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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 24, 2018 1:45am-2:00am BST

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different from teaching any other age group, when you're able to get them interested and engaged, they will find it interesting. i think it's just wonderful seeing how the eyes sparkle when they are able to understand what is going on, and they see that they are making progress and they are accomplishing something. if they find something that they can be good enough at and be able to train other people, or even create apps as a new career, sure, why not? they are fearful of technology. they are not aware of how technology can help in their daily lives. and when you have one skill set, you have a tool in a toolbox where you can use it for other purposes. lifelong learning is really a
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journey. not only will they challenge themselves, they keep themselves mentally fit, and at the same time keep them very occupied. you mustn't fear technology. if you fear technology, you will not move forward. i belong to the senior citizen era, i mightjust take up coding very soon. moving on to other business news, south korean chip manufacturers reported a 77% jump business news, south korean chip manufacturers reported a 77%jump in first—quarter profitability, strong demand for powerful server processors helped offset weaknesses in smartphone sales. the world's second largest memory chip maker says it expects continued growth in serving demand from global internet data centres. moving on to the toy business, and hasbro isn't having
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much fun these days, the toy firm reporting worse than expected earnings numbers for its first quarter, from january to march. it blames the bankruptcy of toys"r"us for a slide in revenues. however, they say the worst is over for the first half of 2018. let's have a look at the markets, and as you can see, the asian markets are now open for trade, and we are seeing some positive moves among the investors, with the nikkei 225 gaining about 0.5%, that is 120 points. the all 0rdinaries index in australia is also open for trading, and that indexis also open for trading, and that index is up by about 17 points to 5992. this is after wall street stocks edged lower overnight as rising us treasury bond yields revived worries the central bank would accelerate its pace of interest rate hikes. the dow is down
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by 11415, interest rate hikes. the dow is down by 14.25, and the nasdaq in negative territory by 17.5. thank you for investing your time with us. have a great tuesday, everyone. i will see you in the next hour. the life and legacy of the murdered black teenager stephen lawrence will be commemorated every year on 22 april, the anniversary of his death. the prime minister said the day will be known in future as stephen lawrence day. a special church service has been held to celebrate his life. he was 18 when he was attacked by a gang in south—east london in 1993. nicholas witchell reports. few crimes in recent times have had such a profound or long—lasting impact. 25 years after the murder of a young black man, prince harry and meghan markle came to remember the life of stephen lawrence. the lesson of the stephen lawrence case, as relevant today
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as it was in 1993, was set out by stephen's mother, doreen. justice should work for everyone, no matter what the colour of your skin, no matter what your ethnicity, no matter what your background. as you know, stephen was attacked and killed because he was black. the lawrence family's fight forjustice was praised in a message from the prince of wales, read to the congregation by prince harry. i remember, too, just how deeply moved i was by the determination of stephen's family to build something positive from a tragedy they endured, and to ensure that stephen's story did not end with despair, but continued with hope. applause. stephen's life and the hope it has inspired will henceforth be remembered every year
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on the anniversary of his death. the prime minister announced that 22 april would become stephen lawrence day. for a family which has endured so much, from stephen's murder, the flawed early stages of the police inquiry, and the escape from justice of some of his killers, the news that there will be an annual commemoration of his life was welcomed. stephen's father, neville, said it represented what they have been striving for years to achieve. 0ur son's memory will be enshrined in history, he said. nicholas witchell, bbc news. lots more from events in toronto at the top of the hour. mike embley coming up at the top of the hour. we will have much more on the toronto van attack — ten people killed, 15 injured.
