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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  April 29, 2018 7:00am-8:02am BST

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of what with katherine downes and ben thompson. good morning. was underneath of the uk's largest supermarkets. the surface. could lead to the biggest shake—up of the grocery market in decades. good of the uk's biggest supermarkets. morning, it's sunday another monopoly in a market already dominated by a few big players. 29th april. released tomorrow morning. also this morning... with foreign experts invited to ensure the world to transparency. watch. and grace in seeing people underwater. you are seeing the landscape for for assurances about citizenship to be written into time zone to match a totally different reason. law. the south. of mount with north korean leader kim jong—un within snowdon or a month. whatever. have seen
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if they did not before. work out. i — yeah, there is still so much to discover. of north korea — de—nuke! de—nuke! about their citizenship to be written into law. this not been settled. is breakfast. speak in the commons on monday. uk's biggest supermarkets that has proposed. before last year's general proposed. election. shake—up for the uk retail industry which tweeted supportive messages for in the decades. labour. good morning. it is sunday the 29th of april. concerning".
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sunday the 29th of april. to close north korea's nuclear test site next month. site next month. he has invited the world to watch. world to watch. who died pressure on the government over yesterday. the windrush generation. windrush generation. mps call for assurances about citizenship to be written into law. citizenship to be written into law. support was withdrawn. hit in the next level in in liverpool's alder hey hospital since december the gaming industry. industry. 2016. to bangladesh to visit refugee camps in cox's bazaar. beat newcastle to keep their slim hopes alive. hopes alive. and matt has the weather for us this morning. and matt has the weatherfor us this morning. weatherfor us this morning. in neighbouring through parts of eastern england and myanmar. into tomorrow. into tomorrow. sunshine like yesterday in the north and west. forecast 15 minutes. good the centre of what the un has described as ethnic cleansing. morning. 00. first, our main story. story.
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it is just after half past seven and richard is here with the sport. richard is here with the sport. proposed merger for a two of the uk's biggest supermarkets. uk's biggest supermarkets. teams relegated from the premier league but they are all clinging on. league but they are all clinging on. market already dominated by a few big players. big players. with the big format becomes the big three which is now the key question. three which is now the key question. getting extremely interesting at the bottom, —— stole drew. bottom, —— stole drew. important, meaning customers can shop around. shop around. matches included those of the top of the table as well. the table as well. man city play west ham. west ham. and asked to come together as separate brands but one company? separate brands but one company? but yesterday was all about the battle at the bottom. alex gulrajani reports. the fight goes on for another week. together, but could it be too little, are now other players, the discounters aldi too late? and lidl. well, they won't go down discounters aldi and lidl. amazon also has a growing presence. without trying. also has a matthew phillips sealed all three points for the baggies at newcastle. growing presence. one game at already recognised in other competition and markets authority. competition and markets authority. a time. we've all played a part in getting that result today.
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30%, they have grown organically we've all earnt a good result today and everybody and bought other stores. can share in it. and they weren't the only big winners bought other stores. on the bottom of the table. win over south coast the sainsbury‘s for some people to pick from. neighbours bournemouth. pick from. commentator: here's dusan tadic! but some staff could be out of a job. tadic, great finish! and dusan tadic has scored again! out of a job. investigation should start immediately. immediately. consecutive seasons in the top flight. their best chance away at liverpool fell to ryan shawcross. a draw the best they could do. survival for now still a possibility. could be a huge deal could be put forward as early as tomorrow. forward as early as tomorrow. in the fight and i'll take a fight with anything and so will the lads. month, with foreign experts invited to ensure we'll be ready transparency. to ensure transparency. next saturday. distance between them and the bottom three. change the country's time zone of the table.
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to match the south. match the south. couldn't fight back. we spoke to her correspondence in seoul earlier. correspondence in seoul tom carroll! earlier. oh, just wide! oh, it's a nerve—jangling spring for swansea city supporters. cautious optimism is used on this peninsular a crystal palace fans will sleep lot. peninsular a a lot easier, though. lot. down to the wire. the dismantling of this nuclear alex gulrajani, bbc news. test site. —— he is going to allow. that is the good news. themselves a place in the europa is the good news. league next season. he allows the media and expects to see. see. sites that he has across north korea? korea? in the day's other game. what other steps is he willing to take? willing to take? with a win over rangers in the old firm nuclear arsenal is he willing to derby. dismantle? dismantle? forward, there are several steps still to go. there to keep alive their hopes of snatching second still to go. spot. there were also wins seoul they are welcoming and all talking about is the time change. for hamilton and motherwell. talking about is the time change.
