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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  April 23, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. a van has struck pedestrians at a busy intersection in toronto, at least two people are reported to have died. eyewitnesses have given devastating accounts. disguise going 7080, just hitting people one by one going down, it was, it was a nightmare. president macron of france arrives in the us, it's the first state visit for any leader since president trump took office. they do not agree on iran, but they'll talk about syria and tariffs. it's a boy, a third royal baby for the duke and duchess of cambridge, the new arrival is fifth in line to the throne. and the highs and lows of being a sports fan, does cheering for your favourite side enhance your life or make you unhappy, could it be time to hang up that team scarf for good. let's start in toronto.
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let me bring some of the more important elements of the story so far, we know several people have been injured after a van hit pedestrians in the city's centre. we have this update from sunnybrook hospital. it has received seven patients from the scene. and its emergency department is on lockdown as a precaution. reuters has also reported at least two people have been killed. cbc toronto tweeted that authorities say eight to ten people were hit, but toronto paramedics said the number was up to five. the numbers are moving around, but they are reporting fatalities. the van may have mounted the curb and hit the pedestrians on the sidewalk, police added.
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it would pull up the map here, there is toronto. did you see we marked young street, and it was on the nest —— intersection of ridge avenue and young street where it came to rest. it's a busy area in north york toronto. this is the street view. you can see it's a busy part of the city. multiple lanes of traffic coming in one direction if you come around here, you can see it's not too busy when google passed through it, but it would have busy during this time of day because of weather and time of day because of weather and time of day, so multiple lanes of traffic coming in from all directions. we've had a number of eye witness accounts come into the newsroom. here are some of them. so many people just shouting, stop the car, but he did not. hejust kept moving. i seen, i saw a white van, witha kept moving. i seen, i saw a white van, with a red colouring on and all
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i saw was he smashed into someone over there. i saw was he smashed into someone overthere. ben... i saw was he smashed into someone over there. ben... it's ok. isaw him smash into someone and then go ahead, i thought you had a heart attack or something so try to chase them down and i will try to catch up to see what happened, and all i saw was his guide, and he's going 70—80 clicks, just hitting people one by one, going down, all men... it was a nightmare, i got there, and i saw a lady with her leg, oh man, it was gruesome, it's really bad out there, i could not believe what i saw, oh man, everybody, all these people on the streets getting hit one by one post office box getting crumbled, one person got dragged on, their blood is all over the street, it's bad out there, i'm so shaking, i'm still dying from this to let this happen, this is unbelievable, this is the one book unbelievable. i spoke to global news toronto journalist, caryn lieberman from the scene a short time ago.
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ican i can tell you it's pretty chaotic here right now, personally i had never seen this many emergency vehicles, the scene itself is very, very long and widespread, maybe up to two km, which is a very busy bustling area, young infants, near a subway stop, so you can see lots of people coming and going, but this would have happened around two o'clock in the afternoon. right after the lunch hour, and this is pretty much one are the nicest days we've had so far, so so many people out and about, when eyewitness i spoke to, told me that he himself, got up in the subway stop, he walked out and immediately saw bodies, virtually wherever you look, we've heard, i mean, the counts are unofficial this point, we heard up to ten people were struck by this white van, a white writer rental van, we do know at this time, the
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driver has been arrested and there have been numerous videos, short video clips of the driver, on twitter. we will come back later on outside source. we're going to turn to washington, because and with these pictures of french president emmanuel macron and his wife brigitte arriving at andrews air force base, just outside washington, for a three day state visit. from the tarmac, mr macron made this statement about what will be on the agenda. during his state visit, we'll have a lot of opportunity to discuss the bilateral issues, and to discuss about security, about trade, and a lot of military issues are important for our countries and beyond, our two countries. we know the iran nuclear deal will be a focus. put simply president macron is keen, president trump isn't. this was mr macron on fox news earlier. what is "what—if" scenario? oryour plan b?
