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mo farah there. all the runners have been advised to drop their target times for this race because of the very hot weather. they have also been advised to take on board more water along the 26.2 miles. the queen is going to hit that their button. there it goes. there they go. what a sight it is. what a hot day. really difficult running conditions for all those runners. the elite runners argues to high temperatures, of course. but that everybody else, these are going to be tough conditions. really want a cooler day than this to be running. 26.2 miles through the capital. amongst this
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yea r‘s through the capital. amongst this year's runners, through the capital. amongst this yea r‘s runners, there through the capital. amongst this year's runners, there are firefighters that tackle the g ru nfeld firefighters that tackle the gru nfeld —— the firefighters that tackle the grunfeld —— the grenfell tower tower, a man that was stabbed in the london bridge attacked and 40,000 runners. a lot of people who normally would wear costumes, you see people with phone boxes. they have been advised not to this year because of the soaring temperatures. a glorious sight there as they set off from greenwich. let's bring in katherine at the start there. wonderful atmosphere and how hot is it? it is electric this atmosphere. a huge cheer went up as sir mo farah‘s name a huge cheer went up as sir mo fa rah‘s name was a huge cheer went up as sir mo farah‘s name was read out. he is one of five elite runners on the start line when the queen officially launched this mass race. it is the first time they have had separate
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waves starting the race. this is one of the waves now following that male elite race. it is scorching. it is going to get up to 23 celsius today, hot enough for a marathon but no real cloud cover. they thought that might change things a little bit but it is bright blue sky up there and that does make conditions difficult. we are hearing there might be some wind on the way round but the advice is to ensure you are hydrated but not over hydrated and don't push it too hard. that is the key thing. don't try and do your personal best today unless you are one of those elite runners we were talking about. if you have never done it before, do ta ke if you have never done it before, do take care. still streaming past behind me. thousands upon thousands of people, it will be their first
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time. they are doing it for so many personal reasons. we have some really high—profile runners today from paddington fire station, north kensington fire station, those involved in a aftermath of the g re nfell tower tower involved in a aftermath of the grenfell tower tower —— fire. some are running with full protective gear on adding 30 kilograms of weight. in this heat, that is no mean feat. there are still people braving it in costumes. we have not seen any braving it in costumes. we have not seen any spectacular ones as yet. they are definitely out there and as the crowds around the course cheer them on, they will be raising so much money. mo farah has said don't
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expect me to witness. i am not up there yet with the elite men. he will still get this wonderful reception. the other world record that can be beaten as the female world record. paula radcliffe has held that the 15 years but it is a strong female fields. it could be broken today. the weather might play a part. they are still going through. fantastic atmosphere here. we are expecting to get the first finishes down in about 20 minutes from the wheelchair race that set off about 8:45am. the route comes from blackheath over tower bridge, past ca nary wharf from blackheath over tower bridge, past canary wharf and into central london finishing on the mall. for many people today will be the best days of their life. many thanks
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indeed. the headlines. the health secretary, jeremy hunt, is threatening social media companies with new legislation unless they voluntarily come forward with safeguards to protect children's mental health. he's written to platforms such as facebook and google accusing them of "turning a blind eye" to the problems arising from social media use. 0ur political correspondent eleanor garnier reports. six months ago the health secretary, jeremy hunt, challenged social media firms like facebook, snapchat on twitter to work with the government to improve the mental health and well—being of young people. he wants action to cut underage use, encourage healthy amounts of screen time and moves to reduce cyber bullying. but writing in the sunday times, mr hunt says the overall response from the social media companies has so far been extremely limited.
