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‘ the of the great friendship between the two of them that they have chosen each other to do the deed on the biggest day of their lives. johnny dymond at kensington palace. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. hi, there. i'm trying to stay optimistic but the final few days of april are going to be disappointing. this is where i would like to be right now. this is devon. a beautiful afternoon in store. there are some showers. beautiful afternoon in store. there are some showers. some of them have been quite happy. today they have been quite happy. today they have been further north and west. not quite as widespread as yesterday. sitting across scotland, northern ireland, some in the north of england. further south, the showers are lighter and furans barbecuing. temperatures will respond. make the most of it. that is potentially the last time we will see 16 degrees for a few days and through the rest of april. as we go through overnight tonight, i need to draw your attention to this area of low
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pressure that will bring some rain into the south west and wales by the end of the night. the showers further north will ease. clearer skies, a chilly start tomorrow. temperatures close to freezing in rural parts in eastern scotland. it is the cloud and rain that is the story for tomorrow. if we zoom in and look at it in more detail, you can see that actually it is not too heavy. it would be persistent. it will be bands of showery rain pushing from the south—west into wales and the midlands. and into the north of england. maybe not affecting part of cumbria and northumberland. for scotland and northern ireland, sunny spells and scattered showers. temperatures nothing to write home about. underneath the cloud and rain it will feel disappointing. a termite 9 degrees at the very best. for the start of the weekend, the weather front may hang around for a time in the south—east. then a brief lull. it is worth pointing out the winds with the light, and they will come from a northerly direction. a cold
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sores. those northerly winds will drive ina sores. those northerly winds will drive in a few showers from the north. saturday is sunny spells and scattered showers. feeling cold and grey unexposed east coast. top temperatures of between 9—13d. the wind on sunday is a north—easterly, driving in more cloud. a little more brightness and some sunshine and showers further north. highest values on sunday nothing to write home about. nine to 13 degrees. if you haven't already got the message, this is the weekend summary. we keep the april showers. cool breeze coming from the north. the potential on sunday evening from heavy, persistent rain in the. thank you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime... the prime minister says she still has confidence in the home secretary. amber rudd is facing new calls to resign, following claims that targets were set to remove illegal immigrants.
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that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a good afternoon. good afternoon, 1:30pm, you are watching bbc news, we have the very latest from the sports centre. the fa has confirmed reports in the last hour that an offer has been made to buy wembley stadium, an offer worth £800 million, respected by is shahid khan, owner of jacksonville jaguars, he also owns fulham club. it is part of plans to increase the number of nfl games to be played in london. the fa discussed the potential sale ata the fa discussed the potential sale at a board meeting, we understand that if the sale goes through, it
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would allow greater investment in grass—roots participation for football. we will have more on the story as we go through the afternoon. former liverpool and england captain steven gerrard is on the shortlist to become the new manager of rangers. how likely do you think it is that we will see steven gerrard as manager of rangers in the coming weeks? very intriguing one, obviously, rangers looking for a new manager since pedro caixinha was a new manager since pedro caixinha was sacked back in october, graham murthy has been in temporary control. steven gerrard is on a very small shortlist over in the ibrox boardroom, very keen, talks may already have taken place, he was up for the last old firm game, celtic won that 3—2. he retired in 2016, since then he has been at the
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liverpool youth academy. —— graeme murty. he is doing very well there, he wants to move into management at sometime in the future, he has made no secret of that. also the mouthwatering prospect that if he moved to rangers, he would go head—to—head with old manager brendan rodgers, who seems to be doing very well at celtic at the moment! mouthwatering prospect he is on the shortlist at rangers.” wonder if you would be a popular appointment. we will be back with you later. arsene wenger will have mesut ozil, jack wilshere and better check available for the first leg of arsenal's semifinal against atletico madrid, they all missed the 4—1win on sunday with west ham united, with minor injuries. —— petr cech. it is the final european home match in charge for arsene wenger at the arsenal, atletico madrid are second in spain, they have a very good recent record in europe so it will
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be difficult. eddie hearn has asked wbc champion deontay wilder to show us wbc champion deontay wilder to show us the money after deontay wilder claimed he had $50 million in the bag for a unification fight. the american holds the only one of the four main belt that eddie hearn's anthonyjoshua does four main belt that eddie hearn's anthony joshua does not four main belt that eddie hearn's anthonyjoshua does not in the heavyweight division and there is a meeting with both camps tomorrow to see if a deal can be forged. we will learn more about the 2019 cricket world cup to be held in england later when the schedule is announced at lord's. then henry moran has more details. the tournament starts one you from now, the fixtures have not been confirmed. tournament opener, england against south africa. india against pakistan, taking place at old trafford. england australia, and then the final on july 1a. old trafford. england australia, and then the final onjuly 1a. one bit of news we are expecting to be confirmed, the olympic stadium will not be used as one of the venues for the tournament, a lot of thought