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i do not have a plan b for anything nuclear against iran. so that is a question we will discuss, but that is why i just want to say, nuclear, let's preserve the framework because it's better than the sort of a north korean type of situation. the iranian government has been urging european leaders to convince trump not tear up the deal. here's foreign minister, javad zarif speaking to american network cbs in new york. but obviously, this would be a very bad presidency, the united states census message to the international community. that the length of or the duration of any agreement would depend on the duration of the presidency. that would mean people will, at least, think twice before they start negotiating with the united states. in that interview with fox, he went on to say that both he and donald trump are "mavericks". certainly their relationship offer plenty for us to analyse. remember the snub on
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the blue carpet by at nato in may last year. the first of several we analysed. remember this one, the first of several we analysed. rememberthis one, a the first of several we analysed. remember this one, a white knuckle affair, both eye balling remember this one, a white knuckle affair, both eyeballing each other, reducing to let go. and then there was bastille day last year, which appeared very convivial despite president trump having pulled the us out of the paris climate accord, and president macron having been very critical. certainly president macron‘s thinking about it, and appears inclined to use charm over criticism when possible. we shall see how that plays out. they'll talk iran, also tariffs and syria. president macron has suggested a week ago he has persuaded
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president trump to keep a long—term commitment on syria. here's the white house press secretary on whether mr trump might change tack. the president wants to make good deals for this country, and if he feels he can make a good deal that benefits this country, he certainly is going to engage in those conversations, peter. her correspondent is travelling with him. he has arrived in the us for the next chapter in his unlikely friendship with donald trump. is the first state visit by foreign leader under the presidency and both sides are playing the diplomatic symbolism of this visit, there'll be a state dinner at the white house, and mr micron is due to address both houses of congress. are substantial issues on the table as well, and differences between the two men. on
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the iran nuclear deal that trump wa nts to the iran nuclear deal that trump wants to withdraw from, and tariffs he wants to impose on the eu, on under long—term strategy for syria. emmanuel macron has built a strong rapport with his us counterpart, but also under pressure to prove that can translate into leverage on these kind of issues, lucy williamson, bbc news, andrews air base near washington. will keep coming back to what's happening in toronto, reports a fatality, looker member of parliament is speaking now. the toronto police service is the lead investigative agency, in this matter. and i understand as soon as they are able, to comment further with information or details they will be making the appropriate officers available. until they are able to do that, it is not possible
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at this days, for us to speculate on the situation. i know that, probably, does not provide much of the base upon which you may ask questions, but if there are any questions, but if there are any questions pertaining to this situation that we can do it at this stage, perhaps we should do that. before moving into the g7 issues generally. what happened in north toronto today looks a lot like some of the terror incidents that took place in europe. and i recognise and respect what you are saying about having to wait, but what kind of conclusion can the canadian public draw when it sees this, is this terrorism and what sort of message do you think it sends to having this
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kind of incident at the same time as your meeting with their counterparts here at the g7? murray, we cannot come to any firm conclusions at this stage. the police are conducting, obviously, they're thorough investigation to determine exactly what happened. and why it happened. the motivations involved. but until, there able to provide us with details, that puts this completely ina details, that puts this completely in a factual context, it would be inappropriate to speculate, i can say, there is a complete cooperation and collaboration among all of the releva nt and collaboration among all of the relevant police organisations to make sure that all the appropriate resources a re make sure that all the appropriate resources are made available, and that we get the answers that you and
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the public would want, just as rapidly as possible. thank you for taking time to answer questions, following up on my colleague's comic, can you tell us about the risk to the public right now, if you have any concerns about that? there is no information available to me at the present time. that would indicate a change in the risk level. the appropriate parties of the government of canada and collaboration with all of their releva nt collaboration with all of their relevant law—enforcement partners, are constantly assessing and reassessing the nature of risk in the country from whatever source it may come. if they conclude that a change is appropriate, that decision is made by the key senior officials
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within the government of canada. but there is no information, and i think it's important to state this, there is no information available to me at the present time that would lead us to conclude that there should be a change in risk level. as the questions go to french, we will leave the conference, that the canadian government minister taking questions, if you're wearing —— wondering about the g7 reference, there is a g7 foreign minister gathering in toronto at the moment, and that was a press conference originally designed to be just about that, but he was answering ministers —— questions about what is happening with the band hitting multiple pedestrians. he did not give a huge amount of detail, he said there was nothing to suggest the risk level was increasing at the moment, it's worth adding context of the driver of the
