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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 25, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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are inflicting real financial pain on china. and finally the verge website says whatsapp is banning anyone under 16 years old from using its app in europe. the moves comes as the social media giant raises its age limit for users by three years just as the european data privacy rules start kicking in on may 25th. so let's begin. with me is andrew tuck who is editor of monocle, a global news and business magazine. starting with the irish times, looking at the iran nuclear pact, it says insein, ridiculous. they are talking about a third way now. it would seem that president emmanuel macron has managed to twist his arm. what is this article saying?m macron has managed to twist his arm. what is this article saying? it says yes there was a discussion, a third way. become placated the thing is that this is notjust a deal between france and the us, it also involves the eu, germany and it involved iran. all those parties have been
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brought back to the table potentially. one of the things trump says that wasn't included was a territorial element, saying stay out of yemen, stay out of syria. for the iranians, ithink of yemen, stay out of syria. for the iranians, i think that will be a very public editing to ask because they will see that trump is doing they will see that trump is doing the deal with the saudis. the saudis are the deal with the saudis. the saudis a re really the deal with the saudis. the saudis are really keen to restrict uranium influence and it could fall into a regional dispute seeing america on one side rather than being supportive of the whole region. you talk about president trump doing the deal, but he is much aligned to israel as well, isn't he? that is stronger than it was with president obama. he is a very different president in the view of iran. good point. we know that he has a similarly close relationship with benjamin netanyahu and this is definitely a deal he would want to see be brought back to the table. yes, ina see be brought back to the table. yes, in a way that emanuel micron
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seemed to get concessions, it was a dangerous thing for him to go to washington. he could have come back with nothing. they seem to have some idea that they could work out a deal between the two of them but as i said, then you would have to sell it to many more parties. on may 12, the us must reaffirm its commitment to the 2015 nuclear pact with iran and thatis the 2015 nuclear pact with iran and that is why there is the urgency about this right now in terms of discussions. looking at the new york times. talking about a bromance, a long winded article talking about the twist and turns, the removal of dandruff from the suit. what do you make of it all? mr trump saying you are perfect but you have dandruff on your shoulder. a bizarre moment. now, here are two men, when you first look at them both physically and where they come from, you would think they have very little in
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common. up both of them came from nowhere to disrupt their political systems, emanuel micron‘s party went from nothing to being a party that could elect him. these two outsiders have that in common. both definitely concerned with islamic terror, those concerned with islamic terror, those concerned about syria. there are moments which bring them together but their physical relationship is fascinating because, to put it blu ntly, fascinating because, to put it bluntly, donald trump can not keep his hands off in. touching him and preening him and taking him by the hand. grooming him! we know that donald trump with other people is very physically awkward with other people. but he is no holds barred, he loves this guy. this talk about what our viewers think of this. we ask you for your opinions. quite a few have been in touch. in montreal,
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saying: emanuel akron was designated as the good cop while angela merkel plays bad cop. he has to swallow pride to appear to be his best friend and play the role. is this thing going forward as the european voice, do you think? i am sure there has been a conversation with angela merkel about what potentially could be sold to the eu. out of thick that contrived, i think they have a bond. many saying that emanuel micron knows how to play trump. —— emanuel micron. i think when we saw him go to france for bastille day celebrations and he had that celebrations and he had that celebrations and he had that celebrations and the military band playing daft punk. he knew! not surprisingly, he gets a proper state and quit. we remember theresa may at
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the white house and there was that funny moment where they passed hands. since then, the relationship has not been good at all. for many different reasons. president trump is not seen as somebody who is that welcome in the uk. this is the sixth time that emmanuel macron have met, 20 phone calls between the two men. at four theresa may and also boris johnson, there was a mad dash to be first in the room to say congratulations and it really hasn't delivered. four theresa may, she must watch on with slight disappointment, this notion of the special relationship that france seems to be stealing away. also what that means for trade to the uk in the light of brexit. moving on to the light of brexit. moving on to the independent. meps fearfor eu citizens after the windrush scandal. interesting they should highlight this, it was something i was talking
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to oliver cormack about this yesterday, looking at the windrush scandal and amber rudd hoping to draw a line under this by offering all the help and citizenship to those who were not granted that in the uk. but this is the angle that we we re the uk. but this is the angle that we were discussing yesterday. what does this mean for eu citizens after brexit? by the harsh that, the eu negotiator says it is causing anxiety. many people who have lived and worked 50 years still don't know what will happen when we leave the eu, how the citizenship will be dealt with. the eu saying can we agree basic things, if you are a family you have to make one applications, application. they have called in the home office to explain it. the anxiety connected with windrush, you can agree on something and then 40, 50 years later you are told it is not how we explained it