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that perhaps it would be one of the grounds that would be used, as something different for the tournament, but because of the cost, particularly installing a drop in pitch with the likes of undersoil heating, obviously the ground ran merrily used for west ham united's football matches in the premier league, deemed that the cost was too high tojustify league, deemed that the cost was too high to justify using it as a venue for the world cup. that is all the sport for now, you can find out more on all those stories on the bbc website. you can follow the potential sale of wembley stadium, the potential sale for £800 million, we arejust the potential sale for £800 million, we are just getting in information as we are just getting in information as it happens. we will take a look at something quite remarkable happening tomorrow. kim jong—un will become the first north korean leader to cross the military demarcation line with south korea.
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he'll take the step at the start of friday's historic summit with the south korean president moon jae—in. mr kim will inspect a south korean honour guard and the two men will plant a tree. laura bicker reports from seoul. huddled on the south korean shoreline, a group of activists are trying to send a message to north korea. they funnel enough rice into the bottles to feed them for a week. the other contents, such as ointments and usb sticks are just as important as the food, she says. they put k—pop music and south korean soap operas on the usb sticks. many are defectors themselves and hope to encourage more to leave or rise up against the regime. translation: the people who get these will feel like they are grabbing a lifeline from the water. translation: when i was in north korea, i remember how desperate i was to grab anything i could, it brings me joy when i think about how happy they will be. they wait for the currents
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to bejust right, then the throwing can begin. let's save a life, is the cry, as the bottles splashdown. they fear politicians at the centre of the upcoming summit have forgotten about the people of north korea. and yet here, at the heavily fortified border between the two countries, a lot will depend upon the south korean president whose family fled the north and a north korean leader who was chosen. soldiers come face—to—face every day but their leaders have not met in over a decade. when they do, is kim jong—un really prepared to give up his nuclear weapons, and what might he want in return. at the weekend, pyongyang declared it would not be testing any more nuclear weapons or intercontinental
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ballistic missiles. so is this a good sign ahead of the talks? everybody has their own motivations to make this work. as long as trump and moon an kim jong—un can spin this so it will look good to their own peoples, then i think we will see something significant coming out of this. as little packages of aid make their way north, there are high expectations in the south, but after decades of tension, for now at least, peace is on the horizon. authorities in california believe they have identified the so—called golden state killer, thought to be responsible for at least 50 rapes and 12 murders in the 1970s and 80s. the man they've arrested is a former police officer, joseph deangelo. james cook has this report. the man police say terrorise
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california while serving as an officer of the law himself, joseph james deangelo. after decades of frustration for detectives they found the suspect under their noses in this quiet suburb of the state capital. for over 40 years, countless victims have waited forjustice. over these years, hundreds of individuals have sought justice for these victims and their families. voiceover: the rapist moved into contra costa county in october, striking three times injust over three weeks. more than 175 crimes in the 70s and 80s have been linked to the golden state killer, including 12 murders and 51 rapes. ..she was awakened while being blindfolded,
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she never saw her assailant. the crime spree started in sacramento before spreading to the san francisco area and then central and southern california. it took years before investigators could confirm that the crimes were linked. advances in science eventually led detectives to the former police officer, now 72 years old and the father of grown—up children. his arrest apparently came as a complete surprise. over the last few days, as information started to point towards this individual, we started some surveillance, we were able to get discarded dna, we were able to confirm what we thought we already knew. we had our man. for the families of victims, although the pain endures, there is now some satisfaction. to the entire reservoir of victims out there, my sadness is with you. for the 51 ladies who were brutally raped, sleep better tonight, he's not coming through the window. prosecutors are beginning to file charges againstjoseph deangelo, and if convicted, he could face the death penalty. here, more than a0 companies have
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signed up to what's been described as a "world—leading initiative" to cut plastic pollution in britain. they've announced a number of targets , including a promise to make all plastic packaging suitable for reuse, recycling or composting by 2025. the waste reduction charity, wrap, says the businesses involved are responsible for more than 80 % of the plastic packaging on products sold in british supermarkets. earlier, peter skelton who is leading the "plastics pact" initiative at wrap, and steven izerrman, who runs a plastic—free project at a dutch supermarket, discussed how the initiative would work. they were talking to victoria derbyshire.
