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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 30, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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at journalists. directly at journalists. sainsbury‘s promises lower prices if its planned merger with asda gets the go—ahead. some breaking news — within the last half an hour, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, says his country has new and conclusive proof that iran has a secret nuclear weapons programme. he said israel had managed to seize documentary evidence of the programme, files that have been seen by the united states. he added that the would also be shared with the international atomic energy agency. incriminating presentations, in creating blueprints, including photos, including videos and more. more on that later this evening and ina more on that later this evening and in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening.
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at seven, beyond 100 days looks into those claims by israel's prime minister who says his country has prove that iran has developed a secret nuclear weapons programme. more secret nuclear weapons programme. more reaction to the appointment of sirjude that it is the new home secretary as he vows to address the fallout from the windrush scandal. at 1040, all of the stories making the headlines in the papers with tonight ‘s guests. that's all ahead on bbc news but now it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. coming up, the fa ‘s technical director says england could win the world cup this summer but while is no specific targets, he says an
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early exit would be disappointing. he is the favourite and he is through. china's player makes the quarterfinals of the world snooker championship. what does the first monday after retirement look like e walsh? we hear from monday after retirement look like e walsh? we hearfrom her and nina carberry as the two step away from racing. welcome to the programme. there is plenty to come for you over the next half hour but let's start with england's hopes of the upcoming world cup as this day seven weeks, gareth southgate's side will kick off theircampaign gareth southgate's side will kick off their campaign against tunisia in russia and today the fa technical director said england could win the
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world cup. in an interview with the bbc he spoke of the target for the upcoming tournament and the ones beyond. he also spoke of the possible sale of wembley and the sacking of mark sampson as england women's coach. it's not often we get the chance to hear from it's not often we get the chance to hearfrom dan it's not often we get the chance to hear from dan ashworth it's not often we get the chance to hearfrom dan ashworth but it's not often we get the chance to hear from dan ashworth but today he was good value, particularly on the subject of england's chances at the world cup was remarkably, they have not won a knockout game in major tournament since 2006. only six knockout victories since 1966 but in russia, ashworth sees no reason why england cannot go all the way. we got somebody good players, you talk to our counterparts and they talk about harry kane, john stones, jordan henderson, dele alli. we have some talented players, we could name a raft of players who are at the top of their game, so we have sometimes as players. we don't history of
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succeeding interments. hopefully have the try and move our talented players into performing better at the immense and getting through to those latter stages but is it impossible for england to win the world cup? now, it isn't. the big news is that the possible sale of the stadium and whether or not but would be a good thing for the fa and the national team. ashworth said almost everything now is based around this place, saint georges park, and that so long as any proceeds are reinvested into the grassroots game, then he has no objection. it wouldn't make any difference to me. nobody said we are well resourced here at saint georges. this is our home, the training base. we're talking about five games a year so it doesn't really affect the project for the england team is. ultimately, grassroots football is incredibly important. the professional teams ta ke important. the professional teams take their players from grassroots football, that is where they'd are developed initially. we invite our players in from the professional
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tea m players in from the professional team so it is a cascade that is interlinked so grassroots football is to improve, of course i would be a supporter of that. every single player, every single one of us started a career in grassroots football. he was also is "the first time since the scandal surrounding mark sampson which finished with him being sacked as england women's manager. ashworth said mistakes were made and new procedures has been put in place to ensure they never happen again. he apologise for any offence that has been caused by said he did not consider his own position. ashworth‘s focus now shifts firmly to the world cup after such a successful year for the england youth teams, it is now a chance with the senior team. their campaign in russia gets under way seven weeks today. iis today. i is all on top in this evening in the premier league. any tip of return to winning ways to hold off
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chelsea's surge to finish in the top for me. they dropped five points against manchester city and brighton recently and after chelsea ‘s win at swa nsea recently and after chelsea ‘s win at swansea on saturday, the gap between fourth and fifth is nowjust two points. jonathan pearce is at wendy. welcome to wembley where tottenham we re welcome to wembley where tottenham were knocked out ten days ago. they need to get that out of their system. a strange comment after the manager, will he be here next is an? it was strange. i would hope it was just his way of sending a message to the people that make those decisions because i think he is at that stage now he thinks its time. he's gone through the process of doing it their way. on a budget but the size of the club and where they are trying to be and now he's saying, back me and let's do it properly. everyone was disappointed after saturday's result and i think he was voicing his opinion. harsh criticism of harry kane as well, he is not fully fit. do all strikers get this
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criticism or is it unfair on him? what more does he have to do? he is chasing the golden boot again. he is not fully fit. it was not his finest performance, i think you will know that. there were others who did not fulfil their best performance. harry is the key figure within that but he will get better and better as he gets that. is there a danger to watford, they feel they have got the job done now and they are not mathematically safe? not mathematically safe? not mathematically but i think they are. that makes it even worse. they've got a shocking away record in the last ten or 11 games with things not going well for them on the pitch at all. today they got the similar attitude to what we've seen over the last ten or 11 games and it could be a battering for them. it could be, we will wait and see. join us live here from seven.
