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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 15, 2018 3:00am-3:32am BST

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00:00:00,001 --> 1073741525:48:22,358 this 1073741525:48:22,358 --> 2147483051:36:44,715 is 2147483051:36:44,715 --> 3221224577:25:07,072 bbc 3221224577:25:07,072 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news. i'm nkem ifejika. on the way. 00:29:00,816 --> 1073741526:10:07,969 this 1073741526:10:07,969 --> 2147483051:51:15,123 is 2147483051:51:15,123 --> 3221224577:32:22,277 bbc 3221224577:32:22,277 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news. our top stories. out more missile strikes uses chemical weapons again. told the security council the us was ‘locked and loaded'. by the russian ambassador, vassily nebenzia. he said there'd been a blatant disregard for international law. for restraint in what he called ‘dangerous circumstances. — if necessary. game, the american response is locked and loaded. in the hungarian capital, budapest. government of prime minister viktor calling them an illegal act of aggression. to keep fighting — and defeat his opponents. hello and welcome to bbc news. if the assad regime used chemical weapons again in
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future. on the town of douma. way". our north america editorjon sopel starts our coverage. and missile strikes. marshalled their "righteous power against barbarism and
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brutality. bashar al—assad. and he singled out syria's two principal backers. women and children? the nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep. the night sky. wasn't as what it was. this was not about intervening in the civil war. it is not about
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regime change. to prevent civilian casualties. daylight reveals the extent of the destruction. near damascus, one of the targets that took the greatest pounding. had been hit with no casualties suffered. military objectives without interference from syria. overwhelming and effective. a success in repelling american aggression. than they'd anticipated. although we don't see a close—up of his
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face. he's receiving from the russians. france and the us. disregard for international law. they must be especially firm in protecting the un charter. had to say. translation: i say that you a liars. pursue your interests. tonight, some of the french jets returned home. this isjob done. further use of chemical weapons.
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jon sopel, bbc news, washington. missile strikes. the kremlin‘s reaction. it was unacceptable, said sergei lavrov. lavrov. it was talk that america was acting like a school bully. acting like a school bully. but crucially, it hasn't come to a fight between russia and america. fight between russia
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and america. keep out of each other‘s way during the strike. the strike. danger of this conflict spreading and growing, still exists. but they are being seen by some as a limited punishment on syria. britain and france? here's our diplomatic correspondent james robbins. this is what provoked the strikes. last saturday's apparent gas attack on civilians in douma. to be punished. so what was achieved? your chemical weapons programme is.
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and from the submarine ussjohn warner. plus, in the air, two bi lancer bombers. staying out of syrian airspace to fire their storm shadow missiles. as well rafale and mirage strike aircraft flying from france. and that's politically important. the targets of all this firepower — syria's chemical weapons production. centre close to damascus. but also a chemical weapons storage site near homs. storm shadow missiles. the main french target for seven of their nine missiles. peace in syria ?
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america's wider military alliance. more and more. solution. on the ground. and the rebels' last holdout in eastern ghouta. which will surely dictate much of the terms of any eventual peace. james robbins, bbc
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news. they are believed this has achieved what they wanted. what they wanted. i suspect they feel they have achieved something. achieved something. will be saying in the long—term, what have you actually achieved? what have you actually achieved? this is not dissimilar to the strike from a year ago. from a year ago. message president assad didn't seem to listen. to listen. hearing people starting to talk again about happens next.
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again about happens next. might lead to it progress in syria might be something else. might be something else. was tweeting support of trump's actions. actions. is that the sort of thing happening in washington? yes. who feel that what has been done has been measured. been measured. that's the important thing from their point of view. thing from their point of view. up with a joint strategy to address some of these issues.
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some of these issues. have degraded the chemical weapons programme in syria. programme in syria. weapons and that is something they accept. accept. potentially sarin was used and that causes concern. causes concern. about what will happen in syria in the future. the future. to act, i suppose, as a watchdog, in a way. a way.
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and syria is a fault line in that relationship that is not going away. program. why did france get involved? diplomatic group looking for a solution to the syrian conflict. solution to the syrian conflict. frustrated by 0bama's then reluctance. reluctance. emmanuel macron was clearing his campaign.
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clearing his campaign. hands with the westerners to find a solution. solution. was more than evident that france would be a partner of the strike. would be a partner of the strike. what is france's next step? syria crisis has been ongoing for seven yea rs. syria crisis has been ongoing for seven years. seven years. initiative, is something of a naive nest.
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nest. player in that game and to do that, you have to be on the ground. you have to be on the ground. have to have leveraged and balance of power. of power. the american next week, the american part next week. part next week. with donald trump on a syria and iran. iran. messages saying that look, you can go on supporting this regime. go on supporting this regime. won't lead you anywhere and that proof was made in sochi. proof was made in sochi. the framework, you won't reach any gold. you have to work with us. we are ready
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to do it. are ready to do it. it was a way of sending a message. sending a message. also but in fact, we don't want a global confrontation. global confrontation. political diplomatic track it was on. on. co—sponsored and co— led by russia itself. itself. to something that it is not doing this something. this something. have probably begun to be upset of that.