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all the plastic bottles we use in our homes are recyclable, let's try to recycle our homes are recyclable, let's try to re cycle a our homes are recyclable, let's try to recycle a few more bottles every week, each household, that sort of step will help deliver the targets. 0k, step will help deliver the targets. ok, so you told us the recycling rate is 45% at the moment, is that right, is that right? for plastics, yeah. that is bad. it needs to be much better, this is recycling plastics from household, from on the go, from businesses, restaurants, and this is very ambitious, covering all plastics, notjust plastics in the home. what has been really good is the strength of support from the government, from leading businesses, it means we have a great collaboration, that means we can try to hit the targets in seven years. why the motivation now, is it down to david attenborough?” why the motivation now, is it down to david attenborough? i think, the pressure, the focus being put on by david attenborough, blue planet, by
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the ngos, by consumers, actually, that has helped the momentum behind this, we have been working on this for six months or four, with the ellen macarthur foundation because the uk pact is the first of a planned network of pacts going globally. 0k, and we compare to other european countries? we need to get much better, we are very good at recycling plastic bottles but we need to get better at recycling some of the other things. what we don't haveis of the other things. what we don't have is a big reliance on energy from waste. this gives us the advantage that we can make the plastic into a second and other products and recycle it and reuse it asa products and recycle it and reuse it as a valuable resource, keeping it in the economy and out of the environment, that is at the heart of the pact. we will be leading away if we transform the system as we hope to under the pact. we will get reaction to the pact, from stephen eisenman, he runs the plastic free i'll project, at the echo plaza, a
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supermarket in amsterdam. what is happening here, a0 company saying that they will get rid of plastics that they will get rid of plastics that cannot be recycled. and use more plastic that can be recycled.” heard the news today, it is a great development but what is even greater is that not only they talk about recycle, plastics, but also compostable plastics, we have a huge problem, the solution is not only one way, you how to find a lot of different solutions and find one of them for the future. it is good a lot of companies are also starting to talk about this aspect. it can be a lot better, better quality. that debate about plastics and the attempt to reduce it, more on that later in the afternoon. the home secretary amber rudd
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is under renewed pressure after admitting her office did have immigration removal targets. violent crime increased by 21% in england and wales last year, knife crime increased by nearly a quarter. as we were saying, more than a0 companies have signed up to a pact to cut plastic pollution over the next seven years. tsb boss paul pester has told the bbc the bank is "on our knees" after six days of computer chaos. they have now called in experts from ibm to help fix the banking system breakdown. problems began six days ago when tsb attempted to move customer accounts to a new computer systems. barclays bank has reported a loss for the first three months of the year — they paid £1.a billion to settle a lawsuit in the us over the sale
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of mortgage—backed securities. and also put aside an additional £a00 million to cover an increase in payment protection insurance mis—selling claims. it means they reported a pre—tax loss of £236 million, down from the £1.7 billion it made in the same period last year. more than a0 companies have signed up to a deal to cut plastic pollution over the next seven years. the firms, which include coca—cola and asda, have promised to honour a number of pledges including the removal of single—use packaging. those that have signed up are responsible for more than 80% of plastic packaging on products sold through uk supermarkets. the high street turmoil continues as carpetright meets with creditors today to try and restructure its property portfolio. the company has over a00 stores but under a cva or company voluntary arrangement to try and save the business they want to close more than 90 and renegotiate rents
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on more than 100. joining me now is matt piner, a retail analyst at consumerstat briefly tell us what has gone wrong at carpetright, why are they in this position? i think we can divide it into two categories, external pressures , into two categories, external pressures, people have less money at the moment, and crucially, they moving house less often and when people don't move house as often they are not replacing that flooring, that carpet, and that is a massive part of carpetright‘s business. and there are secondly some things that carpetright could have done differently. they have an old school portfolio, some of those shops are no longer as inspiring as they used to be, so they come under pressure there as well. lots of big high street names announcing cbas to try to save their business, new look, toys are asked, did not work