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van is in custody. let's bring in the bbcjessica murphy, jessica you are with us from very close to the scene in toronto, tell us what you can see. actually what you can see, if you look behind me, is a very empty stretch of sidewalk, and a very empty stretch of street, usually this is a pretty thorough fair, lots of cars and pedestrians going up and down this is a residential commercial district lots of businesses here, all are clothes off right now by police, blocks to the south of me, and north of me all closed off as please start their investigation really, because it in the early stages. there are lots of people here, looking and watching and seeing when we got here, looking at this seemed curious, as to what had happened and police has since cleared a lot of the sidewalks off, and asi cleared a lot of the sidewalks off, and as i said, the investigation is very much in its early stages and as
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you can see, very much in its early stages and as ou can see it's very much in its early stages and as you can see, it's taking up a lot of the street here in the stretch of street here, about half an hour north of downtown toronto. jessica, i saw north of downtown toronto. jessica, isawa north of downtown toronto. jessica, i saw a few reports alluding to this, can you help further this, this, can you help further this, this was not a case of one group or pedestrian getting hit by a band, this was a number of different incidents in quick succession, is that correct? it's hard to confirm that, but certainly from what we see here and the people we spoke to, that seems to be the case. the band travelled multiple box getting the ball on the way, and coming up in some occasion, people told us they came up onto the sidewalk, and of course police have not confirmed in terms of number of casualties and have not necessarily confirmed fatalities. but certainly, you are seeing areas where there are orange tarps on the ground that appear to be bodies, no numberfor that, but again, you are indeed right. this is again, you are indeed right. this is a scene that bullies will be looking at over multiple city blocks. jessica, thank you very much indeed. she will be part of our team
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reporting on the story, if you want updates from her colleagues or the digital operation you can get it through the app. we have reporting from toronto and washington, and washington, in a few minutes we will turn to armenia. look at the scene earlier when the prime minister decided to step down after consecutive protests, will talk to their biggest rock star, who has been part of the opposition. yesterday marked 25 years since teenager stephen lawrence was stabbed to death in a racially motivated attack in london. today, at a special memorial service attended by prince harry and meghan markle, theresa may announced an annual commemoration day to remember the murdered teenager. we are privileged to be here at this anniversary service to commemorate stephen. but it is right that
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stephen's name and legacy lives on. we spoke about how best to achieve this. following these discussions, i can announce that the government will work with the stephen lawrence trust to establish a national annual commemoration of stephen's life and legacy. to date based on the 22nd of april, each year. stephen lawrence day. we will use this day... this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is. toronto, a van has struck pedestrians and two people are reported to have died, police are saying they have the driver in custody. turning to the main stories from world service, ist,
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the houthi rebel movement in yemen says one of its most senior figures has been killed in a saudi—led coalition air strike. saleh al—samad was the head of the group's political administration. the saudis have sided with yemen's government in its war with the houthis. the finnish government has decided not to expand a limited trial in paying people a basic income, which has drawn much international interest. on the bbc news app you can watch the clip ofjames shawjunior talk about the moment he wrestled a gun from a naked attacker at a waffle house in nashville. he's been hailed as a hero, but he says it was a "selfish act" and he did it "just to save myself". i'm pretty sure you know, the duke and duchess of cambridge have welcome a baby boy into their family. a little earlier they introduced him to us all. they came out onto the hospital steps. the baby is as yet unnamed.
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a brotherfor charlotte and george. our royal correspondent sarah campbell described the moment the public got its first sight of the new arrival ssource well there was a huge cheer that erupted from all the well—wishers, not only at ground level, but we saw them waving from people up at the top, there are people hanging out of hospital windows. and across the road, the huge amount of excitement, and huge amount of good wishes. towards the duke and duchess of cambridge, of course this is their third baby, and it's all been a very highly concentrated day, she went into hospital and was admitted early stages of labour before 6:00 this morning. then the news was announced around lunchtime, that she had given birth to a sun, he was born one minute past 11, this morning. and he is of course, the youngest sibling to four—year—old prince george and to—year—old, princess charlotte. who did arrive, at the hospital, they did going to see him their new baby brother in the hospital. there are taken back
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to kensington palace, very quickly. the duke and duchess of cambridge emerged from the hospital and i'd imagine they are at kensington palace by now, they left here just before six o'clock this evening. so this will be, pictures will best, that will be beamed around the world, there are still huge amount of interest in the royal family, huge amount of interest in the royal babies, and this one certainly no exception. that story has been put in the most watched list on the app, you could buy more on the new arrival at —— online now. time for outside source business. let's talk about the eu because the eu has revealed that it's investigating apple's planned purchase of shazam on competition grounds. shazam's an app that can identify music wherever you are. kim gittleson, new york. help us understand more about why