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the time in north korea, half knocked out the 5—time champion an hour behind the cat back ronnie o'sullivan. south. hour behind the cat back south. change quickly escalated into a bit of handbags. have a listen to this. president minh, and has broke his heart to thank you very see the two time zones. much. heart to see the two time zones. —— president very nice of you. stop being angry moon. president moon. at me. let's look at this first see what alright fellas. just play on, yeah? we can do about one korea. i'm cool. cool as a cucumber. can do about one korea. labour before last year's general election. election. meetings between the pair. and he enjoyed it too. internet bots tweeting supportive messages for labour. messages for labour. secretary has described as in the sport. extremely concerning. concerning. i happen to be that figure in the snooker. generation about their citizenship rights to be written into law. you know, i didn't ask for rights to be written into law. that, you know, to that situation.
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compensation, housing and legal rights have not been settled. rights have not been settled. with it themselves, secretary amber rudd will speak in you know? the commons on monday. myself and i'll continue the commons on monday. peter, what more can amber rudd do? to enjoy myself, you more can amber rudd do? know? already apologised five times in 11 days. days. will we hear another one tomorrow, do you think? tomorrow, do i don't know about that, it didn't look like fun. you think? look like fun. you see that a bit in other sports but not around snooker! other sports but not around snooker! has never seen that in a0 years of commentating the sport. over 200 mps, mostly labour but also liberal democrat and green as well. liberal democrat and commentating the sport. it is the verbal as well. green as well. mind games! that the compensation scheme that has been announced. games! clearly, they do not get on, to say the least! has been announced. how much money will be available? will be available? who exactly will be entitled to it? be entitled to it? cup next season. get the citizenship they have always had, really? —— how quickly winning the game a3—20. can members. that result pretty much ends gloucester‘s play—off hopes. members. government picking up policy on the hoof. hoof. we want these measures to be enshrined win over harlequins. in law. enshrined in law.
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in the pro1a, edinburgh beat glasgow 2a—19 at murrayfield. the visitors took the lead through their record—try scorer dth. van der merwe, who scored twice on his 100th appearance. duhan, got the whether or not amber rudd broke the ministerial code. —— shadow home secretary. third. secretary. aware of a leaked memo calling for details targets for deportation. details targets for deportation. at the azerbaijan grand prix. finished just clear of his rival at the baku street commons tomorrow with more serious questions to ask. circuit. questions to ask. for pole before making a mistake on the final corner of his lap. races this season. will also have some serious questions to answer. questions to answer. after this programme, substituent for that. for that. in a row at sandown park. battle over his care, who died yesterday. —— alfie but has now won the title every year since 2016. evans. he could only manage second place on the final day of the season. of his highlights of
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23—month—old who died just a week after support was withdrawn. after support was withdrawn. the season. been treated in liverpool since 2016. 2016. event in bangladesh to visit refugee camps glasgow. in coxes bazaar. coxes bazaar. thousands of rohingya muslims fleeing violence. fleeing violence. ireland's sam's barry on monday, they will meet the country's we today. don't. will meet the country's we don't. —— home to thousands of random muslims. home to thousands hockey for the first time of random muslims. in 25 years. survival of an endangered animal found in a small part of australia. found in a small part of australia. promotion and a gold medal. population of animals in the remote south—west area of tasmania. south—west area of tasmania. part of the sport's elite. help save future generations of the marsupial. look at that face! that how do they keep them separate? how do they very well done to them.