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for toys are asked, is there a feeling that this could work for carpetright? —— —— new look. —— toys r us. the big difference is that carpetright still does have a place, they may be shopping more online by people do prefer to go to stores to buy carpet, they want to see product, carpetright is the big specialist in the uk. they may not be space for a business that has been quite as big as it has been in the past, but i think there is still an opportunity there if they can reshape the business and improve it and get it right. shareholders will vote on whether to accept the cbi on monday, what is the feeling about how the vote will go, that i have any other options? —— cva. how the vote will go, that i have any other options? -- (va. the only sensible thing is to get on board with this, because the business is under pressure, it needs to change, it cannot afford obligations it has had, and it needs to raise more money. shareholders and investors
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and the landlords are between a rock and the landlords are between a rock and a hard place, they need the business to survive, obviously, and this is the only way the they can do that and have a chance of coming back. these negotiations happening today, it is a lot of carpetright trying to bring some leases to an end, reduce rents on other properties. that is going to have a knock—on impact on landlords, what position are they in? again, it comes down to putting themselves in a position where if carpetright is not there at all or if it goes out of business they suddenly have empty stores, no good to anyone, then they are not getting rent at all, so they will have to take a hit, they will not like that, they will have negotiations to minimise that. ultimately, they realise they need to work together and collaborate, so that at least they do have some money coming from those stores. thank you forjoining us.
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in other business news, it's a new chapter for waterstones as the book chain has been bought by activist investment firm elliott advisors for an undisclosed amount. but one of the main characters james daunt will stay in place as the chain's chief executive. the name elliot may sound familiar, they bought a 6% stake in whitbread recently saying they wanted the company to split its coffee chain costa, from its premier inn hotel business this week whitbread announced plans to do just that. deutsche bank will make "significant" job cuts as it scales back its corporate and investment banking operations. germany's biggest lender said the cuts will mainly fall in us and asia. the bank reported a sharp drop in first—quarter corporate and investment bank revenues. a european court has ruled that lionel messi, the world's top earning footballer, can trademark his own name. the barcelona and argentina striker has fought for seven years to use his name on sports goods. his original application was challenged by the spanish cycling brand, massi, which argued that the names were too similar. but the eu's general court ruled that the footballer was too well known for confusion to arise.
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a quick look at the markets. we have been hearing from the european central bank, the ecb, speaking with them, no change in interest rates, help them where they are. investors will be listening to see if there is any hint as to when they will wind up any hint as to when they will wind up the stimulus they have been providing. barclays share price is down, disappointing results. results disappointing but not a disaster, a lot of the losses due to one of find, mis—selling payments. domino's pizza had a strong quarter due to the timing of easter, many analysts saying the world cup could benefit them. this week the bbc is looking at stories about ways that people connect in an increasingly polarised world, crossing divides.
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our chief international correspondent, lyse doucet, has travelled to regent park in the city of toronto, a neighbourhood with a long history of absorbing new immigrants to canada. imagining a different future, one of many art spaces designed to bring people together. leo, a retired businessman, recently moved in. ten yea rs businessman, recently moved in. ten years ago, i would never have imagined living here, this was a dangerous area, but now, i look around, it is so changed. it is really going to keep me busy for the next ten, 20 years. old buildings torn down, new ones going up. it may sound like gentrification but here, nobody is being pushed out by people who can pay more to live here. the work of rebuilding this community is not over, but already, people from more than 100 countries have come here to ask, what makes this work?