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they're concerned. right, so if you have used the app, which i do when i'm ina have used the app, which i do when i'm in a bar op —— and there's a song i like, you hold it up let it listen to what's going on for 30 seconds and it'll tell you the name and artist of the song, and probably other identifying information, but the keeping it'll do is direct you toa the keeping it'll do is direct you to a streaming music service if you wa nt to to a streaming music service if you want to listen to that song again outside the environment you are in, and subpar, when that happens, you have a variety of options, but spotlight, apple music, and with the eu worrying is that the purchase goes through, apple might suddenly decide to only show that you can listen to the song on apple music for instance instead of the spotlight, and that could limit the number of streaming choices that people have going forward or hurt their business or other streaming music providers. we will not know what the final resolution is until september, there's a 90 date period, and something to watch out especially after their successful public stock bardic —— market debut
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a few weeks ago, which saw that the company which controls about 40% of the streaming music, market, was valued at significantly more than many investors buy would be valued at like $20 billion. mental note to talk about that september, we could parkit talk about that september, we could park it for a bit, let's talk about out of that, the invalid company which includes cool, it has resorts —— results coming out. which includes cool, it has resorts -- results coming out. they came out, i have the stack of papers here, i have them. it's really great actually, it's gangbusters, so there profit increase from 72% a year a year ago, to nine revenue increased interestingly, the hat to reveal the value of their stake in hoover, the right sharing company, it's valued at $3 billion and the earning report, and the biggest thing that was interesting to me is that we can see president trump's tax cuts in action here, so google said that in 20 17th during the same period, year ago, the tax rate was 20%. this time around it's only ii%, sequelae
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something that contributed to these impressive profitability figures. thank you kim, speak to you later. kim in new york. some of china's biggest companies have been forced to deny that they're sexist, a human rights group had claimed thousands of theirjob ads discriminate against women. sophie richardson is the report's lead author. we found private companies using language like goddesses to the male employees or to use very sexualized images of female employees to attract male applicants. anyway, the worst offender is the government, itself, which includes men only men preferred in about 20% of this year possible as national civil service job listings and i think these companies and government are really interested in gender equality particularly in the workplace, the logical thing to do is to stop using these kinds of ads, one of the responses was to say that our material is dated. i have here, and
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added from about six weeks ago. saying that more goddesses are on the way, as employees. so, there are still quite a long way to go, even if the women are in senior positions in these companies or government. responding to the report alibaba said 47% of our employees are women and women leaders account for one—third of our management positions. our track record of notjust hiring but promoting women in leadership positions speaks for itself. a woman says she is facing a fine from us customs after a free apple she was given as a snack on delta flight from france was found in her bag. @veganquesohead crystal tadlock tweeted this picture, saying "false. i did not enjoy the apple. instead i received a $500 violation @veganquesohead and she followed it up with this rather amusing cartoon. she shared this, whatever you do
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don't take apple which i guess would have been a good plan. as spokesperson for delta said "the apple in question was part of an in—flight meal meant to be consumed on the aircraft." if you get an apple and you're on a plane just eat it or leave it, certainly don't take it off one plane and onto another or you might find yourself getting in trouble. if you want more and business news you can get it through that business tab on the bbc news app, remember. in the next half of outside source we'll keep getting you updated on the toronto, a van has driven into a number of pedestrians on a sidewalk there, there are reports of fatalities, don't know the circumstances of why this happened, but we'll keep you updated as we get more information. let's start at the south of the usa,
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looking forward to that weekend, since poor, it really helps your enjoyment of the spectacle of sport if the weather is also on site, here, close by to birmingham and alabama, it really was one of those weekends. torrential rains and while the system was close by, it was not just rain, that the summer state had to contend with, there was printed as is well, a number of injuries we re as is well, a number of injuries were reported and some of the southern states, and we're the system just yet, because over the next few days, we're going to ta ke over the next few days, we're going to take some really quite heavy rain and thunderstorms after further towards the northeast of the usa into eastern canada, and as that system into eastern canada, and as that syste m m oves into eastern canada, and as that system moves in a digression, it will eventually open the floodgates to another cold air seeping its way towards the lakes, at the same time we will put some warm in the pacific northwest to the usa, into the south
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of canada only briefly, temperatures in seattle well be —— a low seasonal norm. spinning you to the eastern side of madagascar, in the midst of all this a tropical cyclone is developing and we may see some really heavy rainfall getting into the northeast of madagascar, elsewhere across africa, well there is still a concentration of the some really have her —— heavy thunderstorm closed to the lake states, that was an issue last week, numbers of fatalities reported. further south, goodness, it's numbers of fatalities reported. furthersouth, goodness, it's not johannesburg they seen the bulk of the rain, it's that drought affected areas around cape town. meaningful rain at last, something we have not been able to say, notjust for a few days or weeks, then months and years as we said that. plenty of heavy rain, the airflow pressure dominates the scene across central and southern part of japan, the scene across central and southern part ofjapan, drier across the korean peninsula, and a heavy thunderstorm and the beauties coast. plenty there through borneo, and the rest of the islands of indonesia.
