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this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm. carwynjones says he will stand down as wales first minister in the autumn. north korea suspends all missile tests and announces it's to shut down a nuclear test site. president trump called the announcement "big news!" the un secretary—general says it shows that diplomacy works. theresa may promises compensation to windrush immigrants who were unfairly threatened with deportation. a three—year—old boy has drowned in a swimming pool at a leisure centre in leeds. also, gun salutes have taken place across the uk to mark the queen's 92nd birthday. soldiers fired 41 times in london's hyde park. a celebratory concert is being held at the royal albert hall tonight. and in sport, spurs take the early advantage in their fa cup semifinal against manchester united
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at wembley, but it's level at 1—1 approaching half—time. good evening and welcome to bbc news. our top story this evening, the welsh first minister carwynjones has announced he's standing down in the autumn. he told delegates at the welsh labour party conference in llandudno, that his departure would give his family, his party and the country a "fresh start". mrjones said the last few months had been difficult, after his colleague carl sargeant was found dead four days after he had sacked him. this report from our political correspondent arwyn jones.
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i don't think anyone can know with these last few months have been like. they have carried me through the darkest of times. it is terrific about what is fair for them. so this will be the last welsh labour conference i address as part. i intend as i have always maintained it to be here it to answer every question, but i intend to stand down as your litter in on him, allowing for a new first minister to take place by the end of this year. and with that, it was over. in a moment no one predicted and without telling the cabinet, he will stand down in august and my first exam or he will no longer be first minister. wells forever, welsh labour forever. this was an emotional speech reason the pressures of being leader for the best pa rt pressures of being leader for the best part of a decade. the last few months following the death of carl sargent would have been the most
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difficult but leading labour members that he will be recalled for more than that. he is the wonderful things for well, he has been exemplary as a leader and as a first minister. he has been a wonderful ambassador for wales and i am proud to have been a member of parliament with his will fuller party. to have been a member of parliament with his will fuller partyli to have been a member of parliament with his will fuller party. i don't think that he is leaving under a cloud. i do not think it is helpful for anyone else sick and just those conversations about trying to get to a point whereas first minister has said, all the information available will be passed over to that inquiry. inevitably, he will allow to his set that successor, who is defined as mr will give serious consideration to standing. britain, the united states and china have all welcomed an announcement from north korea that it will halt its nuclear and missile tests. the move comes ahead of a summit between north and south korea on friday. president trump's hailed the news as "big progress".
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here, the foreign office have called it "a positive step". our correspondent laura bicker reports from the south korean capital, seoul. north korea's favourite news anchor is back. usually, the famous ri chun—hee would be announcing the state's latest missile test. but today was different. kimjong un has declared there will be no more nuclear or ballistic missile tests. he's also going to shut down an atomic test site to focus on building north korea's economy. in a tweet, the us president said, "this is very good news for north korea and the world. big progress. look forward to our summit." these students have defected from north to south korea. they are sceptical of their former leader's claims. translation: there are three nuclear facilities
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and they are only closing one. it's just to show action to negotiate with the us. it doesn't mean they're going to give up their nuclear weapons. there's a need to be wary of this announcement. translation: to develop nuclear weapons, they've killed tens of thousands of people by starving them. i think north korea's trying to get a reward because they have been pressured by sanctions. in seoul, a hotline has been set up to pyongyang to allow the leaders of the divided peninsula to talk to one another. they're welcoming this latest news from the north ahead of a summit meeting between the two sides next week. it's worth noting what kim jong un did not say. he's not handing over his nuclear weapons, he's simply going to stop testing them. this is not denuclearisation as ordered by the united states. nevertheless, it is a significant step. it really signals he's all in, you know, and we need to catch up,
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i think, in terms of our analysis of where kim jong un is. he's ready for the summit with the south koreans, for the summit with donald trump. it's a measure of his seriousness is that he's doing this before the meetings. pyongyang has broken nearly every promise it has made to the international community. but there is some hope that this time, maybe it will be different. laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. the un secretary—general antonio gutteres said it's possible that north korea could one day be fully de—nuclearised. i think there is hope. i believe that if things go well, and i think things will go well, they will prove that the security council can be effective when it is united.
