southerly. we're losing the onshore wind for most of us, and that means some sunshine coming through, lifting the temperatures. one or two showers, but not as cold across south—east scotland and north—east england. and the higher temperatures move across the whole of the country as we head into the beginning of next week, as we get that southerly wind. most places will be dry, and there'll be some sunshine too. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers
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in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: mark zuckerberg grilled in the us senate. the head of facebook tries to explain how data was misused and admits they didn't always get it right. we have made a lot of mistakes in running the company. i think it's pretty much impossible, i believe, to start a company in your dorm room and grow it to be the scale we're at now without making some mistakes. shaken by a suspected chemical attack in syria. the us, france and the uk discuss joint military action against president assad. from mexico, we have a special report on the drug wars that killed 30,000 last year alone. and looted, but not lost forever. we find out how ethiopia is looking to recover its treasures.
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