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things do eventually dry up and brighten up there, towards tokyo if you are in that neck of the woods. europe is divided at the moment, not politics, meteorology yet again. it's cooler and pressure to the north of the jet stream which ma nifests north of the jet stream which manifests itself at the surface, as is written of error and cloud as well, streaming in from the atlantic, so a slightly fresher feel, not just during atlantic, so a slightly fresher feel, notjust during the british isles the widely across europe, although many of the temperatures on the one side of thatjet stream, are above what we would expect. just frankfurt, has come back from 28 as it was last week, to more like 21 or so. temperatures in keep in the short term above par. you're in the british isles, cooler and pressure, sunny spells and showers all very springlike. hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source, and these are the main stories here in the bbc newsroom: a van has struck pedestrians at a busy intersection in toronto,
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at least two people are reported to have died. eyewitnesses have given devastating accounts. now i was this guy... is going 70, he just hitting people one by one. going down. it was like... it was a nightmare. president macron of france arrives in the us, it's the first state visit for any leader since president trump took office. but they're miles apart when it comes to iran's nuclear deal. every day outside source features bbc journalists working in over 30 languages. your questions are always welcome. #bbcos is the hashtag. you may know, we can access all
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information, then the bbc newsroom by our screen. it is useful when stores are developing. let me update you on what's happening in toronto. several people have been injured after a van hit pedestrians in the city's centre. it knocked to the sidewalk in toronto. —— and mounted the sidewalk. prime ministerjustin trudeau has tweeted. .. police have said up to ten people were hit. but they could not confirm any deaths. they have sent this tweet, urging people not to call them for information. and they will update the public when they have new information. there are other source of the information on this story. bite this from reuters. —— like the story
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from. we should add a bridges has also been reporting that at least two people have died and this incident. the bbc is not able to confirm that. ——reuters has also reported at least two people have been killed. it happened in toronto at the crossroads of yonge street and finch avenue. it's a busy area in north york toronto. this didn't play out in one place. it seems that played an of places. witnesses describing the band second one pedestrian then driving on. make no mistake, this is a of the town. —— this is one part of the town. to order row the traffic going way. you can see it is not a busy time of the day when the google car went past, but another thriller the traffic there in three or four lanes there. a great many traditions as well. a
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busy part of town. this kind of thing has the potential to cause absolute havoc. salmann farooqui is a journalist in toronto and joins me now. they get for your time. tell us what you are and what you have heard. we are standing by the shirt over where the incident actually happened. there was one body that was found over just there was one body that was found overjust in front of me. but i'm in the area where the whole street is closed off, a lot of police going around now. when you stand by body close to you, read the metre is a body lying on the ground and it is covered ? body lying on the ground and it is covered? no, not right now. i spoke to an eyewitness was one of the people to purchase onto the body instead that they were a lot of people from the everyday trying to help resuscitate the person. at this point most of the things have been cleared away. the only really re m na nts of cleared away. the only really remnants of the crash is a bumper on the street. believed to be the car that struck the people. that is about it. how much of the street is sealed off? we have a pretty large sections of the street. i think at least a kilometre. the transit has
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been closed off in the arena as well. no subway access or bus access in the area. for people who don't know toronto, what would this area had been like at this time of day? it would have been very busy but a lot of people i spoke to said they we re lot of people i spoke to said they were a lot of people out is because it isa were a lot of people out is because it is a really nice day here in toronto. but it's definitely a busy but the toronto been awarded the actual downtown central part of toronto. in terms of the skill of the operation taking place, did he give us an idea of the number of people involved? as an emergency services? vehicles, personnel and so on. definitely, well over the dozens of police vehicles involved in dozens maybe hundreds of cops milling around the area and the whole zone closed off. we appreciate you for updating us. thank you indeed. as we get more information on the
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story, we will keep coming back to it. us talk about more politics in washington. there's a good chance that in the next couple of hours that donald trump's pick for secretary of state will be rejected by the foreign relations committee. if the vote goes against mike pompeo, it'll be the first time this has happened since 1925. but, and this is a big but, look at this tweet from democrat senatorjoe manchin... that makes confirmation in the full senate very likely. barbara plett usher, washington. she is here now to guide us through this. help me out. if this goes against my pompeo, this is a symbolic defeat rather than anything that will stop them getting the job. is that right. at the moment it looks like it will go against him because all the democrats on the committee plus one republican has said vote against him and that would mean he would lose the vote. so this