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the problem is that in many aspects, namely syria, we have not been able to have a united security council. but when the security council is united and adopt important measures, they can effect change. today, i believe that the path is open for the peaceful denuclearisation of the korean peninsular. it also proves that diplomacy is the path to solve conflicts, not war. professor robert e kelly is an expert in the koreas at pusan national university in seoul. he told us... i think today, the response globally has been correct, guarded optimism. things they want us to say about nuclear weapons, the south korean alliance with the us, about military exercise. obviously, we have had trust issues with them in the past, so we trust issues with them in the past, so we do not need to get carried away. inspectors in north korea have
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to verify, which they have been uncomfortable with in the past. but it isa uncomfortable with in the past. but it is a lot better than it was even a few months ago, so it is as good as what they said it is. it is not a bad step. i guess the north koreans will start to ask for some kind of concessions. they have given stuff, at least rhetorically, the last couple of weeks. they have stopped objecting to the exercises and the american forces in south korea. all these things will be understood as concessions/ glass for something. i think generally they will ask for sanctions relief in some sort of economical operation. we know they are dependent on external input to survive. there is some evidence that the stations are starting to buy. certainly the president has started to emphasize that a lot. this is not denuclearization, this is a freeze but it is the same as a roll by. but i think that is something both presidents want. chemical weapons inspectors in syria have finally managed to visit the site of the suspected chemical attack in douma. their mission has been postponed several times over the past week. a number of samples have
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been taken for analysis. the uk and the us took part in air strikes last week in response to the alleged use of chlorine or sarin gas on the rebel held area. russia and syria have both denied any such attack took place. it's emerged that documents recording the arrival of thousands of people who came to the uk from the caribbean after 1948 are being stored at the national archives in west london. the government has been criticised after many of the so—called windrush generation have struggled to prove that they live in the uk legally. the home office says the records don't provide proof of ongoing residency, but will review evidence provided. here's our political correspondent eleanor garnier. the empire windrush brings to britain 500 jamaicans. could there finally be some good news for hundreds of the windrush generation? many in this first wave of commonwealth immigration don't have
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proper paperwork and are struggling to prove their right to remain after immigration rules were tightened. despite being here legally, some have been threatened with deportation, denied access to nhs treatment and lost their jobs. but now it's emerged as the national archives in london holds passenger lists of thousands of people who came to the uk decades ago. we arrived in england... samantha's dad has been here since 1959, but after returning to jamaica, he says he has been refused entry back into the uk. he says, i don't have a criminal record so why can't i come back? it's not about having a criminal record. i'm constantly reassuring him it's nothing he's done. the prime minister has apologised to commonwealth leaders and the emergence of the records will help people caught up in the row but they will still need further evidence to prove their long—term residency. london is the place for me!
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the government has promised compensation for those of the windrush generation who have been treated unfairly, but for those who have been here for decades and call the uk home, it will be little comfort until their situation is finally sorted. a three—year—old boy has drowned in a swimming pool at a fitness club in leeds. the david lloyd centre in moortown has been closed following the boy's death, which happened this morning. helen mackey has the details. the boy was living with his family at the indoor pool at half past nine in the morning. the police said the boy was found unconscious and pulled out a watermelon member of their team. cbr was carried out by staff until emergency services arrived and took over. the child was taken to lead general with his mother but was sadly pronounced dead. in a statement, the club said all of our tea m statement, the club said all of our