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keep them separate? do you help a healthy population from mixing with the unhealthy? a slightly more light—hearted look at yesterday's football. from mixing with the unhealthy? two different parts of the country. different parts of the country. i will leave it to the experts. dress for theirfinal away game of it is the season. in the past, and yesterday, the theme was clowns. b. you are watching breakfast. have a look. match at tranmere. to look into it was a guardian reporter who joins us now. to look into it was a guardian reporter whojoins us now. good morning. look away if you do not like clowns. goodness morning. me! this story very closely of course, investigating this. investigating this. stepping in buckets and water pistols and the whole lot. pistols and the whole lot. can you give is a taste of some of the stories involved? the stories involved? intimidating but i actually find those little more scary. those little more scary. they are, aren't been speaking to the people at the centre they? of it. centre of it. it is all in good spirits. guardian looking into it isn't exactly... i prefer the smurfs or all bloggers. prefer the this last november. smurfs or november. all bloggers. —— oompa loompas.
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that ice hockey story is fantastic. story is fantastic. to yarl‘s wood, which is a notorious immigration detention centre. like to win right at the death of the match? immigration detention centre. the match? games, the last minute, the netball twice... to meet all that wilson, who by twice... that point had been released from mac. point had been released from mac. —— police from yarl‘s wood. canada and russia, fantastic achievement. police from yarl‘s wood. something about their funding? funding? they had a real battle on their hands, british ice hockey. their hands, british ice hockey. they have, so they have done superbly well. the house of commons for a while, serving food to mps. serving food to mps. superbly well. hopefully we will see more of it on our screens. more of it on our screens. richard, thank you. thank you. staying on the scene but now to computer games. gaming is big business. of celebrities, and it's even been tipped as a new olympic sport. youngest professional form formally naturalising and giving her a british passport. gamers. giving her a british that he could start earning serious passport. money. joe lynam went to meet him. first approached the home office with some of those stories. with some of those stories.
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the response when you first got in touch with them? touch with them? became obvious there were other people in the same situation as her. people in the same situation as her. —— paulette. it is potentially lucrative future career. career. and lost theirjobs, unable to travel home to jamaica are barbados. travel home to jamaica with a team of professional gamers, so how did he start? are barbados. so how did he some terrible and upsetting start? stories. asking what had happened, asking for home office comment. home office comment. home office comment was professional level if i kept playing at the level i am. am. professional level if i kept playing at the level i am. fairly standard. gaming is no joke. standard. it is big business. of people pay to watch the experts playing around the world. playing around the world. there are even celebrities.
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even celebrities. refused benefits and been told he cannot work. cannot work. —— because you have been refused benefits. been refused benefits. right now, it is a whole industry that is wrapping up. -- esports scene. who came to this country to help as rebuild britain scene. in the game you need materials to after the war. rebuild britain after the war. build. materials to build. him to do things many boys dream of, play games and make money. play games and make understanding from the home office that this was a wider problem. money. that this was a wider problem. how long he actually has the practice to do that. practice to do that. discussing quite how addictive games like that can be. like that can be. handful of cases we had raised at they are good for social skills and also hand eye co—ordination. the guardian. the guardian. also hand eye co—ordination. acknowledging that it is a much bigger problem. bigger problem. the home secretary has been. and if you are a parent you will know that chaos. to apologise on several occasions. meltdowns. you're watching breakfast from bbc news. occasions. enough for the people you have spoken to?
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spoken to? between asda and sainsbury‘s. test site next month. that it deserves, and that should have had a long time ago. foreign experts will be present to have had a long ensure transparency. here's matt with time ago. a look at this morning's weather. announced by the home secretary over the past fortnight will be welcomed. the past fortnight will be welcomed. immigration status to full season ship without having to pay fees. ship without having to pay fees. it's not great to begin with, but getting better. that is all very welcome, as is the setting of a hotline. setting of a hotline. still to be hardened out, particularly around compensation. particularly around compensation. of the country, a little bit of sunshine here and there. most are dry. dry. a few showers across parts of scotland and northern england. ago, she was asking how is the compensation going to be calculated? compensation going to be calculated? scotland and northern england. there'll be one of two more through the day. around £70,000 or £80,000 the day. you're more likely of lost earnings. earnings. to see some
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sunshine. some sunshine. it read with yesterday, it is a dry day. yesterday, it is a dry day. rain will her mother who had retired back return. to jamaica? jamaica? will return. temperatures today down from what they should be. can you put a figure from what they should be. 13 degrees in the sunshine. for compensation on that? compensation on that? in the sunshine. when the home secretary makes a statement in tonight into tomorrow, watch the things the commons. to take a drastic turn. statement in the commons. reporter who broke this story in the newspaper. things to take a drastic turn. these will be hit by persistent rain. after extensive investigations. investigations. will be hit here's matt with a look at this morning's weather. look at this morning's weather. by persistent rain. much longer do we have whole system develops through this evening to wait for someone whether? in overnight. —— somewhat warmer weather? evening in overnight. the channel islands turned wetter and windy. islands turned wetter and windy. most places will be dry, clear a big improvement over the next skies. the odd patch few days. days. of frost.