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committee, its responsibility is to bet or to hear out the nominee and then make a recommendation to the full senate and they could then give a negative recommendation if mr pompeo looks at the bow but that thatis pompeo looks at the bow but that that is not stop him from getting a job, there can still be able to go forward in the full senate and it looks like he will squeak by on that. there are a number of democrats who come from states where mrtrump did very democrats who come from states where mr trump did very well who have now been saying they will both for him in the senate. it comes to. but is not a very auspicious beginning.“ it were all to go through, wouldn't the chronology here? how long might it be untilmike the chronology here? how long might it be until mike pompeo is the secretary of state? after the committee vote today, the republicans have said they want to try to get the full senate vote sometime before the end of this week and if they vote and if it is successful he would be secretary of state. i'm sure he will be almost certainly sworn in by mr trump because there's a lot to do in the
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next couple of weeks and that is one of the things republicans have been saying, that's not the time to uphold a secretary of state nominee, we have north korea and iran and a lot of things coming up, he is qualified, let's put them in the job. keep us posted. thanks, barbara. remember last week i told you about over 10,000 zimbabwean nurses being sacked ? they were on strike over a pay dispute. well, zimbabwe nurses association released a statement saying: the politics of this matter a lot. injuly, zimbabwe holds its first election since the fall of robert mugabe, and president mnangagwa wants to keep the job. how we handle this matter. first and foremost though this
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is about health care, the nurses‘ strike followed a junior doctors strike, and while both have ended, they've had a significant impact on hospitals and clinics. here's more from the bbc‘s correspondent in harare, shingai nyoka. nurses return to work today and while some were allowed back, others we re while some were allowed back, others were turned away because their positions had already been filled. the nurses representatives say they decided to call off the strike because it had become highly politicized, they also hope that this would open the store negotiations with the government, the government on his part has said that the opposition has had a hand in the strike and has tried to cause u nrest in the strike and has tried to cause unrest ahead of the elections. last week, nurses, thousands of them went on strike, demanding higher salaries and better working conditions. now they have decided to go back to work even though there is no deal. it puts them on the back button and the
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current president comes out stronger and appears to have averted a crisis for now, but this is just a short—term fix as zimbabwe has many problems that he still has to resolve. don't forget you can get much more detail on our top stories on our website. there is full coverage on the toronto van incident. significant development in the windrush. the uk government has announced that any member of the windrush generation and their children will be granted british citizenship if they want it. just under 60,000 people came to the uk from the caribbean in the years after the second world war. this decisions means they and their children will be entitled to citizenship without a fee and without a test, and they will be given assistance to get the necessary documents.
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this is home secretary speaking in parliament earlier. anyone from the windrush generation who now wants to become a british citizen will be able to do so and this builds on the steps that i have already taken. on 16th april, i established a taskforce in my department to make immediate arrangements to help those who needed it. this included setting up a helpline to get in touch with the home office and, let me be quite clear, this helpline and the information shared will not be used to remove people from the country. its purpose is to help and support. and then this was the response of the opposition. this was a system where people who had come here, very often as young children, were required to show four pieces of original documentation for each year they were supposedly in this country. who could have believed that that that was a sustainable or fair situation?
9:40 pm
and, as i have said, it is not a surprise to ministers or there officials the situation we are in because member after member has written to the home office trying to draw their attention to these cases. next, let's here the experience of glenda ceasar. glenda came to uk as a baby. all these years later, she's lost herjob because she didn't have the correct papers. it's a lot of hurt to have the go through and five with two arguments as well. we've lost money, i lost money, certain bills, it would have been... windows working i was able to keep up with what i had to. it was a financial loss to a lot of us, a lot of us. not only myself. many of the experience from the wind rush generation you can read about on the bbc news website. to armenia.
9:41 pm
and this is really unusual, a politician, accused of a power grab, facing huge protests, and he turns round and says, i was wrong, you are right. this is serge, he'd already been president for two terms, and now was lined himself up to be prime minister, a manoeuvre we can call ‘a putin'. but there has been day after day of protests. and he listened. armenia is between europe and asia in the caucasus region. it's a small landlocked country which was part of the former ussr. and the political drama of thepast two weeks has been playing out in the capital yerevan. just look at these pictures from today. it's thought tens of thousands of people turned out for an eleventh day of protests. importa ntly those soldiers in uniform are there in support, in fact they ended up leading the marchers, that was despite the defence ministry threatening
9:42 pm
legal action against them. this is how the crowd reacted when news of the prime minister's resignation came through. a lot of horns, this in error and sharing. —— fist in the air and cheering. and the big moments kept coming. this is nikol pashinyan, the lead voice of the opposition. he was released after being detained yesterday. it's extraordinary what the prime minister said... here's rayhan demytrie's report from yerevan. armenians are rejoicing, celebrating
9:43 pm
what has been described as the people's power. everybody in the square is so happy that they are copied to the song which became almost like an anthem for the protest movement. known as make a step. everybody here feels that they did make the step to bring about changes in the country. and they demand the resignation of the prime minister. it has been met. so today, they are celebrating people's power, they are celebrating people's power, they feel that they have shown to they feel that they have shown to the world that there is democracy in armenia, early we heard from the leader of the protest movement. he said that the recognition of serge is only the first out of the changes that have yet to happen. that's what