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team at the club are deeply shocked and saddened. our thoughts are very much with the boy's family at this very sad time. we waited around in the gym for a while and everyone was upset. we came outside and they told us upset. we came outside and they told us to evacuate. people on the radio we re us to evacuate. people on the radio were telling us to leave the room. david lloyd is really, really good andl david lloyd is really, really good and i have seen a lot of guards every day watching over the children. i do not know what is happening and that is scaring me. children. i do not know what is happening and that is scaring melj am quite shocked to be honest with you because as far as i'm aware, they have got lifeguards which are consta ntly they have got lifeguards which are constantly there watching, so i'm really surprised. the club will remain closed for the rest of the day while investigations continue. police said they are treating this asa police said they are treating this as a nationally tragic accident and that thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time. there are a number of other summers in the pool at the time delay before officers could arrive on the scene and they are arriving —— action for those people become for anything they know. a 20—year—old man has been stabbed to death in north london according to the metropolitan
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police. the death in finsbury park in the early hours of this morning is the latest in more than 60 suspected murders in the capital this year. nearly a0 of the cases were stabbings. but time is 30 minutes past six, you are watching bbc news. stars of the commonwealth games have been given a hero's welcome at a homecoming celebration in birmingham. hundreds turned out to salute team england today as the city prepares to host the next games in 2022. audrey dias reports. #in # in ancient times and... the sound of english success of the commonwealth games, and they hope it rings out across birmingham for yea rs rings out across birmingham for years from now and to celebrate even more joyous years from now and to celebrate even
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morejoyous moments. years from now and to celebrate even more joyous moments. the aussie crowds indigo code from louisville. the noise in the stadium every single time of the australians came on was unbelievable. i know birmingham can do it better. enjoy the sport. today was all about welcoming home of those champions he gavest us so welcoming home of those champions he gavest us so many welcoming home of those champions he gavest us so many memories to treasure on the gold coast. speaking to seven people who have seen is why came back, it is incredible and i am so came back, it is incredible and i am so proud to win the gold medal. it means a must to me, i am really happy. they mainly 145 gold medals at the games and they are hoping to do even better here in birmingham. but one thing these athletes do is inspire all the people to take others for. there are my best inspiration, i hope to be with one day. we enjoyed the gold coast games, so be good to see them in birmingham. we look forward to that. so these gifted and support they have had, when all infrastructure
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being built for the games, the world is our oyster. 22 or be special for the brownies, defending their commonwealth titles like the boxer and the gymnast dominick cunningham. just seeing everyone here like this today, it unites everyone and is the games is going to unite everyone and make the experience a lot better for everyone. everything is going to get a lot better around here, all the transport, and it will be incredible. we have for years and i'm looking forward to it. it's hundreds gather it's easier for the party today, tomorrow the hardware begins at birmingham repairs itself to states with the biggest sporting events in his history. royal gun salutes have been taking place to mark the queen's 92nd birthday. soldiers from the king's troop the royal horse artillery fired 41 times in hyde park in london at midday. this evening, prince harry will lead the tributes to his grandmother at a birthday concert at the royal albert hall,
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which will be shown live on bbc1 at 8pm. the headlines on bbc news: the first minister of wales carwyn jones has announced he's to stand down in the autumn. north korea's announcement that it's ended its testing of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles has received a largely positive response around the world. the prime minister promises to do whatever it takes to help the windrush generation including paying compensation. countries around the world have welcomed north korea's announcement that it's suspending nuclear missile tests and closing a test site. leader kim jong un said that the goal of developing the weapons had been achieved, allowing the pursuit of economic growth and peace. the move comes ahead of a summit between north and south korea on friday, and one with president trump in the summer.
