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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 30, 2018 3:00am-3:32am BST

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in north america and around the globe. my name is nkem ifejika. parliament over targets for removing illegal immigrants. from the caribbean. in her divided cabinet. korea but pyongyang must get rid of its nuclear weapons. leader, days before a new prime minister will be chosen. if a deal can be struck between the two countries. a cautious note about a possible a demonstration at the border agreement. with america. from becoming prime minister. that he was ready to take office. now 00:00:46,1000 --> 00:00:49,230 on bbc news, it‘s from the caribbean. dateline london.
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the number of deportations. on amber rudd's resignation. for the home secretary. who'd lived and worked in britain for decades. when will the government get a grip on the windrush crisis? good morning. amber rudd under increasing pressure for her handling of the story. home secretary, will you resign over windrush? but in the end, it wasn't windrush directly that led to her downfall. approach to immigration. and that's when the home secretary said this. targets for removals, when were they set? we don't have targets for removals.
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she was summoned to clarify in the house of commons. she hadn't known. in place different measures to ensure that happens. then today another revelation. referring directly to national targets. and that prompted amber rudd's resignation tonight. for someone tipped as a potential leader, it's a brutal comedown. to theresa may. year's election debates.
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on the people that need it most. who backed remain. her departure is a loss to them. and it leaves the prime minister very exposed in downing street. alex forsyth, bbc news, westminster. government, here's our political editor laura kuennsberg. it is, after all, one of the great offices of state. path of action. in the cabinet over brexit.
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who's inside and who was on the outside in brexit. amber rudd was a powerful voice inside the cabinet. on the backbenches who was on that side of the argument. up her position there? the prime minister herself, theresa may. was denied by the government. whole issue more pointedly at the prime minister herself.
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from the caribbean. between north and south korea. of the korean peninsula. have reported could be held either in singapore or mongolia. what he called "starry—eyed" about what the meeting may yield. hopeful that we can get a real breakthrough. gonna ride on this meeting with kim jong—un. laura bicker has more on this story from seoul. display of sincerity.
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to go further than simply stepping over the border. in front of witnesses. the punggye—ri site is where all six nuclear tests were carried out. and let experts and the media watch. a welcome development, but the us is being cautious. we use the word irreversible with great intention. denuclearisation is going to be achieved. campaign in place until we achieve that. it does all sound rather familiar.
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but continued to build weapons in secret. trust in the north. trust is two—directional, ok? you build trust, in the process of implementing agreements. kim jong—un is also turning back time. literally. half an hour behind seoul. korea will become one time zone once again. their view of kim jong—un. and i'm touched by it. translation: this time, kim jong—un speaks with conviction. i think that's why this time will be different.
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and changing the clocks is a good sign of unity. of misses the point. the us doesn't want him to have those weapons in the first place. a deal on denuclearisation. of a new era. laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. making the news. of destabilising the region. as the vast scope of tehran‘s links with terrorism. deal unless it can be
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strengthened. ban on citizens going to work in kuwait. was murdered there. kuwaiti employers. of the van attack a week ago that left 10 people dead. of deliberately driving into pedestrians. before the attack. in the country choose a new interim prime minister.
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resigned on monday after days of mass protests. andrew plant reports. to choose a new premier. to become the country's next prime minister. vanadzor and the town of ijevan. from a presidential to a parliamentary system.
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of the armenian people. in its ruling party. to find work. to work here. now everyone's going abroad to work. the majority of them, 80%, go to russia. when politicians choose a new leader on tuesday. this show of force will help propel him to power. andrew plant, bbc news. disparaged by the us president donald trump. during their month—long journey across mexico.
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they reached the border. near san diego in california. based in washington. reached the border. asylum, which should happen after that...
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to their country. this group of asylum seekers from central america. which would be considered a safe country in this instance. for mexico to act as a safe third country. through mexico should have to request asylum there first. they are in in the world. that has not been the united states position in the past.
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in this scenario. in the country of their choosing. and also others. 5 years. of entry when trying to seek asylum. in the united states that they
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are turned down? yes, that's what we have seen. ofa claim. to make their case. to make their case heard.
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sail on its maiden voyage. of the tornado. for government help to build better housing. internationally, there have already been protests. sweden says it received no warning of the accident. indeed, the russians at first denied anything had gone wrong. were they forced to admit the accident. for the mujahideen, the mood here is of great celebration. this is the end of a 12—year war for them.
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for for so long. reclaimed its last white colony. this is bbc news. treatment of long—term migrants from the caribbean. korea, but pyongyang must get rid of its nuclear weapons. protests demanding justice and the right to return to myanmar. rohingyas who've fled from violence in myanmar. the bbc‘s nick beake is in yangon.
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for themselves the suffering there. in the future. in the military may become more of a reality. against humanity.
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they will not face persecution. to restore the health of the great barrier reef. rising sea temperatures and an invasive, pest—like starfish. devastated by bleaching. so is this money being spent too little, too late? that the reef can recover. but it is under stress.
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a major cyclone in the region which did a lot of damage. that the reef faces, that it will have a very bright future. year the australia economy and contributes jobs as well. contributes jobs as well. going for generations to come and that is what we are working towards.
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announcement goes far enough. to make a plan and identify where we can best target efforts. on, what other measures and actions we can do now? have been lost. the most important point. reduce emissions. so what can you actually do
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locally? i think there are lots of levers we can pull. reefs while the world works together to achieve that paris agreement. practically, what does that mean? everything? an awful starfish. of thorns starfish. we need to find some natural predators. and the broader issue of water quality.
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and that is hurting the shallow reefs. and quality of water overall. and a ‘nuclear titanic‘. sail on its maiden sea voyage from st petersburg in russia. and will provide much—needed energy to remote areas. the bbc‘s tim allman reports. to be revolutionary. to operate in russia‘s promote
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arctic north—east. disaster, something strongly denied by the people who built it. characteristics we have amassed at our regular nuclear plants. including man—made problems. first nuclear accident. when the pursuit of nuclear energy goes terribly wrong.
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events in history. could happen at sea. heading to murmansk where it will be fuelled with nuclear material. sometime next year. before we go let‘s show you some very impressive pictures. the world‘s biggest wave. brazilian rodrigo kosha rode the massive wave in november. it has now been confirmed to be just over 2a metres high. it happened in nazaray in portugal. by a couple of feet. look at that! that is breathtaking. on twitter, i‘m @nkemifejika.
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hello again. it‘s going to be a disappointing start to the new working week. really quite cold if you‘re out and about. and east anglia. the troublemaker then is this area of low pressure. areas, with high pressure with us to the north and west of the uk. to plummet away.
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it‘s a cold start to the morning. so it‘ll be a cold start but a fair amount of sunshine first thing. of the country where again there‘ll be a lot of dry weather. a lot of cloud with those cold winds. england. we could see 25—35mm of rain. across eastern counties. temperatures really struggling. on into at least double figures. the low pressure will be moving away into the north sea. atlantic weather system. so, cloud and rain close away from eastern england.
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wales and scotland. but still, a little cool for the time of year. across the country through tuesday night. but there will be heavy showers moving into the north—west the uk. these, thundery at times. again, temperatures between 10 and 1a degrees. into the 20s. this is bbc news.
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