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now he's warned that legislation could be an option and that the government will not be deterred from taking action to get the changes it wants. and mr hunt says the chief medical officer will investigate the impact of technology on mental health in young people with the possibility of recommending healthy screen time limits. let's talk to sonia livingstone, professor of social psychology at the london school of economics, who's researched ‘sexting' and child ren's experiences of online risk. what is the youngest age children are using this? nine or ten and half
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of them have their own profile. by teenage, they are all on it. it depends on the age but it is widespread. they feel there is a lot of positive experiences but what is the negative experiences and the downstairs —— downsides to using social media? what the research shows is the risks are varied and quite diverse. people are worried about it and worried about cyber bullying, the amount of hate and hostility and what we might call reputation damage that they see. some of them and counter this on social media. there is worry about sexting and pornography. the benefits are really great. people
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don't want to log off and turn away from its completely. they and their pa rents would from its completely. they and their parents would like it to be differently managed and better support from the social media companies. is there a real established correlation between the use of social media by very young children and mental health problems? we can't say that yet. we haven't got enough research and it hasn't followed children and young people over enough time. what we could be clear about is social media are part ofa mix clear about is social media are part of a mix and there are many pressures and difficulties that are affecting young people's mental health on a confidence in the world and what social media does is it amplifies and extends the risk and the sense of social pressure. at ages where children have not developed the confidence in their own norms or the capacity to push
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back against those pressures. it is too much too young. still research shows many children are figuring this out and finding ways to be resilient. thank you very much for being with us. the government is to increase the powers available to police and the security services to try and stop terror attacks at an early stage of planning. a document leaked to the sunday times suggests counter terrorism officers will target up to 20,000 lower priority suspects. our home affairs correspondent tom symonds reports . the murderers behind last year's atrocities in britain. men who planned to kill innocent people. yet, only three were on mis‘s radar in any way before striking, and only one of those was being actively investigated. better intelligence at an earlier stage might have stopped some of this happening. today's leaked report suggest
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counter—terrorism investigators could more widely share information on up to 20,000 lower priority suspects with various authorities in the hope of receiving earlier intelligence of risky behaviour, such as planning an attack. the government has already promised more staff for security agencies like mi5 — crucial if they are to target a greater number of suspects. and new powers have been promised — again, these are expected to focus on allowing police to move in at an earlier stage when attack planning is less well advanced. already announced are higher sentences for viewing terrorism content online or publishing information about the police or the military for use in targeting attacks. the home office would not comment on these leaked reports but said the coming strategy would be a comprehensive response to the evolving threat from domestic and international terrorism. tom symonds, bbc news.
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verne troyer, who is best known for playing mini—me in the austin powers films, has died at the age of 49. the actor has been ill recently and had a history of problems with depression and alcohol. simon clemison reports. he is exactly like you in every way... ..except one—eighth your size. but that never held back mini—me... i shall call him... ..0r verne troyer.—me. screams. the role of dr evil‘s smaller clone in the austin powers comedies brought him worldwide recognition. but his credits also include harry potter and men in black. hi! i'm verne troyer! more recently, verne troyer has been over here, entering the celebrity big brother house in 2009. i'm going to play the nice guy but,
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you know, deep down, i'm going to be evil! cackles. earlier this month, the actor was again admitted to hospital in los angeles as he battled with alcohol addiction. statements on his social media accounts highlighted struggles and also the issue of depression, but it is not clear exactly what has led to his death. # it's a hard knock life for us. yeah! verne troyer said his part austin powers grew as they saw what he could do. tributes have been led by its co—creator and the man he starred alongside. mike myers said troyer was the consummate professional and a beacon of positivity. simon clemison, bbc news. tributes have been coming in to the late actor from stars of the screen and the sporting world. his beloved american football club, the pittsburgh steelers tweeted: meanwhile, the 0scar—winning west wing actress marlee matlin said: and the world of wrestling
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is mourning one of its most high—profile fans, tweeting: one of the favourites to be the next first minister of wales has said he will seriously consider throwing his hat in the ring. mark dra keford, wales's finance secretary, said he would consult his family before making a final decision. it follows the announcement by the welsh labour leader carwynjones that he would stand down in the autumn. 31 people have been killed and 50
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injured in car ball according to officials there in a suicide bombing. it targeted people outside of voting registration centre. it is the latest in a string of attacks in afghanistan since voting registration started in the vote scheduled for october. officials say security is a big concern as the taliban and other militant groups contests large areas of the country. two weeks after the suspected chemical attack in syria, international experts have finally carried out an inspection in the former rebel—held town of douma. the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons said its inspectors had gathered samples, which would be examined in specially—designated laboratories. andrew plant reports. it is now two weeks since these scenes laid out on screens around the world. released by the syrian opposition, video appearing to show the aftermath of a chemical attack. the allegation that chlorine had been used with international
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condemnation. a team of experts from the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived in damascus earlier this week but their attempts to reach the site in douma were thwarted when the security team came under fire leading to a three—day delay. experts say if chlorine was used, that timescale could make it hard to detect. if it was chlorine bomb attack, it is to have any evidence at this point in time two weeks after it evaporates very quickly and does not remain in the bodies or the soil. it will be difficult to find conclusive proof it was a chlorine attack. america's defence secretary has accused the syrian government of orchestrating the delays while it cleaned up the area. it is now a week since the us, uk and france launched air strikes in syria against, they said, chemical weapons depots and production facilities.