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cloud, sunshine the best areas throughout tomorrow, let's concentrate on that rain area. concentrate on across the north. that rain north. many northern and western areas, another largely dry day. areas, another area. largely dry channel islands, wins gusting. heavy persistent day. rain. anglia and the south—east, drier for a competitor yesterday. mainly rain a competitor yesterday. you may see the sky is bright and round again. the sky is bright and round again. though. but fairly cloudy overall. 50 millimetres of rain in total. the channel islands into the evening. just notice, the midlands evening. through the day. the day. scotland, a lovely day with some sunny spells. sunny spells. for five degrees in the midlands. across central and eastern parts of to see england. england. some rain. pushes out into the north sheed, allowing sunnier skies. around, causing some debris and very destructive as well. destructive as allowing sunnier skies. well. temperatures to take a little bit of a boost. to take a little bit of a boost. certain, it will be there for a good 2a hours. wind strengthening as well.
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well. me show you the whether trend for the likes of sheffield. touch of frost and to tomorrow morning. the likes of sheffield. temperatures gradually on the morning. but tomorrow, these errors will have a dry and bright day. rise. up into the will have a dry and bright day. teens. that is how it is looking. we'll be back at with the wet weather mostly confined to the south—east corner. eight o'clock with the to the latest news. south—east corner. morning rush—hour, winds up to 60 mph, particularly around the coast. mph, particularly around the and this week the team are in iceland. coast. rain could turn to sleet or snow over the higher ground. over the higher ground. westwards across parts of the midlands. midlands. we could see as much as 50 millimetres of rain. millimetres of rain. off a bit through some parts of east anglia. anglia. with sunny spells, the best of which is in scotland and northern ireland. is in scotland and northern ireland. here, going through monday night and had i've ever been. to one, some clear skies. it is ice had to one, some clear
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cold. skies. and boiling hot. when will we are aware, sunshine, for tuesday afternoon. now, that for tuesday afternoon. substantially warmer than it has done in does come recent days. done in recent days. with advantages. particularly hot, but temperatures back into double figures. back into double figures. in the west summer in developing. west summer in developing. means it has access to very winds dominating the rest of cheap geothermal electricity. and all this coming week. coming week. that cold day on monday, but temperatures gradually on the rise. air? that can be used as a free cooling that's welcome news. system. so cheap electricity and cold air. in short, the perfect place to put a load of computers. like manchester will dodge the ring which makes me happy, for a change! which makes me happy, oh for a change! good wow. morning. every single one of these is a home computer. that's all critical condition in hospital it in salisbury. is. salisbury. released, but her father is still receiving treatment. that is a desktop computer.
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receiving treatment. and there are thousands of them. these computers are working to report a fall in takings of as much as 70%. flat out. simonjones has more. business, but the police cordons remain. remain. in a matter of minutes. a reminder of what happened here he ate weeks ago. here he ate weeks ago. noise, this heat, and this power? well, they are creating or mining cryptocurrency. poisoned on a park bench, some takings have been down by 70%. takings have been down by 70%. in the coming years. wildly in their exchange shark and everybody has found that difficult. rates. the more mining difficult. we've actually come together and supported each other. together and supported computers you own, each other. the more money you make. this month, compared with the same period last year. period last year. like this one popping up all around the world.
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is safe will finally start to get through. you use at the start all. of a to try to make a quick crypto buck. pub crawl. here's dan simmons. it's a crime that's fast becoming the hackers' favourite. and the people back to the city, but some want reassurance. want reassurance. impact often it's a scary world at the goes unseen. moment. this house looks like your computer after it's been expect it in hijacked. salisbury, definitely not. hopefully it will pick up. a little bit concerned about the children. children. we walk through the town centre every day, but not unduly. but inside resources have been ransacked. centre every day, but not unduly. no concerns whatsoever. concerns whatsoever. decontamination project is beginning show only deliberately slowly. show only deliberately slowly. for the this shop they hope some good can come from the traumatic events. criminals.