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time now for all the sports news in sport today. this is sport today, live from bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme, theo walcott scores for the first time since january as everton beat newcastle 1—0 at goodison park. liverpool's mo salah prepares to face his old side, roma, in the champions league semifinals. and shaun murphy is knocked out in the opening round of the world snooker championship. hello there. welcome to the programme. a bit to get through, but let's start with the footballing news from the english premier league, where everton were 1—0 winners at goodison park on sunday. the match was
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benitez‘s 100th park on sunday. the match was benitez‘s100th game in charge, and theo walcott‘s second—half strike was his first goal since january, and the only goal sam allardyce's side had on target. newcastle remain 10th. history was made before the everton game, with the world's first virtual match day mascot. the captain carried a specially designed robot to help a child to sit to attend the match to experience the excitement of going onto the pitch with players. 14—year—old everton fanjack with players. 14—year—old everton fan jack maclennan with players. 14—year—old everton fanjack maclennan suffers with players. 14—year—old everton fan jack maclennan suffers from multiple health conditions and uses a wheelchair. he was also able to witness the players lining up in the tunnel and watched from a tablet from his bed at home. late goals saw 11th placed genoa prevail withjust
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four mac games remaining. in the portuguese premier league, porto return to the top of the table with a 5—0 win at home. the goalkeeper was certainly at fault for the first, while the second managed to squeeze through his legs, and the rout was completed inside the final 20 minutes thanks to this stunning freekick from the brazilian defender. mo salah will come up against his old club, roma, on tuesday in a champions league semi—final first leg. tuesday in a champions league semi—finalfirst leg. salah tuesday in a champions league semi—final first leg. salah is tuesday in a champions league semi—finalfirst leg. salah is in superb form. liverpool manager klopp says salah owes much to his time at roma but the past is the past. we had a fantastic time, he became the player who we have here, and the
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players at roma are all part of his development. but at the end, we are all prepared for salah, and the good thing is in football i am sure that the italian defenders are famous for not having friendly games. so i think salah will feel very early in the game that they are not his team—mates any more, and he can strike back in a footballing way. translation: i don't think stopping salah, orany translation: i don't think stopping salah, or any other player, will win us salah, or any other player, will win us the match. i am sure we must play asa us the match. i am sure we must play as a group and we can do something special. they are notjust salah. they have other great players so we have to be very aware of all of them, not only a single player. in tennis news, rafael nadal is a strong favourite this week as the clay—court season moves to barcelona. he beat nishikori on sunday to win a record scoring 11th
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monte sunday to win a record scoring 11th m o nte carlo sunday to win a record scoring 11th monte carlo masters. once again it isa monte carlo masters. once again it is a tournament i know very well. i feel a little bit like home, my home is majorca, i love this club, and i enjoy playing at home in front of my people. another top seat has fallen in the world snooker championship in england. shaun murphy has been beaten by jamie jones. the england. shaun murphy has been beaten byjamiejones. the world number 51 was trailing 8—5. murphy came up short while the welshman jones goes on to play englishman wilson in the second round. just enough time to let you know in that one nba play—off match under way the moment, the houston rockets at minnesota, they are 40— 39 up, and everything else is on the website. from me and the team, it is goodbye for now. well, this week the weather's
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going to go pretty much back to normal. it's only compared to what we had last week, with that heatwave and those temperatures in the high 20s for some of us. this week it's going to change a little bit more, from sunny spells to darker clouds. it will remain very fresh. in fact, the indication is as we head through the week, the temperatures will keep on dropping. it could turn really chilly by the weekend, and the nights will be nippy as well. now, there's a lot of cloud out there in the atlantic which is ready to come our way, lots of showers, too. this is cool air, it's streaming in, and it's here to stay for the next few days. so, for the early hours of tuesday morning, a lot of cloud across southern areas. that actually is going to stop the temperatures from dropping too low.
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we're talking about 10—12 across the south. in the north, where clear spells develop, around seven or eight, six in the very far north. tuesday itself is going to be a bit of a mixed bag across the uk, there will be some sunshine around for sure but also a lot of cloud and rain later in the morning, spilling into parts of wales. that rain will probably move across this central swathe of the uk, probably a little bit in the midlands, quite possibly some across yorkshire, certainly moving through wales as well. in the north of the country, we'll have a mixture of sunshine and showers, particularly across scotland, and there'll be some showers across northern ireland as well, and cool in the north, 12 degrees. typically in the south, around 15 celsius. tuesday night into wednesday, that where the system moves away and in its place, this low comes in from the north atlantic carrying quite a lot of fresh air, and what happens this time of the year when we've got cold air sitting on top of us and then you get the strong sunshine? basically that means you get big showers forming, and it's going to be a real rush
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of them on tuesday — on wednesday, that is. so wednesday is going to be a very changeable day from sunshine, to downpours, back to sunshine again. through thursday, we're in that cool air stream off the atlantic, which is here to stay into the weekend as well, and this is normalfor the time of the year. the average for the time of the year in the south is 14—16 degrees, a couple of degrees lower than that in the north, and that's pretty much what we're getting on thursday. you can see round 15 in london and 11 in glasgow and edinburgh. and again, a mixture of sunshine and showers on thursday. now, this is thejet stream here. whenever you see a dip in the jet stream, it basically drags the cool airfrom the north. so, as we head into friday, saturday and sunday, that cool air establishes itself across the uk. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories — a van ploughs into pedestrians at high speed in toronto,
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