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does it have something to do with the character of this community? is this a model which could go elsewhere? the model built on a partnership, the toronto housing association, and a private developer. so it is possible to do good and make money? absolutely, we doing that every day. he takes me on a tour. so here, you have people from different backgrounds living here, different incomes... altogether, in the same street. yes, all together, in the same street. this is market housing, social housing is down the street will stop thatis housing is down the street will stop that is a success then, a great success. a shout out to canada's leader. this yoga class, a snapshot ofa leader. this yoga class, a snapshot of a diverse society, half the people who live in toronto were born in another country. success is not just about living side by side. the
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design might enable citizens of regents park, the people who live there, but it is up to the region to pa rt there, but it is up to the region to part individuals to take that, the power of the design, and make it vibrant. this lady raised three children in regent part when it was a different place, now she tries to connect people across the financial divide. hayek, i am your neighbour, when did you move in, what do you do. —— hi. what do you do to the community, how do you give back to the community, it is living here, it is delicious! the generation growing up is delicious! the generation growing up here confronts the same challenges as kids anywhere. but when there is a greater sense you are on the same side, there may be a greater shot at success. the weather prospects.
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some sunshine to be found today if you have got it lucky old you and get out and enjoy it, the weekend looks a little more disappointing, looks a little more disappointing, look at devon, just an hour or so am showers around, most of those today across scotland, northern ireland and filtering into the far north of england. one or two further south, in comparison to yesterday, it is quieter, that is where the best of the sunshine will be and that is where we will see the rest of the temperatures. —— best of the temperatures. —— best of the temperatures. this little fellow here is going to bring issues through tomorrow, it will bring a change in fortunes, with wet weather heading towards england and wales, overnight tonight, it arrives, preventing temperatures from falling too low with all the cloud around
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but further north, chilly old start into scotland, showers in the far north, elsewhere, temperatures close to freezing. at least you will see some sunshine in scotland, far north of england and northern ireland, as we go through the day, looking in more detail, you can see that rather than being heavy rain, it is fairly persistent, shower bands moving up from the south—west, into the midlands, into the north of england by the end of the day. northumberland, close to cumbria will stay dry, anywhere north, it will stay dry, anywhere north, it will continue, still the risk of a few sharp showers. highest values, disappointing tomorrow, particularly in the cloud and rain, looking at eight or9 in the cloud and rain, looking at eight or 9 degrees. into the weekend we could start off with some cloudy drizzly damp weather in the south—east to begin with but then things will quieten down. wind direction coming from the north, never a warm source, direction coming from the north, never a warm source, that will hamperthe never a warm source, that will hamper the feel of things i suspect into the weekend. some sunshine
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through scotland, northern england, northern ireland, a little more cloud further south, and that northerly breeze driving a few showers down from the north, look at the temperatures, nine to 13 degrees. weigh down on where they should be for the end of april. not much change either into sunday, wind directions winds round to the north sea, through the north—east, parts of the yorkshire coast down into east anglia could be grey and cool and quite drab. further west, east anglia could be grey and cool and quite drab. furtherwest, better chance of seeing any sunshine. by the end of the day, potential for more significant rain to push up into the south—east a little later on. to summarise the weekend, generally speaking, sunshine and showers, cool breeze coming from the north, later on, sunday afternoon into sunday evening, heavy rain to the south—east. hello, you're watching afternoon live.
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i'm simon mccoy. today at 2.00pm. a new target, which the home secretary does know about. pressure mounts on amber rudd over the windrush scandal. i have never agreed that there should be specific removal targets and i would never support a policy that puts targets the head of people. that gives you no confidence, because they start saying, there aren't targets, then they say that they are fully charge of the situation, then go on to say that they don't know what is going on. violent crime rose by more than 20% in england and wales last year. after 20 years of decline, burglaries and car crime are on the increase. more than a0 companies have signed up to a pact to cut plastic pollution over the next seven years. a new pitch for wembley. it's thought fulham owner shahid khan is offering £800 million for the stadium. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport.


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