9:44 pm
the resignation of serge. earlier i spoke to andre simonian the singer—songwriter in one of armenia's biggest rock bands, the beautified project, he told me about the moment he heard today's news. he opposed the prime minister and gave me his reaction. he opposed the prime minister and gave me his reactionlj he opposed the prime minister and gave me his reaction. i woke up in the morning because of the time difference and i couldn't believe my eyes. i thought this is not true. then i called a few friends and they were like, yes this is happening. i knew it was over. the prime minister has said he is finished and part of the the options available to armenia but there are a lot of different options now. what is your preferred route? my now. what is your preferred route? my preferred route to be is that the existing parliament stays. and the transition of power takes place gradually. and there is no breakdown
9:45 pm
in the system. we want this transition to be as soon as possible cause we live in a very difficult world and we don't want any conflicts inside the country. possible sexy how are many in politics and music altogether, and music altogether, in america we see bruce springsteen campaigning. that's what i am supposed to ask you how armenia politics and music go together. here in the uk, it is a little bit harder. what about you? in the strange? i consider myself a social activist. the reason i stood behind this is because he wanted to solve the social issues. it was a close the gap between the rich and the poor and kill the corruption and bribery and all the privileges that the elite happen to be a of. they set the rules for whole country. i would like to see the new government
9:46 pm
solve the issues they had with turkey. quite a few things to do. thank you. a long list of ambitions. the hard work starts now. we'll talk about this now. radovan karadzic, former bosnian serb leader, is appealing against his convictions for war crimes during the bosnian war in the 905. this is inside the un tribunal today. mr karadzic is speaking in serbo—croatian. and he's telling the judges the charges are based on ‘jokes and rumours‘ and that his strategy during the war was to defend. he wants his conviction, and his ao—year—jail term cancelled. during the bosnian war, karadzic was the head of the bosnian serb entity, republika srpska. here he is in 1995 with the army commander ratko mladic, who became known known as the butcher of bosnia. in 2016, karadzic was found guilty of ten counts of genocide and crimes against humanity. one of his offences was planning the 1995 srebrenica massacre in which 8000 muslim men and boys were killed.
9:47 pm
the court said karadzic and other leaders had an ‘organised and systematic pattern of crimes committed against bosnian muslims and bosnian croats'. today, karadzic called that idea a ‘myth‘. more on the latest developments from anna holligan in the hague. he told a score that during the bosnian war, muslims were killing their own sword is that he was forced to intervene to protect his people. this is his final opportunity to try to overturn the original conviction. he was found guilty on ten out of 11 counts, including the genocide. the massacre of approximately 8000 muslim men and boys. their bodies were buried in mass graves. the prosecution had been arguing that the judges did not
9:48 pm
go far enough, that they should have acquitted him on that one genocide charge, they said that he should also have been found guilty of a softer and seven other bosnian muslims towns and villages. sitting alongside us in the public gallery here at the tribunal today are some of the survivors, woman who lost their children, the husbands and fathers in that genocide. and they share the prosecution's view that karadzic said to be locked up for the rest of his life. the un judges here are expected to issue their finaljudgement before the end of the year. salah abdelsam is the sole surviving suspect in the 2015 paris attacks — and he's been convicted of attempted murder. that's in relation his capture in 2016, when he shot and injured three police officers in belgium. today he's been sentenced to 20 years jail time. here's more from damian grammaticas in brussels. two and a half years
9:49 pm
on from the paris attacks, the first jail sentence for the surviving suspect. salah abdeslam's defence team were here early, with families of some of those who died in the attacks. translation: it is very important for us to be here, because all the victims have the right to the truth and to see justice done. not here to see justice, abdeslam himself — he refused to attend. as for knox guilty of belonging to a terrorist group and attempting to murder the police officers, as long with an accomplice without receiving 20—year sentence with no chance of early beliefs. —— he was found guilty. a good motivatorjust to say that we had the country do not accept such behaviour and that we punish them severely. his lawyer said he would now consider whether to appeal. he still faces a separate trial in france waite is up in the
9:50 pm
paris attackers and discarding his own suicide vest after it failed to detonate. most of you will know the upset and the euphoria that being a sports fan can bring. it seems the upset counts for more. this is new research from university of sussex which has found that the negative emotions caused by sport are stronger than the positive ones. here's rylee carlson to explain the story and the research. this is an app called mapping is, with the sound bite. to map your happiness. they send update alerts to people who have the app and asked him what are they doing, what time is it, and how are they failing. from that information, they were able to figure out when people were at the ball game scope in some cases even what team they support and of course how do they feel before and after the match. and no doubt the
9:51 pm
matches of fact the mood but the point is that the lows last longer. is that right? it is. what they found to analysing over 2 million pieces of this data is that we get tea m pieces of this data is that we get team wins, you are happy or about two to 4% happier. they gradually goes down over the next few hours. we are team loses, you are a percent sadder. it takes you much longer to get over it. in some cases years depending on what team you support. that is for them to come down from the wind. this project within just looking at sports, just noticing the impact that sports have. on a general demeanour and felix. exactly. the only thing he found that had more of an effect on people's felix was intimacy and sexual relationships. after that, it was football for the people who were answering this. —— people's feelings. that is what get to debate picture of how football and whether your team when or lose is as