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asking him about france, he used to be a consultant the french military. the british jets took for this operation. operation. reports on the reaction over there to the strikes. tangled crisis and everyone in this region stands somewhere. for this military operation. from countries like lebanon and iran, there was harsh condemnation. the airstrikes as a crime. on the ground to safer locations. but there could be another impact too. from president assad, his supporters and allies.
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this alliance of syria, iran, hezbollah. as paper tigers. practised in these kinds of missions. missions. sorties against the group known as islamic state to three years. islamic state to three years. systems and the fact that it is that by a powerful russian military. by a powerful russian military. morning, they were accompanied by four typhoon jets. four typhoon jets. they were armed with air to air missiles.
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with air to air missiles. precaution in case they were engaged. engaged. shadow cruise missiles, they were well outside syrian airspace. well outside syrian airspace. cruise missiles have a range of up to 300 miles. to 300 miles. has been storing the pre— cursors for its chemical weapons programme. for its chemical weapons programme. president bashar al—assad not to use these weapons again. on our website. and its allies as to whether or not action might be taken. com/news. with more missile strikes if chemical weapons
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are used again. calling it an illegal act of aggression. into question the legality of the airstrikes. will not be tolerated. 2am at home. 4am at the target. raf jets take off to strike at assad's regime. to explain her case. than to commit our forces to combat. and this is the first time that i've had to do so. we cannot allow the use of chemical
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weapons to become normalised. either within syria, on the streets of the uk, or elsewhere. but about a wider principle, too. cannot be used. this action is absolutely in britain's national interest. and defend them. this action was absolutely in britain's national interest. britain's national interest. a safe come under threat we must take a stand and defend them. the same again? as you have suggested he has. given you have not even consulted mps in parliament?
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matter of the use of chemical weapons. thing to do. ministers' legal advice justifies the strikes as... and deterring future attacks. here's the proof! might not be legal. for others to do exactly the same. and reduces our ability to complain when others do that. surely the united nations exists for a purpose. but no firm plans for a vote. accountable on this.
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is not good enough. there are major questions, major doubts. is this a one—off or a continuing operation. how much control do we have over what the americans are doing? from one day to the next. this was not intended to end the war in syria. not part of an effort to remove assad. and grave reprimand to a country suspected of using chemical weapons. weapons are illegal and must not be used. what happens next may well not be. outcome but the political fallout may not be clean. laura kuenssberg, bbc news,
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westminster. making the news. left one un peacekeeper dead. of the assault. the un force said the situation was now under control. since the start of 2018. the venezuelan leader, nicolas maduro. would not stand idly by as venezuela crumbled. amid an economic crisis. misconduct through the misuse of company
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assets. investigation clearing him of wrongdoing. on the business. of prime minister viktor 0rban, who was recently returned to power. of the election. nick thorpe reports from budapest. or the beginning of a new radical resistance of his rule. weekend's election result. fidesz party built. for new elections. then we lose
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this battle. we don't want another 150 years of oppression. want to see another wave of retaliation like in 18118. completed their tally of postal votes. more than 200,000 hungarians in neighbouring countries took part. 96% of them voted for viktor 0rban. the final result gives mr 0rban 67% of seats in parliament. he commands the devotion of the 2. who voted for him. to enrich his own narrow circle. another protest rally has been called
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for next saturday. nick thorpe, bbc news, budapest. on twitter, i'm @nkem|fejika. the weather now with ben rich. hello there. to the promise of the first. that is how saturday ended across north yorkshire. overhead as well. of low pressure, which is now pushing its way in from the west. it will strengthen up the winds. and eastward across the uk. so, sunday, a cloudy day. quite a breezy day as well. there will be some rain at times but not all the time.
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it is by no means a complete washout. of the morning. england and southern scotland through the day. raining all day. into the south—west. very windy across northern ireland. i suspect, and perhaps the highest temperatures. inverness could get to 16 or 17 degrees. morning most places will be dry with some clear spells. temperatures not dropping too far, six or seven or eight degrees. that's about it, as we start the new working week. during monday, not a bad—looking day for many. we'll see spells of sunshine.
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always more cloud and a few showers across scotland. in the day. outbreaks of rain here as well. particularly in the late afternoon. the wind is still pretty brisk in those western areas. if you get some sunshine. of monday and into tuesday. squeezing between the two we have this south—westerly wind. into north—western england and northern wales at times. and the highest of the temperatures, 19, maybe 20 degrees. that's a mere taste of what's to come. to import some very warm air indeed from the near continent. watch these deep orange colours spreading across the map. how high will the temperatures get? behind, so there is more spring warmth
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