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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 13, 2018 1:45am-1:59am BST

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hello, i'm tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live from the bbc sports centre. coming up on the program: of the commonwealth games is well under way on the gold coast and australia... we had life to chris mitchell shortly. son spoke dumped lazio out of the europa league in a shock. tiger woods said he will play at the us open injune after not having featured since 2015 —— souths berg. hello and welcome to the programme, day nine of the commonwealth games is into the late morning on australia's gold coast and chris mitchell is there out and about for us. the talk is still about for us. the talk is still about the 200 metres from the men's from last night with is being disqualified. yes, what a moment this was, the biggest moment so far at the con games, zharnel hughes
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thought he had crossed the line first —— commonwealth games. he had in fact. hughes was deemed to be the fastest even though they got the same time by virtue of the photo finish. he celebrated his lap of honour but the trinidad team lodged a complaint, saying there under had been impeded on the way to the line and certainly watching the race live along with everybody else inside the ca rra ra along with everybody else inside the carrara stadium, you would have to say it looked like a really messy finish. anyway, the trinidadians won their appeal and we have the vision of hughes being told he was no longer the commonwealth champion and he looked distraught. england then lodged an appeal and by this time it was about midnight local time, the lights had gone out around gold coast, but the lights inside the stadium still blazing brightly as the officials tried to sort out what had become a messy situation but
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they stood by their decision and england lost their gold and trinidad gained one. a really compelling hour at the athletics track. interestingly enough, not in the newspapers, tulsen, because it all happened too late in the day for the newspapers to pick it up. we had the controversy from wednesday evening, thursday evening, what are we looking out for on friday, especially in the track and field today? i have just been out to buy the morning newspapers to find out what i can look forward to and it's difficult in the local ones to get past usain bolt. he was in the stadium last night, he arrived 2a hours ago, and look at that, right on the front of the newspapers, everybody still talking about usain bolt and he's a mere spectator at these games. in the other local newspapers, the courier mail, little
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one on australia winning the gold in the volleyball. i know we're at the commonwealth games, but this is a national newspaper, the daily telegraph, there's very little about the commonwealth games in here at all, in fact the big sports story for them, and it takes up pages and pages, is all about winx, this incredible horse that could break black caviar‘s 25 race winning strea k black caviar‘s 25 race winning streak at royal randwick at the weekend so the commonwealth games struggling to take its place in the national debate here, sporting debate, but what is there to look forward to? it is a shame because there's lots. caster semenya in the 800 metres could get south africa's 11 gold and she is the hot favourite. we have to look at katarina johnson—thompson in the heptathlon, three more events today, finishing with the 800 metres, she leads
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she comes in as the enjoying this. she comes in as the indoor champion but it's been strange watching her. she doesn't look to be enjoying the competition, it looks a bit half—hearted, she is so it looks a bit half—hearted, she is so far out that she will probably win gold but questions remain whether she can compete at this high standard. a bit like you, chris mitchell, out in front of all the other broadcasters. see you next our! one of the big names in the europa league has failed to qualify for the semifinals after lazio went out to salzburg who won 6—5 on aggregate after winning 11—2 in italy last week. immobiliser made it 1—0 on the night to lazio ten minutes after half—time but one minute later salzburg equalised before the incredible happened when salzburg scored three in six minutes, and they are through to the last four. marseille overturned a first leg
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deficit to beat leipzig with dimitri payet among the scorers. the favourites atletico madrid are into the semis despite losing at sporting lisbon. the spaniards, who won the trophy in 2010 and 2012, go through 2-1 trophy in 2010 and 2012, go through 2—1 on aggregate and arsenal are through after a 2—2 draw at cska moscow. danny welbeck and aaron ramsey scoring. arsene wenger said that staying focused after the big win last week was difficult. you can see with a big difference after the first game it is difficult to turn up with the same urgency thanif to turn up with the same urgency than if the difference is very small, and that played a part in the way we played in the first half. staying with football news and the first two semi—final places have been decided at the women's asian cup, china thrashed host nation jordan to make it three wins out of three with a hat—trick here as they
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won 8—1 to go through as the winners of group a. the chinese are favourites for a record extending ninth asian title, although it is 12 yea rs ninth asian title, although it is 12 years since they last won the trophy. thailand are also through to the last four after beating the philippines in the game that decided the runners—up spot in group a. two goals here from this player in their 3-1 goals here from this player in their 3—1 victory. goals here from this player in their 3—1victory. thailand qualify for the second finals for the first time since 1986 and the qualifiers from group b will be decided on friday. for the first time in 1a years the minnesota timberwolves are through to the nba play—offs. they needed to beat denver on wednesday in the final game of the regular season and after five minutes of overtime they achieved it. austin halewood has the story. fans of the minnesota timberwolves are used to disappointment. 1a years is the longest play—off drought in nba history, a record no one wants.
