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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 26, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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whether she has an unfair advantage. it isa whether she has an unfair advantage. it is a controversy which the world of athletics has been grappling with ever since she emerged as a global champion in 2009. rules to limit the amount of natural testosterone in female athletes which work to won —— which were suspended in 2015 have been reintroduced, but now focus on specific events like ba handed and 1500 metres, and those who produce elevated levels will be given the option of extra medication to help them compete —— events like the 800 and 1500 metres for top the other options arejust which and 1500 metres for top the other options are just which and to face man. “— options are just which and to face man. —— to face man. testosterone gives many benefits which athletes benefit from and the odd men being made from the iaaf is that there is an unfair advantage as a result of these elevated testosterone levels which challenges the noble boundary between men and
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women “— the noble boundary between men and women —— and the argument being made. caster semenya has responded, typically defiant, she said this on twitter. meanwhile the governing anc party in south africa has accused the sport was much authorities of targeting caster semenya and infringing her human rights —— the sport's authorities. any sports person at the top of their game has some sort of feature that makes them good, michael phelps as flexible ankles and no one is telling him to take edit —— take medication. and no one is telling him to take edit -- take medication. this is a good thing, it puts the athletes on the same level. she was declared a female when she was born so why do she have to take anything which will lower her testosterone levels? the
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iaaf say their motive is only to create a level playing field but she will be surprised if more buts lay ahead. —— if you will be surprised. it's day six of snooker‘s world championship at the crucible — barry hawkins, judd trump and mark allen among the big names in action — the evening session is just a few minutes away — so lets get a round up from hazel irvine and the team. another terrific afternoon of stoker at the world championships —— snooker. mark allen has played some good snooker, leading againstjoe perry. that has been a cracking match, heavy duty is going, both players in form, and if you make a mistake you go back to your chair and the frame is gone. there is a long way to go. joe perry, can he get back into this? he is playing well enough, and the key points are how well mark allen is timing the
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ball and how much more spin both players are getting since the table was red cloth last night, that has made a massive difference. —— red cloth. it has added an interesting dynamic. thrilling first-round match today, ryan day losing. you never know what you will get on the east of the table and if you can just stick it out, you never know, sometimes the gate —— game can turn around. he was being outplayed by ryan but he stuck around, and he basically took his chances. even though he wasn't playing well, he has managed to get a result. credit to anthony mcgill. judd trump inactions night, no problem for him tonight? —— in action tonight.
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inactions night, no problem for him tonight? -- in action tonight. he missed plenty of balls in his previous game but he has a good re cord previous game but he has a good record against chris and i think thatjudd record against chris and i think that judd trump will come through. thanks. all of the matches are available through the red button. here's a quick look at some of the other sports stories making the headlines today. jin daxing is the leader of china open after the first round — he's the world number 1,a26. and has only made the cut of a european tour event once before. england's matt wallace is tied for second, one shot back. rafael nadal came through an all spanish tie in the last 16 at the barcelona 0pen — beating guillamo garcia—lopez in straight sets. nadal is eyeing an 11th title in the spanish capital. and sir ben ainslie has changed tack in his bid to win the america's cup, sailing's oldest prize. he'll be backed by britain's largest
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privately—owned company, ineos, who're financing a £110 million challenge in 2021. ainslie will skipper the boat, with another olympic champion, giles scott, as the team's tactician. and finally, thailand's first ever elderly games has produced some new old stars. 98—year—old sawang janpram won the javelin, discus and 100 metres as he and his compatriots tried to show age is just a number. some of the sprints were a little more sedate, but the more sprightly, in the younger categories, showed the hurdles were no barrier to taking part in sport whatever your age. some pretty strong technical display! that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. arsenal with their europa league semifinal later on. keep up—to—date on the website. goodbye. today has been the typical april mix
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of sunshine and scattered showers, and there have been some blue skies, we have had a lot of cumulus cloud pictures like this one from warwickshire, but the recent radar pictures shows most of the heavy showers have been over northern ireland and into scotland, further south, a few heavy ones, and a rumble of thunder, but not as heavy as the showers we saw on wednesday. most of the showers fade away, some continuing through the northern scotland, but look at the south—west, this is the next system pushing rain into wales and the south west, by first thing friday morning. quite a cold start and frosty in some places like scotland and northern ireland, but further south, the area of low pressure will dominate the weather forecast through friday as it works its way
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further north and east through much of england and wales. a north south split, and the brain works through —— the brain works through heavy at times. you could see where the rain will be falling, towards the midlands and towards hull, and it will be drier for a time towards hull, and it will be drier fora time in towards hull, and it will be drier for a time in the south—east but the rain will progress further east as we head through the day. scotland and northern ireland having a dry day, and the far north of england, with sunshine and scattered showers, less breezy, but temperatures are going to struggle, so many not getting above 8—9 especially when you are stuck under the cloud for the outbreaks of rain. it is looking like a mixed bag. sunshine and showers, but also persistent rain arriving in the south—east, and quite a cool breeze, coming from the eastern redirection. showers under the area cloud, cold north west
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breeze. further west it will be a bit brighter with sunshine and scattered showers, but it will feel rather cool for the time of year. sunday, similar, cloudy, a call to w011 “— sunday, similar, cloudy, a call to w011 —— a sunday, similar, cloudy, a call to won —— a cool breeze. if you showers, temperatures will struggle, getting into double figures, and later on sunday we have more persistent rain arriving in the south—east and all down to this area of approaching low pressure. keep watching the latest forecast. you're watching beyond one hundred days. it's official, donald trump will travel to the uk injuly. he'll hold talks with theresa may in london on what's been described by the white house as "a working visit." it remains to be seen whether this visit, on friday 13th, will be a triumph for the special relationship orfor the anti—trump protestors? bill cosby is found guilty of sexual assault
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in a retrial of charges brought against him in 200a. also on the programme: north meets south — tomorrow the historic meeting between the two koreas, the first time a north korean leader has stepped across the line since the korean war. the princely price of parenthood — with a newborn and his best man duties looming, you can hardly blame him?
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