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earlier, i spoke to our correspondent in seoul, laura bicker. she explained how kimjong un was positioning himself ahead of that planned summit with the us president. there is optimism in a statement because it gives a signal of what kimjong anna because it gives a signal of what kim jong anna my wall. because it gives a signal of what kimjong anna my wall. he is laying the groundwork. he did not have to do that. so when it comes to the ground work, they are it is, he is already doing this and we can go to the summitand already doing this and we can go to the summit and a bargain for more. he is also sorry about the economy, making the economic betterment promoting the economy, making the lives of his people better. now that gives a little hint as to what he might be asking for. certainly, the strict international stations, there are some signs in pyongyang that it may be feeling the squeeze. so maybe
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they are to ask the international community to lift the sanctions. that is the optimism par. the caution par, as i mentioned in that piece, pyongyang has broken nearly every promise it's made to the international unity. when it comes this pledge, they are easy to make. he has already declared he is a nuclear power. they have had six nuclear power. they have had six nuclear test. he may think we do not need to upgrade our weapons anymore. and when it comes to the atomic site that he is going to close, that may be significant but the site was badly damaged according to many reports during the last test. so when it comes to the caution, these easy pledges for him to make. the most difficult one will be here are my weapons, i am going to hand them over. when it comes to that kind of place, we have not seen that so far. just very quickly, what is the feeling like in south korea.|j just very quickly, what is the feeling like in south korea. i think here in south korea they have been
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broadly welcomed this. they did not really expect this because last year, us and north korea were in changing insult and there was a fear that south korea will be call and another korean war, and all of a sudden now, there is talk of a peace treaty being done. i think there is a feeling that theyjust treaty being done. i think there is a feeling that they just want this over with it somehow. and i think if there is going to be a meeting between president trump and kim jong—un, it will give people hear a lot of hope that maybe sometimes, something will get better. tributes have been paid to one of the world's biggest electronic dance—music stars, swedish dj avicii, who's died in oman at the age of 28. he was best known for his million selling uk number one single "wake me up". avicii had retired from touring in 2016 due to health problems. here's tom burridge. # so wake me up when it's all over. ..# he created tunes which became global
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hits. in the world of electronic dance music, avicii was a huge talent. definitely a great loss to the music industry. he was one of the music industry. he was one of the few that could come out something so original, yet so emotional thatjust something so original, yet so emotional that just touched seven people worldwide, no matter what their preferred style of music was. he has had those songs that people connected with. millions party to his music. billions streamed online. at the age of 20 a, avicii had already worked with some of the biggest names, like madonna. she wrote... fellow dj pete tong said... avicii stopped touring two years
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ago, in part for health reasons. following these of his death, his family said they were devastated. the world of dance has lost one of its most gifted djs at the age of just 28. one of the uk's biggest providers of home care visits is understood to be in financial difficulties. allied health care, which employs nearly 9000 staff who look after elderly and vulnerable patients, says it will continue to provide them with care. the company is seeking a repayment plan with its creditors. it says there'll be no redundancies. the indian government has approved the introduction of the death penalty for child rapists. protests have been held across the country following a series of high profile cases of child rape, some involving members from one of india's largest political parties, the bjp. the executive order was cleared at a special cabinet meeting chaired
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by the prime minister narendra modi. the consumer group which has warned that reforms to the pension system introduced two years ago have failed to address a gender gap. it says women receive state pensions which are, on average, £28 a week less than men's, partly because they have patchy national insurance records after caring for children and the elderly. here's our personal finance correspondent simon gompertz. nearly 13 million pensioners, but they are not all the same. on average, women get less than men out of the state pension. the basic pension, how much you get at that it isiam in pension, how much you get at that it is i am in the years you've been working and paying national insurance, and the state second pension link to how much you earn. which received —— discovered men received £154 on average, and women
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at 126. the gap of £28, the result of patchy national insurance records and lower pay while working. people retiring now in the future, there is in the state pension the gets rid of the state second pension, which meant do best for him and makes the most of allowances for kerry, which go mainly to women. only those he retired in 2016 get it, but amongst them to momentum in getting one for them to momentum in getting one for the £2 a week on average among women receiving £144, so still in a pound 93p- receiving £144, so still in a pound gap. many women are already having to deal with the fact that their pension age is being raised from 60 to 65. avalon wanted the pension gap to 65. avalon wanted the pension gap to close? some say it could a decade. health ministers are calling on the makers of a drug to treat cystic fibrosis to lower the price, so it can be made available on the nhs. vertex pharmaceuticals said it would meet officials from nhs england next week to discuss the use of orkambi. the drug has been shown in clinical trials to improve lung function