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it was the first time in 21 years that two teams faced each other on the final day of the season needing a win to make the play—offs. into the fourth, the timber walls started to pull away. minnesota were led by star guard to pull away. minnesota were led by starguardjimmy to pull away. minnesota were led by star guard jimmy butler who top scored with 31 points in the match —— the minnesota timberwolves. but riding a 6—game winning streak, denver hit back with murray tying it up denver hit back with murray tying it up to force overtime. barton made a buzzer beater 3—pointer to give denver their first lead since the first quarter, but for once it was a chance the minnesota timberwolves wouldn't let slip, eventually taking it 112-106. after 82 wouldn't let slip, eventually taking it 112—106. after 82 regular—season matches, and even five minutes of overtime, the curse was finally lifted because minnesota are going to the play—offs. austin halewood,
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bbc news. to golf and scotland's marc warren and paul gallen for and have a 1—shot lead going into the second round of the spanish open. like warren, dunne shot a six under par 66 at the spanish national golf club and this was his second on the 18th. home favourite and world number four, who finished fourth at the masters on sunday, was one shot further back, finishing on five under parfor a further back, finishing on five under par for a tie for third—place. on the pga tour, south africa's rory sabbatini leads by two strokes on seven under after the opening round of the rbc heritage in south carolina. he's the last of —— the last of his six pga tour wins was in 2011 and he got consecutive birdies on the eighth and the ninth. world number one dustin johnson is on the eighth and the ninth. world number one dustinjohnson is five off the lead with an up and down round that saw six birdies and four bogeys and also at two under par is
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ian poulter, who got the houston open that guaranteed him playing in the masters last week, and his compatriot, paul casey, another recent winner on the pga tour, winning the val spahr championship last month, where he had a round to forget and despite this wonderful tee shot he struggled to four under par —— fourover par. tiger woods has announced he will play at the us open injune. the 1a time major champion featured in the masters at augusta national last week. since spinalfusion masters at augusta national last week. since spinal fusion surgery last year, tiger woods has gone from 656 in the world to 28. the new york tournament is where he made his us open debut in 1995 as the us amateur champion. plenty of nhl action taking place as the first round of the play—offs is under way. the
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maple leafs and toronto —— the toronto maple leafs are 3—1 down against the boston bruins. everything else on the website. but for now, goodbye for now. well, thursday was a really disappointing day across so many parts of the country. five degrees, for example, in sheffield, really cloudy skies and we saw scenes like this, a picture from leicester, but beautiful weather too yesterday. lovely highland picture here of some flowers. let's have a look at the forecast for the early hours of friday then, still some rain and drizzle around low, grey cloud shrouding the hilltops of the pennines, really unpleasant conditions out there through the course of the night. so clear in the far north of scotland and the temperatures wherever you are in the far north
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or south, not really that different, seven in plymouth, around six degrees expected in edinburgh. the forecast for friday itself, and we're expecting some of that grey, damp weather to eventually clear away, and for most of us it's a case of cloudy skies through much of the morning and much of the afternoon as well, but in the south it looks as though some of those clouds will be breaking up a little bit so i think there will be some sunshine on the way i think later in the day for london, cardiff, possibly for birmingham and norwich as well. 1a tomorrow in london, still chilly in the north, only seven in aberdeen and nine in the lowlands of scotland. that was friday, how about the weekend 7 it looks as though things are going to be warming up, quite a bit of bright weather around but we are also expecting heavy showers to develop in one or two areas, so not a completely dry weekend. let's look at saturday's weather forecast, starts really bright across most of the uk and the chances are there will be one or two showers breaking out across southern areas, so be prepared for the odd downpour.
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but for most of us across the country it's going to be a dry, bright day with temperatures up to 17 in the south. then saturday night into sunday, this low pressure swings in off the atlantic and increases the winds across western areas of the uk, really gusty conditions, and it's also going to bring some a very warm welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: tensions are mounting about possible american military action in syria. jets and warships are moved into place, but president trump is adopting a less bullish tone. we're looking very, very seriously, very closely, at that whole situation. and we'll see what happens, folks, we'll see what happens. moscow is warning any military action could risk war between russia and the us. mike pompeo faces a grilling by senators at his confirmation hearing. president trump's choice to be secretary of state denies he's a war hawk. is the us headed for an agricultural boom or bust?
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as president trump works to sow confidence about his trade policies,
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