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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 25, 2018 1:30am-1:46am BST

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and missile programmes. president macron has also called on the us to back the basis of the 2015 deal — arguing that it was better than having no agreed restraints on iran. turning his attention to north korea, donald trump spoke about his upcoming summit with the leader kim jong—un. he described the man he used to call "rocket man" as "very open" and "very honourable". president trump said that he expects a meeting to happen soon and that it will benefit the whole world. in toronto, 25—year—old alek minassian has appeared in court charged with 10 counts of murder. fifteen people were also injured when the vehicle mounted the pavement and travelled for more than half a mile before it was stopped. the authorities say he has no known links to any terror groups. that's all from me for now. stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk. after a system upgrade and several days of major computer problems, tsb has apologised and promised to compensate customers who were being unable to access their internet banking accounts.
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now on bbc news all the latest business news live from singapore. asian stock markets opened in negative territory after industrial and technological equities sent wall street into a nosedive. and in japan, street into a nosedive. and in japaflj street into a nosedive. and in japan, j blossom spring street into a nosedive. and in japan,j blossom spring tourists from around the world for an unforgettable experience. good morning, asia. hello, world. we start off with the markets and asia on wall street stocks falling sharply with worries about higher
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interest rates and corporate earnings that have not met lofty expectations. correia is in negative territory. the nick kay down by 100 and 20,100 44. the dowjones falling for a fifth day. the nasdaq fare well either. as the index, the snp recorded its biggest decline in three weeks. australian and new zealand markets are close to celebrate anzac day. the reason for the rout is caused by concerns over poor earnings. ql the rout is caused by concerns over poor earnings. 01 looks like it might have been the high water mark. what they did, it really emphasised what a lot of folks have been thinking, that the strong results we have seen from some companies did
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undershoot last night is all about tax and is a 1—off. the ford guidance is not that great. those words from capital for poor technical outlook i really knocking us stocks the sixth and stopped them going higher but that only seems a matter of time. with the trump administration cutting corporate taxes from 35 to 21, it seems like traders and research companies now have higher expectations. it's the doughnut for corporate earnings, the sugar higher, but it is a book like it's going to prove yet a sustainable impetus. that is contributing to the weakness. the economy is doing really well. consumer confidence darter last night was good. the house prices,
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the home sales. there is a dichotomy growing between mainstream and wall street at the moment. what are your expectations going forward? i think it's —— interest rates in the us, the us heading towards three at a quarter at some point over the course of the year. the economy to remain strong. dealing with stocks as they do with volatility. many did asia and concerns over a potential slowdown in smartphone sales around the world has put a dampener on some of the continent's biggest technology stocks. the second asian company to the boom in mobile phones and is beginning to wane. lastly, one of the world ‘s largest chip maker ‘s said the same and that it
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110w maker ‘s said the same and that it now expects maker ‘s said the same and that it 110w expects revenues maker ‘s said the same and that it now expects revenues to be $1 billion less than previously forecast. the high—end smartphone market is saturated at the moment. the trend we are seeing in 2018 is that premium smart phones don't have the same novelty as they did before. it is more difficult to convince people to convert to hire and smartphones refresh their smartphone as regularly as before. refreshing oui’ as regularly as before. refreshing our smart phones, we have not refreshed hours in 2—3 years. i haven't bought one in three years. why do smart phones now, especially the high end, don't have that edge? they don't have the edge because it's a particular point in the technology where innovation is plateauing for a bit and many vendors like apple and send some. the gap between the high—end and the
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low cost, there is a much difference. the chinese are producing a dime a dozen of them. that is right. the commoditisation of premium features or great cameras are now quickly going down into lower airspeed devices. even then, it is still a very challenging year ahead for many benders, especially with china now declining at a great pace. but are these low-cost handsets impacting the chip industry? they are in large quantities. this is the large volume driver but still, the bigger draw for many chip makers to make money is in the higher end range. the higher value chips. let's get an update on the other business news
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making headlines. we have just heard making headlines. we havejust heard in making headlines. we have just heard in the last hour that british drugmaker shyer is to recommend a takeover by a japanese firm takeda. recommend a takeover by a japanese firm ta keda. if recommend a takeover by a japanese firm takeda. if successful, it will mark the biggest successful acquisition by a japanese company. takeda has acquisition by a japanese company. ta keda has made acquisition by a japanese company. takeda has made several offers for shire which were rejected sir persistence pays off. takeda shares fell by more than 5% on the news because some investors think they are paying too much for shire. the wall street journal says the are paying too much for shire. the wall streetjournal says the chinese giant is in talks with investors. it's been to raise around $80 billion which make it one of the biggest technology listings in history. buber is also considering an ipo but that is unlikely to take
