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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 19, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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flock my injuries. on the saturday, i took my alsatian is out, and they decided to trip me up, so the night before the marathon might angle was doubled up andi marathon might angle was doubled up and i couldn't walk, sol marathon might angle was doubled up and i couldn't walk, so i had to drop out. you had to miss out on london last year after having a minor stroke and following a few recent health scares, he started running with one of his friends from the local club. such a strong mind, his determination keeps him going, keeps on running, and i like that he keeps on running, and i like that he keeps going, it keeps him strong in his mind and physically. you can't beat london for the atmosphere, and every time we are there, the whole crowd keeps going, everyone shouting john, just to see him smiling. john will run a bit and walk a bit of the 26.2 miles this weekend. the big question is, will it be his last ever london marathon? a lot of my friends or think i am a bit mad. i did sayi friends or think i am a bit mad. i did say i was going to back up when i was 70 but... i carried on from
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then, just one more, just one more! as you do. but this could be the last one, because it is a lot of training. but anyway, last one, because it is a lot of training. butanyway, neversay never. so we might hang up his trainers at sunday, but even at 87 yea rs trainers at sunday, but even at 87 years young, john could be back. emma jones, bbc news. 87, no excuse for the rest of us! that's all from sportsday. we'll have more sport throughout the evening. a community meeting is taking place in salisbury this evening to update local people on the work to decontaminate parts of the city after last month's nerve agent attack. it's six weeks since the attack on sergei and yulia skripal. 0ur correspondentjohn mcmanus is in salisbury. hejoins us now, what will this
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decontamination involved 7 hejoins us now, what will this decontamination involved? well, it is going to be a long process which is going to be a long process which is being overseen by the department for the environment, food and rural affairs, and also using experts from the ministry of defence. a public meeting was held in salisbury this evening, it is still going on not farfrom evening, it is still going on not far from where evening, it is still going on not farfrom where i am standing now, and officials from death row with there talking about what will happen. —— defra. you can, please see the pub behind me where sergei skripal and his daughter visited just before they fell ill. —— you can probably see the pub. there has been police tape since the incident, and also what several other places, including sergei skripal‘s own home. this evening the public meeting heard that the police cordon were becoming down some time in a next few hours to be replaced by hoardings in anticipation of the
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decontamination taking place. that could take several weeks, and it is fairto could take several weeks, and it is fair to say that people in salisbury are still quite worried, many of them telling me they are still nervous, some of the traders saying that many people are not coming into the city because they are so worried about what has been going on. but the deputy chief constable of wiltshire police says that, actually, salisbury is incredibly safe. we are absolutely aware of the impact of the incident on some mothers of the public, but from the policing perspective, it is a very safe city to come and visit, and we would encourage people to come into the city, it is open for business. there is a policing presence in the city in relation to the cordon is that we have, and officers are there to reassure the public, but this is an isolated incident which took place on the 4th of march this year, there is no ongoing risk to the public, and we would encourage them to come to the city, a glorious city, but italy in whether such as we are having today. —— particularly
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in weather. asi as i said, some local people are worried, the head of the group for the local council has also been speaking today, talking about the effo rts speaking today, talking about the efforts that he is undertaking with his colleagues to make sure that trade returns to the city and that life returns to normal. a couple of reasons, one is the criminal investigation that had to i’ui'i criminal investigation that had to run its course, and the second is each site is unique, and the military, working with defra and public health england and our friends at porton down, have been planning each site meticulously, so when they are deployed, they clean the site fully and with a minimum amount of fuss, leaving us with a clean city, keeping people safe. i think people will understand that when it is explained to them. the barriers here in salisbury going up the barriers here in salisbury going up very soon, we think in the next 5-10 up very soon, we think in the next 5—10 minutes. officials tried to reassure local people that life will return to normal, but they can't
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give an end date for when salisbury will return to normal, it is something that local people have told us they desperately want. thank you, john mcmanus, without update from salisbury. —— with that update. temperatures have soared to over 29 degrees in parts of london, making it the warmest april day for nearly 70 years. the unusually warm weather across the uk is the result of low pressure over the atlantic and high pressure over western europe, drawing in warm air. our correspondent matt graveling is at sandbanks near poole in dorset. hejoins us now, what has he joins us now, what has everyone been doing there, matt? hi, rebecca, who can believe thatjust three weeks ago we were all sheltering from the snow? but here we are in sandbanks in poole, a popular destination in the summer months, but people of all ages have locked down to the beach, playing football,
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walking their dog, enjoying the sunshine. as you said, up to the mid 205. one girl said, i have come straight from work to have a barbecue on the beach. a little earlier i was down the coast, where it had about 1000 visitors expected today. one woman said, you had better not get me on camera, because i called in sick today! many people making the most of the weather, but with this increased footfall, this isa with this increased footfall, this is a beach that is monitored by lifeguards. there are extra safety warnings being issued to beach—goers. warnings being issued to beach-goers. some impressive gymnastics behind you, matt! while the sun was out, i guess the water is still pretty cold. i wasjust about to do a flip, actually, before we did this, maybe later! yeah, the sea is very cold, and despite getting up to the mid 205, that is the concern for the rnli. they talked about people going into the water and getting shocked, and they say it can be very quick to go from
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enjoying your day to really being in trouble, and they issued a lot of advice today when i spoke to them, saying, if you go to the beach, be prepared. they are not trying to ruin yourfun, but go to a beach which is monitored by lifeguards, plan in advance, look after each other, and also keep an eye out for those red and yellow flags. if you swim but we knows, that is what the lifeguards are taking care of. so the messages be prepared, have fun, keep safe. enjoy the rest of your evening, thank you. it has turned into a sparkling spring day for many, i say spring, but it feels more like summer, and the warmth that has developed will continue into the first part of the evening, eastern areas holding up into the mid to high 205. cool across northern ireland and scotland, more cloud through the day, and we will see patchy cloud here as the night wears on, but down
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towards the south a mixture of clear spells and some mist and fog patches which will develop. not as mild as last night, still holding up in double digits in the centre of big towns and cities down towards the south. a murky start in central and southern areas tomorrow, then england and wales and east of scotla nd england and wales and east of scotland will sit sunshine. in the west, more cloud, showers across the north west of scotland. in the south—east, temperatures holding up to 26 or 27 degrees. into the weekend, things will turn a little bit less warm, with a risk of some thunderstorms breaking out. you're watching beyond 100 days. the south korean president says pyongyang is committed to denuclearisation without conditions. but donald trump says the campaign of maximum pressure will continue until north korea gives up its nuclear weapons. the president also says if kim jong—un doesn't seem serious, he will cancel next month's historic meeting. if the meeting, when i'm there, is not fruitful, i will
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respectfully leave the meeting. the queen tells world leaders she wants prince charles to succeed her as head of the commonwealth when the time is right. it is my sincere wish that the commonwealth will continue to offer stability and continuity for future generations also on the programme: james comey speaks to the bbc. the former director of the fbi says he would think twice about sharing
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