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in people with the condition. a funeral service for the former first lady of the united states barbara bush is under way in houston, texas. fourformer presidents, including barack obama and bill clinton, are at the service. earlier, mourners paid their respects to the 92—year—old at a public lying—in—repose, where they were greeted by her husband, george bush, sr. our correspondent chris buckler joins us from washington. we are starting to get some very poignant and powerful image from a service that has been described as a sample, perhaps putting her straight talking character. you mentioned the presidents there, the funeral itself is felt like a very family—oriented affair. it has been something that has been filled with actually a huge amount of humor and a lot of the humor coming from barbara bush
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herself. someone who was a merge oracle figure in the family, someone who had very strong views, and someone who was deeply, deeply loved. that has come very going through all of what has been spoken today. one of those who pay tribute was her sonjeb today. one of those who pay tribute was her son jeb bush. today. one of those who pay tribute was her sonjeb bush. he spoke about just the looming presence that barbara was, joking that she used to say she ran a family like a benevolent dictatorship and it was not too benevolent. he said he felt her looming presence there today, saying he imagined her saying keep it short, don't drag out and don't get weepy. although on one stage, her widower george bush was in tears as they recounted some of the letters she had written to him and he had written to her in their many yea rs he had written to her in their many years together. they were married for over 70 years. kristin mcgee said they're deeply loved. you have these images of her, the secret
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service detail standing beside her coffin, they had been with herfor decades, refusing to stand down. until she had been buried. she may have been loved, but she also reciprocated, didn't she? she used her position for the greater good to help others. she was known as america's grandmother. she was someone who cared deeply about social issues and she did have a more liberal stance of some in the republican party. she did a class for some of those about issues of abortion, for example, but she was very clear about what she believed in. for example, she was deeply against segregation, something she really fought against, but she is perhaps going be better membered as someone who fall for literacy. something she felt very passionate about. attending the funeral today, her widower george bush is wearing socks with books on them, just make
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a point of that. and one of the stories that was mentioned at the funeral a little earlier, they taught for the fact that she had many pen pal from taught for the fact that she had many pen palfrom people taught for the fact that she had many pen pal from people that she did not know but who she liked to be encouraged to write and to write to her, and one of them was a young girl who wrote to her and told her she named her have her after her. barbara said she was very thrilled by that. but she said that a p pa re ntly by that. but she said that apparently the girl had named the cal after her, she was entering a competition and only came eight, and barbara bush as she was a really buy that because she was afraid that she won what the headline writers would say. it gives you a sense of that person who was really feeling that she wanted to connect with people and reach out to people and make a difference in their lives. and i think will hit send the funeral todayis think will hit send the funeral today is that she really did. just finally, i understood that the
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current sitting presidents do not have to attend to these funerals. we have to attend to these funerals. we have saint melania trump there, but must be made donald trump oss absence. it is fair to say there have not been good relationships between the bush family and the trumps, and that is particularly true during the election, whenever there were repeated words between it jeb bush, running for the nomination against a donald trump. so he has chosen not to attend the funeral today, although he says he has done that for security reasons, not to risk security, for what is a small funeral taking place here in houston. the church the family have attended since the 1950s. at the same thing, mrtrump attended since the 1950s. at the same thing, mr trump asked waited in the last hour or so that melania is there, his personality, and he is watching the service from florida. he said it will be a beautiful time. 0k, he said it will be a beautiful time. ok, thank you very much. if you are
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following, the funeral service, barbara bush, formerfirst lady is said to be buried at the george bush library and museum in college station in texas and she would buried next to her daughter robin who died as a child after suffering from leukemia. voters in england will head to the polls on the 3rd of may for the first test of electoral opinion since last year's dramatic general election result. with seats on 150 councils up for grabs, john maguire is looking at the issues affecting voters. he's been to plymouth, a council which is hotly disputed between labour and the conservatives. that's one thing you can't change, is the weather. only mad dogs and plymouthians would be out on a day like this. but members of this community running and walking group, aptly named storm, are made of tough stuff. but not me. so we have taken shelter in a cafe to get down to chatting about the local elections.
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we put them into power, but they do not even ask sometimes what we can spend on. we pay council rates and taxes and everything else, but it would be nice to say what would you like to spend this £27 million on? i have lived here all my life. plymouth is a beautiful city. sometimes we do not appreciate it. all that seems to be happening is new student accommodation. i know student accommodation is important, it is a lifeline in plymouth, but there are other things as well i would put as a priority. history and social change is in the dna of this seafaring city. there is also a rich political heritage. nancy astor, the first woman to take her seat in the commons, was a plymouth mp. as was the former labour leader, michael foot. and with right honourable mentions for david owen, who went on to form the sdp, and alan clarke, whose


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