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sunderland football club lost its manager chris coleman at the weekend. sacked after being in charge for november. they also gained a new owner, the outgoing chairman and owner says he is sold to an international consortium headed by stuart donald on the chairman of eastleigh. the american also said his parting gift after a decade of involvement has been to leave the club debt free. reviled by the fans, the stranger to the departed manager. sunderland's american chairman apparently never spoke to chris coleman. cause for concern. but his last act in selling the club surely deserves some recognition. his apparently left it debt free. a big gesture, say those who study football's finances. really, that debt would have been quite a burden playing in league1 with the drop in revenues that would
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have accrued from that division. another positive, they got much greater revenues coming from the parachute payments for the next three years which could amount to well over £30 million. this is what he appears to have written off. at the last count, the american was owed £69 million by the club. the us investment company security benefit corporation had loaned sunderland £70 million and it had been charging yearly interest of 7.5% since 2014. wiping out those debts is lightly to have taken his spending on the club to about £250 million. in a decade. what about the new owner? this is non—league eastleigh, hampshire, bankrolled by one stuart donald. heading upa bankrolled by one stuart donald. heading up a group of investors, possibly including a spanish investment house, to take over at
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sunderland. he will sever his ties with this club once the takeover gets football league ratification. he isa gets football league ratification. he is a proper businessman, he has had shares in many different companies over the years. not sure what his wealth is but all i do know is that he has spent more than £10 million in eastleigh. mr donald owns insurance company bridle and is credited for bringing its sharp financial edge to eastleigh. even today, i got two guys up with me who started to get into trying to sell advertising space around the ground, sponsorship packages, much day packages etc. that attitude will sell —— sound good to fans who probably deserve a break. both financially and on the field. at the world snooker championship in sheffield, the chinese player booked his place in the quarterfinals with a13— his place in the quarterfinals with a 13 — four when. trump is also through to the last four. jason
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mohammad is there for us. welcome back to the crucible theatre and a statement of intent from trump? i thought he was excellent in the final session. he took a red in the final session. he took a red in the middle pocket that he shouldn't have taken the middle pocket that he shouldn't have ta ken and the middle pocket that he shouldn't have taken and from then, he made a brilliant clearance. the last few frames were brilliant. a big difference to last night were he could not really shake off ricky? the first two sessions he was making lots of errors and that allowed ricky to be the more dominant player. trump saved his best slugger but the last few frames. ricky will be gutted to all the effort he went to last night? he didn't play near his best. he was hanging in there and it looked like he was going to get a result but he grabbed that much by the scruff of the neck and he was very good today. looking ahead to the night, would you expect williams to go three? yes, williams
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will death of a winter night. how quickly he wins, we don't know. there's been a struggle for the first two sessions but he will win contrary. it has been different this year about williams, he is in the zone but he's getting on with the job. he has the confidence from winning three events. the other two breeds confidence. he has got his game back and when you get that confidence from winning, who knows where it could stop? john higgins is already through with the session to spare, that means the chaps tonight have the arena to themselves, what difference does that make?|j have the arena to themselves, what difference does that make? i think they've had it for the first two sessions but mark williams is well used to it but they will enjoy having the spotlight on them. we had barry in earlier talking about shorter times and speeding up the play, will it make a difference if players are named and shamed if they are slow? the threat of it might help. it is only the persistent offenders but will get talked about but who knows whether it will work
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or not. more events, more money? a great time to be a professional player. wonderful stuff, thank you very much indeed. you heard about barry hearn trying to change up snooker in somewhere and his family are also involved in boxing with their son eddie promoting the four belt heavyweight champion, anthonyjoshua, and they are currently trying to set up a unification fight with wbc champion. the american recently offered joshua $50 million for the fight but ‘s senior hearn says when they try to set upa senior hearn says when they try to set up a meeting in new york last week, they were rebuffed. he told us joshua ‘steam will make an offer in the next week so. at the moment, this is a 60 $70 million fight. in a year's time, a 50 $60 million fight. you make the call. it is about the money? is a lwa ys call. it is about the money? is always about the money. it is not
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about anything else in boxing. you don't get a ring thinking about titles, this is a dangerous sport, you want to maximise your revenue and anyone who tells you differently is just watching magazine shows on tv. the real world is about money and that is what we have to come to terms with. that is why we are interested in 50 million. there are lots of things to go three and eagles play a massive part in boxing. the two guys that will make a final decision, they will be in talks this week and we will see what happens. joshua will fight anyway but it has to be in the right financial terms because he is four times world champion and we have not come this far to throw it out the window to do someone a favour. has he watched our car? are we related? do, we don't do favours, it is business. also coming up in the programme, more on rugby league was like zac