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come, and we could see this as a turning point. turning point. fear a return to normality could be a long way off. a government website, can it have a a long way off. virus on it? was running one at nine o'clock, what have you got on the show today? got on the show today? a cryptominer. for the hackers. andrew wynn who is running the labourcampaign. andrew wynn who is running the labour campaign. labour campaign. and they had included the cryptominer in that. had been compromised. amber rudd's future is hanging by a thread. for the bad guys. lots to talk you can configure a cryptominer in how much power it will use. about. played the key character in the bridge. a busy, busy programme. it is not responsive, a packed programme. it hangs.
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that's bbc one at nine o'clock. you are watching brea kfast. you are watching to 60% of the power of the device. breakfast. breakfast. so it will use a lot of it. it is time for a look at the sunday papers. the sunday papers. paul horrocks is and it with us. paul, a lodge to was running. get through. the ico told us no personal data was compromised. through. the papers can decide on what their leaders today. leaders and their systems patched. today. they are also exploring new ways of protecting their systems. security firms are reporting hackers making millions paper, rather than just the headlines. of dollars. headlines. it's called cryptojacking. it's on the rise. and the gangs that do it aren't only eyeing up a lambo. tesla is one of the about britain's universities which are cracking down on drugs. are cracking down on drugs. highest profile victims. provided by amazon web services, had been compromised. the crims didn't want secrets, they wanted resources. targets you have not sitting universities are cracking down on drug abuse. thought of. down on drug abuse. they cryptominer who has put its punished more than 200 processors into top gear. students for drug use. drug use. infected, to one
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that is. fines, behaviour contracts, or being kicked out of university. kicked out of university. universities are worries, about the effect on mental health. effect on mental health. mental health as much in the news. health as much in the news. to sign to say you won't use drugs at the university. at the into a smart blender if it's university. the headline is that universities are failing students. smart enough. are failing students. crackdown is on why do the papers think... think... the device is for students because they aren't looking after them properly. after them properly. mining. saying they're going do have the processor something about it. about it. power the hackers or are they policing it are looking for. more strictly? i know what you're thinking. strictly? i think they are seeing more side effects now. more side effects now. students are missing exams, missing papers. missing exams, missing papers. there are issues with mental health. are issues with mental health.
7:24 am
or or is itjust not work, actually zero tolerance doesn't not worth work. doesn't work. the effort? miners with processors specifically in the uk where people can test the quality of the drugs they are using. quality of the drugs they are using. a controversial designed for thejob. so how do the maths add up? issue. we have one of the latest cryptominers. that is not the only cost in this business. scandal, this is on the front of the sunday telegraph. we have to pay for the electricity to run it sunday 2a/7. which in telegraph. a typical firms face surprise raids in data enquiry. surprise raids in data enquiry. us city might cost us about $200 per month. illegally harvesting so how fast can personal information. it mine cryptocurrency? well, that partly depends on how many peoplejoin in the game. information. the facebook cambridge the more total computing power doing this, the lower our return will be. are littered around. recent estimates suggest about one around. bitcoin a year. information commissioner didn't act quickly enough. so, it all boils down to how much a cryptocoin is worth. quickly enough.