9:52 pm
affecting their moods. section relationships, sports, anything else? work down there? perhaps but the swing is not as bad. you have a little bit more even keel becomes your work. we think as far as being something that takes away our day—to—day lives, enjoyable break. but in some ways perhaps not then. that is the big question that comes out of this. fundamentally speaking, we wa nt out of this. fundamentally speaking, we want to do things that make us happy or things that are enjoyable. why would bring ourselves to these things, that make us more upset? that is something that the researchers say they can't quite quantify. why do people continue to do things that maybe don't make them very happy? it could be anything. that is or what happens in the match or dilation of the last—minute goal or dilation of the last—minute goal or things like the camaraderie, how much you enjoy your friends or going out and being part of that team. much you enjoy your friends or going out and being part of that teamm the camaraderie of going to a bad result because... misery loves company. thank you to riley. less time away
9:53 pm
from those light—hearted matter so much more serious affairs. i began the programme by saying a van had left the road and got up onto a sidewalk in toronto and that the authorities were sent between eight and ten people may have been injured. i'm afraid the story is not a lot more serious in the last few minutes. this has his command. a statement from toronto police say nine people are confirmed to have lost their life and 16 injured. is command. a statement from toronto police say nine people are confirmed to have lost their life and 16 injured. visit significantly beyond what we have been hearing from the authorities after this point. nine people have died, 16 are injured, the driver is in custody, we don't know willey have anything for the on why or how this man chose to go onto the pavement. we will find that out in due time. hello. anybody visiting the uk for the first time could be for forgiveness for being confused by
9:54 pm
weather as it swung from one action to the other last week's he did this week's cooler. of the listen live here are used to it. last week the top temperature was 29 celsius, not everybody got that high but it was not widely the warmest weather was great so far. for the rest of this week, 50 degrees is probably as good as he gets. not everybody will get that high. it is much cooler and fresher. —— 15 degrees. the reason why the jet stream took a dip, that has been squeezed further south across europe and the very fact the jet stream is right across the uk shows it is unsettled and will bring some weather systems are way occasionally. the first of which on tuesday across parts of england and wales as you can see, bringing some outbreaks of rain and some another angler will stay dry with a chance of the odd shower. ireland and scotland, some sunny spells and shows around here could be happy. could be a roll of thunder and temperatures in the mid to low teens when they will stay for the rest of the week. this was a front affecting parts of england and wales were
9:55 pm
claire south was going into wednesday morning and low—pressure system of the northwest and that will bring showers are way on wednesday on a noticeable westerly breeze. a lot of fun with the day, showers going on western parts, some developer the east and sunny in between, helen and impossible but it is shower will escape and others may get one or 23. maybe 30 minutes a what whether the entire day. not looking like a washed up but be prepared for some rain at times. also low—pressure, in scotland and northern ireland and the risk of seeing most of the showers on thursday, maybe in northern and western scotland. the odd one got about but further south is more likely you stay dry, holding onto sunny spells. noticeable westerly breeze and temperatures have come down a little bit and when the sky is clear overnight, temperatures for many invested down to single digits and a touch of frost maybe in a few spots. slightly different flavour to the weather going into friday.
9:56 pm
low— pressure the weather going into friday. low—pressure pushes and from the southwest, was a bit of uncertainty when they come from the direction. england and wales, we've seen operates on friday, parts of northern england been avoided, say try and northern ireland. —— our cell across parts of northern scotland. as we go into the weekend, a big dip in the gesturing to the west of us. we will find low— pressure west of us. we will find low—pressure at times. pushing with reference into parts of england. notice we are in the blue. in the cool side of the gesturing and temperatures will be a little bit below average for the time of year. a outburst of rain on saturday, a lot of northern england temperature scotland. dry broken clouds at some sunny spells, some struggling to get even at the double digits. remember the silliness. this is how the week is shaping up. —— of the weekend is shaping up. the rest of england and wales from the risk of being close
9:57 pm
to low—pressure to the southwest of us, hissing rain. as low—pressure pulls away, as were going to make, it looks like high pressure will try to build in from the southwest, settling things down. for how long and anyone from that, it remains to be seen but if you're holding out for temperatures at what we saw last week, i think you're going to have a bit of weight. tonight at ten... the government offers uk citizenship to anyone who arrived from a commonwealth country before 1973. the offer was made by ministers following the mistreatment of caribbean migrants some of whom were wrongly suspected of being here unlawfully. i want to enable the windrush generation to acquire the status that they deserve. british citizenship. quickly. at no cost, and with proactive assistance through the process. for some who've been living with the threat of possible deportation the news has been welcomed. i don't know if we are going
9:58 pm
to get any money back or anything like that. i am just glad to become a citizen and i can, you know, work and get my life back on track. we'll have more on the government's response a week after ministers first apologised for the treatment of post—war migrants. also tonight...
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