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hardaker who will be free to return to the sport in november after receiving a backdated 15 month ban for failing receiving a backdated 15 month ban forfailing a drugs receiving a backdated 15 month ban for failing a drugs test last year. we will speak to ben o'connor, key member of great britons ice hockey tea m member of great britons ice hockey team who secured promotion back to the elite level for the first time since 1994 over the weekend. now the cricket as england's women cricketers have just finished their tour of india where they have taken on at the highest—paid female cricketers in the world. recent pay rises are stars in the indian women's team has drawn the pay gap in the sport into sharp relief. indian women's cricket captain, now one of the sports most ankle stars. along with three of her team—mates, she recently saw her base salary
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more than triple the nearly $77,000. i think it's owned by the players. we really struggled to get where we are. in 99 when i got picked to play for india, we didn't have personal sponsors. my dad has to spend a lot to give me a kit which international buyers would want to have. india's second place in the women's world cup last year was to the popularity of the game. but even with her raise, she still gets paid less than half that of the c grade male player with fewer international caps. england's women might have taken home the trophy but their wages are even lower. 0n home the trophy but their wages are even lower. on average, they then 38% less than the men. the gender gap in cricket is one of the largest in english sport. sessionalwomen's cricket is still in its infancy. i think it takes time but that gap to be decreased. when the men's game
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first became professional, it took time and then to get to the level where they are now. would you like to get more? we have been in negotiations recently and the next few months, there will be findings of that and hopefully we'll be on the right side of that. women's cricket is growing in popularity around the world but in cricket, crazy countries like you and i, it is still very much a man's game. there are still huge barriers that young girls face and then went into the game. these fans who have come to watch believe higher wages would help overcome some of the cultural stigmas female cricketers face. help overcome some of the cultural stigmas female cricketers facem the payment is good, then more pa rents the payment is good, then more parents will encourage their girls to play cricket. i think it is all about economics. the men's cricket is more popular, is getting more money. it is a quite a quality. should always play to a higher purpose in life about being equal.
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news that india's women are now the highest—paid, might give help. men are still command more because their game makes more money. in cricket, just like in other walks of life, the debate here comes down to economic ‘s the debate here comes down to economic vs versus the debate here comes down to economic ‘s versus equality. zach hardaker, the former castleford tigers full—back has been banned for 14 months after he tested was to dead for cocaine in the lead up to the 20 17th dead for cocaine in the lead up to the 2017th superleague grand final. he was suspended by the club before being sacked in february. he will be free to play again from november and earlier i spoke to our rugby league correspondent. a little bit of background on him, he is one of the star players in the game and so it rather shocked the community when he tested positive for cocaine in september last year. the expectation at that stage would be that he would serve a two—year ban. 0bviously be that he would serve a two—year ban. obviously the punishment has
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beenin ban. obviously the punishment has been in our brains until today. they have been rumours that it would be enough to ban so when it came out today that it would be 14 months and he would be free to play from next season, i don't think that shocked to meet people. has there been any rationing as to why there has been that discrepancy? we have not had a statement yet, but a statement from his legal team in which they say the drug use was never linked to any kind of performance enhancement, that the tribunals accepted that and that tribunals accepted that and that tribunals commended him for his impressive evidence and for being utterly frank. it is almost a two—year ban in that he cannot play again until next year but he's going to be playing a little earlier than expected. you mentioned next season and his future is already being talked about? when he first tested, a lot of us were wondering whether he would be back playing again but now he is always 26 27 in october, so now he is always 26 27 in october, so still valid relatively young. the expectation is he will sign for
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wigan. he missed the england world cup because of this suspension. he will be hoping to re—establish himself as an english international as well. do you think this issue is as well. do you think this issue is a problem within the game with mac i think of a social issue. this was examined a lot when this first happened. most people would say this is an issue within society and it is reflected within rugby league as in other sports as well but it is only something that is frowned upon. it is not performance enhancing, the use of cocaine, though the doors have performance enhancing aspects. but it is something that is clearly frowned upon and the rfl would like to see it stand out. 0ver to see it stand out. over the weekend you might have seen that great written men secured promotion back to ice hockey pablo carreno busta elite level for the first time since 1994. they did so in dramatic style with an overtime win against hungary.


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