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place before 2019. and finally, at the macau gambling tables, wynn is winning again. highrollers returned to the chinese territory. 0verall, it swung to a loss of about $204 million largely due to legal costs relating to the co—founder‘s dramatic departure from the company. thank you to the update. the month of april is one of the busiest months of the year for tourism in japan. more than 2.5 million visitors arrive in the country in april of last year, many having to participate in what is known as the practice of viewing cherry blossoms. along is gaining japanese tradition of welcoming spring. we found one
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visitor who travelled to tokyo for this uniquely japanese experience. this is my 81, we lived here to 6.5 yea rs. every yea r, this is my 81, we lived here to 6.5 years. every year, we came it was something special but this is the first time a st kilda specifically to visit. my husband decided to retire and instead of trying something bigger and more, retire and instead of trying something biggerand more, we retire and instead of trying something bigger and more, we tried to put emphasis on experiences without teenage sons. it's a very important time a crucial of teenagers and we wanted to reconnect with them and open our eyes to the world and maybe change their dna for the future. six months ago, we were checking the maps, we were checking the weather, checking the estimates for when would be peak hanami season
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and it is today. during the periods of march to may, thatis during the periods of march to may, that is when the cherry blossoms come out and we do see an increasing demand during this period especially, an increase. when takeda starts, the eye cream that's flavoured, the wine, the sake, everything becomes flavoured. it every in society to those two weeks of the year. hanami viewing is magical, i think,
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because you witness a whole community come together as part of who the japanese people are at their heart. it allows them to be free one week of the year but it's very ephemeral. i was iwas in i was injapan and i experienced hanami, it was lovely. the top stories this hour. president trump and emmanuel macron have agreed to work towards a new deal with iran to curb its nuclear and missile programmes. canadian police are investigating a suggestion that the toronto van attack may have been motivated by a grudge against women. the board of deputies of british jews
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and thejewish leadership council have held talks with labour'sjeremy corbyn this evening following the incidence of anti—semitism in the party. they described the meeting as a disappointing missed opportunity and said mr corbyn‘s proposals fell short of the minimum response they'd asked for, including a fixed timetable to deal with anti—semitism cases. 0ur deputy political editor john pienaar has more. celebrating equality. jeremy corbyn is always keen on events like this one, today saluting women's suffrage, but it's his commitment to fairness and decency that's being challenged now. chanting: shame on you! remember this? jewish activists demanding action last month to confront anti—semitism in the party. community leaders were bringing the same demand to westminster today. if these concerns are genuine, they are the last thing you would want to hear. we have to deal with anti—semitism in our society, including in the labour party and the labour movement, and that's exactly what we're doing. any sort of breakthrough this evening? listen, it's not a question of breakthrough, it's a question of continuing the work all the time to deal with racism and discrimination in our society, and say that we're not prepared to accept anti—semitism in any form.
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reporter: will this meeting mark a turning point, do you think? they came from the board of deputies of britishjews and thejewish leadership council. supporters insisted mr corbyn had questions to answer. labour's anti—semitism is much worse sincejeremy corbyn became the leader. at least 80 cases of anti—semitism not dealt with. regularly, almost daily, i hear allegations about anti—semitism. the delegation wanted action — an ombudsman answerable to the party and to them, a ban on mps and others sharing platforms with anyone suspended for anti—semitism. afterwards they said all their demands were turned down. 0ur sole objective from this meeting was to build trust with mr corbyn, but this will not be possible until he and his party turn their many strong words against anti—semitism into equally strong actions in order to bring about a deep cultural change in his supporters' attitudes to jews. so, as of now, you're not minded to accept mr corbyn‘s good faith? we are again going to test his words by the actions which follow them or which don't follow them. so, no resolution, no breakthrough in this confrontation so far.
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some of mr corbyn‘s supporters believe the complaints are a ploy so, no resolution, no breakthrough in this confrontation so far. some of mr corbyn‘s supporters believe the complaints are a ploy by his political opponents. mr corbyn hasn't endorsed that view and today he apologised, but his critics want more action, notjust more words. mr corbyn has plenty of support and his team say he will personally lead labour's response. his party's reputation forfighting racism and hate depends on convincing the doubters. hello there, i'm tulsen tollett at
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an this is sport today, live from the bbc sports centre. coming up to one mohammed sanoussi bars again, scoring two as liverpool thrash roma five—2 in the first leg of their champions league semi—final. ding junhui is true to the second round of the world snooker championship after a convincing win over his chinese compatriot. south africa's record try scorer bryan habana africa's record try scorer bryan haba na will retire africa's record try scorer bryan habana will retire from rugby at the of the season. hello and welcome to the programme, let's start with the footballing news that liverpool survived a late comeback from roma to win the opening leg of their champions league semi—final five—2, salah made it 43 goals for the season salah made it 43 goals for the season after scoring twice in a first half that saw midfielder alex 0xlade—chamberlain carried


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