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told it is not how we explained it to you and you don't have your citizenship. for them, i to you and you don't have your citizenship. forthem, ithink to you and you don't have your citizenship. for them, i think want to see there is a better process in place and that when guarantees are made they will be delivered upon. interesting, a story in the business section talking about how china is impacted by this trade war. the real pain being felt. i was reading this, the earnings we had from caterpillar just yesterday, their shares dropping over 6%. talking about the fa ct dropping over 6%. talking about the fact that aluminium will cost a lot more in the months ahead. we are starting to see the impact. on both sides of the shakeout is looking very painful. one of the wonderful things that the story is the fact that these barriers were put in place and these new costs. the ships are already sailing, this is talking about sorbent and many chinese people have brought saw bullying from america. it will be super
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expensive to land it. they rushed to beijing and said can you give us some help? would know what to do, do we dump it at sea or sell it cheaply ) otherwise all of these ships have nowhere to go. finally talking about the verge, saying that whatsapp are implementing users of only 16 years 01’ implementing users of only 16 years or older. so many young people are already on whatsapp, some younger faking their age to get on it. it is so faking their age to get on it. it is so widely used, how do they fake beret —— how do they do this? so widely used, how do they fake beret -- how do they do this? is owned by facebook, what would happen to young people with your data. we know how people cheat all sorts of things online. it says you will need a parent or guardian to approve you, but actually how will that happen? the positive thing is i think there are many parents who have whatsapp groups for their kids and families
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who like to include their children in that and actually won't want them thrown off. i think many parents will probably very easily agree to it. again, this isjust restrictions in europe, this is whatsapp having to prepare for the new regulations next month and many companies are having to come out with new policies. all of us without any presents online will have been getting messages over recent days telling us messages about new security changes and in light of these new eu rules of. i think we are also seen dodging around this, trying to move their users outside the uk. goalpost are moving at all times of. andrew, nice to see you. thank you for all your comments. that is the briefing, have a really good day. hello there.
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temperatures continue to creep down day—by—day now, closer to the april norm, but by the end of the week it looks like it could be a little bit cooler than the seasonal average. the last 24 hours have been pretty cloudy but again quite mild, we saw a top temperature of 18 across the south—east. the cloud thickened up, though, in the west we saw outbreaks of rain associated with this area of low pressure, which continued its journey eastwards, tending to fragment as the night wears on but eventually it will clear the south—east. maybe one or two showers packing into western scotland, the west of northern ireland, but elsewhere it's going to be a clearer and drier start to wednesday. quite a chilly start as well, certainly chillier than the last few nights we've had. across the north—east of scotland, not that far off from freezing. so, a chilly start to wednesday, but it is going to be a day of sunshine and heavy april showers, some of them could be quite intense with some hail and thunder mixed in. we start off, though, on a fine note, lots of sunshine around and the showers across western areas from the word go will continue to spread eastwards, becoming more widespread,
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and into the afternoon this is when they will become quite beefy with hail and thunder, like i mentioned. not all areas could get them, where you have the sunshine you could get temperatures around 14 or 15. when the showers arrive, which will be quite blustery, then it will feel quite cool. those showers continue on into wednesday evening and to some extent during wednesday night but the early hours of thursday it looks like most of the showers will be confined to western areas, some drier interludes further east. and again, another cool night to come, temperatures in low single figures for most of us. for thursday, i think it's a better looking day. a tough cooler, though, winds coming in from a west to north—west direction. most of the showers again will be in northern and western areas, again heavy with hail and thunder mixed in, best of the brightness across the south—east where we could see 14 or 15 in one or two places. now, into friday, we look to the south—west for this area of low pressure, some uncertainty as to the intensity of this area of low pressure and how far north it's going to get, but the current thinking is it looks like england and wales will of the rain and the strongest of the winds.
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scotland and northern ireland, a day again of sunshine and heavy showers. a cooler day still, temperatures of nine to maybe 12 or 13 celsius. that's the trend as we head on into the weekend. low pressure will always be nearby, so remaining quite unsettled, with outbreaks of rain, showers, some sunny spells too and notice the blue colours associated with the area of low pressure, meaning it's going to be a little bit cooler than average. hello — this is breakfast, with dan walker and naga munchetty. back in court today — the parents of seriously ill toddler alfie evans will appeal again to be allowed to take him abroad. last night a judge ruled that the family couldn't leave the country for further treatment — his parents say they won't stop fighting. we wa nt we want to go to italy. everyone is ready, alfie is ready so we will see what the three judges in the court of appeal will do for us. good morning — it's
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wednesday the 25th of april. also this morning: a "disappointing, missed opportunity" — jewish leaders sayjeremy corbyn failed to commit to concrete action at a meeting to tackle anti—semitism in the labour party.
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