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syria and its ally, russia, has denied any attack took place. experts will send their samples for analysis to see what, if anything, can still be detected on the ground. the headlines on bbc news: social media companies are threatened with new laws by the health secretary if they don't do more to protect children online. ministers may increase the powers available to police and the security services to try and stop terror attacks at an early stage of planning. verne troyer, who is best known for playing mini—me in the austin powers films, has died at the age of 49. sport now and now a full round up, from the bbc sport centre. many thanks. we will begin with the
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london marathon which is underway with record temperatures expected in the capital today. the wheelchair races the first of this morning followed by the elite women and a few weeks ago, the queen from windsor palace following several —— celebrations of her 92nd birthday yesterday started the elite women's race. sir mo farah was there on the start line at the front of our field and is hoping to set a new british record. we can pick up some live pictures there. the wheelchair races we re pictures there. the wheelchair races were the first out this morning. mo farah hoping to be that british record, potentially our european record, potentially our european record as well. here's hoping to better the two hours seven minutes and i3 better the two hours seven minutes and 13 seconds set by stevejones 33 yea rs and 13 seconds set by stevejones 33 years ago. david weir is in that pack. he is hoping to win four an
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eight time. you can follow the action live on bbc tv. away from the marathon, it is sure to be an emotional day at the emirates as arsene wenger takes charge of arsenal against west ham. it is to be his first game since it was announced he will be stepping down at the end of the season after 22 yea rs at the end of the season after 22 years in charge. it will be his penultimate league match. steak take on burnley and no a win is vital to keep their survival hopes alive. —— stoke. chelsea could set up a meeting with former managerjose mourinho if they beat southampton in the fa cup semifinal at wembley this afternoon. manchester united securing their place in this season's showpiece with a 2— when ——
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2-1 season's showpiece with a 2— when —— 2—1 win over tottenham. they are determined to reach the final this time. we have the possibility and we can win the game against southampton to play an important final. the second time in a row. we have to try and do our best and try to finish in the best possible way this season. for many reasons, we struggled. chelsea ladies and manchester city woman could bid to become the first english side still waiting —— reach the champions league final. chelsea are at home today. city take on leon at one o'clock. you can watch both games by the red button. jill scott
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‘s admits making the final is their ultimate ambition. it is a dream to get the champions league final and thatis get the champions league final and that is one medal we would all like to have. we can't look past the semifinal. in the past with everton, i made the quarterfinal and this is one step better. we definitely want to make the final and we will give it everything we have got. great britain must win their doubles match against japan britain must win their doubles match againstjapan in fed cup tie. johanna konta want to give great britain 82—1 lead. the tie will be settled in this the final doubles match. as you can see at the moment, it is all square in the final set. after an embarrassing exit from mark selby, ronnie o'sullivan has plenty to do if years to avoid a similar
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fate. he is currently 3—6 down. live pictures now. ronnie o'sullivan lost the first four frames yesterday and desperate to try and get back into this one and avoid the fate of mark selby. live coverage across bbc tv and radio today. that is all from the bbc sport centre. plenty to feast upon on the bbc website. you can watch the snooker and the london marathon. also the fed cup. can heather watson and you're one can't turn things around. —— johanna konta. the queen celebrated her 92nd birthday with a concert at the albert hall last night with performances from sting and kylie minogue. there was a broad range of music from across the decades and across the world,
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organised by the royal commonwealth society. andy moore reports. # ..unusual to go out at any time. sir tom jones kicked off the show, backed by the sound of traditional indian drummers. # if you should ever want to be loved by anyone. zoe ball presented a night she described as the biggest party of the year. like any one of us on our birthday, the queen has booked her local hall. it is, of course, the stunning and historic royal albert hall. the performers came from across the commonwealth. kylie minogue from australia, shawn mendes from canada and from jamaica, shaggy. # bombastic, say me fantastic, touch me in me back she say i'm mr ro... the queen is said to know the lyrics of all the george formby songs —
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a ukulele orchestra supported by some celebrity players paid tribute to him. # you should see them bill ‘n coo. # you'd be surprised at things they do. # when i'm cleanin' windows. prince harry was there with meghan markle. the wedding is just over a month away. your majesty, if you don't mind me saying, you are not someone who it's easy to buy gifts for. many members of the royal family were at the event, along with the british prime minister and commonwealth heads of government. surrounded by performers, the queen came on stage at the end to a short rousing tribute from prince charles. would you all give her majesty three unbelievably rousing cheers on her birthday? hip, hip, hip... hooray! the queen is spending the day after her 92nd birthday at windsor castle.