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price has comply with the commission there could be convictions. could be tumbled. convictions. and i have just ordered this our has caught my eye. costs my eye. are rising. with crocodiles is the new extreme tourist experience. tourist experience. inside of a year. unless, of course, you're using someone else's kit. into a river in botswana and spring alongside 12 crocodiles. —— 12 foot crocodiles. close to this animal knowing he could tear you to shreds in seconds. could tear you to shreds in seconds. it's wonderful. what on earth are our children do these people doing! need to learn these people doing! how to engage with technology. the combined adult in botswana are particularly cold. particularly cold. it makes the crocodiles lethargic. coding and crocodiles lethargic. sign a contract saying that if you get bitten, it's your fault. creativity have get bitten, it's your fault. what has it got in its become popular. most? has it got in its most? it has taken somebody‘s camara. it has taken somebody's
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today i am going to be testing some of the latest. camara. somebody's camara. but seeing as i am a little too old for school it's already swiped a camera. swiped a camera. that is a i have some helpers. is everybody selfie under half! ready? it beats those dolphins. yes! engrossed in the a crocodile and a dolphin in a fight, i'm backing the crocodile. fight, i'm backing the crocodile. experience. i don't fancy that for a holiday. over here we've got the kano pixel kit being tested. don't fancy that after a bit of for a holiday. coding takes place, there are lots of flashing the mirror today villains given a card for their birthday. lights. card for their birthday. idea that criminals are being reminded that we know where you are. reminded that we know where you are. this is policing with a difference. or their own voices to trigger changes. they'd need to use it before the novelty wore off. just to let them know, hey, we are watching you, we are still here. watching you, we it gives you more understanding of what coding are still here. really is. and when you're older you can become an inventor. or anything that has coding. it would help you.
7:27 am
an inventor uniforms to primary school children to do outside projects. kit. to do outside projects. how exciting is that? send out senior officers on what are you up to here? we press this and then we pressed edit so we can change the picture. the beat with constables. we can actually change the picture with constables. and how it looks. interesting one, isn't it, because you realise how things have changed. you realise how things have changed. reactions triggered by this is interesting sensors. as well. here, one second after moving the gyroscope, a buzzer will go off. it's encouraging our brains to get a bit better. to create things. scientists on the verge of creating a hybrid elephant. a hybrid elephant. why do we need a them to hybrid elephant? hybrid elephant? it. over here we have a codeable drone. how are you getting on? good. without tasks, so that poachers won't it will raise up and then it will turn and go through. then it will turn go after them. won't go after them. red. then it will do a shape. then it will rise again. then it is going to go clockwise. it is a good job you don't have remmeber all that. it is quite which they are going to inject into this complicated. womb. this womb. you have set up a sequence of movements.
7:28 am
and create a hardy elephant, mammoth type creature. elephant, mammoth type creature. mammoths are very to do hardy. and they don't have the same amount of tasks. don't have the this. here we've got the stemosaur, which is a codeable dinosaur. the kids had a great time same amount of constructing it. tasks. but it needed home wi—fi to be tested properly. which would not be leaving them somewhat disappointed. attacked by poachers. it can tell stories, dojokes, do maths, and poachers. is the idea that we would use this for other species as well? use this for more. other species as well? used to save the rhino and other endangered at the animals. endangered animals. same time. brought in the front page of the ok, so some space. telegraph as well. let's give it a go. telegraph as 0h! 00:28:37,229 --> 429496610:45:06,449 hello, 429496610:45:06,449 --> 858993221:01:35,669 this 858993221:01:35,669 --> 1288489831:18:04,890 is 1288489831:18:04,890 --> 1717986441:34:34,109 breakfast, 1717986441:34:34,109 --> 2147483051:51:03,330 with 2147483051:51:03,330 --> 2576979662:07:32,551 katherine 2576979662:07:32,551 --> 3006476272:24:01,771 downes 3006476272:24:01,771 --> 3435972882:40:30,992 and 3435972882:40:30,992 --> 3865469492:57:00,213 ben 3865469492:57:00,213 --> 4294966103:13:29,434 thompson. well. firms to face surprise raids in data enquiries, hybrid elephants... enquiries, hybrid elephants... we've done that one. done that one. i was reading about the crocodile, sorry. the crocodile, sorry. story on the front, we talked about it is that sainsbury ‘s story. it is that sainsbury ‘s story. more on that tomorrow. on that tomorrow. isn't it a sign of the times? the
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times? online shopping, so really, it's a sign of the times. sign of the times. more on that tomorrow at 7am. tomorrow at 7am. we will speak to you again later. you again later. rights when it comes to seeing their grandchildren? grandchildren? campaign about why she is trying to change the law. change the law. youngest professional game is at the age of 13. age of 13. advantage of natural resources to help create virtual currency? help create virtual currency? that's coming up in click. coming up in click. to 9am, this is where we say goodbye to viewers on bbc one. to viewers on bbc one.
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