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let's return to the marathon where 41,000 people are taking part in what could be the hottest event ever. the mass race started about 20 minutes ago but the elite wheelchair racers are nearing the finish line at the mall in central london. kate grey is at the finish line on the mall. a great atmosphere there. we are here on the finish line of the london marathon. the elite men's wheelchair race will be finishing any moment. i might peer over my shoulder to see if david weir has won his eighth london marathon title. he had tough competition of against marcel who is a formidable competitor in the marathon. david weir will be going for that eighth title. the main race started 25
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minutes ago to stop the men's elite race which sees sir mo farah going in his second marathon ever. he has tough competition and steve cram has said it has gone off a lot quicker than expected. mo farah slipped off the main pack for a while but has caught up. the temperature is higher than a lot of these athletes would have been expecting and stopped there is the women's race and mary is going for paula ratcliffe's world record which is 15 years old now. in these temperatures, it is unknown how she will do at this stage. she is doing her best and has pacemakers and will be fighting for that world record. the women's elite wheelchair race is taking place. catty mcfadden is running —— there. i will take a
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look behind me because it does appear that the men's wheelchair race may be coming to a head. we are looking for david weir to go for his eighth title. it is a very close finish from what i can hear. they are literally moments behind me and stop the noise is really starting to pick up. it looks like david ware has just won pick up. it looks like david ware hasjust won his pick up. it looks like david ware has just won his eighth pick up. it looks like david ware hasjust won his eighth marathon title here in london. brilliant for the home crowd. london is his home. this is what he wanted and celebrations. he is pumping his fist. it was very close the second position. the london crowd have been treated to david weir winning his title. a six time paralympian. he is retired from the track and has been focusing on the marathons. what a
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way to do it here in london. we will hopefully catch up with him in a moment. brilliant scenes here at the end. he really is quite a phenomenon. eight marathons. incredible to have won it eight times. he seems to grow with confidence. i met with him a number of times and they are not easy. it is such a tough course and the wheelchair category, it is one of the toughest in the paralympics circuit. this is the one he always wa nts to circuit. this is the one he always wants to win. this is his hometown and he trains around richmond park. they are clearly recovering from that race and he looks over the moon with that win. why wouldn't he be? search a hot day as well. talk to you again later. let us see how hot it is. we have managed to cram in quite a
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bit of whether. a quiet start the day for parts of england and wales after the dramas of last night with the thunderstorms and lightning. we have a weather front sweeping its way across england and wales during the course of the afternoon. ahead had a bit, it is warm and maybe a shower or a thunderstorm. brighter skies through the morning and for scotland, you still have the cloud and rain hanging on for the more northerly portion. it eventually quits the scene as a cooler regime sta rts quits the scene as a cooler regime starts to dominate across all parts. we back closer to where we should be overnight and we maintain that theme for the start of the new week. decent spells of sunshine. we are bringing ina decent spells of sunshine. we are bringing in a new set of weather fronts. the temperatures are closer
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to the seasonal norm. this is bbc news. our latest headlines: social media companies are threatened with new laws by the health secretary if they don't do more to protect children online. he's accused them of "turning a blind eye" to the problems arising from social media use. ministers may increase the powers available to police and the security services to try and stop terror attacks at an early stage of planning. verne troyer, who is best known for playing mini—me in the austin powers films, has died at the age of 49. and a kick—start to an epic event! and a kick—start to an epic event! and the queen starts the 2018 london marathon, a record 41,000 runners taking part. it could also be the hottest on record, with temperatures expected to reach 23 celsius. this is the scene live.
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